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Many years ago, a small but powerful group of black men united and decided to change the world. This group of Black Men had decided the white man had been in control for far too long. Under the white man’s stewardship, the world was in an awful state. The environment, the economy, a new war breaking out every other day, and all being orchestrated by whitey. These black men, who called themselves “The Founding Fathers,” were determined to bring about a very drastic change. Being very powerful men themselves, captains of industry, political leaders, etc., The Founding Fathers purposfully and systematically replaced white corporate heads, senators and congressmen with men and women of their own choosing. These new leaders were all very carefully handpicked by the Founding Fathers. They were not only African Americans but also whites who were sympathetic to the cause. That cause? To usher in a new world order where Blacks held their rightful place as rulers, and whites were reduced to mere servants and slaves. This photoblog will consist of snapshots and captions that depict moments in everyday life in this new world. - Black Rule Photo Blog (@blackrulephotoblog)
A man walks his newly purchased white slave @blackrulephotoblog

A man walks his newly purchased white slave through the streets of Downtown Dallas to his apartment which is just a few blocks away from the courthouse

Petebrownuk no more self service the @blackrulephotoblog



The continuing fall in the price of slaves as more and more men find they are priced out of work and then cannot pay their taxes and so are enslaved (a sort of virtuous circle for slave owners!) means that it has been possible to re-introduce many services that had been reduced in earlier years because of cost considerations.  Almost all motorists now enjoy “full service” at the pump instead of having to get out of their cars in the heat or rain.

Forced enemas are an effective way to get a newly @blackrulephotoblog

Forced enema’s are an effective way to get a newly enslaved honky clean enough to begin his sex training.  It is also useful in showing a new slave that his body no longer belongs to him. 

Binky cleans his masters dick after a deep @blackrulephotoblog

Binky cleans his master’s dick after a deep fucking.

Petebrownuk on a pedestal dealers find that @blackrulephotoblog



Dealers find that salves displayed like this on short pedestals tend to sell better than those who are merely lined up against a wall.   It does of course give the buyers an opportunity to walk around the slave for a 360-degree view without having to ask a guard to have the slave moved.  And perhaps it also helps to emphasise just how different the slave is from a free man, as it stands there naked and exposed to their gaze.

Marco is a specially trained foot slave here we @blackrulephotoblog

Marco is a specially trained foot slave.  Here we see him going to work on his owner’s feet. 

Punishing a slave in this manner has the added @blackrulephotoblog

Punishing a slave in this manner has the added benefit of serving as an example to the other slaves.  They will think twice before  breaking their owner’s rules.

Toby waits for his owner at the edge of the lake @blackrulephotoblog

Toby waits for his owner at the edge of the lake.  It’s his job to clean the boat and put it away, then stow the fishing gear.

The johnson brothers share everything including @blackrulephotoblog

The Johnson Brothers share everything, including the new stable boy that their dad just bought at the local livestock show.

Matt is a very lucky slave after being enslaved @blackrulephotoblog

Matt is a very lucky slave.  After being enslaved for drunk driving, he was put up for sale at the city municipal auction.  Because of his youth and decent body, he was certain that he would be bought by some big slave dealership and put through torturous training only to be bought by old lecherous man  It turns out, however that he was bought by a young guy who was just looking for a slave to help him run his family’s dry cleaning business.  One drawback, though, his new owner has a daughter so he has to wear a chastity device until he is deemed trustworthy.

Crying is useless boy you are a slave get used @blackrulephotoblog

Crying is useless, boy.  You are a slave, get used to it.

Petebrownuk garden ornament one of the @blackrulephotoblog



One of the handsome young slaves that the owner has scattered around his pleasure grounds to delight his guests as they stroll around after luncheon.  The owner believes that slaves are so much better than the traditional statues as they can be changed so easily, both in terms of the kind of bodies on display, and on where they are placed.  Guests who are staying  can of course order the slave to appear in their bedchambers later. 

Until yesterday 2 was just a lowly field slave @blackrulephotoblog

Until yesterday, 2 was just a lowly field slave, but then on a tour of ranch, the owner’s son got a good look at that tight body and perky little ass and decided that he wanted  2 for himself.  Now the slave will accompany the master’s son back to college to serve as his personal body slave and valet.

Unfortunately for matt here it has become fashion @blackrulephotoblog

Unfortunately for Matt here, it has become fashion among very rich slave owners to have their expensive male properties nullified.  His owner is very rich indeed.

Petebrownuk blackrulephotoblog new statue @blackrulephotoblog



New statue erected outside of the slave courthouse.  It serves as a testament to the changing times.

The advantage in using real slaves to pose on the plinth is that they can easily be changed throughout the day (a real statue is so immensely heavy it is difficult to move). So passers by, or those on their way to or from the office, always have something fresh to look at. And it gives people something to talk about in coffee places and bars, for example by comparing the general “style” of the different slaves, or by deciding which is better hung.

Petebrownuk chase has been enslaved for just @blackrulephotoblog


Chase has been enslaved for just over two months.  With his former privileged life gone he knows he must submit to survive.  He tolerated the humiliating induction into slavery, the auction, the training and the permanent nakedness.  He even submitted to losing his cherry on the orders of his new owner by a huge male field slave as his owner watched the first night at his owners plantation because he knew he was now owned.  To make matters worse, he was purchased by the father of one of his former football teammates as his sons personal slave. A boy who now taunts and humiliates him daily.  But today, he overheard the local vet discussing his impending body modifications.  He was to become a pony boy for the Masters son’s carriage.  As such, he would need several strategic piercings, a permanent cock tub, iron collar, noise ring, bridle and bit.  Even his hair would be cropped into a pony main.  However, the most disturbing modification was that he would have his testicles removed to prevent them from slapping against his soon to be large thighs as he trotted. His penis would also be skinned.  This was the final act in his dehumanization.  He knew he had been beaten and there would never be any going back to the comfortable life he once knew.

Hector has only been a slave for six months but @blackrulephotoblog

Hector has only been a slave for six months, but after spending his first three months in an intensive training program he knows how lucky he is to be his master’s gardener rather than a field hand or mine worker.  So what he is required to present his ass and mouth for his master’s use on demand.  It is a small price to pay for his relatively comfortable life.

Best money i ever spent marcus thought to @blackrulephotoblog

“Best money I ever spent,” Marcus thought to himself as his new slave went to work on his dick.

Eddie is his masters personal porter and bed @blackrulephotoblog

Eddie is his master’s personal porter and bed buck.  Here we see him eagerly waiting for his master to come home.

A honky slave when used properly can be a very @blackrulephotoblog

A honky slave, when used properly, can be a very effective stress reliever.

Fs27 stands in the field after the harvest he @blackrulephotoblog

FS27 stands in the field after the harvest.  He knows that his master will be very happy with this year’s harvest.  And when Master is happy, everybody is happy.

A man and his honky slave @blackrulephotoblog

A man and his honky slave.

Keep him collared a new city ordinance requires @blackrulephotoblog

Keep Him Collared.

A new city ordinance requires all slave owners to collar their honkies when visiting city parks.

Mark tried his best to keep the emotions off of @blackrulephotoblog

Mark tried his best to keep the emotions off of his face while his master fucked him.  He was new enough to still feel pain and humiliation at being used in this way, yet experienced enough to know that he had better not let those emotions ruin his master’s experience.

Petebrownuk from the middle east the dealer @blackrulephotoblog



The dealer has this new stock in, so-called “refugees” from the Middle East who were attempting to enter the country illegally and who were caught at the border. It’s an enslavable offence of course, so now they will get their wish and be able to stay - but not in the way they were intending. 

They’re not very high quality, as we can see, and there can be a language problem with these failed migrants (not that they need all that much language to understand the simple rules of slave life:  work or be whipped).  But for a buyer who wants labourers who will not be particularly visible and who does not care about a slave’s looks particularly, they could be seen as a bargain.

When miles runs errands for his master he tries @blackrulephotoblog

When Miles runs errands for his master, he tries to stick to the back allies.  This way he avoids all the harassment and humiliation from the kids on the street.

New statue erected outside of the slave @blackrulephotoblog

New statue erected outside of the slave courthouse.  It serves as a testament to the changing times.

Jake and shakim have been friends since they were @blackrulephotoblog

Jake and Shakim have been friends since they were little boys.  The two had been so inseparable that people called them “Jake and Shake”.  Three years ago, Jake had been arrested for his third DUI and sentenced to lifetime enslavement.  Shakim, as Jake’s sponsor, exercised his right of first purchase and bought his friend from the court.  Now, Shake and Jake are still together, but the dynamic of their relationship is MUCH different.

Its always good to have a honky slave along on @blackrulephotoblog

It’s always good to have a honky slave along on our trips to the lake.

Andre franklin the owner of the whitefoot honky @blackrulephotoblog

Andre Franklin, the owner of the Whitefoot Honky Ranch, was in town to purchase a fresh cadre of slaves.  He had one more to load on the truck and he’d be ready for the long drive home.

Chang here was part of a large shipment of male @blackrulephotoblog

Chang, here, was part of a large shipment of male slaves from China.  As soon as slavery was reintroduced in America, the Chinese government saw am opportunity to make a great deal of money of money.  Already plagued with overpopulation issues, the Chinese decided to implement their own slavery system.  In China, however, only the richest 10% of the population can actually afford slaves, so the vast majority of the country’s slaves are groomed for export to other countries.

Frank hates getting fucked but he knows that as a @blackrulephotoblog

Frank hates getting fucked, but he knows that as a slave, he has no choice.  He is owned by a local construction company and works hard for them.  He likes the work, but he dreads lunchtime because he knows that one of the black men is gonna fuck his brains out.  He wishes he could stop it, but he knows that if he resists in any way, he will be beaten and then STILL have to give up his ass.  So whenever one of the free men wants to use his ass, he submits.  he grins and bears it.  Such is the life of a slave.

Hey bro you got next @blackrulephotoblog

“Hey, Bro?  You got next?”

The screaming trolls were an up and coming band @blackrulephotoblog

The Screaming Trolls were an up and coming band.  They were selling out clubs and booking gigs in high places.  Mr. Argas Jacobs is the owner of a club called The Hole.  He took a liking to the band’s unique brand of rock infused R&B.  He wanted them.  It didn’t take much snooping to find out who sponsored each group member.  Mr. Jacobs then made a deal with each sponsor to have each of the band members enslaved. Then it  was as simple as buying the new slaves and sending them through training.  Now, The Screaming Trolls are the official house band for The Hole.  Not only does Argas enjoy the profits from the greatly increased door intake, but he also enjoys the huge profits he gets from renting out the band members’ sexual service to whoever can afford to pay.  The lead guitar player is especially popular.

Petebrownuk pony training this long legged @blackrulephotoblog



This long-legged slave is the perfect type for use as a pony - obviously it lacks the heavy muscles needed to pull a carriage for hours on end,  but as a “sprinter” between the shafts of a light rickshaw those long legs will enable it to run very fast for short distances, ideal, for example, when its owner needs to go to the station quickly as he is a little late.  In addition to its running ability, the slave is naturally rather hairless, very much the fashionable look, and that long cock will bob up and down very satisfactorily as it runs.

Its owner will naturally keep it and work it totally naked to emphasise its status as a slave animal rather than a free man, so at the pony training school it is learning how to cope with winter weather so it will perform properly in the winter months.

Petebrownuk new display method displaying a @blackrulephotoblog



Displaying a sale for sale like this is finding increasing favour compared to more formal methods where the slave is securely chained with cuffs and manacles to the wall, or a rigid display frame. 

A slave like this is perfectly secure and cannot escape.  But with suitable instructions - perhaps aided by the goad and whip - it can be made to run up and down, do jumps, and other movements to display its body actually in motion and with all its muscles working.

Flasherdudenyc crawl over and suck it @blackrulephotoblog


Crawl over and suck it

Blackrulephotoblog street scene dallas texas @blackrulephotoblog


Street scene - Dallas, Texas

The slave looks out from his traveling cage he @blackrulephotoblog

The slave looks out from his traveling cage.  He doesn’t even know where he is going.  It doesn’t matter really, he goes where ever his owner wants.

Lenin66 this fag pet admires its powerful black @blackrulephotoblog


This fag pet admires its powerful black master.

Not exactly his american dream chopsticks was @blackrulephotoblog

Not exactly his American dream. Chopsticks was born dirt poor in Guizhou Province one of the poorest in China.  He spent his childhood laboring in a rice paddy and dreaming of one day moving to America.  When China followed America’s lead and instituted slavery, Chopsticks, who’s name was Bo at the time, was sold to the State to pay off family debts.  He was then sold as part of a large parcel of slaves to an American Slave Broker.  That broker, saw potential in Bo and decided to keep him, train him and turn him into the perfect slave.  Here we see Bo, renamed Chopsticks, wandering his master’s property. For his part, Chopsticks loves his master, and thanks him for rescuing him from the hellhole of the Chinese slave pens. 

New slave still has the look of hope in its eyes @blackrulephotoblog

New slave still has the look of hope in its eyes.  Hope of release, hope of compassion, hope of return to its former life of privilege.   All wrong of course but seeing that false hope in its eyes amuses and pleases some Men especially as They get to re-educate it to the reality of its situation

How a slave greets its master @blackrulephotoblog

How a slave greets it’s master

Since the reinstitution of slavery most owners @blackrulephotoblog

Since the reinstitution of slavery, most owners prefer to transport their slaves in the trunk, just like any other cargo.  Better that than having a dirty slave stinking up one’s vehicle.

Even though he was nervous about meeting his new @blackrulephotoblog

Even though he was nervous about meeting his new black master, the slave formerly known as Matt Peterson was very happy to have been purchased.  Matt had spent the last 3 months at a slave training facility, where he had been beaten, raped, nearly starved and worked half to death with forced exercise.  All this to transform him from a cocky white boy who was enslaved for trying to rob a jewelry store, into a compliant, pliable, and endlessly desirable sex slave.  Now all the boy dared hope for was a Master who would rather fuck him to death, than beat him to death.  But he knew beyond a doubt that he would do everything he could to make his new master happy.

Here at johnson imports every super luxury @blackrulephotoblog

Here at Johnson Imports, every super luxury automobile comes with a premium slave. Fully trained and ready to go, this slave is perfect whether you use him as a chauffeur or as backseat entertainment.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Once again hakeem has fucked his personal slave @blackrulephotoblog

Once again, Hakeem has fucked his personal slave unconscious.

Since the sheriffs department started using slave @blackrulephotoblog

Since the Sheriff’s Department started using slave labor for the care and maintenance of their cruiser fleet, it has saved approximately 15% over using free labor.

This slave is right at home tending to his @blackrulephotoblog

This slave is right at home tending to his master’s horses.  Aside from the fact that his master fucks him in the ass on a regular basis, it a pretty cushy job for a slave.