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Dominant male. This Tumblr will contain posts that reflect my varied BDSM-focused interests. I also have a thing for heels, so you'll see that here too. Age 18+ only, NSFW. Any non-consensual-related material is purely fantasy and I do NOT condone it in real life in the slightest. I claim no copyright to any images here: if you see something you would like me to remove, simply use the Ask feature and it will be done. Feel free to message me with questions, comments, etc! - Brutal Master (@brutalmaster)
Nothingmorethan3holes dick sucking sluts x @brutalmaster




Quivering dick sucker.

Love this setup.

Kristenlang1227 @brutalmaster



Nothing but a cum dump.

I love how she’s just idly rubbing herself while apparently guy after guy comes in and just cums on her.  Seems so…. perverse and hot.

Deliciae delectae kristenlang1227 @brutalmaster




I adore, how these girls take care of each other, how the one behind comforts the shy one into sucking this cock, opening her jaw to transform her gently into the fuckslut she wants to become.  

Jeezus, that’s arousing…

She probably helped unbutton her shirt and get her tits out, too.

Shes made her owner proud and thats all that @brutalmaster

She’s made her owner proud, and that’s all that matters.

Farmd0gsrevenge petgirl monday @brutalmaster


Petgirl Monday

Womenshoesdaily sergio rossi sandals @brutalmaster


Sergio Rossi Sandals YaseminAksu

Just2fingers a juicer was requested as was a @brutalmaster


A juicer was requested, as was a spatula and “my cock” (the asker’s cock, I assume), but this is a strange house and only one of those things was available.


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