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Many years ago, a small but powerful group of black men united and decided to change the world. This group of Black Men had decided the white man had been in control for far too long. Under the white man’s stewardship, the world was in an awful state. The environment, the economy, a new war breaking out every other day, and all being orchestrated by whitey. These black men, who called themselves “The Founding Fathers,” were determined to bring about a very drastic change. Being very powerful men themselves, captains of industry, political leaders, etc., The Founding Fathers purposfully and systematically replaced white corporate heads, senators and congressmen with men and women of their own choosing. These new leaders were all very carefully handpicked by the Founding Fathers. They were not only African Americans but also whites who were sympathetic to the cause. That cause? To usher in a new world order where Blacks held their rightful place as rulers, and whites were reduced to mere servants and slaves. This photoblog will consist of snapshots and captions that depict moments in everyday life in this new world. - Black Rule Photo Blog (@blackrulephotoblog)
Tyrone johnson bought his new honky slave for the @blackrulephotoblog

Tyrone Johnson bought his new honky slave for the sole purpose of fucking his brains out.  As you can see, the boy is fulfilling his purpose.  Once Tyrone  get’s his nut, he will simply kick the slave off the bed and onto the floor.  The slave’s name:  Fuckhole

This is mutt the slave formerly known as mike @blackrulephotoblog

This is Mutt, the slave formerly known as Mike Anderson.  He, along with some of his buddies were, like most young twenty-somethings, out having a good time on a Saturday night.  Unfortunately, their fun included attacking and injuring an elderly black man.  Mike, along with 3 of his buddies were all enslaved and sold off at auction.  Now, Mutt is slave, living out his Master’s love for dogs and pup slaves. 

For a slave winning first place in the livestock @blackrulephotoblog

For a slave, winning first place in the livestock show is the highest honor you can achieve.

Marquis johnsons father owns one of the largest @blackrulephotoblog

Marquis Johnson’s father owns one of the largest honky ranches in Texas.  Here we see him escorting the waterboys in from the fields where they have finished bringing water to the field honkies.  Of course, before he puts the honky slaves back into their cages, Marquis will choose one(or two) to have a little fun with. 

Black woman at the beach having fun with a white @blackrulephotoblog

Black woman at the beach having fun with a white slave.

Okay now i know why jb has to buy a new honky @blackrulephotoblog

Okay, NOW I know why JB has to buy a new honky slave every year or so. Getting fucked like this every night, no wonder the poor things don’t last long!

Under black rule soldiers are afforded special @blackrulephotoblog

Under Black Rule, soldiers are afforded special protections under the law.  Normally, when a person commits a crime and is given an enslavement sentence, there is no appeal process.  A soldier is the exception to that rule.  On top of that, his service to this country is taken into account.  This soldier, however, has just committed strike three.  He stands, bound, awaiting the arrival of a Cracker Control officer.  Normally, the slave would be stripped naked prior to transfer, but in the case of this soldier, he is allowed to keep his dignity for as long as possible.

Frank was just now getting used to the pup tail @blackrulephotoblog

Frank was just now getting used to the pup tail butt plug that his master forced him to wear.  NOW, he has just been informed that his name was being changed to “Scruffy”.  Such is the life of a slave, he thought to himself as he curled up on the floor at his master’s feet.

Kevin and mike have been best friends since they @blackrulephotoblog

Kevin and Mike have been best friends since they were 5 years old.  Ten years ago, when Slavery was re instituted, Kevin became Mike’s sponsor. Mike did quite well until he was caught driving drunk and enslaved.  It took all of Kevin’s savings, but he was able to buy his friend directly from the court.  Now, not only does Kevin have his friend around all the time, but he is learning to enjoy the privileges of owning a hot white slave.

Bmr insurance the most dependable way to protect @blackrulephotoblog

BMR Insurance, the most dependable way to protect your home and possessions.

Blackrulephotoblog fedex delivery @blackrulephotoblog


Fedex delivery

An ad paid for by the society of progressive @blackrulephotoblog

An ad paid for by the Society of Progressive Whitebois to curry favor with the general public.

Harold learned that it is always good to take his @blackrulephotoblog

Harold learned that it is always good to take his favorite honky slave
with him on long road trips.  Nothing makes a road trip as awesome as
being able pull over and get your dick wet whenever the mood strikes.

Thomas franklin loved to get a lawn chair and @blackrulephotoblog

Thomas Franklin loved to get a lawn chair and watch from under his favorite shade tree as the slaves from the Hunky Honky Handyman Service go about their work.  This is usually how he decided which one he is gonna fuck once the work is done.  Today, he has decided on this one.



Oliver hunt had been a foreman at one of the @blackrulephotoblog

Oliver Hunt had been a foreman at one of the largest construction companies in the city before he was arrested, tried and enslaved for beating his wife.  The owner of the company who had also been Oliver’s sponsor used his right of first purchase and bought Oliver from the court.  Much of the company’s workforce was comprised of slaves anyway, so it was easy for Oliver to simply continue doing his job.  The difference being that he is now a naked slave just like the workers that he supervises.  Oliver gets to keep his job, and the company saves a great deal of money by not having to pay him a salary.  Everybody wins.

When jimmy decided that he wanted to buy his first @blackrulephotoblog

When Jimmy decided that he wanted to buy his first slave, he wasn’t sure what he wanted.  He decided to choose a slave dealership that that would allow him to take a slave home for a few days on approval.  He has had Gizmo here, for two days and has decided to keep him.

Thomas jackson believes that a happy slave is a @blackrulephotoblog

Thomas Jackson believes that a happy slave is a productive slave, and so far that belief has worked for him.  He allows his slaves a bit of free time during the hottest part of the day to rest and relax in a large cistern that collects rainwater for use around the property.  The slaves know that is there is even the slightest dip in productivity, or trouble of any kind, this privilege will be revoked.  This way, the slaves police themselves thereby making the overseers job much easier.

Mick stopped to rest a bit and get his bearings @blackrulephotoblog

Mick stopped to rest a bit and get his bearings.  The hunters aren’t too far behind, had can hear their hounds.  He hopes that swimming across the river will throw the dogs off his scent, at least for a while. 

Petebrownuk hes already experienced the @blackrulephotoblog



…so he knows what will happen if he fails to obey the dealer and keep his hands behind his neck and his arms and torso in tension to display it properly. But the men looking at him are about to do more than that - they are going to tweak his nipples to see if he reacts, stroke his cock to a hard erection, and perhaps even masturbate him to climax.  He’s straight, he’s never had another man touch his cock, never even been erect in front of anyone other than his girlfriend.  But what can he do?  Life is different now he’s been enslaved. He knows he must obey as he does not want the goad to touch his totally vulnerable naked body again.