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hey what's goin on @bootyshorts

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sorry for my blog :-/ my name is ktie THIS IS WHAT I LOOK LIKE this is real this is me omg - hey what's goin on (@bootyshorts)
Haha yeah @bootyshorts

haha yeah…

Momsgoldteeth ajs @bootyshorts




Ikilltitansforfun this is white culture @bootyshorts


this is white culture

Zacbartowski its always sunny in philadelphia @bootyshorts


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia | Emmy Magazine 
Redditfront this picture in mcdonalds was hung @bootyshorts


This picture in McDonald’s was hung sideways

Pussysista a very round cat hand @bootyshorts


A very round cat hand

Unclefather me when im already in a mood and i @bootyshorts


me when i’m already in a mood and i really want someone to try me

Thebluthcompany cracked theres a running gag @bootyshorts



There’s a running gag that pops up a few times in Arrested Development’s fourth season. It doesn’t lead to anything significant. There’s no pay off. It’s just … odd: The characters occasionally eat Parmesan cheese and mustard as a meal.

A plate of it. With a fork. On the surface, it means nothing other than a weird combo of food. But this is Arrested Development — a show where damn near everything has a reason and purpose, you just have to figure it out. So, of course, eating Parmesan cheese and mustard is a reference to the 1985 film adaptation of the board game Clue.

Here’s the ridiculous explanation behind the reference: Gene Parmesan is the Bluth family’s go-to bumbling private investigator, and is played by Martin Mull.


Martin Mull co-starred in Clue, wherein he played Colonel Mustard.


Ipso facto, Parmesan and Mustard. Need more evidence that doesn’t actually link to Parmesan and mustard but is also a reference to Clue? In the episode “A New Attitude,” Gene Parmesan buys a knife at a shop next door to a children’s play place that has a ball pit. The name of the play place is My Little Ballroom. The knife is a weapon in Clue, and the ballroom is one of the rooms in Clue.

5 Pop Culture References Nobody Got in Movies and TV Shows

This. Show. 

Melgibsonbcheeb sweetladymarmalard @bootyshorts


 sweetladymarmalard thisisnotandrew this is what i was talking about!!! body pillows 4 lovers

Ughhhhhhhh literally hate this but i see @bootyshorts

ughhhhhhhh literally hate this but I see blue/black now :-////

Glamourousbetch people are forgetting north is @bootyshorts


People are forgetting north is literally a fucking baby????????

Chickensnack tuesday again no problem @bootyshorts



Genderoftheday todays gender of the day is @bootyshorts


Today’s Gender of the day is: Gender

Internetwhiteknight you had me at hell heart @bootyshorts


You had me at HELL HEART

Spoonmeb what sells this dress is the look on her @bootyshorts


What sells this dress is the look on her face. Love it!

Sir hathaway i want to be cherified @bootyshorts


i want to be cherified

Winchesterhaven pretty much my work ethic @bootyshorts


pretty much my work ethic

Im laughing so hard at this @bootyshorts

im laughing so hard at this

Suppermariobroth rude awakening microgame @bootyshorts


“Rude Awakening” microgame from WarioWare: Smooth Moves.

Catp0rn relationship goals @bootyshorts


relationship goals

Scottaukerman fabrice fabrice returns tonight @bootyshorts


Fabrice Fabrice returns tonight!

Redderz so my always sunny self help book came @bootyshorts


So my Always Sunny self help book came today! I’m just flicking through at the moment, but this chapter caught my eye. Oh Mac. pansexualmacmcdonald, you may be interested in this if you haven’t already seen it, though I’m not sure how canon the book is.