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Boobs Against Bombs @boobsagainstbombs

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Hello there. We're looking for girls with something to say and we want them to write it on her own skin. our idea is to ask you to take a pen and write on your breasts whatever you want (and if you want to spread the words sign your boobs with 'AGAINST BOMBS). Why? Because we love peace and war free world is the one we'd love to live in. We're doing it honestly for fun. By sending us your pics you certify you are the owner (and don't forget to tell us if you want to be anon!). Send us your photos at Thanks in advance, we hope to satisfy your tastes! - Boobs Against Bombs (@boobsagainstbombs)
Wicked wonder land curves are beautiful d @boobsagainstbombs


Curves are beautiful :D

Notmysecret topless tuesday x @boobsagainstbombs


Topless Tuesday x

Fallow me if you like my @boobsagainstbombs

Fallow me if you like my tits. 

Sexsocialismandscifi my favourite photo from @boobsagainstbombs


My favourite photo from Tuesday; posted by itself so I can be vain. It can also be reblogged. 

Sweettoothinfection against bombs you are @boobsagainstbombs


Against bombs!  

you are my fave, you know :)

Amandabunny120 i felt a bit cold and wet 33 @boobsagainstbombs


i felt a bit cold and wet <33