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Note the use of the word “allegedly,” here. He committed one of the most brutal acts of violence I have EVER read about but she most definitely said her ex’s name during sex. And every fucking headline I’ve seen about this has mentioned that as is it anywhere near justifies what he did to her. 

Also, I’m finding this story on comedy websites as well, which is fucking sick. In what universe is this considered appropriate material to be posted as a joke? 

Men are trash

“Man Allegedly…” He confessed to killing her.
“She (Not Allegedly) Screams Ex’s Name…” And she paid with her life.

He murdered her and confessed to it and he still gets the benefit of the doubt.

She said an ex’s name during sex and people won’t let go of it.

You cannot tell me men don’t hate women. The name of this condition is misogyny, and the system that upholds it is patriarchy.

Women “screaming their ex’s name” during sex is something men fear, but does it ever actually happen? It’s bullshit that this is even considered an excuse for murder on any level.

I cant believe how they are reporting this…. slanderizing a woman who was tortured by a man.

Men who kill women make up excuses like this all the time. That so did not happen. Fuck the media.

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“So what’d you do today?”

“Got a lot of glitter in my bellybutton.”

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my whole life

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fatphobic cunts need to be called out (*^﹏^*)

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Pin appreciation post.

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This is fantastic

Halloween is for everyone. ❤️🎃👻