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- Exploring a Brutal Bias (@brutalbias)
Story time over back to pictures @brutalbias

Story time over, back to pictures.

Tamer than most stuff i post on here but she @brutalbias

Tamer than most stuff I post on here, but she looks exactly like an ex, which amuses me.

Humantoilet im a feminist but this is still @brutalbias


I’m a feminist, but this is still one of the best things I’ve seen in ages.

Same model as this image i love the way she @brutalbias

Same model as this image. I love the way she cries. Anyone know the source?

EDIT: nope, the head of the same model. Looks like the images are fakes
Original for this image is here. Original for the other image is here, with a whole gallery of that girl here.

But that tells me whose bodies these are. I want to know the original for the person crying. Is it even a bondage model? Is this an image of someone crying in some other context that’s been photoshopped into amateur sex shots, with added pins, ejaculate, fisting, etc? And who is making these excellent fakes?