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Black Supremacy @blackxsupremacy

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Heterosexual African Man's musings on Black Supremacy and white sexual inferiority. (This blog with focus on Straight/gay + Black/white dynamics) - Black Supremacy (@blackxsupremacy)
Hellenepopodopolous whites have their uses @blackxsupremacy


whites have their uses.

White slaves 4 black owners the best use of white @blackxsupremacy


The best use of white slaves testicles is to be a symbolic trophy for the white slaves SUPERIOR BLACK OWNERS! Be proud to be a castrated white slave!

Whitecastration a white neomale its scrotum @blackxsupremacy


A white neomale, its scrotum still sagging from the recent emptying.  Shaved as it should be from head to toe, this corrected eunuch is the wave of the future for all white men.

Fag4blkcock blkcockreign thats all you get @blackxsupremacy



That’s all you get whiteboy.

All a white boi ever needs

Kneeltoblackpreg blackbreedingonly @blackxsupremacy




A smart and well educated young white girl standing up for the rights of black men

Every white man can only hope his daughter turns out as smart and racially sensitive to the needs of black males as this young lady. She is a role model.

She is my queen

Whitedomesticslaveforblacks we whites drop to @blackxsupremacy


We whites drop to our hands and knees and we whites crawl to the Black Man and Black Woman because they are our superiors. We respect them.. we worship them . We are their slaves. We admire them  They own us. All of us whites must be on our knees serving the Black Race

Blackbulls whitegirls bliss oh my god yes @blackxsupremacy


“Oh my God!”

Yes… size matters.

This is what my ex sent me just before she left me @blackxsupremacy

This is what my ex sent me just before she left me for the guy on the right. That’s my 23 y/o dick rock hard on the left.

I now understand black superiority and know my place as an inferior white boy.


Another loss for white boys.

Poly qos bdsm cpl what can i say comparison @blackxsupremacy


What can I say… Comparison pictures do not lie! Any questions on when it comes to what cocks go inside my pussy or ass that they are …BLACK ONLY ♠️


♠️ Selena, Queen of Spades FEMDOM Cuckoldrix ♠️

Whiteslaveblackmaster white dick is @blackxsupremacy


white dick is……….

Whitehumiliation this is a war whites have @blackxsupremacy


This is a war. Whites have long since lost.

And everyone is happy about that.

Blackdickdominancejust say no to white boys @blackxsupremacy


Just say NO to white boys!

Africanglobe africanglobe as preparations were @blackxsupremacy


AFRICANGLOBE – As preparations were made to remove the statue of British colonialist and genocidal maniac Cecil Rhodes from the University of Cape Town Thursday, white groups launched protests to protect what they see as their heritage. South Africa’s oldest university voted Wednesday to remove the monument from its campus after a month of student protests against a perceived symbol of historical white oppression.

Whitehumiliation happiness in white slavery @blackxsupremacy


Happiness in white slavery.

Bringingdownthewhiterace finally realizing black @blackxsupremacy


FInally realizing black ingenuity…

Justice= Black Supremacy.

Youre posts about nutting whitebois was dead @blackxsupremacy

Youre posts about nutting whitebois was dead right. I found the easiest way to do it was to make them fight each other. Whoever wins the fight takes the losers nuts. Fun to watch and helps castrate more whitebois.


Sounds quite entertaining!

White slaves 4 black owners so true and so @blackxsupremacy


So true and so deserved!

Blackxsupremacy got this email hello sir i am 24 @blackxsupremacy


Got this email:

Hello sir
I am 24 years old and my gf Is 23 she is mixed Mexican bbw double d breasts. She says I don’t satisfy her anymore and with my love for BBC i can’t stay hard while we have sex I go soft inside her pussy so I brought up cuckholding and she is willing to give it a go she wants to explore all my fantasyies


Fortunately the faggot left a nice paper trail with his email handle. 

Expose this shrimp dick cracka and get this girl Blacked asap.

Got this email hello sir i am 24 years old and my @blackxsupremacy

Got this email:

Hello sir
I am 24 years old and my gf Is 23 she is mixed Mexican bbw double d breasts. She says I don’t satisfy her anymore and with my love for BBC i can’t stay hard while we have sex I go soft inside her pussy so I brought up cuckholding and she is willing to give it a go she wants to explore all my fantasyies


Fortunately the faggot left a nice paper trail with his email handle. 

Expose this shrimp dick cracka and get this girl Blacked asap.

Whiteworm00 yet another psa @blackxsupremacy


Yet another PSA.

Whitecastration more and more castration @blackxsupremacy


More and more castration clinics will be set up until they are as commonplace as the corner grocer.  White males will be led by the thousands into shops such as this to rid them of their offending white testicles.

Worshipblkgods theres a reason why white men @blackxsupremacy


There’s a reason why white men are always the cuckolds and the bottom bitches. Its nature, its evolution, its black cock supremacy. 

Castrated a white boy now i dont have to worry @blackxsupremacy

Castrated a white boy. Now I dont have to worry about him getting jizz on the floor when I fuck him.


Good job, brother!

Poly qos bdsm cpl i admit it drives me wild to @blackxsupremacy


I admit it drives me wild to make a white cuckold loser lick a black mans balls knowing the white cuckold loser has been castrated and no longer has balls like a real man does… A BLACK MAN!

♠️ Selena, Queen of Spades FEMDOM Cuckoldrix ♠️

Supportinterracial all black women need a white @blackxsupremacy


All BLACK women need a white boi dog!

Slave2blackpeople dopematters all black i @blackxsupremacy



All black

I pray for the day that all whites are slaves to the Master Race!

White slaves 4 black owners a white slaves @blackxsupremacy


A white slaves balls getting prepared to be CASTRATED 

Yes that means the slaves testicles and sac are FULL CUT OFF leaving only a sissy clit remaining between the slaves legs!

this white boy gets it.

Uniformboy01 gay slaves of black masters @blackxsupremacy



God is Black

The Black Man is God.

kneel, worship, lick black God’s boots

you’re white, then you’re a slave


Sexywhiteboi6969 @blackxsupremacy



Subscribe to every word

Yes he is

Sissy4bbcsworld isuckblkcock28314 they can @blackxsupremacy



They can feed & breed me, i live at Ft Bragg, NC

Yes they can have white bois whenever they want!!

Poly qos bdsm cpl important for all potential @blackxsupremacy


Important for all potential white women who are thinking of going black and becoming a Queen of Spades… all need to read!!!

White slaves 4 black owners white male slaves @blackxsupremacy


White male slaves that are BLACK OWNED have no need what so ever for balls!

Karl666 white slave dog bbc rules @blackxsupremacy


white slave dog

BBC rules

White slaves 4 black owners in the new world @blackxsupremacy


In the NEW WORLD ORDER, this assures all SUPERIOR BLACK OWNERS that their white slave will be permanently focused on their slave reality of only existing to serve their SUPERIOR BLACK OWNERS and not having their mind wander back to their selfish white boi urges.

True white slaves and believers of thew NEW WORLD ORDER should be HONORED to be castrated by their SUPERIOR BLACK OWNERS

White slaves 4 black owners breaking a white @blackxsupremacy


Breaking a white slaves balls before his eventual CASTRATION.

All white slaves are CASTRATED with a full nut and sac clip as part of the MANDATORY WHITE ENSLAVEMENT REQUIREMENTS of the white slavery code in the NEW WORLD ORDER!

Worshippingblackgods everytime a white whore @blackxsupremacy


Everytime a white whore watches her hubby get fucked by a Real Man she will see him of less of a man. This will reinforce her subconscious need to be bred by a Black God.

White slaves 4 black owners castration is such @blackxsupremacy


Castration is such an IMPORTANT reality for white slaves. It wil. Ost likely become mandatory formall white slaves in the NEW WORLD ORDER of BLACK SUPERIORITY AND RULE


Vet clinic outside free neuter day.  NICE DAY.

Man: so how long will it take?

Vet student: 15 minutes unless you want the skin from the empty sack, I mean the scrotum skin clipped off then it will take a little longer.

Man: yeah clip it off don’t want any shit hanging and best it look like it been neutered.  Ok well I will just sit and wait. Ok I watch and ok for my pit-bull to be here.

Vet student: yeah sure He seems like a nice healthy dog. I see it has never been neutered.

Man: hell no I would never neuter a pit bull.

White slaves 4 black owners mandatory for white @blackxsupremacy


Mandatory for white slaves that are not yet castrated by their BLACK OWNERS

Neteruking you made slaves of my ancestors its @blackxsupremacy


You made Slaves of my ancestors, its only right that I make Slaves of your children…and you.

Neteruking kiss your balls good bye whiteboi @blackxsupremacy


Kiss your balls good bye whiteboi, you are now Black Owned!

Sfwhitechocolate to serve and obey nwo @blackxsupremacy


To serve and obey. NWO

Blacksuperiororer autumn in harlem getting @blackxsupremacy


Autumn in Harlem. getting colder and darker earlier.

Whiteworm00 game over bois @blackxsupremacy


Game Over bois

Neteruking z3r0st00l hellenepopodopolous @blackxsupremacy




whites are used to train medical professionals

Now that whites can be used by medical professionals a new Renaissance of  medical knowledge will be experienced by the BNWO


Already have found many new less invasive and more permanent forms of male Sterilization. Addictioninaly, how to suppress the gag reflex for much Deeper Swallowing.

Praetorianer300 in the new world order @blackxsupremacy


In the new world order, rule of the black race
all white dogs are castrated. This is the end of the
white race. Black wins race, black race prevails, black
race superior.
Whiteworm00 progressive whitebois on campus @blackxsupremacy


Progressive whitebois on campus.

Karl666 white dogs and their master bbc rules @blackxsupremacy


white dogs and their master

BBC rules

Triciabme the new world order is here @blackxsupremacy


The New World Order Is Here, Submit, Embrace and Worship Their Superiority

Ebonyinivory game over man game over @blackxsupremacy


Game over, man. Game over.

Karl666 white slave punishment bbc rules @blackxsupremacy


white slave punishment

BBC rules

Blacksuperiororer free vet clinic doing @blackxsupremacy


free vet clinic doing castrations on inferior white slaves . no doubt the pathetic white slave feels worse when its a free white woman whom gladly does the service for its owner.

Daddysboytoy educating our white minds is as @blackxsupremacy


Educating our white minds is as important of conditioning our white bodies to serve superiors, Black Men.

Karl666 white slave punishment chained bbc @blackxsupremacy


white slave punishment : chained

BBC rules

Whitefagforsuperiorblacks this master trainer @blackxsupremacy


This Master Trainer at the Department of Reparations will have these pathetic white shitheads body-shaved then have any tattoos removed so they can be bar-coded.  Ater they’re trained they will be sold and their new owners will brand them and add any body modifications they want.  Since none of this bunch is likely to be bought as a pleasure slave, they will probably lose their balls.  Its the best way to keep the slaves from causing trouble while they’re working in the fields.

Puppyboylibra ebony mistress ivory ponygirl @blackxsupremacy


Ebony Mistress, ivory ponygirl

Whitefagforsuperiorblacks one of the many signs @blackxsupremacy


One of the many signs posted in the New Black Republic to remind whites that they can and will be used as cumdumps and urinals any place, any time.

Waking up your white boi @blackxsupremacy

Waking up your white boi.

Neuteredwolfman puppehlove88 neuter your @blackxsupremacy



Neuter your pup! Bitches don’t need balls anyway

Wish that was me…

Faggywhore bull dickin down a honky real good @blackxsupremacy


Bull dickin down a honky real good!

Preachingblackpower the time is now @blackxsupremacy


The time is Now!

Preachingblackpower the proper way a white @blackxsupremacy


The proper way a white should greet a Superior Black Man.  Time for the white race to feel what slavery was really like.

Preachingblackpower gettin served like the king @blackxsupremacy


Gettin served like the King He is.

Preachingblackpower fuckin right white @blackxsupremacy


Fuckin Right!  white couples aint safe.

Daddysboytoy whites who have already been @blackxsupremacy


Whites who have already been enslaved by Black Males are displayed to show the feral whites what their future is going to be.
Sir thank you Sir!

Gayboykink smooth lean and cute lovely little @blackxsupremacy


Smooth, lean and cute. Lovely little dog!