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purpose of blog: Many women are insecure about their breasts. Along, with myself. So I thought there should be a place where we could embrace our chest: small, big, real, fake, perky and the not so perky ones regardless. WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. rules: - Must be 18+ to submit - include age in submission - tell us what you like/dislike about your breast (optional) **yes, I'm the owner of "vaginasoftheworld"** I hope this blog is just as succesful! love you all, stay beautiful <3 - Show your boobies! (@boobiesoftheworld)
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Im 18 and i use to be so self conscious about my @boobiesoftheworld

I’m 18 and I use to be so self conscious about my boobs. I use to think they were too small. But i’ve grown to love them

they’re real cute! thanks :)

Im 20 and i wear a size ff im a bigger girl and @boobiesoftheworld

I’m 20 and I wear a size FF. I’m a bigger girl and I’ve always had issues with self confidence or lack of but I must say I love my boobs and I’m proud of them, they are the only part of my body I don’t mind showing to people. :)

they’re lovely. ALL of you is worthy of love. especially from yourself <3 thank you!

18 not too sure how to feel about my boobs but @boobiesoftheworld

18, not too sure how to feel about my boobs! but keep up the great work on your blogs :)

thank you <3

I like my huge nipples and im very proud of my @boobiesoftheworld

I like my huge nipples and I’m very proud of my tattoo. I’m 42.

very nice! thank you :D

22 thank you @boobiesoftheworld


thank you :)

Age 22 34dd and i although i have moments where i @boobiesoftheworld

age 22, 34DD and I although I have moments where I wish they were smaller, (e.g. at the gym, running for the bus!) I do love my boobs.

ahaha, I agree with you on that. they’re lovely though. thank you :D

18 years old and a 32a only thing i dislike is @boobiesoftheworld

18 years old and a 32A. Only thing I dislike is that my left areola is bigger than my right.

it happens! still beautiful. thank you <3

18 love my boobs glad to hear thanks @boobiesoftheworld

18. Love my boobs.

glad to hear! thanks ^_^

Hi im 18 an these are my 34b boobies my right @boobiesoftheworld

Hi I’m 18 an these are my 34B boobies. My right one is almost a full cup size bigger but it doesn’t really bother me. They’re also a bit saggy and my areolas are a bit large but my boyfriend constantly reassures me that they’re perfect

they’re beautiful. thank you :)

I am 19 and i go through phases where i like and @boobiesoftheworld

I am 19 and I go through phases where I like and dislike my boobs. my nipples are tiny and slightly downward facing. One is slightly larger.  I love being able to throw on a push up bra and look like I’ve got enough and also being able to braless without too much trouble. im a 36 b/c depending on the brand.  But I think this blog is fabulous, Ive realized how different boobs can be.

people comes in so many different shapes, colors and sizes. no one is better than another. yours are lovely. thanks for sharing :)

22 here are my boobies i used to be insecure @boobiesoftheworld

22, here are my boobies. I used to be insecure about them, but hey, not so much anymore. My boyfriend loves my boobs, and now I am growing to love them too. Honestly, I don’t really know for sure what size I really am. I wear a 34c because 34b’s are just really uncomfortable. Sometimes my bras feel too tight etc. What to do…. but here are my girls!! Hopefully they are pleasant looking :)

they are! thanks a lot <3

Im 21 my current size is 36e i dont like the @boobiesoftheworld

I’m 21, my current size is 36E. I don’t like the areola’s color, they’re not perky :/ and my nipples seem too small though my ex used to suck them daily >_<

they’re fine just the way they are! thank you :D

Here are my girls in all their glory im 35 @boobiesoftheworld

Here are my girls in all their glory. I’m 35, mother of 1, and am just recently liking my big boobs. They are 38 DDD’s. I’d like them to be a little smaller but my man loves them just how they are!

good to hear! thanks ^_^

18 i absolutely love my boobs currently a 32 g @boobiesoftheworld

18, I absolutely love my boobs, currently a 32 G and have been since I was 15.

as you should! thanks <3

Im 20 36b i like them but i hate stretch marks @boobiesoftheworld

I’m 20. 36B
I like them, but I hate stretch marks.
My boyfriend love them.

super cute! thank you :)

Recently turned 18 years old when i was 15 i @boobiesoftheworld

Recently turned 18 years old. When I was 15 I suddenly woke up to DD cups and now I’m a 14E! I love my girlies to bits and my girlfriend does too ;)

hmm don’t look much like an E to me. but they look great! thank you :D

Im 23 and have dds i hit puberty late and went @boobiesoftheworld

I’m 23 and have DDs. I hit puberty late and went from literally a training bra to size C from freshman to sophomore year (last month of school and over the summer). I got super insecure but grew to love them. Now I I’m starting to get insecure again. Big boobs always look great in a bra but I feel like they are saggy for being so young. They are lower because they are big and well, there’s gravity, but they are still round. My bf tries to reassure me they are perfect but I am a woman, and never satisfied haha I love this blog! And look forward to one about butts =]

gravity can be a pain but beautiful nonetheless! thank you <3

40 and i love my boobs 44dd as you should @boobiesoftheworld

40 and I love my boobs. 44DD

as you should! thanks :)

Hi my name is makayla im am 19 years old and i @boobiesoftheworld

Hi, my name is Makayla, I’m am 19 years old, and I have size 34B boobs. They have stretch marks which really makes me be self-conscious towards them. :/ I don’t like the way they look..

stretch marks are a part of life. can’t help it

Im 23 ones a b cup the others an a i just @boobiesoftheworld

I’m 23. One’s a B cup, the other’s an A. I just get by wearing A cup bras. In all honesty I’d be less insecure if they evened out a little, but seeing other uneven ones makes me feel a little better.

having uneven sized breast is very normal and extremely common! they look great. thanks ^_^

33 love my boobies they have fed two babies and @boobiesoftheworld

33, Love my boobies! They have fed two babies and now are 40DD’s! Thanks for the great blogs!

glad to hear! thank you :)

20 anorexic very cute nipples starving @boobiesoftheworld

20 & anorexic

very cute nipples! starving yourself is awful. you’re beautiful just the way you are. thank you <3

19 ive always wanted bigger boobs and i think @boobiesoftheworld

19. I’ve always wanted bigger boobs, and I think they’re too small.

they’re lovely! thank you :)

Im 18 my boobs are size 42ddd the left is @boobiesoftheworld

Im 18! My boobs are size 42D/DD. the left is bigger than the right but I guess that’s normal! :/ I wish they were a little bigger, but my boyfriend said he loves them! So I guess I’m ok with how they are. :)

you should love them cause they’re yours. they’re great. thank you :3

19 beautiful 3 @boobiesoftheworld


beautiful <3

Hi im 20 years old and wear a 36c i am @boobiesoftheworld

Hi I’m 20 years old, and wear a 36C. I am conscious about the space between them, my little mole in the middle, an my nipple size :/ hopefully ill gain some confidence eventually

I hope you will too! the’re fine and the mole is adorable. thanks :D

18 32c i used to be okay with my boobs but after @boobiesoftheworld

18, 32C

I used to be okay with my boobs but after actually taking a picture of them, i’m not that into them.. i don’t like that my boobs are more saggier and not perky. :( And my right boob is actually bigger than my left 

they’re beautiful! having a smaller boob is normal. thanks :3

Im a chubbier girl that is almost completely flat @boobiesoftheworld

I’m a chubbier girl that is almost completely flat chested and I love it, surprisingly they seem I be growing as I’m losing weight. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Sorry about the pentagram on my chest. I’m 18.

very cute! thanks :)

Great idea for a blog 3 im 31 yrs old and @boobiesoftheworld

Great idea for a blog! <3

I’m 31 yrs old and these are my girls! I haven’t been sized in a while but my current bra is 42D. I used to be self conscious about them because my left is slightly bigger than my right, they sag and my areolas are huge. But I’ve learned to really love them. I have so much fun playing with them (so squishy!!), my nipples are very sensitive and I haven’t had any complaints! :)

I’m glad you’ve learned to love them as you should of all along! thank you :3

Im 18 and these are my 34b boobs i really dont @boobiesoftheworld

Im 18 and these are my 34B boobs.. I really don’t like them, I’m very self conscious. I am small from the waist up, yet big waist down and I think I look I proportional. Really considering a boob job to make my body look proportional. It would just make me feel better.

you don’t need a boob job to feel better. do yourself a big favor and just stop worrying. use all that energy to love the body you have. thank you :D

19 36dd very confident and loving of these @boobiesoftheworld

19, 36DD. Very confident and loving of these beautiful ladies!

thank you <33

Hi 19 years young and sporting 34dds i hate @boobiesoftheworld

Hi, 19 years young and sporting 34DD’s. I hate that I have to wear a bra to like my girls, the fact that they kind of sag makes me unhappy. I also hate that long, dark hairs grow around my nipples. it’s weird. But I’ve always had larger breasts for my petite size, and I’ve always adored that about myself, especially since my mother has had reoccurring breast cancer which has taught me to appreciate my boobs in all their glory. ^^

**Love your boobs, friends, you’ll never know how good you have it until they’re gone!

sorry to hear about your mother’s cancer but i’m glad she’s helped you realize just how great boobs are. thank you <3

Amazing boobs for a 57 year old i love them and @boobiesoftheworld

Amazing boobs for a 57 year old. I love them and so does hubby!

as you should. thanks :)

Im 19 and i like my boobs im a very insecure @boobiesoftheworld

I’m 19 and I like my boobs. I’m a very insecure girl so some days I think they’re small, not perky enough or with too big areolas, but most days I’m confident about them. They’re a part of my body that I like, even love :)

they’re great. thanks :3

19 had a lot of boob confidence issues i also @boobiesoftheworld

19, had a lot of boob confidence issues. I also have a hormonal disorder which means that they change size all the time as the breast ducts swell every few weeks! Currently a 36F/FF

gorgeous! thank you <3

34 b 21 im very insecure about my breasts i @boobiesoftheworld

34 B . 21 , I’m very insecure about my breasts . I do not like how they look . They look like squished pancakes to me .. and my nipples are big for such little boobs . with my body type , I look like I should have larger boobs but I’m stuck with these things .. my bf is slowly helping me like myself so I guess all in time .

they look super cute to me! thank you :)

28 years old 40d dd depending on brand ive @boobiesoftheworld

28 years old 40D-DD depending on brand. I’ve always loved my breasts…. They have always given me much pleasure ;-)

I’m glad. thank you :D

19 years old the left one is slightly larger than @boobiesoftheworld

19 years old. The left one is slightly larger than the right one. Sometimes I wish they were bigger but I have learned to love my boobs. 

70% of women have a larger left breast. it’s very normal. including myself! thank you <3

Im 18 and have been made fun of more than once by @boobiesoftheworld

I’m 18 and have been made fun of more than once by partners over my boobs. Over the years I have realized that we are all beautiful and the woman’s body is magnificent in every way. I’m learning to love my boobs and embrace their full beauty. Comments would be great:)

nothing funny about your boobs! they look fantastic. thank you :3

19 years old with 30bs i was always self @boobiesoftheworld

19 years old with 30Bs. I was always self conscious about them growing up, stuffing my bra. But I grew to love them lots and to look at the positives!

I’m glad you were able to gain a better perspective of yourself. thank you :) 

Re submit since i lost nearly 20 pounds haha @boobiesoftheworld

Re-submit, since I lost nearly 20 pounds. Haha. 22, 36D

awesome! i’m trying to drop 20 lbs this summer myself. thank you <3

First off all of the women on this blog are @boobiesoftheworld

First off, all of the women on this blog are lovely.

A little bit about me: I’m 20 years old. Size 42 K. I used to feel self conscious about how large they are (A lot of people comment on it.) They’ve gotten even bigger over the past few years. Some men are even intimidated by their size. Thankfully, my amazing boyfriend loves them (and me!) just the way they are.

mine have also gotten bigger in the past 2-3 years. thank you <3

Im 19 and these ladies are 30ds i think my @boobiesoftheworld

im 19 and these ladies are 30D’s. i think my  boobs are the only thing i like about myself, i like my nipples and how little they are. 

they look great. as i’m sure the rest of you does too! thank you :)

29 no issues with my breasts i love them as @boobiesoftheworld

29. No issues with my breasts. I love them. :)

as you should! thank you :3

A recent pic of my 31 year old boobies thank @boobiesoftheworld

A recent pic of my 31 year old boobies :)

thank you :3 lovely 

I love love love my boobs they are my absolute @boobiesoftheworld

I love love love my boobs. They are my absolute favorite.

they look great! thank you <3

A pic of my boobs im 18yo love my boobs you @boobiesoftheworld

A pic of my boobs, I’m 18yo. Love my boobs

you have all reason to! thank you for this lovely submission <3

18 brazilian and i love my boobies 3 beautiful @boobiesoftheworld

18, Brazilian and I love my boobies <3

beautiful. thank you :)

18 years old 36dd i hate how saggy my boobs are @boobiesoftheworld

18 years old. 36DD. I hate how saggy my boobs are and how big they are.

they look great to me. thank you <3