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Many years ago, a small but powerful group of black men united and decided to change the world. This group of Black Men had decided the white man had been in control for far too long. Under the white man’s stewardship, the world was in an awful state. The environment, the economy, a new war breaking out every other day, and all being orchestrated by whitey. These black men, who called themselves “The Founding Fathers,” were determined to bring about a very drastic change. Being very powerful men themselves, captains of industry, political leaders, etc., The Founding Fathers purposfully and systematically replaced white corporate heads, senators and congressmen with men and women of their own choosing. These new leaders were all very carefully handpicked by the Founding Fathers. They were not only African Americans but also whites who were sympathetic to the cause. That cause? To usher in a new world order where Blacks held their rightful place as rulers, and whites were reduced to mere servants and slaves. This photoblog will consist of snapshots and captions that depict moments in everyday life in this new world. - Black Rule Photo Blog (@blackrulephotoblog)
Petebrownuk a beauty properly trained when @blackrulephotoblog



When Darren was first enslaved he thought he would spend the rest of his life labouring in the fields. But something about his symmetrical features and wistful expression singled him out as being somehow different from the rest of the slaves being auctioned that day, and he was instead bought by a connoisseur of the male form.

Darren needed a few weeks of hard training in the gym - harder than anything he had ever done as a free man - to hone and tone his body to a state of near perfection, and he spend many hours under the sun lamps to give him a delightful pale chestnut hide. 

Darren’s owner is a purveyor of slaves who provide sexual services to jaded patrons - rather than buy a succession of sex slaves, such people hire one when needed.  So the slaves need to be excellently skilled in all the arts of sex and capable of understanding what the client wants or needs, and then providing it.  Darren always thought of himself as a rather special lover and had many compliments from his girl friends before enslavement, but now he had to be trained to understand how to use his lips, tongue and fingers to raise female clients to a fever of arousal before his cock went anywhere near them (and many females do not indeed want his cock at all preferring him to bring them to orgasm without it).   Following that it became much more difficult - Darren was “, straight”, but most clients are male  and Darren needed to be lashed almost constantly before he learned to show true enjoyment of the taste of another man’s cock and of his semen, how to breathe when being throat fucked, and how to groan with supposed pleasure when being used anally. 

What was particularly hard for Darren to take was being ‘skinned, as he had always enjoyed masturbating himself sliding his foreskin on and off his cock head. Not that this is anyway a problem now as he is forbidden to masturbate and must save all his semen for clients who like to see a good volume. And he knows he will now never sire kids as as the same time a vasectomy was performed to prevent any lady clients subsequently suing his owner if Darren was careless in pulling out, or in using condoms (although most clients want to use him raw). 

As he lies there waiting for his next client Darren is wondering if it will be a male or female. If it is a male, will he be old and fat (most men hiring fit young men like Darren are). Or if it is a female will she insist on him being “nailed” to prevent unsightly streams of semen?  He hates that  - when the shaft of the “nail” is inserted down his urethra it hurts, as it does when afterwards the head of the “nail” that just covers the tip of his cock has to be unstuck from the superglue that holds it in place (not to mention the pain in his balls from not being able to fir properly!).  He’s rather stoical about it though - after all he understands he’s a slave, and has no choice.  He’s just a performing animal now, hired to bring a hours enjoyment to  his owner’s clients.

The new black ruled us government has decided to @blackrulephotoblog

The new Black ruled U.S. government has decided to take an aggressive approach to bringing Haiti out of poverty.  Part of that plan was to bring a large number of white slaves to the island and establish a US owned, but Haitian operated breeding farm.  This will create hundreds of jobs for Haitians, but will also bring much needed revenue into the impoverished nation.

Man using a common house slave at a pool party @blackrulephotoblog

man using a common house slave at a pool party.

Patrick obrian was shopping in white settlement @blackrulephotoblog

Patrick O’Brian was shopping in White settlement when he was walking down the dog food isle and saw Honky Chow.  Right next to the Kibbles ‘n’ Bits!  Pat had grown up in a wealthy white Irish family.  A family whose wealth had been decimated by whitey taxes.  When he saw the Honky Chow, a popular slave feed, being sold along with the dog food, he just lost it.  He started throwing things and knocking over shelves.  The store owner called Cracker Control and before long they were beating the shit out of him.  This is his mug shot.  The arraignment is tomorrow and seeing as though there were a number of witnesses, Patrick is expected to be enslaved and on the auction block before the week is up.

Petebrownuk another example of slave marking @blackrulephotoblog


Another example of slave marking - on this plantation overseers refer to slaves by name as the owner is a fine, upstanding religious man and believes it’s more “humane”.  When the animals are working therefore overseers need to be able to readily identify individual animals and shout a threat of the whip if there’s signs of slacking.  The animals’ Slave Identification Numbers (SINs), a legal requirement, are tattooed across their foreheads and not visible in this picture. 

This particular animal is a prize beast of high value:  note the classic broad shoulders and “triangular” shape as the body tapers to a slim waste before the buttocks flare out so enticingly.  It’s obviously kept in tip-top condition, as evidenced by the trim cropped hair and shaved hairline, and even all-over tan.

In most cities it is unlawful for slaves to work @blackrulephotoblog

In most cities it is unlawful for slaves to work directly with food meant for public consumption. This is the maintenance/clean up crew.  it is made up entirely of slaves. 

Punud mixed gay stuff with more than 11000 @blackrulephotoblog


Mixed gay stuff with more than 11000 followers
Public nudity pix with more than 38000 followers
and Vintage gay stuff with more than 5500 followers
and my blog about nude male musicians with more than 2000 followers

Steve was stupid to try to escape he should have @blackrulephotoblog

Steve was stupid to try to escape. He should have known that there was nowhere for a runaway slave to go.  Not even the free whites in his old neighborhood would help him.  They know that for a free white, the penalty for aiding and abetting a fugitive slave is enslavement themselves.  He should have just been obedient and served his owner’s friend.  Hell, it’s not like he wasn’t used to being fucked on a regular basis.  He should have known that Cracker Control would find him.  Now here he is in his owner’s cold dark basement with his balls tied tightly in preparation for his public castration.  He has been forced to attend these before, so he knows that all his master’s other slaves and the neighbors slaves will be there to witness his unmanning.  It is meant to serve as a deterrent to other slaves who are contemplating escape.

Lovemalesubmission bdsm slave positions @blackrulephotoblog


BDSM slave positions

Masters training room @blackrulephotoblog

Master’s training room.

The overseers at the ranch line up the best @blackrulephotoblog

The overseers at the ranch line up the best looking honky slaves and each Man gets to choose which one to take to his bed tonight.

Hakeem makes good use of a hotel slave recently @blackrulephotoblog

Hakeem makes good use of a hotel slave.  Recently, the more upscale hotels across the country have started to offer honky slaves for the comfort and pleasure of their guests.

Slave tries to give his master the most pleasure @blackrulephotoblog

Slave tries to give his master the most pleasure possible

Alex carefully cleans his owners dick after a @blackrulephotoblog

Alex carefully cleans his owner’s dick after a particularly brutal fuck.  It is difficult to keep the tears of pain out of his eyes.

Erol tried to maintain the slaves stoicism that @blackrulephotoblog

Erol tried to maintain the “slaves stoicism” that he had been trained to display while being used.  He was taught that a slave should never show emotion.  Even as his owner used his ass, he tried to remain emotionless.  Not an easy task when your asshole is being plundered by a ten inch black dick.

Petebrownuk a good place for a sin the placing @blackrulephotoblog



The placing of the obligatory SIN (Slave Identification Number) on the salve is always a cause for concern,  If the slave is simply a worker - and is always going to be a worker, toiling in the fields or mines or wherever - then having it prominently on the buttocks, or perhaps the upper arm, can be a good idea.  The SIN can then double as a day-to-day control mechanism for checking the slaves in and out of the slave barn at night.

Some owners foolishly have the SIN placed on the slave’s forehead or perhaps on their lower arms, and this can be displeasing, and perhaps even distressing, if the slave is to be a house servant or sex object as some owners or their guests simply cannot abide tattoos.  So having the SIN on the back of the head like this can be a good solution, as the salve’s hair can always be grown if a little concealment is required, and it is not anyway directly visible when seeing the slave from the front.

Blackrulephotoblog whiteworm00 whitebois @blackrulephotoblog



Whitebois: Not so useless after all

“Modern Living” Magazine focuses on showcasing all the wonderful new ways to put your honky slave to use.

It was supposed to be a simple drug buy it @blackrulephotoblog

It was supposed to be a simple drug buy.  It turned out to be a sting, and Clay was arrested and enslaved.  Now he is nothing more than a sex toy for his new master.

Petebrownuk harvest time the three @blackrulephotoblog



The three agricultural slaves have just arrived at the field and are pacing it to help them understand what is required.  It’s the last time they’ll have any time at all for even the smallest break from toiling for the next six weeks of the harvest period.

The slaves are all owned by the wildly successful ECO Group.  Their primary market is the vastly overpaid executives in cities who like to temper their consciences about the money they make by insisting they “tread very lightly on the earth”.  So in addition to buying only organic produce in the stores they insist that the produce comes from farms where absolutely no mechanisation is used, and consequently no gas or other  non-renewables are expended.

For the next weeks therefore these poor slaves will be in these fields under the relentless harsh sun with their scythes.  They will have to advance slowly down the rows of wheat scything away, then bend over to pick up the cut wheat and stack it in small stoops.  Finally at the end of an utterly wearying day they have to collect all the stoops, stack them on the farm wagons, and help the dray slaves haul the wagons back to the farm.

They’re never allowed to stop work, which runs from dawn until dusk, as it’s essential to harvest the wheat whilst it’s dry. It’s utterly wearying - the heavy scythes, the back-breaking bending, the pulling of the wagons, and all this combined with the scratching from the wheat stalks and the hot relentless sunshine.

Still, if they thought about it, they’d probably be glad that a few gallons of gas were saved!

Whiteworm00 jeeves prays that the master @blackrulephotoblog


Jeeves prays that the Master doesn’t find another honky pube in his scones.

A caged slave shows his willingness to serve in @blackrulephotoblog

A caged slave shows his willingness to serve in the hopes that this man will buy him and rescue him from the hell that is the training center.

Blackrulephotoblog jake was busily ironing when @blackrulephotoblog


Jake was busily ironing when his master came into the kitchen and, without warning, bent him over the ironing board and began to fuck him.  It was a good thing that jake had remembered to lube his ass after he got out of the shower.

A black man fucks his white slave with abandon @blackrulephotoblog

A Black man fucks his white slave with abandon.  Knowing without doubt that he can do as he pleases with his own personal property.

Blackrulephotoblog his name used to be jarvis @blackrulephotoblog


His name used to be Jarvis Chandler, but since the Jackson brothers bought him, he has learned to answer to his new name…“cunt”.  Fitting, don’t you think?

Petebrownuk a good specimen well displayed at @blackrulephotoblog



At the premium end of the market this is what you expect when you go to one of the premier dealers like Scabbard & Drass :  a handsome, beautifully muscled slave that is well trained and displays excellently.  Who wouldn’t be tempted!

Note how S & D have instructed the salve to stand, as if welcoming being handled and fondled in order to help you make your decision.  And although it’s clearly hairy - see its legs - its torso has been cleanly shaved to reveal its musculature properly.  Note also that S & D always leave a tiny patch of pubic hair - not enough to hide the view of the genitals, but to remind buyers that this is a properly functioning male animal and that its cock and genitals are properly functioning.   Although it still has a foreskin, S & D will of course ‘skin it if required as part of the purchase price, as well as performing any required branding or tattooing.

Blackrulephotoblog honky slaves serving their @blackrulephotoblog


Honky slaves serving their black masters.

Beauty had been trained well for the ladies @blackrulephotoblog

Beauty had been trained well for the Ladies market, because of his slight build and gentile features.  Now, though, his mistress has decided to give him as a gift to her grandson who is preparing to go away to college.  This is a source of anxiety for Beauty because he has never been owned by a man.  With his mistress, his duties were basically to keep her house spotless and keep her company.  She was an old lady so her sex drive was almost nonexistent so all he had to do was eat her pussy every now and then.  But her grandson is young and virile and will undoubtedly require beauty to offer his ass for service. 

Petebrownuk petebrownuk those of us who are @blackrulephotoblog



Those of us who are regular buyers will be familiar with this scene:  whilst the dealer entertains us with coffee we tell him of our requirements, and he arranges for stock that matches them to be brought from the pens and lined up for us to select from.  We are saved the rather unpleasant business of walking through the pens - although it can be rather erotic to see a lot of naked men caged, the inevitable smells and catcalls from them (in spite of the threat of the guards’ whips!) can spoil what ought to be an interesting experience.  

So generally having a selection made ready for us is the better option, and here we see three younger slaves with acceptable bodies lined up and waiting for us to view them from the other side of the security glass - when we have finished our coffee, of course!  It doesn’t matter if slaves wait, for however long, as it shows them they have no control over their life now.


Objectd a boy and a slave are still considered @blackrulephotoblog


A boy and a slave are still considered and treated as Human… an Object is not. Once transitioned it is no longer regarded as such and all of the rights, privileges, and consideration that a society offers a human is forfeited for the Object.


Blackrulephotoblog jarvis chandler used to @blackrulephotoblog


Jarvis Chandler used to consider himself a “real man”.  After he was enslaved for some minor crime and purchased by a brothel that specialized in cheap white trash whores, he learned his true place.

The slave is quite submissive and wants @blackrulephotoblog

The slave is quite submissive and wants desperately to please his master.  Unfortunately, his owner’s huge black dick is just too big for him to swallow.  Master has been understanding so far, but the slave knows that the time will come when the Man get’s tired of that excuse.

Blackrulephotoblog chad used to be his masters @blackrulephotoblog


Chad used to be his master’s favorite bed warmer.  He lived in plush surroundings in his master’s house.  He had plenty of food and a relatively easy life for a slave.  All he had to do was keep his slim body fit and to present his holes for his master’s use on demand.  After getting caught stealing food for the kitchen, Chad now finds himself living in his master’s barren basement, chained to the wall.

Petebrownuk a whole load of strikers at the @blackrulephotoblog


A whole load of strikers at the local mine were guilty of the crime of “Acts likely to cause economic damage” so they were rounded up by the security forces and brought to the local slave dealer - one of the only places in the area capable of holding a mass prisoners.  They were stripped, as this reduces the likelihood of them causing trouble, and now they sit together, totally naked, wondering what’s going to happen next.

Sadly for them, the outcome is obvious:  guilty of a serious crime. And already at a slave dealer….

Blackrulephotoblog also sold seperately @blackrulephotoblog


Also sold seperately

Blackrulephotoblog marcus places a possessive @blackrulephotoblog


Marcus places a possessive palm on the back of Steve’s head.  The two had been friends for a long time until Steve decided to rob a liquor store.  Since Marcus was Steve’s sponsor, he was able to buy the newly enslaved honky at bargain prices.

Blackrulephotoblog the mens club takes pride @blackrulephotoblog


The Men’s Club takes pride in always providing the best honky slaves for the enjoyment of it’s exclusive clientele.

Even though he hated it at first mark now @blackrulephotoblog

Even though he hated it at first, Mark now realized that he is no longer a free man.  He is finally beginning to accept the fact that he belongs to his master, the man who bought him from the municipal auction after he was enslaved for robbing a pawnshop.  His owner can do whatever he likes to Mark because he is simply owned property.

The maximo twins they were bought when their new @blackrulephotoblog

The Maximo twins.  They were bought when their new owner saw them in the marketplace when he was on vacation in Greece.  He thought it would make them even more exotic if one of them were nullified.  He was right.

Blackrulephotoblog axle had been a promising @blackrulephotoblog


Axle had been a promising law school student until he was enslaved for creating a public nuisance at the whitey law protests.  His new owner sent him to the Malcolm X slave reeducation and training center for culinary training.  Now not only is Axle a very talented pastry chef, but that extra training will increase his value at auction by 20%.

Blackrulephotoblog blacksuperiororer getting @blackrulephotoblog



getting the cages loaded to go to auction. A supervisor says which cages need to go on which trucks

At first the white transport crew had some reservations about working in the save industry.  The supervisor had even been attacked when his white neighbors found out what he did for a living.  They felt that he was helping to enslave his own race.  He has since then realized that decent paying jobs for whites were very hard to find and he had better take what he can get.

Mikos master likes him to be pretty for company @blackrulephotoblog

Miko’s master likes him to be pretty for company.

Typical day at the park @blackrulephotoblog

Typical day at the park.

Blacksuperiororer owner ok so the neuter is @blackrulephotoblog


Owner: Ok so the neuter is free and the balls will be saved for me if I wish.

Vet: that is correct. If you wish to keep the scrotum skin to be treated leathered for making a pouch or something just chck the box and the scrotum will be clipped off in a more careful manner.

Owner: I see you can do other modifications as well.

Vet: yes many but you will have to make an appointment for that. Today is just free neuters .

Owner: hmm ok let me take this with me and I will be back for sure.

Vet I see its hard right now and so I can band it now or let it go limp before banding

owner: what difference does it make

Vet To me none . But if I band it now it will remain erect during the neutering and it may ejaculate when I am crushing the sperm cords. If we wait for it to go limp then it will remain limp once banded and less then a 5% chance it will ejaculate during its neutering.

Owner: Then wait it has not been allowed any ejaculations for the last few years and so no reason for it to have one now.

Vet: some do let it have one last gushing since it is the last and there is little [pleasure and it will be quick but it is up to you

Owner: boy tell the vet you do not need or deserve to cum and are very happy to be getting neutered

Slave: Ma'am i do not need or deserve to cum Maam and thank you for neutering me. I am happy to be getting neutered Maam.

Vet : very good boy spread your legs further and get that little pick soft quickly.

slave: yes Ma'am

Petebrownuk specialist dealer we see here one @blackrulephotoblog



We see here one of the ways that the dealers who specialise in certain types of slaves excel.   If you went to a normal dealer this muscular young slave would be displayed standing, possibly with its hands chained above its head, so that its body and especially its genitals would be displayed.

But if you’re looking for a slave to serve as a pony for your trap, and you are a discerning owner who wants his wealth and style reflected by the pony, then you’d go to a specialist dealer.  Here they would understand you want a “general” pony, rather than a sprinter for short runs or a dray for long, slow, heavy work.  So slaves suitable as general ponies would first be presented to you like this so you can determine whether the legs and thighs meet your requirements, and also gives you a very good idea of the size and power of the lungs so that the salve will be suitable for running medium distances.

After a month of this hell new slaves are eager @blackrulephotoblog

After a month of this hell, new slaves are eager to be trained and bought by their new owners.

Petebrownuk pony waiting to be harnessed @blackrulephotoblog



Boyservantlife serving my master and his guest @blackrulephotoblog


Serving my Master and his guest

Recent shipment from sweden @blackrulephotoblog

Recent shipment from Sweden.

White slaves make good pets @blackrulephotoblog

White slaves make good pets

Petebrownuk training a very wide very loose @blackrulephotoblog



A very wide, very loose collar like this is of course completely impracticable for a working slave - not only will its weight make it under-perform, but such a heavy piece of metal resting on its shoulders will cause abrasion and chafing, leading to infection.

But for training, it’s ideal - the slave feels the weight and knows now that its life has changed for ever. And rather than a light chain attached to a normal working collar, a heavy-duty slave goad can be used to drag te slave into position if it fails to obey orders properly.

Pony slaves helping each other get oiled up before @blackrulephotoblog

Pony slaves helping each other get oiled up before the Dog and Pony show at the annual Reparations Day celebration.

Innovative auction block display notice how the @blackrulephotoblog

Innovative auction block display. Notice how the tiny block forces the slave up onto it’s toes.  This really brings the slave’s musculature into focus.  This slave will bring a hefty sum at auction.

The slave gives itself freely to its master @blackrulephotoblog

The slave gives itself freely to it’s Master.

Eric brennon had been a respected assistant @blackrulephotoblog

Eric Brennon had been a respected assistant district attorney until an internal investigation revealed that he had been guilty of  unfair prosecuting practices concerning black defendants,  His actions landed him on the auction block after corruption charges were brought against him.  Unfortunately one of the black men that he had wrongfully convicted had just been released from prison and was able to buy him from the municipal auction.  Now he is nothing but a fucktoy.

Dekanuk dekanuks archive of naked @blackrulephotoblog


dekaNuk’s archive of naked exhibitionist men and dekaNukslave’s archive

Petebrownuk the risk of too much customisation @blackrulephotoblog



The owner of this slave has indulged his twin loves of design and tattooing to have his fine young slave decorated with this stunning pattern.   

Whilst it gives the owner enormous pleasure to see his “artwork” on display, there is the potential problem of the loss of value of the slave.  Whilst it’s clearly unique and special, most owners will not appreciate having a fine slave body decorated in this way, preferring to see the flesh of a slave in its natural state.  So when he tires of it and wishes to sell, the owner will be selling in to a very limited market and will suffer a substantial financial loss on what he paid for the slave (even ignoring the substantial cost of so many hours of a skilled tattooist’s time).

Petebrownuk overseers assessment the overseer @blackrulephotoblog



The overseer has taken these two newly-arrived slaves on a 5K run to asses their general levels of fitness. 

It may appear that he’s assessing them as suitable material for pony training, but this is not so:  the owner of the ranch requires all his working and show ponies to be under the age of 25, and preferably blond!  These two are too old, and one has such unsightly tattoos that there’s no way he could appear in front of any discerning owner’s trap!

it is necessary to know how fit new arrivals are though before assigning them to simple field labour or one of the “tough” crews, and a 5K run does this quite well.  The bits and bridles are a very convenient way of ensuring the slaves do not try to escape during the trial, and of making sure they give their best performance as they run behind the overseer’s horse. 

The hunky honky handyman service is on the job @blackrulephotoblog

The Hunky Honky Handyman Service is on the job.

Slave 2 was promised to its owners guest for @blackrulephotoblog

Slave #2 was promised to it’s owner’s guest for the night.  Here we see it waiting patiently n the guest room for the man to come upstairs.  It has been commanded to hold this position so that his asshole is the first thing the guest sees when he comes into the room

Sometimes a man just needs a honky mouth to fuck @blackrulephotoblog

Sometimes a man just needs a honky mouth to fuck.  Fortunately for Marcus, he happens to own one.

Brutus is a slave a very popular bare knuckle @blackrulephotoblog

Brutus is a slave.  A very popular bare-knuckle fighter who has brought his owner a great deal of money.

Petebrownuk petebrownuk four of the masters @blackrulephotoblog



Four of the master’s favourite ponies.  The human ones are of course only fit for relatively light work, pulling “rickshaws” around the estate as they do not have the fully developed musculature of heavy “drays”. As can be seen though, the one on the left has still got some development required on its thighs and lower legs, to be a better match for the one on the right.

  It’s a pity that this photograph does not also show the master’s other ponies, as the matched set of four who pull his landau on long journeys are very much to be admired.


Deep throat training complete @blackrulephotoblog

Deep throat training complete

Petebrownuk most owners do of course use their @blackrulephotoblog


Most owners do of course use their ponies with very little fuss, simply chaining the naked animals to their carts.  But at the County Fair they sometimes like to show off their slaves with elaborate harnesses and fittings, as we see here, as they enter for the dressage and display categories

Petebrownuk usually the slave prod is used by @blackrulephotoblog


Usually the slave prod is used by guards and trainers “on the job” to goad and control the slave as it works.  But we should not forget that it is also an instrument that can be used for a true punishment if a slave has underperformed or misbehaved.  Whilst the lash and the whip is most often used in these circumstances these can leave unsightly scars which are particularly undesirable for display objects and bed bucks…. and the prod then comes into its own, as shown here.  The anticipation of the chained slave as it watches the prongs touching its cock adds to the punishment.

The romo brothers were the biggest drug dealers in @blackrulephotoblog

The Romo brothers were the biggest drug dealers in White Settlement (a formerly affluent suburb of Fort Worth, Texas, now a notorious ghetto for poor whites).  Moments ago, the three brothers, (triplets) were betrayed by some of their underlings who will share the $30,000 reward. Here you see them bound and awaiting pick up by Cracker Control officers.  By this time tomorrow evening, all three brothers will have been enslaved and prepared for the next municipal auction.

Blackrulephotoblog these slaves thought that @blackrulephotoblog


These slaves thought that because there was no perimeter fence, they could escape.  They didn’t know that on their most recent visit to the vet, each of them as injected with a device that would render them unconscious if they crossed the border of their owner’s property.

Karl666 white slaves transportation bbc rules @blackrulephotoblog


white slaves transportation

BBC rules

Sir enjoyed his breakfast promptly at 730am @blackrulephotoblog

Sir enjoyed his breakfast promptly at 730am.

Naked slave bike messengers have become a common @blackrulephotoblog

Naked slave bike messengers have become a common sight throughout the city.  As incentive for people to use bike messengers, slaves like Three, here, are trained to offer their bodies for use at the pick up point and at the drop off point.

Recently enslaved honky sucking his black @blackrulephotoblog

Recently enslaved honky, sucking his black master’s dick.  It took a bit of slapping around, but the slave soon learned his place.

Blackrulephotoblog freshly enslaved white boy @blackrulephotoblog


Freshly enslaved white boy.  His training started yesterday evening.  Per regulations with the newly enslaved, all the trainers, slaves themselves, have have been taking turns roughly fucking his ass. He is on number 12 since yesterday.  He experienced so much pain that his tears have all dried up and his throat is so raw from screaming that he can do nothing but whimper.  As he fucking continues, the slave begins to accept the fact that his body no longer belongs to him; that they can do whatever they want to do to him and there is nothing he can do about it.

Petebrownuk successful hunt todays slave hunt @blackrulephotoblog



Today’s slave hunt has been very successful.  One of the prey was captured early on and the hunt servants trussed it up and left it for later collection, so that the hunters could go after more prey.

All the captured slaves will be picked up by one of the farm carts eventually and taken back to the manor house to be generally cleaned up.  They will then be suspended from a display frame in the dining room, so as the huntsmen return for dinner they can claim their prizes (the huntsmen first on the scene of the capture gets the right to use the slave after dinner).

Blackrulephotoblog mikey has served his master @blackrulephotoblog


Mikey has served his master well for several years.  Now, his master has decided to give him as a gift to his daughter for her 18th birthday.  In preparation, the father not only had his collar changed to a pink one, he also had Mikey gelded and his balls replaced with metal ones.

Whiteworm00 richard wishes they had taught @blackrulephotoblog


Richard wishes they had taught scrubbing & mopping back in Business School.

Blackrulephotoblog this slave is owned by the @blackrulephotoblog


This slave is owned by the Hunky Honky Handyman Service.  He has finished the repairs an is now offering himself for the homeowner’s pleasure. Just like he is trained to do,

Blackrulephotoblog new bestselling slave @blackrulephotoblog


New bestselling slave training manual.  On sale now at a bookstore near you.

Blackrulephotoblog one of the perks of owning @blackrulephotoblog


One of the perks of owning your own slaves is that you can fuck him as hard as you want and no one will say shit about it.

Petebrownuk company parking lot regular @blackrulephotoblog



Regular employees still need to drive their cars to the office every day, but those who have really “made it” do of course come in their pony traps as it’s so much better to be able to totally relax on the journey to work, reading the morning paper and not having to worry about the appalling traffic and so on as the pony salve navigates itself.

Whilst the pony can then be sent home to perform other activities until evening, if the owner has an important client visit or lunch appointment, the slave waits in the parking lot.  The owner of this fine pony is clearly a kind and considerate man, as he allows the pony to lie down when parked” and does not insist it remains standing between the shafts of the cart - and he even allows it a blanket to protect it from the heat and gravel of the lot!

Blackrulephotoblog matthew used to spend his @blackrulephotoblog


Matthew used to spend his summers on hid dad’s yacht on the Mediterranean.  Now he spends what little off time he gets naked on his master’s floor.

Petebrownuk waiting for the ring a trained @blackrulephotoblog



A trained fighter sits calmly, “focusing” before he goes in to the ring.  He knows that his owner likes to delight his guests with a “fight to the fuck”, and this slave therefore knows that he has to fight to the upmost of his abilities if he is to avoid being raped in front of the audience.

Although shaved slaves are the most fashionable, in the ring it is considered that the spectacle is the more erotic when the slaves appear “natural”, as this is seen to enhance their masculinitty and general “wildness”.  The sheen of fighting oil on the slave makes the first few minutes of the contest fast and furious as both slaves will struggle to gan an advantage.

Here we see a guest of the new dominion hotel and @blackrulephotoblog

Here we see a guest of the  New Dominion Hotel and Resort having a bit of fun with one of the hotel’s many honky slaves.  The New Dominion was one of the first resorts to offer slaves for unlimited use by it’s guests.

Three gardening slaves preparing themselves to @blackrulephotoblog

Three gardening slaves preparing themselves to serve as dinnertime entertainment for their owner and his guests.

Two cracker control officers have their way with a @blackrulephotoblog

Two Cracker Control officers have their way with a young white man who was brought in earlier that day for drunken driving.  At this moment, the honky is still technically free, but it is a forgone conclusion that tomorrow morning, he will be enslaved for his crimes.

Petebrownuk about to be shipped although hes @blackrulephotoblog



Although he’s still in one of the holding cells the slave knows it’s about to be shipped out as it has been cuffed and shackled.  Lots of men examined it when it was on display before the auction, and most of them were old or fat or ugly - or some combination of all three!  It knows as a matter of “slave lore” that most young slaves with good bodies, like him, are initially bought for sex, so as he waits, he worries! But he knows there’s nothing he can do - he’s property now, and men can do what they like with their property.

Party city provides everything you need for a @blackrulephotoblog

Party City provides everything you need for a successful party or event. From decorations and sound equipment to lighting concepts and slave party favors.

The annual honky games are off to a great start @blackrulephotoblog

The annual Honky Games are off to a great start.

Wetdreamoblackdom the slave formerly known as @blackrulephotoblog


The slave formerly known as Jarvis Chandler.  His new owner changed his name to “Honky.”