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Dominant male. This Tumblr will contain posts that reflect my varied BDSM-focused interests. I also have a thing for heels, so you'll see that here too. Age 18+ only, NSFW. Any non-consensual-related material is purely fantasy and I do NOT condone it in real life in the slightest. I claim no copyright to any images here: if you see something you would like me to remove, simply use the Ask feature and it will be done. Feel free to message me with questions, comments, etc! - Brutal Master (@brutalmaster)
Deliciae delectae sensualhumiliation her @brutalmaster



Her anus has been virgin, until today !!

Can’t stay a virgin forever, sweetie.

He1943 risqué has over 40000 posts over @brutalmaster


Risqué ☺☺☺ has over 40,000 posts & over 12,000 followers

Subservient stray i love my hair when its @brutalmaster


I love my hair when it’s freshly dyed

Micoba she wasnt ready to accept that she was @brutalmaster


She wasn’t ready to accept that she was a sex slave now.


Ivyleaguebimbo goreanmann when the slightest @brutalmaster



When the slightest hungry lustful look in my eye makes you compulsively drop to your knees with glee in your heart and a giggle on your lips then your training will be nearly complete.

I can’t stop staring at this gif and reading the caption…

Becausemisogyny cunt storage beds are for @brutalmaster


Cunt storage: beds are for people.

Micoba she had only come back to her old @brutalmaster


She had only come back to her old apartment to pick up something she forgot the day of the move. The new tenant knew a golden opportunity when she saw it and now she was into day two of her training as a lesbian sex toy.

I suppose she looks scared enough but no harm in @brutalmaster

I suppose she looks scared enough, but no harm in trying a little harder, hmm?

Stupidfuckingrapepuppet i bought this swimsuit @brutalmaster


I bought this swimsuit at the beginning of summer and completely forgot to post this photo! It’s the first photo of me I’ve posted on here so be gentle!

Gentle to the photo, yes.  Gentle to you, not so much…  If you take my meaning.

Classy and collared gotta love that @brutalmaster

Classy and collared.  Gotta love that.

Micoba simple deals of mutual benefit are the @brutalmaster


Simple deals of mutual benefit are the best, Carol. How about you suck my cock nicely and you get all the air you can breathe for the rest of the day?

Petdolls2 vicky powell charmingly useless at @brutalmaster


Vicky Powell 

charmingly useless at every task, but

dumb, cute and enthusiastic


Megarchon its time you admit it @brutalmaster


It’s time you admit it.

Hmm i suppose this is enough squirming bitches @brutalmaster

Hmm, I SUPPOSE this is enough squirming bitches for a successful auction.

Deliciae delectae trytobegoodforme look at @brutalmaster



Look at you, such a helpless and used little slut; if you’re lucky I’ll turn you around and use your other hole too.

Use her hard: It’s what she’s for.

An afternoon on the sybian should put her in a @brutalmaster

An afternoon on the Sybian should put her in a more receptive mood, hmm?

Excellent compliance and i love how the nipple @brutalmaster

Excellent compliance, and I love how the nipple rings bounce with the stroke.

Mollypops23 hatefuckingforbeginners you made @brutalmaster



You made a choice, whore. I am the consequence.

The simultaneous pull of the collar and press of the hand over her mouth. She’s completely at his mercy. Love it!

Mollypops23 saythankyoumaster i just want to @brutalmaster



I just want to use you.

I love how she’s just so totally restrained and being used as a pleasure object with no regard for her comfort. Also, later on today I have a similar reblog going up that is a fun twist on this.

Becausemisogyny holes available this bar cunt @brutalmaster


Holes available, this bar-cunt is ignored until someone wants to empty into it.

Mollypops23 looking at this makes me imagine a @brutalmaster


Looking at this makes me imagine a dystopia where women are placed in trains for use like this. Perfect stress relief for a long commute.

A fantastic idea.  You want to be the prototype?

This is just the beginning of the re education @brutalmaster

This is just the beginning of the re-education process for this recalcitrant bitch.  She’ll learn her place sooner or later. 

Deliciae delectae such a pretty girl looks @brutalmaster


Such a pretty girl. Looks like there could be a fair number of pedestrians on the street. I’d have everything off of her and put her on her hands and knees in the back of that van. Better yet, wait until it’s stuck in heavy traffic with pedestrians thronging the sidewalks–I’m thinking Times Square at rush hour in the summer–then make her go up on all fours, ass in the air and udders hanging. Only after people have started to notice do I stop the van, get out and place the large magnetic “ANIMAL CONTROL” signs on the side panels and rear door, then open the doors and leisurely insert her tail plug, buckle on a collar, strap on her muzzle, and attach her leash. I’ll enjoy her begging with her eyes as I shake my head and remark to the shocked but laughing tourists about the “shamelessness of bitches in heat.”

Deliciae delectae kitchen appliance @brutalmaster


Kitchen appliance.

Misogynistowner i submitted before i made a @brutalmaster


I submitted before, i made a new blog.

Misogynistowner replies: Of course you did. A girl like you could not keep away from the objectification of nameless men on the internet for very long. We all know exactly what you are.

Subservient stray even my hair matches ive @brutalmaster


Even my hair matches. I’ve never been so coordinated.

Masteronij sirwhilliam absolutely love the @brutalmaster



Absolutely love the aesthetic of this

it goes so well together. would love to see this in public

Holly gonightly therulesets marks one day @brutalmaster


theruleset’s marks, one day later. No filter.

Lesbian cockslut she was on her knees her neck @brutalmaster


She was on her knees, her neck tied to the post behind her, and with her arms bound up out of the way, she was totally powerless to get away from him. She’d given up a while ago now. He’d been skullfucking her so long her jaw was burning. Now that he was standing still, buried thick and hard in her throat, she could feel the spit bubbling up around his cock and sliding down her stomach towards her throbbing clit.

“Oh yeah,” he was saying, his hardness cutting off her breathing. Her head was beginning to swim but she did her best not to fight back, not to struggle. “Yeah, bitch. Good little mouthcunt. I knew you’d be a good whore once I pounded the defiance out of you.” He was breathing heavily, his balls against her chin, his hands gripping her hair to make sure her lips were flush with his abdomen.

He pulled halfway out and she gasped, the sudden air making her dizzy. He pushed back in and more spit bubbled up as she forced herself not to gag. He started moving back into a rhythm, thrusting into her throat faster with each thrust, the weight of him crushing the back of her head into the wood.

He was starting to gasp as he fucked her throat. “Yeah. Bitch. I’m going to come. Going to shoot myself straight down into your fucking stomach.”

She squirmed, rubbing her legs together against her clit, and started to suck.

Themagicboots hot wax as well my senses were @brutalmaster


Hot wax as well. My senses were overwhelmed.

Ballgaggedbitches follow us @brutalmaster


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Is it wrong that for some reason i want to attach @brutalmaster

Is it wrong that for some reason I want to attach electrodes to the bars and shock those nipples?

Msbutterflyblue msbutterflyblue make it hurt @brutalmaster



Make it hurt.
💙Ms Blue

I’m actually in a particularly dark, dangerous, and lonely mood. Indulge me?
💙Ms Blue

Deliciae delectae girlstorturer @brutalmaster




“Another destroyed cunt looking fantastic!”


Make her sweat.

Themagicboots must haves @brutalmaster


Must haves !

Beautiful heeled women follow for more @brutalmaster


Follow for more!

Micoba does she get to cum no dummy shes @brutalmaster


“Does she get to cum?”

“No dummy. She’s only been here two weeks. You know the rules. No orgasms the first six months, only edging.”

“But what about …”

“Yes. If you can make her cum just by sucking her nipple, you’ll get two orgasms from Mistress. And she gets punished for it.”

“Let’s try that then. I really need to cum so bad ..”

Themagicboots lookmeinthecleavage my butt @brutalmaster



My butt looks so cute in these.

It does indeed.
Humiliatedsluthumiliation watch 100 free @brutalmaster


Watch 100% FREE Humiliated Slut Videos HERE:

Maggie here was a secretary at a law office until one of the partners decided he’d employ her in a different manner.

Remember everyone respect her for her mind @brutalmaster

Remember, everyone: respect her for her mind!

Micoba she brought the customer in worked out @brutalmaster


She brought the customer in, worked out all the details of the merger save one. That’s the one he negotiated with her employers and it was a dealbreaker. So they were reluctant but at the same time completely ruthless about letting him have his “little kickback” as it would virtually guarantee them his continued business. 

The last thing she remembered was crystal touching crystal as they celebrated the signing of the contract. Now she was a fuckdoll in one of his mansions and her only ambition was to keep him satisfied.

Not exactly what i had in mind when i asked it to @brutalmaster

Not exactly what I had in mind when I asked it to dance to entertain us.  I think an electric prod up its asshole will produce more amusing results.

Dianes day at the office has taken a rather @brutalmaster

Diane’s day at the office has taken a rather peculiar turn.  Though not an unwelcome one.

Micoba this was as she learned a rural jail @brutalmaster


This was, as she learned, a rural jail and it often took the judge weeks to come through and hear cases. Some city slut running the only red light while tipsy might easily be the only distraction the sheriff and his deputy had during night shifts and a planted dimebag full of cocaine from the evidence room would deny her bail until long after she had gotten to know them in ways their good wives at home never would.

At least her new master feeds her regularly good @brutalmaster

At least her new master feeds her regularly.  Good quality food, too.  But always served like this, as a further reminder that she’s property, not a person.

Themagicboots lesbianmuse themagicboots @brutalmaster




Flogger and wand combination Mistress.

Lovely start.. now put it to use honey! ^.^

It was Mistress. You’ve already posted that pic!!!!!
Themagicboots my backside does look rather cute @brutalmaster


My backside does look rather cute here, if I may say so myself.

Themagicboots hot wax as well my senses were @brutalmaster


Hot wax as well. My senses were overwhelmed.

Looks freshly taken off the street itll take @brutalmaster

Looks freshly taken off the street.  It’ll take some work to alter that expression into something more compliant. 

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Littlemissdrippy urges best simply give in @brutalmaster



Best simply give in to them.