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BlueStar Plantation

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This is the blog of the BlueStar Plantation, a very private farm in England where (consensual) adult slaves - both male and female - are kept, worked and mated. Whilst on the farm, like all animals, they are naked all the time, wearing nothing but a slave collar. They are listed in our stock book by their 9-digit SLRN (Slave Registration Number), but we have also given each of them a 'pet name,' as that is more convenient than calling a number. When not being used, slaves are kept in their own pens or cages. I believe in a very formal type of slavery, with well defined rules and clearly understood punishments and rewards. I run the Plantation with my 40-year-old farm manager Michael and our 22-year-old apprentice farm worker Joe (who is the Head Overseer with particular responsibility for the Slave & Dog Barn). Joe is assisted by two other young men, Nick and Matt, in the role of Overseers. Matt, in the role of the Plantation's Public Executioner, has also now taken over the responsibility for administering formal corporal punishment, usually with the cane. The simplest way to ask me a question is to click on the 'Ask Me Anything About Slavery' button below and submit your query anonymously. DRAKAMASTER'S EMAIL: JOE'S EMAIL: SLAVE REGISTER: DrakaOwner INFORMEDCONSENT: DrakaMaster SKYPE: drakamaster TWITTER: @DrakaMaster FETLIFE: DrakaMaster hit counter hit counter try{ clicky.init(66425122); }catch(e){}

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