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Dominant male. This Tumblr will contain posts that reflect my varied BDSM-focused interests. I also have a thing for heels, so you'll see that here too. Age 18+ only, NSFW. Any non-consensual-related material is purely fantasy and I do NOT condone it in real life in the slightest. I claim no copyright to any images here: if you see something you would like me to remove, simply use the Ask feature and it will be done. Feel free to message me with questions, comments, etc! - Brutal Master (@brutalmaster)
Themagicboots msbutterflyblue sir is an artist @brutalmaster



Sir is an artist and my pale soft skin is his canvas. He’s going to create a deliciously painful masterpiece tonight.
💙Ms Blue

Incredibly gorgeous blank canvas with which to work.

Justanotherdumbcunt were both so busy and he @brutalmaster


We’re both so busy, and he works in a different part of the city; I rarely get to see him during the day. So it was a nice surprise when he showed up at my office at lunchtime. 

He sat in my chair, at my desk, and didn’t say a word. He didn’t have to. One look at him and I knew what he wanted. 

Just to remind me that, even here, I belong to him. 

Becausemisogyny when youre chained up in the @brutalmaster


When you’re chained up in the men’s toilets, you can’t just wait around for a patron to use your holes or slap your tits. You need to keep busy.

Nankingdecade porn is ruining society they @brutalmaster


Porn is ruining society, they say.
Porn is poisoning the minds of young people.
Porn is re-wiring their brains.

I’m not complaining.

Just so long as the bitch doesn’t cum, she can look at as much porn as she wants.

Slut problems sleeping on the dog bed is a @brutalmaster


Sleeping on the dog bed is a fucking honor. It kind of turns me on when you treat me like the bitch I really am. I deserve it, not matter how good I lick your ass and suck your cock I know you’ll still find a reason to banish me to the doggie bed and only allow me into our bed when you want to use my body as a cum rag. 

Slut problems when he fucks my face its like @brutalmaster


When he fucks my face it’s like he’s saying, “I love you” to my throat. He is showing me who is boss, who is in charge. I love it when a man just takes control of my face and uses it as a fuck hole to cum in. I want to be a cum receptacle for him, I want to feel like I’m helping. I want to help him get off, even if he has to hurt me a little in the process, I’m totally up for it. I want to be used hard. Really hard. I want to drain his cock one load at a time down my fucking slut throat. 

Anonfitcouple dance with me @brutalmaster


…dance with me 💋

Convenient they can just dump her in the can @brutalmaster

Convenient.  They can just dump her in the can after they’re finally done.

Obediently opening up for round 3 @brutalmaster

Obediently opening up for round 3.

Reflectivedesire look at the size of that ball @brutalmaster


Look at the size of that ball!

Sillysexystupid im gonna put my body first @brutalmaster


I’m gonna put my body first,
And love me so hard ‘til it hurts.

Enigmamre its been six months without an @brutalmaster


It’s been six months without an orgasm. Well an orgasm for her. I kept giving her chances to earn one. Like I told her if she could orgasm without touching her clit during anal, she could have as many of those as she wanted. Or if she was willing to let me apply the numbing cream, she could masturbate to orgasm. I even let her play with her nipples while I was titty fucking her, and she was allowed to orgasm from that.

But today is the six month anniversary since her last orgasm. And she has faithfully edged five times a day that whole time. Sure, she can’t do math any more but she wasn’t very good to begin with. And she has the spelling of a kindergartner. But she’s been a good girl and has earned the right to orgasm. All she needs to do is get the vibrator in the right spot before midnight. She’s got 12 hours. I’m sure she can figure it out.

Themagicboots i will leave you with this before @brutalmaster


I will leave you with this before I turn in.
The state of being collared and leashed brings absolute freedom of relinquishing control to one’s Master.

Spreader bar and heels gotta love that @brutalmaster

Spreader bar and heels, gotta love that combination.

An interesting and amusing predicament @brutalmaster

An interesting and amusing predicament.

Theres a clock on the wall so she can see how @brutalmaster

There’s a clock on the wall so she can see how long the machine has been pounding her cunt.  It’s only hour 2 but feels like forever.

Training your property bagmeanytime @brutalmaster




Train her💜

This is incredible

Excellent deep throat training.  She’s turning out to be a fine plaything.  So willing to please, even it it means having her throat stretched in fantastic ways.

Impressive.  Now to sit another slavegirl’s ass down on that plug.

Maybe shes eyeing the object thats going to go @brutalmaster

Maybe she’s eyeing the object that’s going to go deep up her ass.

Bdsm kink get kinky with a hottie into this @brutalmaster


Get Kinky With a Hottie Into This Near You…
Click Here!

His trophy wife is not happy with his trophy mistress and has decided to teach the little tart some manners.

Seems technically obedient but theres a spark of @brutalmaster

Seems technically obedient but there’s a spark of defiance in those eyes.  Nothing a cattle prod and a gang fuck can’t fix.

Kinkyplace more kinky pics and vids well @brutalmaster


More Kinky Pics and Vids

Well, little girl, it’s time to crank the Sybian up and leave you for a few hours.  I’ll give you a choice this time: just low enough to keep you from orgasm, or high enough so that you come way too much.  Nod once for the first option, twice for the second.  You have 10 seconds to decide or I pick for you.

Those tits are in for some heavy abuse when her @brutalmaster

Those tits are in for some heavy abuse when her owner gets back from work.  Always nice to have a stress relief toy, isn’t it?

Keepingher i do like it when she poses for me @brutalmaster


I do like it when she poses for me.

Keepingher this is how you teach a girl to be @brutalmaster


This is how you teach a girl to be quiet. I’ll add some weights in a bit to help her concentrate on what’s important.

Beautiful heeled women follow for more @brutalmaster


Follow for more!

Another hot shot of those legs and heels love it @brutalmaster

Another hot shot of those legs and heels, love it.

Themagicboots themagicboots over 500 @brutalmaster




Over 500 notes! Thank you.

Love that pose and that ass…

Themagicboots yeah im not taking them off @brutalmaster


Yeah, I’m not taking them off!

Nor should you!  They scream sex.

Deliciae delectae insex was the most brilliant @brutalmaster


Insex was the most brilliant site of all time.

Painslutx by felipeseptimo @brutalmaster


By felipeseptimo

Hedonistfucktoy i love doing this its messy @brutalmaster


I love doing this. It’s messy and painful and humiliating.

Deliciae delectae sensualhumiliation her @brutalmaster



Her anus has been virgin, until today !!

Can’t stay a virgin forever, sweetie.

He1943 risqué has over 40000 posts over @brutalmaster


Risqué ☺☺☺ has over 40,000 posts & over 12,000 followers

Subservient stray i love my hair when its @brutalmaster


I love my hair when it’s freshly dyed

Micoba she wasnt ready to accept that she was @brutalmaster


She wasn’t ready to accept that she was a sex slave now.


Ivyleaguebimbo goreanmann when the slightest @brutalmaster



When the slightest hungry lustful look in my eye makes you compulsively drop to your knees with glee in your heart and a giggle on your lips then your training will be nearly complete.

I can’t stop staring at this gif and reading the caption…

Becausemisogyny cunt storage beds are for @brutalmaster


Cunt storage: beds are for people.

Micoba she had only come back to her old @brutalmaster


She had only come back to her old apartment to pick up something she forgot the day of the move. The new tenant knew a golden opportunity when she saw it and now she was into day two of her training as a lesbian sex toy.

I suppose she looks scared enough but no harm in @brutalmaster

I suppose she looks scared enough, but no harm in trying a little harder, hmm?

Stupidfuckingrapepuppet i bought this swimsuit @brutalmaster


I bought this swimsuit at the beginning of summer and completely forgot to post this photo! It’s the first photo of me I’ve posted on here so be gentle!

Gentle to the photo, yes.  Gentle to you, not so much…  If you take my meaning.

Classy and collared gotta love that @brutalmaster

Classy and collared.  Gotta love that.

Micoba simple deals of mutual benefit are the @brutalmaster


Simple deals of mutual benefit are the best, Carol. How about you suck my cock nicely and you get all the air you can breathe for the rest of the day?

Petdolls2 vicky powell charmingly useless at @brutalmaster


Vicky Powell 

charmingly useless at every task, but

dumb, cute and enthusiastic


Megarchon its time you admit it @brutalmaster


It’s time you admit it.

Hmm i suppose this is enough squirming bitches @brutalmaster

Hmm, I SUPPOSE this is enough squirming bitches for a successful auction.

Deliciae delectae trytobegoodforme look at @brutalmaster



Look at you, such a helpless and used little slut; if you’re lucky I’ll turn you around and use your other hole too.

Use her hard: It’s what she’s for.

An afternoon on the sybian should put her in a @brutalmaster

An afternoon on the Sybian should put her in a more receptive mood, hmm?

Excellent compliance and i love how the nipple @brutalmaster

Excellent compliance, and I love how the nipple rings bounce with the stroke.

Mollypops23 hatefuckingforbeginners you made @brutalmaster



You made a choice, whore. I am the consequence.

The simultaneous pull of the collar and press of the hand over her mouth. She’s completely at his mercy. Love it!

Mollypops23 saythankyoumaster i just want to @brutalmaster



I just want to use you.

I love how she’s just so totally restrained and being used as a pleasure object with no regard for her comfort. Also, later on today I have a similar reblog going up that is a fun twist on this.

Becausemisogyny holes available this bar cunt @brutalmaster


Holes available, this bar-cunt is ignored until someone wants to empty into it.

Mollypops23 looking at this makes me imagine a @brutalmaster


Looking at this makes me imagine a dystopia where women are placed in trains for use like this. Perfect stress relief for a long commute.

A fantastic idea.  You want to be the prototype?

This is just the beginning of the re education @brutalmaster

This is just the beginning of the re-education process for this recalcitrant bitch.  She’ll learn her place sooner or later. 

Deliciae delectae such a pretty girl looks @brutalmaster


Such a pretty girl. Looks like there could be a fair number of pedestrians on the street. I’d have everything off of her and put her on her hands and knees in the back of that van. Better yet, wait until it’s stuck in heavy traffic with pedestrians thronging the sidewalks–I’m thinking Times Square at rush hour in the summer–then make her go up on all fours, ass in the air and udders hanging. Only after people have started to notice do I stop the van, get out and place the large magnetic “ANIMAL CONTROL” signs on the side panels and rear door, then open the doors and leisurely insert her tail plug, buckle on a collar, strap on her muzzle, and attach her leash. I’ll enjoy her begging with her eyes as I shake my head and remark to the shocked but laughing tourists about the “shamelessness of bitches in heat.”

Deliciae delectae kitchen appliance @brutalmaster


Kitchen appliance.

Misogynistowner i submitted before i made a @brutalmaster


I submitted before, i made a new blog.

Misogynistowner replies: Of course you did. A girl like you could not keep away from the objectification of nameless men on the internet for very long. We all know exactly what you are.

Subservient stray even my hair matches ive @brutalmaster


Even my hair matches. I’ve never been so coordinated.