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Many years ago, a small but powerful group of black men united and decided to change the world. This group of Black Men had decided the white man had been in control for far too long. Under the white man’s stewardship, the world was in an awful state. The environment, the economy, a new war breaking out every other day, and all being orchestrated by whitey. These black men, who called themselves “The Founding Fathers,” were determined to bring about a very drastic change. Being very powerful men themselves, captains of industry, political leaders, etc., The Founding Fathers purposfully and systematically replaced white corporate heads, senators and congressmen with men and women of their own choosing. These new leaders were all very carefully handpicked by the Founding Fathers. They were not only African Americans but also whites who were sympathetic to the cause. That cause? To usher in a new world order where Blacks held their rightful place as rulers, and whites were reduced to mere servants and slaves. This photoblog will consist of snapshots and captions that depict moments in everyday life in this new world. - Black Rule Photo Blog (@blackrulephotoblog)
Petebrownuk returning to the cage at the end @blackrulephotoblog



At the end of his working day one of the gardener slaves returns to the secluded cage in the shrubbery where he and the others are locked overnight.  Fortunately for them there is a covered sleeping area at the rear of the cage where they can huddle together overnight to keep warm against the cold night air - and their owner is generous in allowing them to take sexual relief as he is not one of those who believes that this saps their energy (indeed, quite the reverse:  a slave who is getting regular good sex is happier and therefore works better, he thinks).

Devistated mark looks up at his owner he knows @blackrulephotoblog

Devistated, Mark looks up at his Owner,  He knows that it’s all his fault.  Maybe if he had been a better slave,  Maybe if he hadn’t stolen from his master, maybe if he had been a better bed buck.  Maybe if he had been a better slave, maybe his master would have only taken one or maybe even both of his balls as punishment for trying to escape.  But no.  Because he had not been such a bad slave, his owner might not have taken his entire manhood and on top of that had a pussy installed.  Mark has learned his lesson.  From now on, he would be the best slave his master has ever had, and he will use his new pussy to give his master the best sex of his life.

Even though he is not legally permitted to own a @blackrulephotoblog

Even though he is not legally permitted to own a slave because he is not a black man, Eduardo very often takes the opportunity to use the slave office assistant provided to him by his company.

Slave sports hold great appeal @blackrulephotoblog

Slave sports hold great appeal.

Getting ready to play ring toss with my pool @blackrulephotoblog

Getting ready to play ring toss with my pool slave.

The field slaves put on a show for their owner and @blackrulephotoblog

The field slaves put on a show for their owner and his party guests.

Young master jackson uses his new slave a gift @blackrulephotoblog

Young Master Jackson uses his new slave.  A gift from his parents for his 18th birthday.

Uniformboy01 blackrulephotoblog this is @blackrulephotoblog



This is Mutt, the slave formerly known as Mike Anderson.  He, along with some of his buddies were, like most young twenty-somethings, out having a good time on a Saturday night.  Unfortunately, their fun included attacking and injuring an elderly black man.  Mike, along with 3 of his buddies were all enslaved and sold off at auction.  Now, Mutt is slave, living out his Master’s love for dogs and pup slaves. 

Love the Mohawk

Uniformboy01 catalogue photo pre shave @blackrulephotoblog


Catalogue photo pre shave

Petebrownuk exhausted prey even though he can @blackrulephotoblog



Even though he can hear the huntsmen approaching the slave is totally exhausted - he’s been running for over an hour, and it’s hard to keep ahead of the men on their horses.  He simply cannot summon up the energy even to get to his feet.  Of course part of his problem is that he knows there’s no escape really - the whole purpose of slave hunting is, after all, to pick a slave with a good body then hunt it, with the first huntsman to arrive at the capture getting the first fuck.

Rick cleans his owners dick thoroughly after a @blackrulephotoblog

Rick cleans his owner’s dick thoroughly after a good fucking.

Petebrownuk randy sincerely wishes he had @blackrulephotoblog


Randy sincerely wishes he had waited now before taking his girlfriend’s virginity until they were formally engage:  her outraged parents had him hauled into court, and faced with the incontravertable evidence of his semen stains in her bed, he was enslaved.  

Bought by a local rancher he is shown here waiting for his new owner to come out of a bar.  He is worried that he will be forced to stud his owner’s bitches as an entertainment for the owner and his friends - but although the use of young slaves is generally considered to be best for breeding as their sperm counts are so high, this will not be the case.  The rancher prefers much bigger, more muscular slaves as studs, and young Randy’s fate initially is to act as his owner’s plaything in bed as Randy has until now had a virgin ass.

Michael mcduff is a free white man but he knows @blackrulephotoblog

Michael McDuff is a free white man, but he knows that if he want’s to stay that way, he needs to keep his sponsor happy.  So far, so good.

Kayden knows that his master comes home at 5pm @blackrulephotoblog

Kayden knows that his master comes home at 5pm sharp and he likes to take a dip to cool off. He also knows that if the pool is not sparkling clean, there will be hell to pay.  Here we see Kayden trying to hide his frustration with the fact that today, his owner’s son and his friends are having an impromptu pool party, effectively preventing him from cleaning the pool for his master’s use.

Blackrulephotoblog master fucks his slave with @blackrulephotoblog


Master fucks his slave with abandon.

The owner of the mauna koi hotel and resort @blackrulephotoblog

The owner of the Mauna Koi Hotel and Resort requires that all of the resort’s slaves dress in this way.  He feels that it is more alluring than totally naked slaves.  Judging from the guest response, he is right.

When steves master informed him that his ass was @blackrulephotoblog

When Steve’s master informed him that his ass was to be stretched for fisting, the slave thought it wasn’t possible.  But now, after three weeks of intensely painful training, Steve’s asshole has become his master’s favorite glove.

This is slave practice for being a kneeling @blackrulephotoblog

This is slave practice for being a kneeling waiter.  One cheap glass on a plain cutting board.  The slave must be able to stay in that position for about an hour at a time.  No reason to guess what happens to him if anything spills.

Blackrulephotoblog a man and his honky slave @blackrulephotoblog


A man and his honky slave.

Jake is not only a slave but he is a slave whore @blackrulephotoblog

Jake is not only a slave, but he is a slave whore.  He has been trained to use his ass and mouth to give ultimate pleasure to to who ever pays his master for his use.

Here at johnson imports every super luxury @blackrulephotoblog

Here at Johnson Imports, every super luxury automobile comes with a premium slave. Fully trained and ready to go, this slave is perfect whether you use him as a chauffeur or as backseat entertainment.  Satisfaction guaranteed.

Before he was enslaved douglas was pre med and @blackrulephotoblog

Before he was enslaved, Douglas was pre-med and positioned to follow in his father’s footsteps. Now that Black Rule has swept the landscape, Douglas finds himself the property of a Black pornographer with a penchant for the budding ‘wigger’ genre. Twelve tattoos, three piercings and sixty-two movies later Slim D (what his Master renamed him) is a big star in the genre and makes his Master money, hand over fist and continues to help perpetuate the concept of ‘whitey thugs’ and the uneducated, over sexed, aggressive and violent nature of crackers. “CUT!! Dammit, honky… the line is 'Yo, yo, yo, cracka. Get them sweet pink lips 'round this here dick.’ It’s not brain surgery, dumb-ass! Now get it right or I’ll punish you.”

Blackrulephotoblog a black master preparing his @blackrulephotoblog


A black master preparing his honky slave’s ass for use.

Excerpt from the national bestseller howling @blackrulephotoblog

Excerpt from the national bestseller, “Howling Honky: White Boy Jokes For All Occasions.“  

Many free whites have expressed outrage and offense at the blatantly racist nature of material such as this.  The Reparations Act and the Sponsorship Act, however, have combined to reduce whites to second class citizens, so their petty concerns fall largely on deaf ears.

Steve is his owners bed buck but in an attempt @blackrulephotoblog

Steve is his owner’s bed buck, but in an attempt to make sure that he doesn’t get above himself like some privileged slaves do, he is often forced to sleep in him master’s workshop when his body is not needed.

Blackrulephotoblog foot slave @blackrulephotoblog


Foot slave

The slave runs as fast as he possibly can but it @blackrulephotoblog

The slave runs as fast as he possibly can, but it is no use.  Soon, the Cracker control squad car is in hot pursuit.  Within minutes, the officers had netted the honky and returned him to his master.  After paying a stiff fine, the honky’s owner offered the slaves ass to them as compensation for their trouble.  The two officers were at the end of their shift so they accepted the offer and they both enjoyed a long leisurely fuck of the unfortunate slave’s ass and mouth.

White slave being shared by two brothers @blackrulephotoblog

White slave being shared by two brothers

Slb slave league baseball has become one of the @blackrulephotoblog

SLB (Slave League Baseball) has become one of the most popular sports in the country, second only to the SFL(Slave Football League).

Jake and shakim have been friends since they were @blackrulephotoblog

Jake and Shakim have been friends since they were little boys.  The two had been so inseparable that people called them “Jake and Shake”.  Three years ago, Jake had been arrested for his third DUI and sentenced to lifetime enslavement.  Shakim, as Jake’s sponsor, exercised his right of first purchase and bought his friend from the court.  Now, Shake and Jake are still together, but the dynamic of their relationship is MUCH different.

Petebrownuk pleasure slave this kind of trim @blackrulephotoblog



This kind of trim, muscled, smaller slave is becoming increasingly popular in the “occasional leisure” market.  Most men hiring such a slave will not feel threatened as they might be by a larger, more muscled one. And yet his hard muscles and tight, small butt promises a lot of excitement.

The slave doesn’t care what the customer wants, only that he must satisfy all their needs. He has been trained to provide satisfaction to whoever hires him for the hour or evening.  He knows that his performance will be measured, and if he consistently fails to please, he will be severely punished.

Matt used to be an up and coming boxer himself @blackrulephotoblog

Matt used to be an up and coming boxer himself, but then one night he was caught drunk driving and sentenced to lifetime enslavement.  Then, to make matters worse, he was bought by the same gym where he used to train.  Now he serves his former friends as not only punching bag, but fuckboy as well.

Rico was completely straight before being enslaved @blackrulephotoblog

Rico was completely straight before being enslaved for attempting to sell cocaine to an under cover cracker Control officer.  Now he has reluctantly gotten used to being used as a fuck boy by his owner. 

The party was dull until the rented honky slaves @blackrulephotoblog

The party was dull until the rented honky slaves were delivered.

Blackrulephotoblog finally in nationwide @blackrulephotoblog


Finally in nationwide distribution.

Andy is headed to the corner store to pick up his @blackrulephotoblog

Andy is headed to the corner store to pick up his owner’s grocery order.  Since slaves are not permitted to carry money, the payment has been placed in a small metal butt plug that has been locked into place in his ass.  The store owner has a “master key” that will open the lock.

Even though toby is his owners favorite bed buck @blackrulephotoblog

Even though Toby is his owner’s favorite bed buck, he is still expected to work in the yard.

Matt here is a mining slave in most mines the @blackrulephotoblog

Matt here, is a mining slave.  In most mines the slaves have to work for their food.  Unfortunately for Matt, he is owned by a mining company that allows it’s overseers to have their way with the saves.  The overseers have decreed that not only must the slaves work for their food but if the overseers take a shine to a particular slave, that slave’s food intake will depend on how well he pleases the overseer.  As you can see, Matt is well fed and healthy.

Rugby is quickly becoming one of the more popular @blackrulephotoblog

Rugby is quickly becoming one of the more popular slave sports in the country.

Keith was an internationally ranked tennis player @blackrulephotoblog

Keith was an internationally ranked tennis player until he was arrested and enslaved for tax evasion.  Cedar Oaks Country Club payed close to $500,000 for him at an exclusive auction in New York City.  Now he not only adds to the exclusivity of the club as their tennis pro, but he also brings in loads of cash for the club owners who readily rent him out for sexual use by anyone who can afford the extremely high fees.

Benji has learned that life is much easier when he @blackrulephotoblog

Benji has learned that life is much easier when he offers his ass to his master rather than waiting to be raped.

Alfie has been a slave for the past 4 years every @blackrulephotoblog

Alfie has been a slave for the past 4 years, every since he was enslaved raping his girlfriend.  In that time he has learned a few things about being a slave.  One very important lesson is that being a slave doesn’t have to be all pain and suffering.  Once he accepted the fact that he would be  save for the rest of his life, he stopped fighting the reality of his situation and began to embrace it.  He learned that if he worked hard to give his owner the most pleasure possible, that he, himself might squeeze out a bit of pleasure fro himself.  He is even learning to enjoy being fucked. 

Petebrownuk bedchamber as we can tell from the @blackrulephotoblog



As we can tell from the general hard look of this slave, and that sturdy collar, this is not one of the handsome younger slaves that one usually finds in a bedchamber. But when he was out inspecting the estate this morning the owner saw this hard-bodied tough-looking slave toiling away and something about its body stirred him sexually, and he decided he would have him later that evening.

The slave was taken from the fields and thoroughly cleansed (inside and out - it hated the enemas!), and its ear was pierced to fit the tag that signals that it is allowed to be indoors.  Now it waits in the corner by the window waiting for its owner to call it over and instruct it what to do. It knows it will probably be fucked and it has never taken a cock up its ass before - in the slave quarters its strength and power means that it is always the “top”. It knows it can overpower its owner and refuse his cock, but what then?  It’s a slave, and its owner might decide to have it “calmed” (castrated) or even “stubbed” (cock cut off). So as it waits it knows that whatever its owner wants it’s probably going to have to do it.

As a big buff field slave bruce is usually safe @blackrulephotoblog

As a big buff field slave, Bruce is usually safe from the sexual appetites of the overseers.  In fact, back in the slave barns, Bruce usually has his pick of the smaller field bucks for his own sexual relief.  Today, however, Bruce has caught the attention of one of the overseers and was told to assume the position atop the tractor.  He knows that he is about to be fucked.  He doesn’t like it, but he knows that he has no choice. 

A well trained sex slave knows how to entice his @blackrulephotoblog

A well-trained sex slave knows how to entice his owner.

Chucks owner is at work but has decided to go on @blackrulephotoblog

Chuck’s owner is at work, but has decided to go on impromptu fishing trip with some homies from the office.  He called home to tell Chuck what to load on the truck.  Once the truck is loaded, Chuck will drive it to his master’s office then drive the BMW back home. Chuck is lucky enough to have an owner who trusts him to be obedient.

Httpargen laddtumblrcom @blackrulephotoblog

Generally speaking, Blacks have never been all that interested in Hockey.  With the introduction of white slavery and the transition to slave sports, however, hockey has seen a surge in popularity.

Unlike a dog taking your honky slave to the vet @blackrulephotoblog

Unlike a dog, taking your honky slave to the vet can be an enjoyable experience.

Jackson cole owns a timeshare vacation home on the @blackrulephotoblog

Jackson Cole owns a timeshare vacation home on the beach in Galveston.  Here we see him enjoying the services of Steve, the slave who serves as the caretaker of the property.

Petebrownuk to the fields an urgent problem @blackrulephotoblog



An urgent problem has arisen on one of the distant fields and the owner of this fine slave is taking it there to work on it.  The owner will of course go in his farm pick-up, and ordinarily the slave would be sent separately. But on this occasion the owner is keen to get work started as soon as possible and needs a “fresh” slave, so it’s being allowed to ride!

This slave has managed to do something that most @blackrulephotoblog

This slave has managed to do something that most slaves can’t.  He is a very submissive bath slave, but he also has this cockiness about him.  The combination is pure gold.

Say bro how you like my new pool boy i got @blackrulephotoblog

“Say, Bro.  How you like my new pool boy?  I got him yesterday at that auction house on 3rd.  You gotta try him out, that ass is not to b believed!”

Mark tries not to show any emotion as his new owner discusses the use of his ass with one of his friends.

Selling his wares in a back alley in white @blackrulephotoblog

Selling his “wares” in a back alley in White Settlement, Tx.  This photo was taken by an undercover Cracker Control officer (Vice Squad Division).  Prostitution among free population is illegal, but that doesn’t stop it from running rampant in the ghettos where the poor free whites live.  This was Hank’s third arrest for solicitation, so he was enslaved as an habitual offender.  Ironically, once on the auction block, Hank was purchased by the owner of one of the largest slave brothels in the city.  So, he is still selling his body, but only his owner get’s paid. Now he wishes that he had accepted that job as a cashier at McDonalds, a job the he thought he was too good for.  Can you imagine in this day and age, a honky thinks he is “too good” for something?

Petebrownuk illegals illegal immigrants used @blackrulephotoblog



Illegal immigrants used to be a real problem, with so-called “asylum claims” taking up huge amounts of court time and so on.  Since the reform of the immigtration laws though the process is so much quicker and simpler:  “illegals” as they are captured are simply thrown into the holding cages from where they will be sold in bulk to the slavers for re-export.

Blue here is a very good slave his main job is @blackrulephotoblog

Blue here, is a very good slave.  His main job is as his owner’s personal valet.  In this day and age, most slave owners keep their slaves naked all the time.  Blue’s owner, however has young children so he is requited to keep himself covered.

Cal is a slave owned by a large country club his @blackrulephotoblog

Cal is a slave owned by a large country club.  His duty is simply to make himself available to the guests for ANY service they require.  This usually includes getting fucked on the back of a golf cart.

Mark was a semi famous fashion model before he was @blackrulephotoblog

Mark was a semi-famous fashion model before he was enslaved for trashing a hotel room in a bout of drunken rage in which he also hit his girlfriend.  Luckily for Mark, his agent (who is also his sponsor) decided to use his right of first purchase and buy Mark directly from the court.  Now, Mark is still modeling, but now he does ads for one of the biggest manufacturers of slave products in the world. He is also available for sexual service to anyone who can afford the fee. Can you guess what he is advertising here?

Being his owners favorite bed buck and personal @blackrulephotoblog

Being his owner’s favorite bed buck and personal valet has it’s perks.  Nugget, here, has a chance to have a calm moment most mornings before he has to wake his master up for work.

Petebrownuk another session many owners send @blackrulephotoblog



Many owners send new slaves to one of the specialist training camps to get their property “up to speed” on their new life.  Here we see one of the training sessions where young slaves are learning - quickly - to lose their inhibitions.  They may have seen other men naked in the locker room, but here they will quickly learn to be totally at ease with the touch and feel of another body against theirs, and to lose all their inhibitions about engaging in sex.  Many owners find it’s preferable to pay for such a short course of training as the slaves are returned to them ready for “play”, rather than having to beat a so-called “straight” slave into submission.

Malik enjoys the ministrations of his personal @blackrulephotoblog

Malik enjoys the ministrations of his personal slave.  He bought the boy directly from a municipal auction so he got a great deal.

Blinky waits backstage to be called to the auction @blackrulephotoblog

Blinky waits backstage to be called to the auction block.  He WAS his owner’s favorite bedbuck until he bought a younger boy.

Hank has just finished polishing his owners @blackrulephotoblog

Hank has just finished polishing his owner’s floors and replaced the rugs.  Now it’s on to the yard work.

At the birmingham wilderness experience a honky @blackrulephotoblog

At the Birmingham Wilderness Experience, a honky slave is included in the rental price of every campsite.

Petebrownuk one of the new wet weather pony @blackrulephotoblog



Owners know that ponies hate running in the rain - the drops can sting the skin and can lower the skin temperature considerably. There’s no avoiding it when actually working, though, as part of the enjoyment of owning a pony slave is that you have it running naked in front of you, totally exposed, and you can “encourage” it with the driving whip on its naked buttocks.  But once you are at your destination you can demonstrate your humanity by allowing the pony one of the new protective coats whilst it waits for you to finish your business. Your discernment in selecting a well-built pony can still be visible to others.

Httpargen laddtumblrcom @blackrulephotoblog

This slave makes the best of the very short break he gets from working in his owner’s garden.  He knows that it won’t last long.

Inchargedad arent you done with your chores @blackrulephotoblog


Aren’t you done with your chores yet boy?

Petebrownuk more and more often as the new @blackrulephotoblog



As the new public order laws bite and more and more men are enslaved for offences previously regarded as fairly ordinary - Greg here failed to pay multiple parking tickets on time - so the sight of naked slaves toiling at ordinary jobs grows and they appear more and more often in public.  Greg’s former employers were pleased to be able to buy him as his skills are needed at the tyre centre where he worked.  Now though their costs are much lower as there are no wages or social security for Greg.  And as he sleeps on a cot at the back of the workshop, the place can stay open very long hours.  And with no need for a uniform to buy and keep clean, the air conditioning can be mostly turned off as Greg can sweat freely.

The type centre now gets a lot of customers who like to wait for their cars to be ready, rather than calling back later as the sight of Greg’s beefy body toiling away is arousing.  There’s no sign that Greg’s experience is having an effect of the patrons though as there are still many unpaid traffic fines in the city!

The masters three sons got drunk and decided to @blackrulephotoblog

The master’s three sons got drunk and decided to have a little fun with daddy’s favorite honky slave.

Mr jackson is a very enlightened owner his @blackrulephotoblog

Mr Jackson is a very enlightened owner.  His slaves are fiercely loyal to him.  Not many owners allow their field slaves to have half a day off when they exceed their production quotas.

Hank here was unlucky enough to the first honky @blackrulephotoblog

Hank here, was unlucky enough to the first honky caught in today’s hunt.  That means that he will have to be tied up here for most of the day while his new owner and his friends finish the hunt.

A man walks his newly purchased white slave @blackrulephotoblog

A man walks his newly purchased white slave through the streets of Downtown Dallas to his apartment which is just a few blocks away from the courthouse

Petebrownuk no more self service the @blackrulephotoblog



The continuing fall in the price of slaves as more and more men find they are priced out of work and then cannot pay their taxes and so are enslaved (a sort of virtuous circle for slave owners!) means that it has been possible to re-introduce many services that had been reduced in earlier years because of cost considerations.  Almost all motorists now enjoy “full service” at the pump instead of having to get out of their cars in the heat or rain.

Forced enemas are an effective way to get a newly @blackrulephotoblog

Forced enema’s are an effective way to get a newly enslaved honky clean enough to begin his sex training.  It is also useful in showing a new slave that his body no longer belongs to him. 

Binky cleans his masters dick after a deep @blackrulephotoblog

Binky cleans his master’s dick after a deep fucking.

Petebrownuk on a pedestal dealers find that @blackrulephotoblog



Dealers find that salves displayed like this on short pedestals tend to sell better than those who are merely lined up against a wall.   It does of course give the buyers an opportunity to walk around the slave for a 360-degree view without having to ask a guard to have the slave moved.  And perhaps it also helps to emphasise just how different the slave is from a free man, as it stands there naked and exposed to their gaze.

Marco is a specially trained foot slave here we @blackrulephotoblog

Marco is a specially trained foot slave.  Here we see him going to work on his owner’s feet. 

Punishing a slave in this manner has the added @blackrulephotoblog

Punishing a slave in this manner has the added benefit of serving as an example to the other slaves.  They will think twice before  breaking their owner’s rules.

Toby waits for his owner at the edge of the lake @blackrulephotoblog

Toby waits for his owner at the edge of the lake.  It’s his job to clean the boat and put it away, then stow the fishing gear.

The johnson brothers share everything including @blackrulephotoblog

The Johnson Brothers share everything, including the new stable boy that their dad just bought at the local livestock show.

Matt is a very lucky slave after being enslaved @blackrulephotoblog

Matt is a very lucky slave.  After being enslaved for drunk driving, he was put up for sale at the city municipal auction.  Because of his youth and decent body, he was certain that he would be bought by some big slave dealership and put through torturous training only to be bought by old lecherous man  It turns out, however that he was bought by a young guy who was just looking for a slave to help him run his family’s dry cleaning business.  One drawback, though, his new owner has a daughter so he has to wear a chastity device until he is deemed trustworthy.

Crying is useless boy you are a slave get used @blackrulephotoblog

Crying is useless, boy.  You are a slave, get used to it.

Petebrownuk garden ornament one of the @blackrulephotoblog



One of the handsome young slaves that the owner has scattered around his pleasure grounds to delight his guests as they stroll around after luncheon.  The owner believes that slaves are so much better than the traditional statues as they can be changed so easily, both in terms of the kind of bodies on display, and on where they are placed.  Guests who are staying  can of course order the slave to appear in their bedchambers later. 

Until yesterday 2 was just a lowly field slave @blackrulephotoblog

Until yesterday, 2 was just a lowly field slave, but then on a tour of ranch, the owner’s son got a good look at that tight body and perky little ass and decided that he wanted  2 for himself.  Now the slave will accompany the master’s son back to college to serve as his personal body slave and valet.

Unfortunately for matt here it has become fashion @blackrulephotoblog

Unfortunately for Matt here, it has become fashion among very rich slave owners to have their expensive male properties nullified.  His owner is very rich indeed.

Petebrownuk blackrulephotoblog new statue @blackrulephotoblog



New statue erected outside of the slave courthouse.  It serves as a testament to the changing times.

The advantage in using real slaves to pose on the plinth is that they can easily be changed throughout the day (a real statue is so immensely heavy it is difficult to move). So passers by, or those on their way to or from the office, always have something fresh to look at. And it gives people something to talk about in coffee places and bars, for example by comparing the general “style” of the different slaves, or by deciding which is better hung.

Petebrownuk chase has been enslaved for just @blackrulephotoblog


Chase has been enslaved for just over two months.  With his former privileged life gone he knows he must submit to survive.  He tolerated the humiliating induction into slavery, the auction, the training and the permanent nakedness.  He even submitted to losing his cherry on the orders of his new owner by a huge male field slave as his owner watched the first night at his owners plantation because he knew he was now owned.  To make matters worse, he was purchased by the father of one of his former football teammates as his sons personal slave. A boy who now taunts and humiliates him daily.  But today, he overheard the local vet discussing his impending body modifications.  He was to become a pony boy for the Masters son’s carriage.  As such, he would need several strategic piercings, a permanent cock tub, iron collar, noise ring, bridle and bit.  Even his hair would be cropped into a pony main.  However, the most disturbing modification was that he would have his testicles removed to prevent them from slapping against his soon to be large thighs as he trotted. His penis would also be skinned.  This was the final act in his dehumanization.  He knew he had been beaten and there would never be any going back to the comfortable life he once knew.

Hector has only been a slave for six months but @blackrulephotoblog

Hector has only been a slave for six months, but after spending his first three months in an intensive training program he knows how lucky he is to be his master’s gardener rather than a field hand or mine worker.  So what he is required to present his ass and mouth for his master’s use on demand.  It is a small price to pay for his relatively comfortable life.

Best money i ever spent marcus thought to @blackrulephotoblog

“Best money I ever spent,” Marcus thought to himself as his new slave went to work on his dick.

Eddie is his masters personal porter and bed @blackrulephotoblog

Eddie is his master’s personal porter and bed buck.  Here we see him eagerly waiting for his master to come home.

A honky slave when used properly can be a very @blackrulephotoblog

A honky slave, when used properly, can be a very effective stress reliever.

Fs27 stands in the field after the harvest he @blackrulephotoblog

FS27 stands in the field after the harvest.  He knows that his master will be very happy with this year’s harvest.  And when Master is happy, everybody is happy.

A man and his honky slave @blackrulephotoblog

A man and his honky slave.

Keep him collared a new city ordinance requires @blackrulephotoblog

Keep Him Collared.

A new city ordinance requires all slave owners to collar their honkies when visiting city parks.

Mark tried his best to keep the emotions off of @blackrulephotoblog

Mark tried his best to keep the emotions off of his face while his master fucked him.  He was new enough to still feel pain and humiliation at being used in this way, yet experienced enough to know that he had better not let those emotions ruin his master’s experience.