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This is the blog of the BlueStar Plantation, a very private farm in England where (consensual) adult slaves - both male and female - are kept, worked and mated. Whilst on the farm, like all animals, they are naked all the time, wearing nothing but a slave collar. They are listed in our stock book by their 9-digit SLRN (Slave Registration Number), but we have also given each of them a 'pet name,' as that is more convenient than calling a number. When not being used, slaves are kept in their own pens or cages. I believe in a very formal type of slavery, with well defined rules and clearly understood punishments and rewards. I run the Plantation with my 40-year-old farm manager Michael and our 22-year-old apprentice farm worker Joe (who is the Head Overseer with particular responsibility for the Slave & Dog Barn). Joe is assisted by two other young men, Nick and Matt, in the role of Overseers. Matt, in the role of the Plantation's Public Executioner, has also now taken over the responsibility for administering formal corporal punishment, usually with the cane. The simplest way to ask me a question is to click on the 'Ask Me Anything About Slavery' button below and submit your query anonymously. DRAKAMASTER'S EMAIL: JOE'S EMAIL: SLAVE REGISTER: DrakaOwner INFORMEDCONSENT: DrakaMaster SKYPE: drakamaster TWITTER: @DrakaMaster FETLIFE: DrakaMaster sc_hit(1115312,0,5); Tumblr Hit Counter try{ clicky.init(66425122); }catch(e){} - BlueStar Plantation (@bluestarplantation)
What is a slave someone just asked me via email @bluestarplantation

What is a slave?

Someone just asked me via email what I meant by the term ‘homo servus.’   I hope this definition helps.

Its a dogs life as you will probably be aware @bluestarplantation

It’s a Dog’s Life

As you will probably be aware, we do train both our bucks and bitches to behave like dogs.   As explained in detail elsewhere in the blog, we do this for a number of reasons.   Firstly, it is a very effective and well proven way of ‘de-humanising’ a slave and knocking out any residual sense of self-worth it might have left over from its time in the free world.   Secondly, it’s a challenge for an owner to see how well he/she can get a slave to conduct itself this way.   After all, dropping to all fours, being walked naked on a lead and eating from bowls on the floor are not exactly what most of us have ever experienced.    Neither is being mated ‘doggy style’ in a farm building while clothed spectators watch you.   If a slave responds well to this it is a good sign that it will make an excellent long-term slave in my experience.

And so, we also train our slaves to sniff one another’s bum cracks and anuses, exactly how dogs do.   Our objective to to get a slave to be able to tell another slave, just by its scent.   You’d be surprised how easy this actually is, judging by the results we have.

Naturally, when working around the farm, slaves are most often upright.   This obviously helps them complete their assigned tasks efficiently.   But we do regularly have them drop to all fours, and go into ‘canine-mode’ as it were.   This really helps control them and rams home the message they are *nothing* but owned animals and in *no* way equal to free humans, whom they might resemble physically but never when it comes to intelligence or finer feelings.

Slavery always with us slavery as a human @bluestarplantation

Slavery - Always With Us

Slavery as a human institution is as old as the hills.   Many, including my own stock, voluntarily submit to enslavement as they have a deep need to serve others whom they regard - correctly - as their superiors in every respect.

These are slaves in the truest and deepest sense.

They understand their place in the world and have no desire other than obediently to serve their superiors into whose care they fully commit themselves in all matters.   I believe my slaves - and many others like them in a similar situation - are deeply honourable individuals who have the courage to accept who they are and go to the effort of living their lives as they wish, enslaved to another, as nothing more than a piece of their fully-owned property.

I salute them.   Without such people, I would have no slave herd.

A buck with a well cleaned rump someone asked me @bluestarplantation

A Buck with a Well Cleaned Rump

Someone asked me about how we clean our stock in an earlier post (see below).   This buck has been well flushed out and cleaned with just a hose pipe using a strong jet of water.   Even its balls and penis have been washed and dried.   I am a great believer in animal hygiene on the farm and I have taught my three overseers to maintain our various herds (cows, pigs and slaves) in tip-top condition.

Picture of the week the price for infringing @bluestarplantation

Picture of the Week

The price for infringing Section #3, Article (ii) of the Slave Penal Code.

             “Not only must justice be done; it must be seen to be done.

Leasing agreement for 967 077 418 i was asked @bluestarplantation

Leasing Agreement for 967-077-418

I was asked about the leasing arrangements concerning 967-077-418 (pet name ‘Rocket,’ but renamed 'Keesen’ by its lessees).   Here is the contract we signed.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Stock maintenance i would hate you to think i @bluestarplantation

Stock Maintenance

I would hate you to think I haven’t been busy.   I and two colleagues have just updated this, which is an addendum to the Slave Penal Code & Slave Welfare Regulations for 2015.

Good animal husbandry is essential to ensure an owner gets the best out of his/her herd, be that cattle or slaves.

Pic of the day as we have been talking about @bluestarplantation

Pic of the Day

As we have been talking about corporal punishment quite a lot recently, I thought I’d leave you today with a very nice pic of an East European bitch that had just been caned by its owner.   As you can see, the welts on its rump are marked but do not break the skin.   That is a perfect Public Whipping in agreement with the regulations laid down in the Slave Penal Code.

According to our records it was given ten strokes of the cane for infringing Section #2, Article (i) of the Slave Penal Code, dealing with behaviour.   Basically, it had been a surly bitch and its owner quite correctly decided to beat that attitude out of it.   Total respect for its owner is a core requirement of any slave.

Excellent job.

Revised slave definition after some considerable @bluestarplantation

Revised Slave Definition

After some considerable debate, we have decided to add a page to the Slave Penal Code & Slave Welfare Regulations to provide a fuller explanation as to how HULOA members regard the slave population.

The language is quite harsh but we felt it needed to be in order to emphasise what we see as the key difference between a slave and a free person.   For some in the BDSM community, I am sure their ‘slaves’ are close friends, even lovers, who simply enjoy being submissive, to a greater or lesser degree and for a greater or lesser period of time.   If that works for some people, that is fine and that is their business.

For us, that is not a definition to which we can agree.   As far as we are concerned there is a massive and *unbridgeable* gulf between how a slave thinks and behaves and how a free person does.

In essence, a slave as we see it is totally dependent on its owner for *all* aspects of its existence.   The owner will decide how the slave spends its day, where it is housed, what it is fed on, what it wears (nothing when serving, of course), and how and when it is allowed to have a sexual release.   This is a relationship that is enduring and deeply felt, on both sides.   As such, we see the slave as inevitably 'inferior’ to the free person in most areas, such as free will (the slave has none) and - critically - the ability to look after itself (it cannot).

We have therefore categorised a slave as akin to domestic livestock, of similar use to its owner as a pig, a dog or a cow.   It may be used differently by its owner, but the basic comparison stands.   If this is so, the slave is also inevitably 'sub-human,’ in the sense it cannot fend for itself and needs to be maintained and managed by someone superior.   This would be a free person or, in other words, a member of the 'owner race.’

I realise that this terminology has certain historical connotations and I would distance myself *totally* from that racist view of the world.   I would be happy to use other words, were I able to find them, to define the void that exists between a slave and a free person.   Feel free to suggest any if you wish.

But this page does, I think successfully, list the key differences between a slave and an owner which make the former what it is.   This is not a question of traditional race.   Both a slave and an owner can be white, black, Asian, Caucasian, in fact any type the human form takes.   What defines both is its mindset.   A slave is born to serve and knows it, and an owner is born to command, and knows it.

Incidentally, references in the document to slaves and owners 'of any age/sex’ naturally refers to individuals that are over the legal age of consent in their country.   We are talking of adults ONLY.

This view is one of the key aspects that sets HULOA members apart from others.   It represents a view of the world that - to put it mildly - is hardly popular.   But, insofar as we are able to live our private lives as we would, this is how we choose to do so.

I’d welcome any feedback or comments readers of this blog my care to provide.   You can do so either via the blog or by emailing me at

And, if you have been, thanks for reading.

Slave penal code slave welfare regulations @bluestarplantation

Slave Penal Code & Slave Welfare Regulations - 2015

One of the things that has been keeping me and Declan busy over the last month has been the annual update of the subject guide, which is now more comprehensive than ever.   It takes a while to get members’ input and approval, but we managed to do it - again - and it was published on January 1.   The deadline!

A number of penalties have been increased for certain offences, based on our analysis of slave offending during 2014.   There was a marked increase both in unauthorised masturbation (contrary to Section #5, Article (i) of the SPC) and in Section #3, Article (ii), which relates to theft from a free person.   We will monitor how things develop during 2015 but would hope that the new, harsher penalties will reverse the unfortunate increase in these slave crimes during the last twelve months.

After some considerable discussion, we have also added to the definition of a slave, and I will share that with you.   I think you will find it interesting.

Busy old time!   And if you have any questions on the Slave Penal Code, let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

Recent public whipping someone asked me for @bluestarplantation

Recent Public Whipping

Someone asked me for details of a Public Whipping in a recent post so I thought I would share this one with you.  It concerns 565-877-879 (pet name ‘Nelson’), and a discipline session it was subjected to back in October.

As a young buck, 565-877-879 is prone to acts of wilfullness from time to time.   This is not surprising, given its age.   It is high spirited and, occasionally, cannot control itself although it knows by now that it certainly should.   One such occasion happened in the night of Saturday, October 18 - Sunday, October 19.   Joe went down into the basement of the Main House around 6:30 am on the Sunday morning.   This is where we keep both our human and canine livestock overnight during the colder months, each locked in its own separate cage.   When Joe got to 565-877-879’s cage it looked very sorry for itself apparently, sitting in the far corner of its cage, with its head down.   Joe wondered what was wrong with it but then he spotted something.   There were very obvious stains on the blanket on the floor of its cage, stains that were clearly semen.   Joe has come to recognise such stains very easily now.

Unauthorised and unsupervised sexual activity of any kind, including masturbation, is expressly forbidden for *all* our livestock, and they are all *fully* aware of this and the consequences of infringing this strict rule.   However, young bucks being young bucks, some of them clearly cannot keep their hands off themselves from time to time.   We are not so naive as to think that our bucks, especially the younger ones, don’t need to release their seed regularly, which is one of the reasons we milk them every day on the farm.   But, regrettably,  this still seems to be not enough for some of them.

As it was obvious what had happened, 565-877-879 could hardly deny being responsible for the crime it had clearly committed.   When questioned by Joe it confessed to playing with itself without permission but, in mitigation, said that while it did masturbate during the night it had been planning to stop before it ejaculated.   Obviously, it got carried away and could not stop itself, hence the mess on its blanket in the morning when Joe came down.

Joe was obviously angered by such a wanton display of shameful illegality but he managed to contain his anger, other than to give 565-877-879 some sharp whacks with his hand on its bare rump as an immediate punishment of sorts.   Joe took 565-877-879 and the other bucks to be milked (rather ironic considering the circumstances) and then set them to their daily tasks.   He also then reported 565-877-879’s alleged crime to me.   No further action was taken against it that weekend but, on the following Tuesday, I convened a meeting with Joe and Michael and we discussed 565-877-879’s case.   I am very keen that we follow due process on the farm and that is why Joe did not immediately thrash the buck for what it had done.   A formal punishment is only handed down after a properly convened court judgement here.  

Anyway, as 565-877-879 had been locked alone in its cage when the crime occurred and had admitted its guilt to Joe anyway, there wasn’t much to discuss this time.   As it had infringed Section #5, Article (i) of the Slave Penal Code, dealing with Unauthorised Masturbation, and as this was its *third* offence under that article, we had no choice but to sentence it to twelve strokes of the cane across its bare buttocks, as specified in the Tariff of Penalties for this offence.

The sentence would be carried out at the next available opportunity, which would be the following Saturday.   And the caning would, of course, be given by our official Public Executioner, Matt.

Joe Skyped 565-877-879 that night to inform it of the verdict of the court and when the sentence would be carried out.   I can only imagine what it must have felt to have heard that.   Matt has developed a justified reputation amongst the slave herd as a harsh giver of the cane.   And 565-877-879 had nearly four days to consider its behaviour and, worse, its upcoming very public and very humiliating punishment.

Joe also phoned Matt to tell him what had happened and that he would have to cane 565-877-879 next weekend.   Joe told me that Matt was 'pretty excited’ at the prospect.   Oh well, I suppose we all have our favourites among the slave herd and, to be fair, 565-877-879 does have a *really* nice arse.   I’m not surprised Matt enjoys disciplining it.

On the Saturday itself, the slaves were set to their assigned task then, at 10:00 - one hour before its punishment was due - Joe separated 565-877-879 from the rest of the herd and took it to a holding pen next to the Punishment Room.   We take a slave to be punished there ahead of its whipping for it to think about its behaviour and prepare itself for its punishment.

Joe handed 565-877-879 over to Matt’s keeping in the holding pen.   Matt uses the time before the sentence is executed to calm the slave (as much as is possible) and to tell it what is going to happen.   He also stresses to the slave that it should (try and) take its punishment well, both because it deserves it and also because its owner (me!) will be watching.

At this time, any free guests who wish to observe the whipping arrive at the Punishment Room and take their seats.   As I have explained before, the Punishment Room has banks of tiered seating on three sides and the whipping frame is in the pit of the room.   We have now also installed a couple of spotlights so that when the whipping takes place, we lower the regular roomlights and turn the spotlights on, which illuminate the whipping frame and the slave strapped over it.

Joe will also have collected all the other slaves present on the Plantation, both BlueStar-owned and those belonging to any guests - and will position them on their knees in the pit of the room, around the whipping frame.   We like them to get a good, close view of the whipping as this both humiliates the slave over the frame and acts as a deterrent to bad behaviour on the part of the slaves watching.   And they are ordered to lift their heads watch closely.   They are not permitted to look away during the whipping.   If they do, they will be next over the frame.

Joe is the master of ceremonies and just before 11:00 he went to the holding pen and informed Matt that everything was ready.   Matt put 565-877-879 on the lead and brought it to wait, on all fours, at the door of the Punishment Room.   Meanwhile, Joe lowered the room lights and switched on the spotlights.   Chatter from the watching free people died down and Matt led 565-877-879 into the room on all fours.

He positioned it on its knees in front of the wooden whipping frame (made by the talented Michael) and then read out 565-877-879’s crime and the sentence it had been given.   When he announced that 565-877-879 would be given twelve strokes of the cane, there was a ripple of applause from the audience of free people watching.   Then, without further ado, Matt removed 565-877-879’s lead and gave it to Joe, who went to stand at the back of the room by the door.   Matt then lifted 565-877-879 by its collar up and across the whipping frame, ensuring that its buttocks were perfectly placed over the edge in the best position for him to cane them.   He then secured 565-877-879 in place over the whipping frame with leather restraining straps on its ankles, wrists and round its waist.   There is no way a slave thus secured can move out of the way of the cane!

At a signal from me as its owner, Matt began to execute the sentence.   And 565-877-879 was required to count out, in a 'loud, clear voice’ (as the regulations specify) the number of each stroke of the cane it received: 'One, Sir! … Two, Sir! … Three, Sir!’ … and so on, until all twelve strokes had been delivered.   Failure to count properly could result in one or all of the strokes being repeated, at the sole discretion of the executioner.   The slaves know that Matt will not hesitate to give additional strokes if he thinks it necessary so, unsurprisingly, they all do their best to obey his instructions to the letter.

While this was going on, the free people were watching with rapt attention as the number of thick, red welts across 565-877-879’s well formed rump grew and grew.   Other that the sound of rattan on naked slave flesh and 565-877-879 whimpering and grunting with pain, the only thing to be heard in the room was the chomping of free people eating and the sound of them swilling coffee as the whipping took place.

I have to say I did think 565-877-879 took its punishment well.   I was naturally very annoyed that it had committed this crime in the first place, but secretly rather proud of how it had admitted its guilt and taken its just punishment.   Mind you, I doubt it was much fun for it to sit down for the following seven to ten days.

After the caning was over, Matt left 565-877-879 in place over the whipping frame for an hour so that any free person who wanted to come down and examine his handiwork and feel 565-877-879’s sore bum and question it would have an opportunity to do so.   Joe tells me that three people did do this.   The other slaves were returned by Joe and Nick to their assigned tasks.   After an hour, 565-877-879 was released from the frame and returned to the holding pen to a further hour to allow it to recover its composure.   After that, it too was returned to its duty which that day was scooping duckweed with two other slaves from the pond to the side of the Main House.   They were all naked, of course, but 565-877-879’s backside was a mass of thick welts from Matt’s cane.   I hope it learned its lesson this time.   We shall see.

And that was that!   This is our established practice now for Public Whippings.   We like the atmosphere to be formal and judicial and for the slaves to learn a lesson.   But we also like any free guests to be able to sit comfortably, to have a good view of the proceedings, and to have a snack or drink if they wish.   And to feel the whipped slave’s red-hot bum after if they wish.   For them, this is both entertainment and an example of their raw power over the slave population.

I seem to have rambled on for a bit but I hope you have found this interesting.   If anyone has any questions, please let me know.

Mating session invoice someone asked me via email @bluestarplantation

Mating Session Invoice

Someone asked me via email for a copy of a recent invoice we sent out for one of our mating sessions.   Well you can’t get much more recent than this one, from last weekend.   As you can see, there’s a reasonable amount of money involved, most of it admittedly on transportation, which I pass onto the customer at cost.   This gentleman also wanted a couple of slave collars which were easier for me to obtain for him here, so I also (generously) passed those on at cost too.

My profit comes from the mating fees charged for a buck.   This time it was for 382-035-857, pet name ‘Ajax’, one of our customers’ most popular choices and a good earner for the Plantation.   As you can see, we charge slightly more when the buck is to be mated as a 'dog,’ and slightly less when it is to be used as a 'bitch.'   On this occasion the customer wanted both.   Kerching!

Our usual practice is to email the invoice to the customer ahead of travel to ensure there are no surprises for him when I get there and deliver the buck.   By doing this we can also answer any questions he might have about the transaction too.   I also insist on the fee being handed over in cash on arrival.   It’s just good business practice.   Of course, should he so wish, the customer can avail himself of additional services while we are on his property.   I usually let the customer use the slave for his own pleasure as a 'freebie,’ by way of saying thank you for the business.   But if another mating session is required, that is - of course - chargeable.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Veterinary certificate for 678 868 447 pet name @bluestarplantation

Veterinary Certificate for 678-868-447 (pet name ‘Smartie’)

Someone asked for this, so here it is.   As you can see, this bitch is in good health but the vet has recommended exercises to loosen both its anus and vagina.   This is required if it is to be  of maximum use in the Breeding Pen, of course.   It is presently coming to the end of its training period on the farm after which it will take its place as a fully-fledged item of livestock for us.   The only difficulty it has experienced during training is in carriage pulling, which is not that unusual for a bitch.   But, with a little encouragement from Miss K L’s training whip, it has nonetheless successfully passed this element of its course.

678-868-447 is a great addition to our herd.   Another female is always welcome to help balance the number of bucks we already have on our books.   It was found by my business partner Michael, who has quite a good track record in finding new bitches for the farm.   Not that we wouldn’t want another if anyone is interested.

Its vanilla 'job’ is as an administrator in an art gallery.   I would love to see the expression on the faces of its co-workers if they knew what it did at the weekend!

The good old days i couldnt possibly comment @bluestarplantation

The Good Old Days?

I couldn’t possibly comment.

Well spaced someone just asked me what i meant @bluestarplantation

Well Spaced

Someone just asked me what I meant when I said Matt tried to cane from the top to the bottom of a culprit’s buttocks to spread the strokes.   Well, a picture speaks a thousand words, so take a look at this.   I think it makes the point.

Oh, when caning near the bottom of a buck’s buttocks it is obviously *very* important to avoid inadvertently striking the testicles under any circumstances.   If nothing else, it would ruin an owner’s efforts to breed from it.

Two bitches not my own i regret to say they @bluestarplantation

Two Bitches

Not my own, I regret to say.  They belong to a Continental colleague, but I thought I would share as they have been placed in an excellent display position for any free person to examine them properly.   And I know different owners have different views on shaving their stock or not, but I personally like to see a nicely trimmed pubic bush.

I imagine they would fetch a pretty penny on the auction block.   Or even in breeding fees.

565 877 879s per name nelson veterinary @bluestarplantation

565-877-879’s (per name ‘Nelson’) Veterinary Certificate

Someone asked me for a copy of 565-877-879’s latest veterinary certificate, so here it is.   As mentioned previously we have all our human livestock examined regularly by the Plantation veterinary officer, who is actually a qualified GP (and, incidentally, the partner of one of our owners, Miss GL).   These inspections take place on the table in Joe’s office up at the Slave & Dog Barn.   They are taken outside to perform their toilet functions for the vet, who also usually collects a urine sample for testing.   He also collects a semen sample from male slaves, but takes this when they are in position on the examination table in Joe’s office.   As an aside, the vet always wear surgical gloves when examining slaves.   Useful for the rectal and vaginal examinations, I assume, but he even wears them when stimulating a buck’s penis to measure its erect length and get a semen sample.   That makes Joe laugh.   He never wears gloves when he is milking them  each morning.

Joe is also usually present to assist and he holds the slave on its lead and calms it if necessary while it is being examined.   He keeps them tightly held on a short lead while the vet performs the rectal examination (which can disturb some slaves) and takes a semen sample for examination from the bucks.   Joe also does the paperwork, although the vet signs each certificate.

Incidentally, we have our non-human livestock also examined (though not as often) and keep similar veterinary records for them.   Joe is also in charge of this, of course.

If one of my slaves is bred with another owner’s slave I show him/her its veterinary certificate to prove its good condition.

Please let me know if you have any questions on this.

Bsp slave contract someone asked me to post a @bluestarplantation

BSP Slave Contract

Someone asked me to post a little more of the Slave Contract we use here. Sorry to those whom this bores!   Here are Pages 3 and 4 (of 9).   We do revise it from time to time, as required, but the broad headings have been in place for a while.   Each of the slaves that serves here has - of its own free will - signed such a contract, which we regard as *fully* binding.   Only I, as the owner, have the right to break it.

As previously mentioned, it was drafted by a legal friend of mine and I think it is a very good and inclusive contract. Any potential slave is left in no doubt, after reading this document, what its status would be if it signed.   Of course, were not all my slaves ‘volunteers’, and proper slavery existed here, I wouldn’t need a contract.   A slave would be just a slave.   However, having this contract, we believe, does provide for the avoidance of any doubt as to what will be required of the slave.   My lawyer chum informs me that 'the avoidance of doubt’ is an important concept in contract law … :-)

I think it’s pretty clear but if anyone has any questions, please let me know.



Look what i have just bought for matt hope he @bluestarplantation

Look what I have just bought for Matt.   Hope he enjoys using it!   It looks like a good one to start with.   Maybe he might eventually need a bigger one, but I’ll see how he gets on with this first.

Nice gift for our ’Whip Master,’ eh?

Someone asked me via a private message if our new @bluestarplantation

Someone asked me via a private message if our new buck, 565-877-879 (pet name ‘Nelson’) had a particularly unsightly blemish on its back, having noticed this comment on its SORC.   I don’t think it is bad at all, but it is noticeable, and if a slave has any mark on its hide we tend to list that in its documentation as part of its identity.

Still, having seen what it looks like, you can make your own mind up.

As requested here is our new bucks @bluestarplantation

As requested, here is our new buck’s, 565-877-879’s (pet name ‘Nelson’), SORC (top picture).

It also signed an eight-page BlueStar Plantation Slave Contract, the second page of which I am also reproducing here to give you an idea of its contents.   I am well aware of the dubious legality of such documents in my jurisdiction, but we continue to have slaves sign them for the reason that it formally recognises the step they have taken to put their person and life into the hands of another.   It is useful for them to understand what they are getting into and, I believe, really helps them to recognise what their duties will be if they decide they want to become someone else’s owned property.

There can be very little room left for doubt once the potential slave has read this document.   If he/she then goes ahead and signs it, it is - for us - a binding contract under 'natural law.'   Incidentally, it was drafted for me by a friend with a legal background, which is why it reads so well I think.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask.

Waiting for a fit buck from england to seed it @bluestarplantation


For a fit buck from England to seed it.

Bitches in winter looks nippy many thanks to @bluestarplantation

Bitches in winter

Looks nippy!

Many thanks to the original submitter (from the frozen East).  

Shaven headed buck who likes this look it gets @bluestarplantation

Shaven Headed Buck

Who likes this look?   It gets the vote of all of the BlueStar Plantation overseers but I am not so convinced personally.

Taking the a frame posted february 23 2014 @bluestarplantation

Taking the A-Frame (posted February 23, 2014)

Someone mentioned an A-frame in a message to me recently.   We don’t have one of those ourselves, but I do know someone who has.   Maybe we should make one?

Interesting instrument of punishment too.   Nice backside too, eh?

What a polish buck could not resist could you @bluestarplantation

What a Polish buck could not resist.   Could you have?

Feeding time @bluestarplantation

Feeding Time

And from poland waiting for judgement @bluestarplantation

And from Poland.   Waiting for judgement.

Posted february 20 2014 someone asked to see @bluestarplantation

(posted February 20, 2014)

Someone asked to see the email we received from its owner confirming that Polish  buck’s criminal action and sentence.   See below for a brief account of its misdeed.   So, here it is (thank you, Joe!).  

This is how Joe (and then Matt) found out about 382-035-857’s bad behaviour on our trip before I had a chance to tell them.   Last line of the email is a bit of a giveaway.

We receive many such emails from all HULOA owners, and Joe enters the details into our database.   Owners are required to inform the association when any slave infringes the Slave Penal Code.   This helps us keep track of trends and to bring forward amended legislation and/or penalties if required.   It’s also interesting to see where most punishments are carried out and for which offences.

I love stats … :-)

Spring is in the air @bluestarplantation

Spring is in the air.

Happy christmas to all of you from all of us @bluestarplantation

Happy Christmas to all of you from all of us.

Englands proud history when we werent afraid to @bluestarplantation

England’s Proud History

When we weren’t afraid to give felons the punishment they deserved.  And in public too.   Quite right in my view.

A buck in the display position rather like what @bluestarplantation

A Buck in the Display Position

Rather like what it is holding too … :-)

A good caning someone asked me via email what i @bluestarplantation

A Good Caning?

Someone asked me via email what I meant by a ‘good’ caning.   This picture illustrates what I mean well.   The slave only received six strokes but I am sure they made an impression and helped it to reflect on its behaviour and to improve itself thereafter -

  • Strokes evenly applied over - in this case - the buck’s bare buttocks.   But it is just the same for a bitch.
  • Welts nice and thick and they will be in place for a number of days as a reminder to the buck of its infringement.
  • IMPORTANT: Did *not* break the skin.   We guard against this at all times.   It is not only unnecessary but could also be dangerous, and I have no wish to endanger my own property.

Hope this answers my correspondent’s question.   If not, please let me know.   Please check your email for further responses to your other questions on this matter.

Very useful @bluestarplantation

Very useful.

Slave penal code 2014 seventh issue as you may @bluestarplantation

Slave Penal Code 2014 (Seventh Issue)

As you may know, we are working on the next update, due to be published to HULOA members in January 2014.   One of the sections is that on Recommended Equipment that each HULOA member should have on his/her property to manage his/her slaves effectively and efficiently.

I thought you might like to see one page from there, and have selected the one dealing with nipple clamps.   Always useful and they can be used very easily and really do get a slave’s - especially a bitch’s - attention.   Every competent slave owner should have some sets.   They are widely available from many suppliers these days.

Let me know if you’d like to see any more of these pages.   We have them on whipping frames, ball gags, stocks, etc etc.

The pleasures of the summer oh the fun that an @bluestarplantation

The Pleasures of the Summer

Oh the fun that an owner or free person can have with a buck like this!   This is 747-937-927 (pet name: Mart), which came 7th in the 2013 Davis Cup, just 12 seconds ahead of our own 382-035-857 (pet name: Ajax).

It may not be a carriage pulling champion, but you can ride that rump to your heart’s content.

Rear view super rear shot of a great bitch @bluestarplantation

Rear View

Super rear shot of a great bitch.   Ready to be mated.   These days I am really torn between admiring a bitch’s rump and a buck’s.   The answer for an owner who can find both is to own both, of course.   Then he/she doesn’t have to decide and can enjoy the pleasures that both have to offer.   Surprisingly similar, to be honest.

Good sit a nice pic i think for all of you who @bluestarplantation

Good Sit

A nice pic, I think, for all of you who like a young buck’s firm rump.   So useful for so many things …

And God bless digital photography!

From estonia with love from es2013 the very fit @bluestarplantation

From Estonia With Love

From ES2013, the very fit 732-926-926 (pet name: Kaido).   Champion ‘dog,’ winner of the Blue Ribbon for its owner.

I can hardly believe we are now starting to @bluestarplantation

I can hardly believe we are now starting to prepare the SEVENTH edition of the Slave Penal Code, which is due for publication to HULOA members in January 2014.   Have just kicked-off the process of asking members for any suggested amendments to the Basic Laws and, in a few weeks time, we will ask them to complete the annual slave census which will give us - amongst other things - an accurate overview of the stock owned by -

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location

Busy, busy, busy!   Fortunately, I share the workload with my good friend and long-time collaborator Declan (an owner who lives in Ireland).   Additionally, the computer literate Joe now does the statistical work relating to the census returns for me.

On the subject of slaves doing their business @bluestarplantation

On the subject of slaves doing their business outdoors, here’s a mercifully tasteful shot from the archive of one squatting to do just that.   Shame I can’t show its face as it was mortified to be photographed performing this act.   To be fair, this is probably the most difficult thing they have to get used to here (other than being mated in public).   See previous posts on this subject.

A lucky bitch is rewarded with a carrot @bluestarplantation

A lucky bitch is rewarded with a carrot.

Hey guys joe again someone just asked me in an @bluestarplantation

Hey guys. Joe again. Someone just asked me in an email which buck had earned the most in stud fees so far this year. I had to look at the records so i thought I’d post them here 2.   Interesting.   Ajax is catching up real fast, lol. bet it’s gonna be our top earner by the end of the year.   That will make Matt very happy, lol.

Baking day on the farm 2day.   I have got Taz and Boxer cutting the hedges round the garden at the back of the Main House and Bandit and Sparky are cleaning some farm vhicles. Nick & Matt are here 2day 2.   Matt has already fucked Sparky in its pen.   He gets so horny, lol.

Corbin is making lunch and looking after the Master (DM 2 u!!!) who is sitting in the shade, takin it easy and listening to cricket on the radio. Guess he is watchin Taz & Boxer working 2.

OK, thats it 4 now.   ES2013 soon.   I’m shittin myself, lol.

Cya guyz,


Hey guys i am sorry i cant write like dm but i @bluestarplantation

Hey guys – I am sorry i can’t write like DM but I can post pics, lol.   Here is a shy buck … :-).   I think its ready to fuck or to be milked, lol.   We use ALOT of slave spunk here, that is why the bucks are all milked early every morning.

Everything is fine here.   We have quite a few slaves on the property full time now … Bandit, Sparky, Corbin. And Ajax, Taz, Boxer, Blubell, Rocket & and Misty are also here.  They are all being kept in their pens in the Slave & Dog Barn as it’s pretty warm atm.   Matt (newish overseer) is also here.   I had him whip Corbin last week (laziness) and he has been working with his buck Ajax for the Davis Cup coming up during ES 2013 in a few weeks.   This will be the first one for both Ajax and Matt and I know Matt *really* wants to do well.   Matt’s been helping me with the milking 2.   He hates getting up so early, lol.   It’s weird though. Some of the bucks only seem to have to *sniff* that Matt is around and their dicks get hard.   I guess being milked by someone like him turns them on.  

Had a breeding session here this weekend too.   I put Rocket and Boxer onto Misty, Sparky onto Ajax, and Taz and Bluebell onto Corbin.   Good session in front of a few owners and some of DM’s guests.   I got £20 from one guy for doing a good job.   Yay!   he wanted to fuck Ajax, which was fine of course.   he didn;t have to give me dosh for that, but it was nice, lol.

DM is getting better every day. he says to say hi to everyone and sorry he has not been around for the blog.   Hope he will be back writing soon as i am crap at it, lol.

OK, gotta go now.   All the best guys,


190 245 769 pet name bandit all in a days @bluestarplantation

190-245-769 (pet name: Bandit)

All in a day’s work for a busy overseer …

Justice is served the buttocks offer a perfect @bluestarplantation

Justice Is Served

The buttocks offer a perfect target for corporal punishment.   They are fleshy and can absorb punishment without permanent damage.   And punishing a slave across its bare buttocks has the added advantage of being deeply humiliating for the recipient.

I believe that it is important that a slave understands why it is being punished.   While there is an undeniably sexual motive to giving such punishment for me, I do also understand that - if properly used - corporal punishment is a very effective way of managing a slave’s behaviour.

That is why I teach the overseers to use it.   And expect them to do so.

Recommended whipping frame someone asked me via @bluestarplantation

Recommended Whipping Frame

Someone asked me via email about equipment we use here on the farm, so I thought it would be useful to post another - appropriately masked - page from the Slave Penal Code used by ISOA members.

I have mentioned before that all ISOA members are required to have certain items of equipment as one of the conditions of membership.   Probably the most important is a sturdy whipping frame.   This is to be made from wood and, although designs can vary slightly, the basic structure is similar everywhere.   My friend and business partner Michael made the one we use.

The slave to be punished - either male or female - is placed over the whipping frame, with its buttocks over the edge, at an ideal height and position to be caned or whipped.   It is held in place by a combination of strong leather restraining straps for its legs, waist and arms.   Once in positon, the slave cannot move while the punishment is carried out.

The design is based on an original from Germany made during the early 1940’s.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Current stock list may 2013 as requested this @bluestarplantation

Current Stock List (May 2013)

As requested, this is a list of stock that is either stabled here or which is regularly brought here by their owners.

Other stock does also occasionally visit, but usually for special events such as the upcoming Extended Servitude 2013 which will take place in August.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Approved equipment i am sometimes asked about the @bluestarplantation


I am sometimes asked about the type of equipment we use on the BlueStar Plantation (whipping frame, stocks, etc).   Most of the equipment we use is made here on the farm our of wood by my friend and business partner, Michael.

This equipment is recommended for use by other ISOA owners and we do feature a list of specific items in a section of the Slave Penal Code brochure.   Like the other sections, this is also regularly updated.

I though you might like to see an example of what we use.   This is a so-called ‘retention box,’ and it is extremely useful for keeping a slave in place.   It’s great if the owner is on his/her own and it is very easily manufactured.

Let me know if there are any questions on this or other equipment.   Contact me either via this site or at

Older bitch someone asked me via email why i @bluestarplantation

Older Bitch

Someone asked me via email why I don’t really show older stock.   Two reasons (other than my general reluctance to post photographs, for reasons I have given many times) -

  1. Like most people, I prefer younger animals.   They are easier on the eye and very attractive.   That is why they would fetch higher prices if sold and I assume most people would also prefer to see such specimens if I post anything at all.
  2. I only have one older slave myself, 757-583-471 (pet name: Corbin) and I just never think there is likely to be that much interest in an animal of its age (51 now).

Anyway, to show I am not totally ‘age-ist’ (!), this is a pic of a bitch that belongs to a friend of mine, also in the UK.   It is in its fifties, has been a slave for over twenty years and has been mated with a number of my own stock.

Bsp slave contract page 2 of 8 as requested by @bluestarplantation

BSP Slave Contract - Page 2 of 8

As requested by a number of you, here is page two of the Slave Contract we presently use here.   It was drafted by me, based on various iterations of the same thing I have used over the years, and was reviewed by a friend of mine in the legal profession.

I have now had all of my stock sign this latest version.   The hard copies are kept with their stock records in Joe’s office.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Matts first formal appearance in an official @bluestarplantation

Matt’s first formal appearance in an official capacity here.   BIG day for him and for the Plantation.

He was understandably a little nervous beforehand, as there was quite an audience for his debut, but he carried out his duty very well.   I imagine 36-year-old 775-157-760 can still feel the welts.

February 18 2013 oh yes theres a definite hint @bluestarplantation

February 18, 2013

Oh yes, there’s a definite hint of Spring in the air … :-)

Bsp slave contract page 1 some of you asked to @bluestarplantation

BSP Slave Contract - Page 1

Some of you asked to see this.   There are actually 8 pages (not 9 … my memory is going!) in the full document.   It’s very particular to my own circumstances and requirements, so is of limited use as a template for others I would suggest.

I don’t seem to able to post the full document as a PDF file on this blog (unless someone can tell me how), so - if there is any interest from many people - I will have to post each page separately.

Apologies to those not so interested in the minutiae of slave ownership.

On the subject of such contracts in general, I obviously do think they serve a useful purpose, otherwise I would not have drafted my own.   Their main use is in formalising the status of the slave so it - and the owner - both fully understand the parameters of their new relationship.   I regard it as a binding document personally and I am sure the slaves do too.   I have had each one sign it.

Whether it would stand up to scrutiny in a court of law is, of course, doubtful.   But that is not the point.   If the signatories agree to its contents, it is effectively binding upon them at a personal level.   Which is very important.

Let me know if you have any questions or feedback on this matter, either via the blog or by emailing me directly at

Slave penal code page 10 for the bureaucrats @bluestarplantation

Slave Penal Code - Page 10

For the bureaucrats amongst you … :-)

let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Slave penal code page 9 heres the next @bluestarplantation

Slave Penal Code - Page 9

Here’s the next thrilling page.   I hope I’m not boring you with this stuff …

As ever, give me a shout if you have any questions.

Slave penal code page 8 as i believe i @bluestarplantation

Slave Penal Code - Page 8

As I believe I mentioned previously, there are now 33 separate clauses under the heading of ‘Slave Definition & Policies.'   In fairness, these weren’t dreamed up overnight.   They have been developed over the last ten years.

It hasn’t always been easy to get agreement on these definitions, as you can imagine, but this is where we now are.   All ISOA members stand by them.

If there is more interest in this type of post, let me know.   I have four more pages I can publish!   Also, if you have any questions on this or any other aspect of life on the BlueStar Plantation, please let me know via the blog or by writing to me directly at

I feel the need for 190-245-769’s services now.   And if you have been, thanks for reading.

Slave penal code page 3 some people asked a @bluestarplantation

Slave Penal Code - Page 3

Some people asked a little while ago to see more of the Slave Penal Code.   So here is the first of two pages I will be publishing today.   I hope it doesn’t bore too many of you!

Defginition of a slave predictably as soon as i @bluestarplantation

Defginition of a Slave

Predictably, as soon as I had posted our definition of an owner, someone immediately sent me a message asking for our definition of a slave!   So here it is.   Again, this has been exhaustively discussed and it was revised for this year’s Slave Penal Code, from which both this page and the page below are taken.

We have five pages (running to thirty-three sub-sections) of additional details and policies concerning slave definition too, in case anyone is remotely interested.   This is what committees produce!

Definition of a slave owner someone asked me how @bluestarplantation

Definition of a Slave Owner

Someone asked me how I define a slave owner.   You’d think there would be a fairly obvious answer to this question.   After all, we all know what we mean, right?

Nonetheless, this definition (and that of a slave actually) has been debated at some length in the ISOA and we have - yet again - revised our official definition this year.   I post it here for your information.   Hopefully, this will be settled for some time to come now.

Ajax kneeling what a good boy @bluestarplantation

Ajax Kneeling.   What a good boy.

Slave penal code a correspondent has asked me @bluestarplantation

Slave Penal Code

A correspondent has asked me what the Slave Penal Code covers.   Rather than get all wordy I thought I’d just post the Contents page of the latest edition.

If anyone has other questions, please let me know.   Either respond via the site or email me directly at

Prelimary veterinary examination for ajax @bluestarplantation

Prelimary Veterinary Examination for Ajax (Saturday, January 5, 2013)

I though you might be interested in seeing the preliminary veterinary report that Nick produced for Ajax after he examined it on Saturday morning in Joe’s office.   To remind you, he and Ajax’s handler put the buck up onto the table on all fours.   Nick wears a white coat for these events to add an air of professionalism.   While Nick undertook the examination, Ajax’s handler held it tightly on the lead to make sure it did not move.   The handler’s other contribution was to milk Ajax for its sperm sample, at which point Nick held the buck’s lead.

Anyway, here is the report for your info. We use a standard form and it runs to three pages.   Please let me know if you have any questions by replying to this post or emailing me directly at

Look what i just ordered for ajax only @bluestarplantation

Look what I just ordered for Ajax!   Only £26.99.   I’m very pleased.   I emailed the image to Miss K L before I purchased it online and she wholeheartedly approves.

The Pony Play Butt Plug is a soft and comfortable anal plug that comes in a small or medium size. The material quickly warms to body temperature, and features an attached nylon “pony tail.”

Perfect!   I have ordered a medium size which is 5.5".   That should be a very snug fit for Ajax’s nice tight anus … :-)   I can only imagine that hanging from its firm buttocks as it pulls the carriage.   I am hoping to take it out myself next weekend, if Miss K L thinks it will be ready for that.

So Ajax is going to be one *very* well turned out pony boy on Saturday!   Oh, the expense of keeping livelstock …

December 29 2012 its been a very wet december @bluestarplantation

December 29, 2012

It’s been a very wet December here in the UK and the tracks are rather muddy.   Still, farm animals are used to that.

December 28 2012 a lovely old photograph from @bluestarplantation

December 28, 2012

A lovely old photograph from the time before the world went mad.   It shows the store front of Price Birch & Company, Dealers in Slaves.   I suspect I would be a good customer were they still trading today.


December 12 2012 its been as busy as usual here @bluestarplantation

December 12, 2012

It’s been as busy as usual here and I am pleased to report I am in good health a year after my heart attack.   Winter has definitely arrived and we have had our first snow of the season.   I am pleased to report I have a very warm fur-lined coat.   The livestock, obviously, has no need of such refinement.   They get used to conditions very quickly and it is very silly to pamper them by giving them coats, as it would be to do the same for a dog or a horse.   Being naked in all weathers toughens them up.

And I would like to take this opportunity of wishing all visitors to the blog, all my correspondents, and everyone I know personally a very Happy Christmas.

We are planning a small gathering on the Plantation over the festive season.   It will be Nick’s first one here and I know he is looking forward to it very much.   Same goes for me.

I know I am - as ever - way behind with submissions to the blog and answering emails.   I will try and get up-to-date this week.

All the best from a very frosty eastern England,


November 26 2012 on the subject of corporal @bluestarplantation

November 26, 2012

On the subject of corporal punishment for slaves, I think - as the saying goes - a picture speaks a thousand words.   Great shot from 2010.   For once, a slave *not* whipped by Nick … :-)

I have just removed the compromised survey, incidentally.

My favourite poster @bluestarplantation

My favourite poster … :-)

Location of slave stock someone asked me via @bluestarplantation

Location of Slave Stock

Someone asked me via email where ISOA members hold their stock.   This graphic from the most recent update of the Slave Penal Code publication answers that.   As I have mentioned elsewhere, Eastern Europe is very well represented.

Friday october 12 2012 i do enjoy the weekends @bluestarplantation

Friday, October 12, 2012

I do enjoy the weekends.


                                                                         Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Slaves: Animal or Human?

Of course, this is not an easy question to answer. Slaves obviously have human form, and may be used for any purpose for which normal human beings can be utilised. Does this make them ‘normal human beings?’ Clearly not.

So what differentiates a slave from a 'normal human being,’ or - in other words - from a free person? There are probably many characteristics, but some of the more obvious ones are -

  1. Behaviour: A slave has little or no initiative and needs to be assigned to a task by its owner, an overseer or any free person. It will also need to be supervised to ensure it carries out its task properly. Once trained, and if given repetitive work, a slave may develop a certain level of competency at a particular task. But it will rarely be able to react to changing circumstances as an intelligent free person can. Left to its own devices, it would probably do nothing or very little.
  2. Intelligence: This is linked to the above. While a slave may display a certain understanding of a particular task, it is incapable of independent thought. It needs a task explaining to it - often in the most simple terms - and it needs to be supervised while it is undertaking that task.
  3. Stimuli: In my experience, it is of little use encouraging a slave verbally, except in the most basic of terms. For instance, if it has fetched you a drink it is quite acceptable to say, 'good boy’ or good girl,’ regardless of the slave’s actual age. To encourage better performance, slaves respond well to physical encouragement. This can be anything from a firm smack with your hand across its bare rump to flicks with a training whip when it is being taught to pull a carriage for example. This treatment is equally beneficial to slaves of both genders and all ages.   Of course, if a slave misbehaves it will expect corporal punishment.   It will know it has done wrong.   Failure to punish it accordingly will look like weakness in an owner, and that is wholly unacceptable.   Punishment can be anything from a straightforward spanking to a formal caning.   In this respect, slaves of all ages are like children.   I would say a slave in its thirties or forties is usuallly no more advanced intellectually than a free child under ten.   Slaves of all ages think and behave like children most of the time and need to be managed and disciplined like them too.
  4. Clothing: In former days, some owners would dress their slaves in old clothes or loin cloths. This was, I assume, for reasons of modesty. Not to protect the slave, but the modesty of free people seeing them, especially sensitive females. That is old fashioned thinking in my view. There is no need to waste money on clothing for a slave. It has no personal need of modesty any more than a dog does, and free people are well aware of the human form these days so few would be shocked to see a naked slave. Indeed, I would hope that most free people would be shocked to see a clothed slave.
  5. Language: Slaves have no need of conversation, either among themselves or with their masters. A slave should never initiate a conversation with a free person unless there is an emergency. It will, of course, respond appropriately when addressed by a free person. In the main, however, no language is required for most tasks. For example, if a slave is put into a head bridle and harnessed to a carriage, it knows full well what is expected of it. It responds to the driver’s spoken commands to 'walk on’ or 'trot on,’ and pulling on the reins tell it the direction required. If it is not performing satisfactorily, a flick of the long thin whip across its rump or flanks will get its attention and it will soon be doing what the driver wants it to.   Slaves and ponies respond identically in my experience and both can be rewarded with a sugar lump or a carrot.
  6. Sexual Activity: Free people are, naturally, at liberty to indulge in whatever sexual activities they see fit, with whomsoever they desire, and when they desire. For them, sex is a pleasure to be enjoyed as well as a duty when propagating the race. However, for a slave, this is totally the opposite. A slave is permitted NO sexual activity whatever, at any age. This is a totally unchangeable rule. It can be milked at its owner’s desire, of course, and it can be mated as often as its owner wishes. But this is ALWAYS the decision of a slave’s master or mistress.   Furthermore, a slave’s sexual activity is always supervised.   It can have no expectation of privacy under any circumstances.
  7. Feeding: Like any other animal a slave is fed from a bowl on the floor or from a shared trough. The same goes for when it gets water.
  8. Toilet Activities: A slave has no use for a lavatory or a bathroom. That would be a ridiculous and quite unnecessary expense for its owner. It should be taken outside on a lead and taught to urinate and defecate like a dog. This is quite acceptable for a slave, provided its hind quarters are hosed down properly after it has defecated.

There are other differences between a slave and a free person, but I think the conclusion is clear already. A slave is an animal more than a human and must be treated as such.

I’d be interested to learn of your views. Let me know via an anonymous submission or by emailing me directly at

Bitch in the mirror a favourite archive @bluestarplantation

Bitch in the Mirror

A favourite archive photograph.   It shows everything I love about slavery: a naked slave with a red rump and a clothed and satisfied owner.   I wonder who it could be?

Why use a cage for two simple reasons it is a @bluestarplantation

Why Use A Cage?

For two simple reasons -

  1. It is a convenient way to keep a slave if no pen is available or an owner does not wish to use a pen.
  2. Animals are kept in cages.  A slave is a domestic animal and, logically, can also be kept in a cage if its owner wishes.   This is a powerful reinforcement of the slave’s place in the world.
Waiting for inspection two young bucks waiting to @bluestarplantation

Waiting for Inspection

Two young bucks waiting to be inspected by their owner and his son and daughter.

if you have any questions of this picture or any of the others on this blog, please ask here or email me at

Shoeing slaves i believe this is a worthwhile @bluestarplantation

Shoeing Slaves

I believe this is a worthwhile expense, to protect an owner’s property, if the slave is being used for outdoor work.   This 19-year-old young buck is used as a field slave and has been put into heavy boots for its outside use.   It has also had its pubic hair removed.

A buck whipping a great photo of a young buck @bluestarplantation

A Buck Whipping

A great photo of a young buck being whipped by its owner.   In this instance I have permission to show the slave’s face.   The photograph was taken as it received a stroke of the cane from its master across its bare rump.  The pain it expresses on its face is a powerful reminder to any owner (or free person) that slaves need to feel the whip if they are to be trained to perform properly.

As you will know from reading this blog, I am a firm believer in the value of corporal punishment for slaves and this is fully supported by the ISOA.

Modern slave auction to those who doubt that such @bluestarplantation

Modern Slave Auction

To those who doubt that such auctions take place, here is photographic evidence.   It was taken in a central American country where the naked young men on display were being sold as a penance for crimes they had apparently committed.   This is community justice at its best in my view.

Portable stocks this type of equipment is easily @bluestarplantation

Portable Stocks

This type of equipment is easily obtained and easily stored.   It is of great use for restraining both bucks (as here) and bitches.   Highly recommended for any slave owner.

Outdoor obedience training just looking through @bluestarplantation


Just looking through some of the older stuff I have on file and I came across this little gem where a young buck is being given obedience training outdoors.   Looks rather chilly, but who cares as its trainer would have been fully clothed.   The buck was ordered to squat over an upturned tree branch and lower itself onto it so it went (only a little way!) up its anus.

I am pleased to recall it obeyed its trainer immediately.   That’s what a good slave does.

As a dominant, I find it endlessly fascinating - and arousing - to see how a naked slave will obey the commands of any ‘freeborn’ person supervising it.

551 110 361 pet name sparky in a somewhat more @bluestarplantation

551-110-361 (pet name: Sparky)

In a somewhat more aroused state.   This slave is going to earn me *a lot* of money in stud fees.   Those young slave balls produce more seed that you can imagine.   Oh the joys of ownership … :-)

Right click on the image to enlarge and save, if you wish.

A date for your diaries well assuming you are @bluestarplantation


Well, assuming you are ISOA members, that is.   Thought you might like to see the email we have just bulk mailed to ISOA members for this year’s Conference, which I will be hosting.   We tend to rotate these meetings between the estates of various members, and this year is my turn.   It’s the fhe first time I have actually hosted the event, to be honest.   I am nervous but excited, and the same goes for Michael, Joe and Nick.

There’s quite a high standard expected and I will have to find accommodation for not only my own stock (not a problem, obviously) but also for a slave or two belonging to each of the members who choose to attend.   By the end of May, weather permitting, we should be able to keep the stock in the Slave & Dog Barn overnight and will have to put at least two slaves into each pen.   I might have to have temporary accommodation in one of the other unused barns too.   It all depends on how many people decide to attend and what stock they want to bring with them.

I am also working on the agenda.   I have a few thoughts of my own, but the invitation email also asks members for their ideas and suggestions.   No doubt, we will also have a few competitions for the slaves too.   There is a great deal of pride at stake and each owner is keen for his stock to perform well.

Still on the look out for a new buck for Miss K L, by the way.   If any available bucks under 25 (her request) out there want to serve a young mistress and live within easy reach of the east of England, get in touch.   Your application will be screened by me and my staff at first and, if you impress us, you will be interviewed by Miss K L herself.

Sorry, as usual, for not answering all emails.   It’s quite a job to keep up with everything, I’m afraid, but I will get round to it sooner or later.

All the best to both owners and slaves reading this blog.   Take care.


Questions or comments? Here’s how to contact the Bluestar Plantation -

  • Click on the comment bar at the foot of this (or any) post and follow the instructions
  • Click on ‘Ask Me Anything about Slavery’ on the right of the page and submit anonymously
  • Send me an email directly to or to Joe on
Purchase contract for @bluestarplantation

                       PURCHASE CONTRACT FOR 851-835-377

Here is a suitably rendered copy of the recent purchase contract for the sale of the 20-year-old buck 851-835-377, plus other items of equipment, to Miss G L a week or so ago.   Please click on the picture for a larger version and right click to download/save.

The slave passed the pre-purchase veterinary examination with flying colours.   That had to be conducted by our Plantation vet, who is also Miss G L’s boyfriend.   This is rather a conflict of interest, but there was no choice unfortunately.   He is the only vet accredited to the Plantation.   Anyway, there was no problem with the slave and the examination went very well.

The only possible problem is that Miss G L’s younger sister, Miss K L, is now also expressing an interest in owning her own slave.   Some girls want it all!   That’s going to be quite a tall order, but I said I would keep my eyes open.

In terms of stabling, Miss G L is going to continue to keep her new slave here on the Plantation.   As she also keeps a horse here, I am (generously!) giving her a 10% discount on the livery fee for two animals.

Hope this is of some interest.   Don’t want to bore you with administrative details, but a few people did ask me to post this.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

I received the following question today so how @bluestarplantation

I received the following question today -

So how do you trains your slaves then?   Great blog btw, lol!!

Well, to be brief, we do have a formal training programme, and I can tell you more about that if anyone is interested in it.   I could take up a whole blog on that subject on its own!   Maybe people can let me know if they want to know more about this.

But we also give every slave a BlueStar Plantation Handbook, which explains how it should behave, what types of tasks it can expect to be allocated, how it should conduct itself both on and off the Plantation, and so on.

The handbook has been significantly revised and updated for 2012, and my thanks go to Joe for that.   I am uploading the cover and contents page for you to see (see above - please click on image for an enlarged view).   One notable addition for this year’s edition is a feature under ‘Slave Duties’ entitled 'A Day in the Life of a Slave.'   This, as the name suggests, gives an overview of a typical day spent by some of my slaves on the Plantation: what they did from when they were woken to when they were returned to their pens/crates for the night, including, for example, which freeborn people they served (if any) and how, etc.   We included this so that any potential new stock would be able to have a better idea of what would be expected of them should they be formally acquired by me.

As in previous years, there is also a 'Slave Attendance Roster’ for the whole year, tailored to each slave.   This is now one of Joe’s annual tasks and he has created an impressive Excel spreadsheet for it.   As regular readers will know, once the schedule has been approved by me, all slaves are expected to follow it to the letter.   Changes can, under exceptional circumstances be approved, but penalties will apply (see a prior post on this matter).   To remind you, slaves are expected to serve here for three weekends out of every four, and that means from 6:00 pm on the Friday through to 6:00 pm on the Sunday.   There are no exceptions to this requirement under any circumstances.

So, if anyone has any questions about specific areas of slave training, or the contents of the handbook in general, please let us know.


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Monday january 16 2012 700 pm well i have @bluestarplantation

Monday, January 16, 2012 - 7:00 pm

Well I have now spoken to 387-382-292’s owner, and he is very amenable to Nick giving his slave an additional six strokes of the cane for masturbating without permission.   I have had Joe finish the formal announcement (above - please click on image to enlarge), and we have sent it as an email attachment to my free-born friends who might wish to attend and also to my own slave stock to let them know what is going to be happening.

The notice will also be printed in an enlarged format and posted at several locations around the Plantation, including in the Slave & Dog Barn.   As you probably know by now, I am a great believer in doing things formally, and posting a public notice of a slave whipping helps both slaves and free-born guests appreciate the seriousness of the situation.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that Joe has now been promoted to Senior Overseer. A much deservered promotion. Well done, Joe, and thanks for all your hard work!

As ever, please let me or Joe know if you have any questions.

Right, time for dinner now which, in the absence of any slaves, I have had to prepare myself.   Life is definitely better with slaves on the property!

Some people have asked about the slave penal code @bluestarplantation

Some people have asked about the Slave Penal Code for 2012.   Here is the cover and first full page.   let me know if there is any more interest.

For full size images, please click on the above pictures, then click on right button for ‘save picture as’

Slave owners handbook 2012 thought you might @bluestarplantation

Slave Owners’ Handbook - 2012

Thought you might like to see the cover of this year’s Slave Owners’ Handbook, published for ISOA members (please click on the image for the full-sized version).   The update of this manual is one of my annual responsibilities, shared with my good friend Mr D C from Ireland.   He is staying with me at the moment, and is great good company.   He must also take most of the credit for ensuring the update was completed on time this year, as I was in hospital and then recuperating for much of the - as usual - very busy month of December.

The manual covers day-to-day advice to slave owners on such mundane matters as appropriate accommodation for their stock, as well as feeding, the uses to which slaves can be put, and a brief summary of recommended sanctions for common slave offences, such as laziness or disobedience.   We - rather lazily - publish it only in English, as neither I nor Mr D C are proficient in the native tongues of our fellow slave owners on the Continent, all of whom, rather impressively, can speak pretty good English.   ‘Twas ever thus!

The full judicial framework we follow regarding slave holding is detailed in a separate ISOA publication, The Slave Penal Code.   The fifth edition of this work has also just been published.   The slave laws laid down in this document form the basis of how all ISOA members manage their slave herds and ensure that sanctions for any offence are the same for all slaves held.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


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Wednesday december 28 2011 slave exposed to @bluestarplantation

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


As you will know if you read this blog often, I am **totally** in favour of fully legal slavery, where slaves can be bought and sold like I buy and sell my other livestock.   Being a realist, I know this is a long way off from happening and that in all probability it never will occur, at least not in the so-called civilised West.

Having said that, you do occasionally see signs of slavery if you happen to be in the right place at the right time.   This is a fascinating photograph.   The first thing you need to know about it is that it is no way photo-shopped.   The only change that has been made (and I did it myself) is to black out the faces of the slave’s two handlers.   Unusually for me, as the slave was in public anyway, I don’t see any need to hide its face.

It was taken a year ago in Berlin, the capital of Germany.   The slave was paraded just as you see in front of total strangers.   Amazingly to me, no-one reacted negatively and hardly anyone seemed to bat an eyelid at the sight of a naked and bound slave.   Maybe Germans are more broad minded than other people!

But I must say I find even this small step to be encouraging.   What does anyone else think?


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Wednesday december 28 2011 feeding time slaves @bluestarplantation

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Slaves are *only* ever fed on the floor or ground, be that in feeding bowls (as here) or from a communal trough, such as the one we use in the Slave & Dog Barn.   This bitch belongs to a fellow ISOA member.   Never seen it whipped but I have seen it mated a couple of times and I have also seen it give oral relief to other livestock.   It runs quite fast and fetches sticks and balls well.  But, unfortunately, it’s not much good at carriage pulling, even harnessed to the small carriage we have.


Public whippings to date for 2011 talking about @bluestarplantation


Talking about the corporal punishment of bitches (see immediately trailing post) got me thinking about how many Public Whippings we have actually given on the Plantation so far this year.

As the BlueStar Plantation is firmly in the electronic age, you won’t be surprised to hear that we now maintain all slave-related data, including punishment statistics, online.   Joe takes the lead in updating from the laptop in his office in the Slave & Dog Barn.   But I can access the information (I am the boss after all!) on our shared network.

So, as you can see above, we have given twenty-four Public Whippings to date this year (please click on the image to enlarge).  To remind you, a Public Whipping, as the name implies, is a formal punishment, usually  given for a specific infraction of the Slave Penal Code.   The slave in question is strapped down over a wooden whipping frame.   In our case, we keep this in the Punishment Room which is in the Slave & Dog Barn, next to the Breeding Pen and near the pens in which we keep slaves during the summer.   But all ISOA members have a similar whipping frame on their premises and will impose the same tariff of punishments for any offence listed in the Slave Penal Code.

The Punishment Room at the BlueStar Plantation has seating for guests, to whom refreshments and snacks are provided during a punishment session.   All slaves in residence on the Plantation at the time of a Public Whipping are also required to observe it.   They are placed on their knees - naked obviously - directly in front of the whipping frame while the sentence is carried out.   From this position, they have a very close view of the face of the slave being whipped and know that the same fate will befall them if they are disobedient too.   For more details of how such punishments are carried out, please see prior posts.

Some more stats for 2011 -

  • Of the 11 slaves sentenced to a Public Whipping so far this year 55% (or six slaves) have been male and 45% (or five slaves) have been female.
  • However, the males slaves have been whipped more than their female counterparts.   This is not any form of sexual discrimination, merely due to the poorer behaviour of the bucks this year.   So, of the 24 actual Public Whippings given so far, 63% (or 15 whippings) have been awarded to males slaves, and 37% (or 9 whippings) have been given to female slaves.
  • The worst behaved male slave has been 190-245-769 (pet name: Bandit), with 5 separate whippings to date in 2011.
  • The worst behaved female slave has been 347-281-386 (pet name: Sable), with 3 separate whippings to date in 2011.
  • Of the 24 whippings given so far in 2011, 23 of them (or 96%) have been given by my 19-year-old Overseer of the Slave & Dog Barn, Joe.   The other whipping was given by the slave’s owner personally, the recipient being 373-937-393 (pet name: Zena), a 20-year-old bitch.

In the table above, the slaves marked with a blue star are my property.   The others belong to friends who were visiting with their slaves.

A Public Whipping usually consists of either 6 or 12 strokes of the cane across a slave’s bare rump.   This can vary though, and Bandit’s last Public Whipping a few weeks ago was 18 strokes of the cane for theft (as voted for by readers of this blog).   The birch rod is also sometimes used instead of the cane.   The decision as to which instrument of punishment to use is agreed between Joe and the slave’s owner.

Incidentally, I would be very surprised if we didn’t have more Public Whippings this year, especially with so many slaves planned to be in residence over the festive period.   We will see …

If you have any questions on the content of this post, or on life at the BlueStar Plantation in general, please feel free to contact me.


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Are slaves animals i have been asked a few times @bluestarplantation


I have been asked a few times via email why I treat my slaves as animals in the main.   My primary reason is that those enslaved (both historically, in my view, as enforced slaves, and now in this country as self-selecting consensual slaves) are very much inferior to free people in every respect and are fit only for a life of servitude to their free superiors of any age.   Slaves have the capacity only to obey and need to be directed by a free person.   They have only basic needs - such as food and shelter - and can be used and bred by their owner like any other animal.  

A useful exercise is to examine the difference between an owner’s dogs and his or her slaves.   The table above lists these (click on it for an enlarged view).

I rest my case.


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190 245 769 bandit following on from the last @bluestarplantation

190-245-769 (Bandit)

Following on from the last question, I thought you might be interested in this pictured of Bandit taken just after I acquired it in 2009.   You will see that I kept it smooth at that time.

I’d be interested in visitors’ opinions on this.   Do you prefer smooth or natural?

Straddling the bench my friend and colleague from @bluestarplantation


My friend and colleague from Ireland send me this via email.   Please click on the picture to animate the cartoon and get the full effect.

I must admit it raised a smile but, keen slave owner that I am, although this is a cartoon, I reckon that there might be some merit in actually making a bench like this.   It wouldn’t be difficult, in my view, and is something that Michael and Joe could certainly manage between them.   And I can easily visualize Bandit, Boxer, Rocket and Ziggy (to name but four) performing like this to please an audience.

What do you think?

Barefoot someone asked in a recent question why i @bluestarplantation


Someone asked in a recent question why I shoe my slaves.   As I replied, I actually don’t in the main (see photograph above of a bitch being walked), but do do so should a slave require to be shod to perform the task it has been set (carriage pulling being the obvious example)

Tuesday october 18 2011 the slave penal code @bluestarplantation

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Hello all – Well it’s a blustery and rather crisp day here in the shires, so I am spending a little time indoors catching up on admin.   I left the very capable Michael in charge of the farm while I was away, so there is actually little for me to do.

So, my thoughts turn to the Plantation and also to my responsibilities to the International Slave Owners’ Association (ISOA), of which I am the key administrator.   My European trip over the last couple of weeks involved visits to some of my fellow ISOA members, a couple of whom I had not seen for a long time.   It was fun to catch up and see how their lives have progressed.   We keep in touch by email and Skype, of course, but there is no substitute for face-to-face meetings in my view.   I had a really enjoyable time and will tell you a little more about this in coming posts.

In the meantime, I am conscious of the fact that a number of visitors to this site have already asked me about the Slave Penal Code (SPC).   As I have explained, this is a basic code of ‘laws’ (self-agreed regulations, in fact), that all ISOA members follow.   All slaves belonging to ISOA members - regardless of location - are subject to this Code.

Like all tables of law, it is a moving feast and is amended from time to time, with the consent of members on the basis of a simple majority vote.   Democracy is good … for free people.

I have taken on the task of maintaining the written Slave Penal Code, and one of my duties at this time of year is to canvass members for any amendments they might like to introduce for the following year.

While I am doing this, I thought some of you might find it interesting to look at a page from the Slave Penal Code, which provides a general overview.

The SPC itself covers seven Sections at present -

  1. Ownership & Attendance
  2. Behaviour
  3. Theft
  4. Violence
  5. Sexual Offences
  6. Drugs & Alcohol
  7. Absconding

Each Section has a number of Articles listing specific offences and the penalties thereto pertaining.

My fellow owners have until the end of this month to table any amendments for the 2012 update of the SPC.   If there are any proposals (usually newly defined offences under an exiting Section, or revised penalties based on an owner’s own experience), these will be shared with all members during November.   A vote will be taken, and any approved amendments will be incorporated into the SPC to be effective from January 1, 2012.

As ever, let me know - via one of the mechanisms below - if you have any questions.   In the meantime, I am waiting for Joe who is going to help me install IOS5 on my iPhone 4.   Being a teenager, he understands these things!


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Slave attendance i was asked recently about how @bluestarplantation


I was asked recently about how we deal with slaves who do not attend when required.   This page is taken from the BlueStar Plantation’s 2011 Handbook for Slaves (please click on the image for a magnified view).   It shows that we are flexible to a degree about shifting scheduled weekends in any given month, provided a slave makes up that time as quickly as possible.

But there is always a penalty to be paid as a key element of slavery is, of course, lack of freedom of movement for the slave.   So, we tell it exactly when it is required to serve on the Plantation a year in advance and it is expected to adhere to that schedule, as laid down by its owner (actually Joe develops it now).

However, if a slave is ever absent *without* prior permission, it is classified as a ‘runaway’ and can expect much more severe treament when it returns.   This, I am pleased to report, hardly ever happens.

Tuesday september 27 2011 morning all early @bluestarplantation

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Morning all. Early start for me and Joe. Milking never stops! Overnight I received an email from someone asking how I define a slave. I can do no better than share the definition agreed some years ago by the ISOA. All members subscribe to this view (see above - click on the image for a magnified view), which I have taken from an addendum to the Slave Owners’ Handbook.

It consists of the key definition (in red), supported by ten sub-clauses, all of which are important and form binding regulations for ISOA members.   So, if I visit another ISOA owner, I would expect to see all of his/her slaves conforming to this definition *in every respect*.   I make sure my own slaves are managed and taught to be in total compliance with the full definition too.

If you have any questions on this definition, I am sure you will let me know.   I do have some other questions from you to answer, and I will get round to these a little later today.




You have until midnight UK time on Friday, September 30, 2011 to cast your vote.

This is your chance to help determine a *real* slave punishment.   Joe and I have agreed to sentence Bandit to whatever the majority vote is.   The sentence will be carried out at 11:00 on Saturday, October 1, 2011 in the Punishment Room of the Slave & Dog Barn here at the BlueStar Plantation.

The full story of Bandit's offence can be read in the post headed New Poll & Your Assistance Required, dated Monday, September 26, 2011.

Monday september 26 2011 morning all thought @bluestarplantation

Monday, September 26, 2011

Morning All! – Thought you might be interested in this rather artistic shot of 20-year-old Boxer’s buttocks after it had been birched by Joe at the behest of its present mistress, Gemma.

As mentioned a few posts ago, Boxer’s Public Whipping took place at 11:00 yesterday in the Punishment Room of the Slave & Dog Barn on the Plantation.   The sentence was carried out in front of fifteen observers (eight free people and seven slaves), which is one of the larger audiences for a public punishment here for quite a while.   A larger crowd always creates quite a buzz on such occasions.

In addition to the free people I mentioned in the post dated September 24, 2011, entitled Vet’s Report for Boxer (aka Sam), I am pleased to let you know that Mr & Mrs K H - who are Boxer’s legal owners, of course - decided to come and witness the birching too.   I had telephoned them on Saturday evening to let them know what was happening and they decided to drive over and watch.   I think they were curious, of course, but I also imagine they wanted to come up and make sure that their property was treated properly.   As they had their slave bitch Abby (who stayed here during Extended Servitude 2011, you may recall) with them for the weekend, they had to bring it with them too as they had no-one at their house to look after it.

Boxer was led on its lead and on all fours into the Punishment Room by the Overseer of the Slave & Dog Barn, 19-year-old Joe at *exactly* 11:00 am.   The whole room went quiet as Joe positioned Boxer on its knees in front of the whipping frame facing the audience, and took its lead off.   Directly in front of Boxer were the other seven slaves, also naked of course and on their knees.   I insist on slaves witnessing such punishments as it both adds to the humiliation of the slave being whipped and also acts as a powerful deterrent against breaking the Slave Penal Code for the others.   The eight free people, including yours truly, were seated in chairs behind the slave area.   We drank coffee and chatted awaiting the arrival of the condemned, but stopped talking when Boxer was led in.   I was next to Boxer’s present mistress, Gemma, who had ordered the punishment.   This was the first time she had done such a thing and I think she was both nervous and excited.   She certainly looked flushed when Boxer was brought in by Joe.

After Boxer had confessed its crime (Gross Insolence to a Free Person, which is a designated offence under Section #3 of the Slave Penal Code), Joe read out the sentence.   Although everyone already knew from the posters that Joe had put up that Boxer would be getting twelve strokes of the birch, there was still a perceptible gasp when it was announced.   I think that this is the point at which people realise it isn’t a fantasy.   The whipping *really is* going to carried out: right then, right there and right in front of them.

Joe then pulled Boxer to its feet and directed it to bend over the wooden whipping frame.  Once over the frame, Joe secured Boxer in place by putting its arms and legs into the leather restraining straps.   Then Joe picked up the birch rod which had been sitting in a bucket of brine to one side of the whipping frame.

He looked at Gemma, who - as Boxer’s effect owner - gave permission for Joe to start.   This is usually my job, but as Boxer does not belong to me, the honour fell to Gemma this time.   She simply said to Joe: “You may carry out your duty, Mr Xxxxxxxxx."   You could have heard a pin drop in the room.

Joe stood in position behind and to the left of where Boxer was strapped in place over the whipping frame.   Then he raised his right arm and brought the birch rod down at some speed and with obvious force across Boxer’s bare buttocks.   Unsurprisingly, Boxer yelped and said - as Joe had told him he must while in the isolation pen during the hour before the punishment was carried out - "One, sir.”

And so it went on until Joe had delivered all twelve strokes.   Boxer’s buttocks obviously became redder after each stroke, laced with the tiny welts that each birch twig in the rod leaves.   I had some whisky in a hip flask which I shared with some of the other free people while the birching was going on.   Gemma had quite a swig.

Although it was breathing very heavily, Boxer managed to maintain its composure in the main during the birching.   At the conclusion of the punishment, the slaves were led outside to wait to be taken to their assigned duties.   Boxer was left in place strapped over the whipping frame.   The free people stood, chatted, and had a coffee or a swig of my whisky if they wished.   Some chose to go over and examine the slave for a closer look or feel of its enflamed buttocks.

After we had all left, Joe released Boxer from the whipping frame and took it to a pen where he left it for an hour to recover from its ordeal.   Joe tells me that Gemma came to look at her slave and that it begged forgiveness from her once more.   I’d like to have seen that.

All in all, although I felt that the punishment was a little on the harsh side for the offence, I am sure Boxer learned a valuable lesson about putting in every effort when ordered to do something by its new mistress.   I have said it before and I will say it again.   Corporal punishment works.


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