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Black Sexual Superiority

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This blog is for adults over 18 only and it depicts sexually consenting adults only. I am a straight white male who acknowledges the unquestionable physical and sexual supremacy of blacks, with special emphasis on the beauty, strength, and sexual attraction of dominant black females, to which I am attracted to and admire greatly. As an average white male, I also try at all times to show my utmost respect and deference to the many physically superior black men that I depict here, mostly in breeding scenes with white wives, mothers, and adult daughters, wherever possible with the white husband forced to witness the taking and seeding of his precious wife. I also try to include scenes between black females and white males. In such instances please assume that my intent is to always show the inferior white male as submissive to and merely satisfying the needs of the dominant superior black female. Given my core belief in black supremacy, both female and male, at no time will I reblog any photo that depicts a black person in a subordinate position, or with an uncomplimentary caption. For this reason, I do not reblog photos with derogatory comments about black women. But, if it appears that I have done so in error or out of ignorance, please let me know so I can issue a prompt apology, followed by a clarification or immediate correction. My selection of photos and captions are designed both to pay homage to the physical and sexual supremacy of black females and males of this world, as well as to further recognition and acceptance of these concepts among whites who read this blog, particularly by white males. It is only natural that some white males may resist acknowledgement that blacks are physically and sexually superior to us white males out of shame that they do not measure up. These blogs provide visible education in this regard to ease those feelings. I often do also include scenes between black and white females, however, my intent with such scenes is to extol the comparative greatness of the black females and to portray them in a clear dominant position over the physically and sexually inferior white woman. I do adore and am naturally inclined to be submissive to women of all races, ages, and sizes, so occasionally I may include a photo with a suitable annotation of a non-black female that catches my fancy. More than likely, it will show the female, regardless of race, in a dominant position over the white male. At no time will I show a black male in a subordinate position to a female because that is simply an unnatural and unrealistic situation for aggressive black males. On the other hand, white men are generally submissive, non-aggressive, and deferential to all women. White men are particularly susceptible to domination by black females because of the general natural aggressiveness, greater strength,and dominance of blacks, including black females. Many black females actually have greater physical strength than many soft white males, which helps to intimidate the white males into submission to the black females. All of the scenes shown in this blog have been obtained from the public domain of the Internet, or from fellow bloggers.

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