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Brides and wives sharing their love with other men. LEGAL DISCLAIMER NSFW 18+ THIS BLOG CONTAINS SEXUALLY EXPLICIT ADULT MATERIAL. ONLY CONSENTING ADULTS ARE AUTHORIZED TO VIEW THIS BLOG. IF YOU ARE A MINOR (UNDER THE AGE OF 18), IF YOU ARE NOT OF AN AGE CONSIDERED LEGAL IN THE COUNTRY OR COMMUNITY IN WHICH YOU LIVE TO VIEW SUCH MATERIALS OR IF SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MATERIALS OFFENDS YOU, YOU MUST LEAVE THIS BLOG IMMEDIATELY! All models displayed on this blog are believed to be 18 or over. If you find any posting on this blog that you believe depicts a minor, please click “Ask Me” and the posting will be removed immediately upon receipt. How to determine if the model in a pic is 18 or older: In the U.S.A., check that the original source site of the pic includes an "18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement" on their site. This is covered by: US TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 110 - Sexual Exploitation of Children Sites whose models/actors merely *look* like minors but are actually adults must comply with USC 18 § 2257, which requires producers of such sites to verify that their models/actors are over the age of 18, and requires these producers to keep records of the performers name, address, age, and every name, nickname or stage alias ever used. Additionally, they must prominently display a disclaimer on the site attesting to the fact that the performers are all legally adults. TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 110 > § 2257 Record keeping requirements Unless otherwise indicated, I do not own any rights to the images posted on this blog. Images shown here were found on publically accessible sites on the Internet and attribution of the source location has been provided where possible. All images are assumed to be in the public domain. Any infringement of copyright is purely unintentional. If you have any problems with any of the images or videos posted on this blog, please click “Ask Me” and leave me a comment. If you own the rights to any of the images/videos posted and do not wish them to appear here, please specify the image/video in question, and the material will be removed immediately upon presentation of proof of copyright. CONTENT This blog in appreciation of the eroticism of brides and wives sharing their love with other men. Brides experiencing the full eroticism of their wedding and sharing with their guests. Wives cheating on their husbands or enjoyment the freedom of an open relationship. - Brides and Wives (@brides-and-wives)
Wife of the party @brides-and-wives

Wife of the party

It feels so good to get out of the house away from @brides-and-wives

It feels SO GOOD to get out of the house away from the husband and the kids, to just let my hair down and have a good time! I will go back home to the hubby later tonight, but for now, this girl just wants to have FUN!

Inshy1957 thickloadsforcumsluts shes @brides-and-wives



she’s married… but very hungry

You see women at these parties all the time but the married women are always the ones that are out-of-control that’s because the hunger for their sexual satisfaction is not being met by their husband’s but the strippers big cock will remedy that tonight

Repostedslutwives you always wanted to go to a @brides-and-wives


You always wanted to go to a bike rally…and your wife was having a lot of fun collecting beads and flashing bikers….until things got out of hand…all you could do was watch the gangbang, as one stranger after another fucked her pussy, and her ass…and came in her mouth…. She didn’t protest…

Hotwifefantasies as soon as my wife gets a @brides-and-wives


As soon as my wife gets a little alcohol in her, the clothes start coming off and the party starts turning into a gangbang.

Hotwifefantasies my wife and i were at a dance @brides-and-wives


My wife and I were at a dance club downtown. I went to get us a couple drinks and when I returned i saw that she had already made a couple new friends.

Fuckedyourwife with her most sex addicted @brides-and-wives


With her most sex-addicted patient, your psychiatrist wife took a more hands-on approach for the same hourly rate.

Weddingdayerotica fuckthebride sweet and @brides-and-wives



Sweet and innocent brides about to start a new chapter.


Laurensilkhotwife just as she was about to go @brides-and-wives


Just as she was about to go on her lunch break her boss called her in for an urgent meeting

Blackmansbride definitely a time you want him @brides-and-wives


Definitely a time you WANT him to pay attention to your breasts.

The bearscave she wasnt sure why her husband @brides-and-wives


She wasn’t sure why her husband asked for this for his wedding gift, but her sisters had no problem doing it.  Does he wants to keep it all in the family?

Mikes madness bride in lingerie sucking cock @brides-and-wives


Bride in lingerie sucking cock.  I wonder if that’s her husband or the best man…

Mikes madness bride flashing pussy and @brides-and-wives


Bride flashing pussy and stockings

Modelfan235 nupic nude wedding nude bride @brides-and-wives



Nude wedding

Nude bride and groom!!!

Mc19731 love nude brides @brides-and-wives


Love nude brides

Nudepicturesofrealgirlfriends after the wedding @brides-and-wives


After the wedding comes and insane wedding night…. white lace lingerie and wild fucking

Willingwivesposenaked is she your friend or @brides-and-wives


Is she your friend or neighbor? Your wife? I hope so!

Perhaps you know one of the other women on my blog. There are 1000’s posted to look for her.

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Lenswalker white wifemounted on a big black @brides-and-wives


White wife…mounted on a big black cock…it is the wave of the future

Lenswalker here is your hubbies boss and your @brides-and-wives


Here is your hubbie’s boss and your next customer

Httpmichfarmboy55tumblrcom a fantasy my @brides-and-wives  A FANTASY…  My Wife dresses up in her wedding dress and lets me watch her be gang banged by some of my black friends…

Cummywife share bare once again your wife @brides-and-wives



Once again, your wife enters the room with drinks and immediately disrupts your Thursday night poker game.

Smokinwives qos the choice of an eight piece @brides-and-wives


QOS - The choice of an eight-piece reggae band at their wedding would make sense when the after party commenced.

Blackmywife the best man doing his duty @brides-and-wives


The best man doing his duty.


How hot, at her wedding reception.

Mastershango for a white wife learning to ride @brides-and-wives


For a white wife learning to ride a black dick, the couch is usually one of the best places to start from!

A year and today wedding day or no wedding day @brides-and-wives


Wedding day or no wedding day, you can’t simply turn off your love for big black cocks.

Smilesex what a fun wife @brides-and-wives


what a fun wife.

The bride and her bridesmaids celebrating @brides-and-wives

The bride and her bridesmaids celebrating.

The bride and her bridesmaids showing off for the @brides-and-wives

The bride and her bridesmaids showing off for the guests.

Mikes madness taking pictures of your friend @brides-and-wives


Taking pictures of your friend getting intimate with your wife.