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Dominant male. This Tumblr will contain posts that reflect my varied BDSM-focused interests. I also have a thing for heels, so you'll see that here too. Age 18+ only, NSFW. Any non-consensual-related material is purely fantasy and I do NOT condone it in real life in the slightest. I claim no copyright to any images here: if you see something you would like me to remove, simply use the Ask feature and it will be done. Feel free to message me with questions, comments, etc! - Brutal Master (@brutalmaster)
Deliciae delectae make those tits suffer @brutalmaster


Make those tits suffer.

Sensual dominant @brutalmaster



Mr filthy torture gasping for some breath @brutalmaster


Gasping for some breath…

Distractedphysicsmajor preparing her for @brutalmaster


Preparing her for college is a lot of work, but she’ll be thankful for it later when she moves into a dorm.

The older she gets the more fucked up shit she @brutalmaster

The older she gets, the more fucked-up shit she has to do to get men to use her.

Shes beginning to get the right idea @brutalmaster

She’s beginning to get the right idea.

Lesbian cockslut i think im gonna breed her @brutalmaster


“I think I’m gonna breed her.” “She derseves it.” “Yeah, I’m gonna bring her.”
Then he’s thrusting mercilessly into her, using the bondage to jerk her back onto his cock and pound her cervix. With a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy, she can’t think. She can’t move. Right now, for them, she’s a thing, an object, a warm set of holes with tits.

She loves it.

Deliciae delectae kittydenied technically @brutalmaster



Technically today was my day off from being slutty to let my bruises heal.. but was suffering from a little bit of sub-drop, so Sir gave me a task. :)

The main goal was to test the we-vibe in my pussy and see if I could still fit the inflatable dildo in and lock the belt over the whole thing. It was a super tight fit but I managed to get it in. I was allowed to play on my own and managed to sneak in several orgasms. 

Didn’t feel right to have only have one hole stuffed, so my ass was filled with an inflatable dildo as well. This is extra slutty because I chose to do this on my own, and its something I really don’t enjoy. I can usually blame Sir for making me do horrible things to my ass, but today it was my idea. 

I also did some slutty stuff with my favorite dildos, but will save those pics for another day. :)

Now my holes are as sore as my ass looks, but I’m feeling MUCH better. :)

Love the things you share, kittydenied.

Takeitlikeagoodgirl i like all the things @brutalmaster


“I like all the things about a picture you reblogged for once!”

Scaredfeminist speaking of nipples look what @brutalmaster


Speaking of nipples! Look what just came in the mail!!

Not good enough for a real cock surprised @brutalmaster

Not good enough for a real cock.  Surprised there’s not a huge plug in her asshole.

Thebestblowjobgifs the best blowjobs gifs @brutalmaster


The best Blowjobs Gifs

She’ll go deeper when he wants her to.

Thebestblowjobgifs the best blowjobs gifs @brutalmaster


The best Blowjobs Gifs

Love the situation and the lip ring.  A little less keen on the luchador-style mask, but hey, everyone has different preferences.