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I Bless Women! @blessedfbodies

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Welcome to the Blessed Home of Gorgeous female bodies in ALL situations.Yes, that includes the so called "NSFW"// Verily,I tell you, they are all Blessed. This is also a haven for all souls interested in Beauty,women and their diverse expressions and roles : The Goddess,the mother,the wifey,the warrior,the bad bitch,the femme fatale,the artist,the milf,the pornstar...etc// The sexual force is not something to shy away from but it is to be embraced at a level that's comfortable to you and enables you to grow spiritually healthily.Sexuality is involved in creativity and all aspects of Life, so there is no getting away from it. // This page is a mixed media portrayal of the above mentioned and more...But most importantly it's about respect and Love towards all women and their bodies.// I do not claim ownership of the content posted unless stated otherwise// Regardless of how old or young you feel yourself to be, you have come to this page for a reason; Enjoy your browse,ask questions,comment and submit here and at // Bless what feeds your soul and most definitely frees your mind. :) rmm_ki101('8',176,'940vema9170','ff0000'); (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-47601336-1', ''); ga('send', 'pageview'); - I Bless Women! (@blessedfbodies)
Yes @blessedfbodies


Thisisfusion were in love with ashley burnham @blessedfbodies


We’re in love with Ashley Burnham, representing First Nations pride!

This story was originally posted on Fusion’s channel on Snapchat Discover. If you live outside the US and the UK, look for our daily stories on Snapchat Discover. Also - follow our account: thisisfusion. 

 Images via Ashley’s Facebook

- Nuria Net

Tryppiimmersion collin elder @blessedfbodies


Immersion - Collin Elder

Wit and sexuality yes but all you are doing is @blessedfbodies


Yes, but all you are doing is watching her booty! Gotcha! 😄😄

Badwickedsoul coming soon brandi love @blessedfbodies



Hyperb0rean lena hoschek tradition @blessedfbodies


Lena Hoschek Tradition - Herbst/Winter 2012
Photo: LUPISPUMA Fine Photography



Davidjackmarcus apparently disney is shooting a @blessedfbodies


Apparently, Disney is shooting a film called The Queen of Katwe. The story is about a girl in Uganda training to be become a world chess champion. The film is directed by Mira Nair. Lupita Nyong'o and David Oyelowo are the leads.

Dailybeyoncegifs who wouldnt want to be @blessedfbodies


who wouldn’t want to be photobombed by beyoncé?

Yeezusquote kanye wests speech at vmas 2015 @blessedfbodies


Kanye West’s speech at VMA’S 2015

Gwendabond catagator bookriot its just @blessedfbodies




It’s just another day at the beach  … with bookish sand sculptures

I spent a whole day going down a sand sculptures hole and I regret nothing. 


Meanwhile in the woods @blessedfbodies

Meanwhile in the woods…

Camwyn leeshajoy sitcorn basket of @blessedfbodies




*basket of kittens happens*
*dogs stop what they’re doing to watch kittens*
*humans stop what they’re doing to watch dogs watching kittens*

*tumblr users stop what they’re doing to watch humans watch dogs watch kittins*

*NSA stops what it’s doing to watch tumblr users watch humans watch dogs watching kittens*

Manc inquisitive defy gr4vity @blessedfbodies









No one understands Will Smith’s jokes and it took Jada 3 hours to notice the popsicle stick

Adisneyheart becauseitisjohnnydepp johnny @blessedfbodies



Johnny Depp receives his Disney Legend Award at the D23 Expo [x]

I can’t handle this

Fairyjerbear justinhubbell website i twitter @blessedfbodies



Website I Twitter I Patreon

Once again, thank you everyone for reading, enjoying, and sharing this comic.  Not just sharing in the sense of re-posting this comic, (which you should totally do) but also sharing your stories with me, letting my know how my comics have touched you.  It means so much to me.  Love ya!

Stay tuned for more comics! <3

I could have used the a year ago!

Wit and sexuality she is one of us @blessedfbodies


She is one of us…

Nichotina photo nicola de luigi this is my @blessedfbodies


© Photo: Nicola De Luigi

This is my work, please don’t remove credits.

Psych2go nathaniacolver psych2go you can @blessedfbodies




You can view the series on imgur: here

psych2go im really liking the graphics. They add a nice aesthetic to the posts.

Thank you! Glad you are liking the new graphics. Craig from our team made these. You might want to connect with him here:

Arubajasmine aruba jasmine selfiestick pic all @blessedfbodies


Aruba Jasmine selfiestick pic

All You Can Eat xxx

Lost and found box theres a small island in @blessedfbodies


There’s a small island in Japan called Okunoshima with thousands of adorable rabbits! All photos from the (more informative) Telegraph gallery.

I bless @blessedfbodies

I Bless!

Fashion choices natalie portman by norman jean @blessedfbodies


Natalie Portman by Norman Jean Roy | Harper’s Bazaar US August 2015 

Nutsipper when u joke with bae but he take it @blessedfbodies


when u joke with bae but he take it seriously so now he mad

Stefaniamodel morning selfies in london @blessedfbodies


Morning selfies in London

Stefaniamodel brewing coffee for my squidgy @blessedfbodies


Brewing coffee for my Squidgy ☕️ Sunday yummy Sunday 🌸

Pozmagazine 3 reasons gay teen boys dont get @blessedfbodies


3 Reasons Gay Teen Boys Don’t Get Tested for HIV

Here’s the deal, according to a recent nationwide survey by Northwestern University:

1) They don’t know where to find an HIV test.
2) They don’t want to be seen going in to an HIV testing site.
3) They don’t think they’re at risk for contracting the virus.

Mademoisellelapiquante àstrid bergès frisbey as @blessedfbodies


Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey as Syrena in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides - 2011

Thoughtsofablackgirl hows this for some @blessedfbodies


How’s this for some inspiration?

“Swizz Beatz may have made millions of dollars already, has numerous awards and hits under his belt, and has served as Creative Director for companies like Reebok and Lotus Cars, but despite all of his success, he feels as though he was missing one thing –his education.   The producer is now enrolled in Harvard University’s Business School at the age of 35, where he is taking courses while living on campus in a small dorm room.”

On why he decided to go back to school:
I just felt like you have to keep graduating your brand. A lot of people get complacent with their success and things that they’ve done before and I just wasn’t comfortable with that because I started transitioning from producer to business owner. I would be in these rooms and, no matter how big the deal was or how good it is, people would still look at me like ‘Oh, he’s the rapper guy. He’s the rapper friend.’ I’m like, ‘We all in this meeting because of what I’m bringing to the table.’ But being that I didn’t really have any credentials to go with those different things, I didn’t feel like I was getting the respect that I deserved. So I said, ‘You know what, let me go and sharpen my pencil a little bit and really walk back in these rooms a different person and different man.’ Really invest that time into myself because I started when I was like 18. I was gone since then. And a lot of different things I would learn and do just off the cuff, but I really didn’t know the language. I didn’t feel comfortable with the language of doing business.

That is really over by now