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Brazilian Lolitas @brazilianlolitas

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Eu fiz esse tumblr com o intuito de divulgar a cena lolita brasileira, sintam-se livres para mandar sugestões e críticas. Nenhuma dessas fotos pertencem a mim, todos os direitos reservados aos donos das fotos I made this tumblr in order to show the Brazilian lolita community, feel free to send suggestions and critiques. Photos not taken by me, rights go to the respective owners. - Brazilian Lolitas (@brazilianlolitas)
Ichigofujiwara the strawberry fairy @brazilianlolitas


The strawberry fairy

Godsonfire bosque das cerejeiras @brazilianlolitas


Bosque das Cerejeiras (◕‿◕✿)

Godsonfire ๑ơ ₃ ơ @brazilianlolitas


(๑ơ ₃ ơ)/

Godsonfire i love my new chess story jsk @brazilianlolitas


I love my new Chess Story JSK! ~(*-*)/ <3<3<3

Smokingtoomuch my friend shorty colombo made me @brazilianlolitas


My friend shorty-colombo made me this today. 

Candykisaki may 2nd wearing lolita fashion in @brazilianlolitas


May 2nd, wearing lolita fashion in São Paulo, BR ♥

Headbow: Le Carrousel

Fake fur stole: Tok

Skirt + coat: Innocent World

Boots: Vilela boots and shoes

Petticoat: Me Likes Tea

Lace shirt, socks and bracelet: offbrand

Key necklace: selfmade

Ring: Renner

Yournotpshipper and noooooow outfit pics jsk @brazilianlolitas


And noooooow outfit pics.

JSK, cuffs, rosette: selfmade.
Shoes: Bodyline
Everything else: offbrand

Magical platypus used in a japanese culture @brazilianlolitas


Used in a Japanese culture event with Harajuku Fashion contest.

Thesummerbirds i really like this vintage y @brazilianlolitas


I really like this vintage-y feel. c:

The jsk is BL, the parasol is (oooold) meta, the necklaces are from voodooodolly (etsy), shoes are melissa. Everything else is offbrand.

Isacuomo my coord for my first international @brazilianlolitas


My coord for my first International Lolita Day celebration! <3

We went to an all you can eat pizza place. We are super classy ladies. B|

I took while to post because I was working on some stuff I wanted to say, it’s under the cut! :)

JSK: White Moon

Blouse: Angelic Pretty

Everything else: Off-brand and handmade

Continuar lendo

Mylatsuki 5 j fashion bazar red and white @brazilianlolitas


5 J-fashion Bazar - Red and white!
Blouse and skirt: #Bodyline
Bag: #Loris
Everything else is offbrand.
#lolitafashion #lolita #plussizelolita #Camly

Jennysakura i had a small trip last month to @brazilianlolitas


I had a small trip last month to Serra Negra, SP and this was my comfortable outfit to take the airplane and walk around the city :D

OP: Le Carrousel
Bag: Innocent World
Shoes: Via Scarpe
Chair collar: Body Line
All the rest is offbrand

Photos taken by Marcos (not including the selfie)
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Wildjackalopes last sunday i turned 30 and @brazilianlolitas


Last Sunday I turned 30, and this is what I wore - Juliette et Justine, Haenuli, Alice and the Pirates, Moss Märchen, Sweet Mildred and off brand for a fairly chilly picnic. 

Jennysakura last sunday was my dear friend @brazilianlolitas


Last sunday was my dear friend Carol’s birthday and we had a great time celebrating it at Brasília botanic garden. We had a nice picnic with tons of delicious food!

blouse was from my mother’s wardrobe / skirt: Lady Sloth / Socks: Innocent World / Shoes and brooch: Body Line / Headpiece made by my friend Raysa / all the rest: offbrand or selfmade

Pictures taken by Marcos
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Latinlolitas rika saori brazil @brazilianlolitas


Rika & Saori


Isacuomo ppanndda said the other day that i @brazilianlolitas


ppanndda said the other day that I need to work on my lolita posing… I have no idea what he was talking about.

Komofas fyeahhandmadelolita aatp jsk @brazilianlolitas



Aatp jsk transformed by request into a skirt by Le Carrousel.

So, that is me lol

Yukininha me in a meeting last month i loved @brazilianlolitas


Me in a meeting last month. I loved all the pictures my friend take of me. This is so rare.. XD

Pixie luz excuse my weird face this is the @brazilianlolitas


excuse my weird face This is the outfit I wore to watch Avengers with some friends last weekend. I had so much fun! I missed dressing up so sweetly, but no time!

Thesummerbirds bad cellphone camera is bad @brazilianlolitas


Bad cellphone camera is bad. ):
jsk: HMHM (taobao)
blusa: Bodyline
headdress: Antique Beast + Classical Puppets
bolsa: Classical Puppets (taobao)
meias: Innocent World
sapato: offbrand
colar, anel, pulseira: offbrand/handmade

Wildjackalopes last saturday @brazilianlolitas


Last Saturday. 

Jennysakura outfit to go to the cinema to watch @brazilianlolitas


Outfit to go to the cinema to watch Avengers!

Skirt from Le Carrousel / blouse from Axes Femme / shoes and bag from Innocent World / everything else is offbrand

Picture taken by Marcos

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Yournotpshipper last saturday was loliday 3 @brazilianlolitas


Last Saturday was loliday <3

Skirt: Bodyline
Everything else: Offbrand

Magical platypus a simple coordinate for a @brazilianlolitas


A simple coordinate for a casual meeting <3

Dress: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Shoes, bag and thight: Aliexpress
Other accessories: Off Brand

Jecksyderps a darker sleeping beauty coordinate @brazilianlolitas


a darker sleeping beauty coordinate with some minor changes.

The skirt is by Infanta, and the blouse is punk rave

Jennysakura outfit to watch cinderela 3 my @brazilianlolitas


Outfit to watch Cinderela :3

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Porcelania easter meeting @brazilianlolitas


easter meeting

Komofas outfit rundown headpiece innocent @brazilianlolitas


Outfit rundown

Headpiece: Innocent World and handmade
Jsk: Chess Story’s Le Ballet
Bolero: Taobao (more info here)
Underskirt: Triple Fortune antique cross skirt
Belt: gift from dollminance​
Acessories: offbrand, Sphynx ring from Germano Agustini, Grimoire “lover’s eye” barette
Tights: Ebay
Shoes: Yosuke (my favorite pair)

(source and more pics)

Jennysakura yesterday we had a nice meeting to @brazilianlolitas


Yesterday we had a nice meeting to celebrate friday 13 + white day! We went to Vincent, a lovely tea house in my city! I finally wore my Angel of Music skirt by Haenuli. This print is so amazing! <3

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Wildjackalopes belladonna darwin skirt 3 @brazilianlolitas


Belladonna Darwin skirt. <3

Peripecias i last meeting pictures using @brazilianlolitas


Last meeting pictures :) Using isacuomo gift <3 

Annekira now this looks amazing @brazilianlolitas


Now this looks amazing

Yukininha my last coord and taigas @brazilianlolitas


My last coord (and Taiga’s photobombing…) !!

Everything bodyline. My hair was awful!!!

Yukininha my hello im a normal sweet lolita in @brazilianlolitas


My, hello, I’m a normal sweet lolita in a sweet day and OMG A ZOMBIE <O>

Pixie luz i felt like a fairytale doll @brazilianlolitas


I felt like a fairytale doll ~