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Drew green happy national coming out day i @brawnybear


Happy National Coming Out Day!

I started coming out on the internet when I was about 18, but was more honest to the people in my non-internet life when I was probably 21 (which is when I was outed to my parents by a mutual friend - weird and shitty, I know).  For context, I’m 26 now, almost 27.  Since fully coming out, I’ve enjoyed the benefit of being able to live an honest life and create the kind of art that I enjoy without shame.  It took pressure off of me and made every other part of my life easier to understand and manage.  It was a worthwhile experience.

I’m lucky in that I’ve faced very little opposition as an openly queer person, but not everyone is so fortunate.  Knowing that, I advise people to come out at their own pace because sometimes it’s not so easy, but I advise them to do it at their earliest convenience because it’s like taking a big breath of fresh air.  When the dust settles, you’ll thank yourself.

Good luck!


Shameless plug:  this was drawn using my cartooning brushes!

Falloutcub earthtogreg me so handsome @brawnybear




So handsome :)

I hope to look this good one day.

Vintagesalt beetlejuice 1988 @brawnybear


Beetlejuice (1988)

Southchase always country fresh @brawnybear


•Always Country Fresh•

Nyleantm nyle dimarco by tate tullier from @brawnybear


Nyle DiMarco by Tate Tullier from their 2015 #TubTimeWithTate shoot. (via instagram)

Remember me saying about Nyle from America’s Next Top Model being sexy? This is him. You’re welcome.

Corwincub going to a wedding in hawaii in @brawnybear


Going to a wedding in Hawaii in couple days. Got my hair cut and now I’m ready to go!


Cigarpervdad djs31982 yardwork s @brawnybear





Sir ndrewsilver m o n d a y s @brawnybear


• m o n d a y s •

Visualgraphc literally @brawnybear



Kill kelly my roommate took my photo this eve @brawnybear


My roommate took my photo this eve. Thanks bb<3

Kraftwerk sorry about blowing up your feed with @brawnybear

Kraftwerk! (Sorry about blowing up your feed with robots)

Hey hey hey hey hey hey throw my bear hey @brawnybear

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, throw my bear, hey, hey, hey

Oh shit my parents are going to be so pissed at @brawnybear

Oh shit, my parents are going to be so pissed at me. Photo by Tom

One day my log will have something to say about @brawnybear

One day my log will have something to say about this. My log saw something that night.

Rest in paradise, Catherine Coulson.

Brad @brawnybear


Just finished watching this brilliantly smart @brawnybear

Just finished watching this brilliantly smart, little family film.

Jeph and kevin two incredibly handsome and sweet @brawnybear

Jeph and Kevin. Two incredibly handsome and sweet men.

Day off @brawnybear

Day off.

Troy @brawnybear


Fuck martin shkreli with brian peppers dick @brawnybear

Fuck Martin Shkreli with Brian Peppers dick. #martinshkreli #fuckmartinshkreli

Homecuming king this means so much my elder @brawnybear


This means so much. My elder sister has Down syndrome, and a lot of times she doesn’t feel pretty or worthy of life. But seeing Jamie Brewer do her thing and represent people with Down syndrome is so powerful. Her characters have been so substantial, exploring Down syndrome. Just because a person has Down syndrome does not mean they are lesser than. People with Down syndrome are just different. Thank god for Jamie Brewer.

Fuzzybearhug j mobear thats my i need some @brawnybear



That’s my “I need some dick now” face… :)

It’s a good face to have

That ass @brawnybear

That ass….

123klan for shine mural festival in st @brawnybear

123klan for Shine Mural festival in St. Petersburg, FL.

#123klan #shineonstpete #montanagold #streetart #klor123 #scien123

Me irl @brawnybear


Current mood fuck you to death georgeanne @brawnybear

Current mood: fuck you to death, Georgeanne. #banksygram #terriercvlt #welcometome

Whofuckingfartedphotography montana gold @brawnybear


Montana Gold.

#shineonstpete #montanagold #art #wffphotography

Hey guys, I created a tumblr for some photography stuff that I’ve done. Check it out. Follow it, reblog it, tell your grandmother about it, all that fun stuff.



Yalaford for shineonstpete @brawnybear

@yalaford for @shineonstpete

Sharktoof being fucking mental @brawnybear

Sharktoof being fucking mental.

Sandandglass when i see somebody i know in the @brawnybear


When I see somebody I know in the street. 

Rickywatts still going in deep on this wall @brawnybear

@rickywatts still going in deep on this wall. #shinestpete #rickywatts

The only woman you guys should be posting about @brawnybear

The only woman you guys should be posting about. #callmeabadfag #nofucks (at Malibu Beach)

Shotsofhorror scream 1996 dir wes craven @brawnybear


Scream, 1996, dir. Wes Craven (rip 1939-2015)

Gotcris good beard day @brawnybear


Good beard day

Mike @brawnybear