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Top, Dom, Sadistic Dad/Bear/Trucker to rape me! @bttmsub4topdad-rape

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18+ only. - Top, Dom, Sadistic Dad/Bear/Trucker to rape me! (@bttmsub4topdad-rape)
Boy loosing his virginity to his teacher that he @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Boy loosing his virginity to his teacher that he hopes he can receive an “A” for.

Powerbottomjock bottoms who service daddies get @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Bottoms who service daddies get to live in bliss, fulfilling their destinies as subs to dominant studs. The rougher they’re handled, the more they fall in love.

(Bookends are compliments of @sweetheartbeatoffroadmusic)

So this is what a virgin ass feels like from a @bttmsub4topdad-rape

So this is what a virgin ass feels like from a bubble butt

Great idea to kidnap this kid whos been @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Great idea to kidnap this kid who’s been hitchhiking. Now we know no one will miss this boy.

Checked the party list and i only see that white @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Checked the party list and I only see that white people made the invitation list.

Sorry kid you dont pay rent you loose your @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Sorry kid. You don’t pay rent, you loose your virginity, just like the contract said that you e signed.

666sodomy screamin just eggs me on the more @bttmsub4topdad-rape



Astupidfaggotcuntdoeswhatitstold she left 2 @bttmsub4topdad-rape


she left 2 years ago… called me weak….i was not going to lose my son too….he was so much like his mommy and cried and cried until he realized what i missed his mommy for the most….i carefully taught him what i needed from him and now he is a happy stay at home housekeeper and good girl for his old man….

Sleazy dirty dads rape sons since dad became my @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Since dad became my team’s football coach, he’s found all new ways to get his dick in my ass when my mom isn’t looking I want him to stop but football’s all I have

How i lost my virginity @bttmsub4topdad-rape

“How I lost my virginity”

Lovelymasterger follow lovelymasterger for more @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Follow LovelyMasterGER for more SM-Pics and other Pics of cute young guys.

How rough you should be when raping me

Coachandhisjocks get him hold him tight one @bttmsub4topdad-rape


“Get him” “Hold him, tight" 

One minute Nathan was under the hot shower, water dripping on his back down his ass crack and his legs. The next moment someone hit him hard in the gut. Sprawled on the tiled shower room, he had little time to react as rough hands picked him up. Two men on either side grabbed his hands and legs, while a third pushed his neck down, limiting his vision. All he saw was the tiled bathroom floor and legs, 2-3 pair of legs. 

“Spread him” said the fourth guy from behind in a local dialect that Nathan didn’t understand. His legs were spread wide giving the guy unrestricted access. Nathan struggled with all his might, but it was 4 against 1 and there was nothing he could do.

“You think you come in my country and shame us in match on our soil” said the guy right behind him as he grabbed Nathan’s ass and squeezed it hard.

Nathan team was a visiting team for the 3 match soccer tournament. Nathan scored 5 times yesterday and took his team to victory. “Let’s see how fast you run tomorrow, with 4 cocks up your boy-pussy” said the guy behind him in heavily accented English.

Nathan struggled vigorously, but it only made them hold him tighter. The guy holding his neck tightened his grip and pushed his neck further down. Nathan saw the fourth guy’s legs for the first time. Big feet. He saw him lower his underwear to his knees and at the same time felt the guy’s dick on his ass crack. 

“No…no help! help!”

“Scream bitch. Scream, more will come down to fuck you.”

The guy spread his ass cheeks and said something in local language. The others laughed and jeered. He meant “pink pussy”

The guy spat twice in the ass crack and rubbed the tip of his dick on Nathan’s exposed boy pussy. Nathan clenched his boy hole shut, it was his one and only defense. The guy saw this and said, “I like when my bitch puts a fight, they always lose.”

Coach and his Jocks 

Rapeurhole a hole is just a hole i would love @bttmsub4topdad-rape


A hole is just a hole

I would love to be locked in this position

Halohunks passed out rape time @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Passed out

Rape time!

Submissive cock slut dominated by rough stud dup @bttmsub4topdad-rape



Those two studs are really roughing up that eager slut. Bet some of you bottoms would love a fuck that rough, hm?

The best place for a faggot is tied to a fuck-bench.

Domnator2 go on take it out and put it in your @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Go on, take it out and put it in your mouth!

Notice the diversity of the most woof people i @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Notice the diversity of the “most woof” people.

I was being sarcastic but yes, there is almost no diversity here.
Inchargedad just keep your mouth open boy @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Just keep your mouth open boy

Even the minorities still dont respond back not @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Even the minorities still don’t respond back. Not interested? Be a man and say so. Or block me.

Being colored in a white dominated city @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Being colored in a white dominated city (Portland). Almost none responds back to me or say a few words and then never responds back.

First time making kung pao chicken kungpao @bttmsub4topdad-rape

First time making Kung Pao Chicken. #kungpao #chinesefood #cooking #foodporn (at University Pointe at College Station)

This favor blocked me when i called him out on his @bttmsub4topdad-rape

This favor blocked me when I called him out on his racist bullshit.

Choking a sub is the best way to distract him from @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Choking a sub is the best way to distract him from being in pain when getting double penetrated.

Goodygoodycumdrop loads more group sex @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Loads more group sex, bareback fucking, and - oh, of course! - cum awaits at Goody Goody Cum Drop

Would be nice to have 2 daddy cocks cum in me:

Gaysataniccoven gaysataniccovencom @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Pervdom666 666sluthol pervdom666 hail @bttmsub4topdad-rape




Hail Bruders – “the deepest … “    find PERVDOM666 on Recon or message me at


Hey 666sluthol – I want you more than you know – msg PERVDOM666 at

I pray that I would be raped by a father when I was a child

Dont think ive ever sweat this much just by @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Don’t think I’ve ever sweat this much just by lifting before. Now it’s time to start on cardio. #gym #lift #bodybuilding (at Portland State Campus Rec)

Rawlad300467 why because i want to because @bttmsub4topdad-rape



Because I want to because I can and because your a faggot. You’ve got a real hard dick for someone who doesn’t like what’s happening to him. Your hard dick tells me your a cock loving slut. A slut who ain’t happy unless your arse is getting raped & seeded by someone like me.

Go on make my day scream shout or beg me to stop. I own you and your holes from now on bitch & I ain’t stopping till I’ve blown several loads in or on you. Screaming and begging only makes my cock harder and you getting raped rougher. So go on beg me to stop. Not that there’s any chance of that happening you dirty little cunt. Not until I’ve blown all my spunk stored in my big bollocks so it’s gonna be a while yet faggot.

How straight boy virginity should be taken @bttmsub4topdad-rape

How straight boy virginity should be taken. 

Gayfetishperspective breath controlchoking @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Breath Control/Choking.  When done safely, what a rush!

Nycbearbuddy gag those fags face fucking @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Gag those Fags! Face Fucking Time!

Kinkypervboy4u makes my boy cunt ache just @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Makes my boy cunt ache just seeing & wishing this was me

Sexwithdad dad it hurts @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Dad, it hurts…

My awesome dilfs i love you sir @bttmsub4topdad-rape


I love you SIR.

Nohoslut stop trying to crawl away from me you @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Stop trying to crawl away from me, you fucking little cunt!

Palmerlover divinee2088 best reward for the 14 @bttmsub4topdad-rape



Best reward for the 14 year old who mows your lawn – get your buds over to pay the kid in sperm. 

Daddy and his mates pay you well boy

Is it bad for me to think this turns me on wishing @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Is it bad for me to think this turns me on wishing it was me?

Domnator2 thatll do pig @bttmsub4topdad-rape


That’ll do, pig.

Not much of an ass person but a lot of people like @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Not much of an ass person but a lot of people like it. My ex took this photo for me.

Theomegaboy giving his hole to his sir every @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Giving his hole to his Sir every night.

The biggest fucking hypocrite messaged him 3 @bttmsub4topdad-rape

The biggest fucking hypocrite. Messaged him 3 times and never got a response back.

Blacked out last night and woke up in this @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Blacked out last night and woke up in this position.

We are going to make you cum first that way @bttmsub4topdad-rape

“We are going to make you cum first. That way, raping you would feel more realistic”

Go ahead youre free to escape just to let you @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Go ahead, you’re free to escape. Just to let you know, you’re miles away from land and that the “rape” laws doesn’t apply here in the ocean.

Cruisercumpup somebody is always prepared a @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Somebody is always prepared!  A steady supply of frozen Cum is always wise to have, especially when there is no Feeder available.  The need to take in Cum can be so overpowering at times.

This is why it is important to get as much Seed as possible, any way you can.  Collect It. Store It. Never go without.

Lovelymasterger dreamsofasubfag an identity @bttmsub4topdad-rape



An identity to lose 2/3

After a whole day tied in the dark, you have no longer marks… Unfortunately for you, today I’m in no mood to spare you! Don’t imagine that your tears will soften me, I have no time to lose in your training! I hope you’ll appreciate when I shall drain your balls, because I’ll not turn around the bush when it comes time to expand your ass! You may no longer have a voice tonight! I’m going to let you tied up there that night with the biggest dildo possible in the ass! It is necessary that tomorrow I can freely play with…

Post 1/3 : First contact

Post 2/3 : First training

Post 3/3 : You’re now mine

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Pitfurholebeard daddy bears giving birth to a @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Daddy bears giving birth to a bear cub….

Grover3 gingerstrap when daddy doesnt give @bttmsub4topdad-rape



“When daddy doesn’t give you a choice.”

He gave him a choice of position just not whether he’d be fucked, cause that was a given.

Whiteyondemand black rule @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Black rule

Ricefag hey fag do you remember us you @bttmsub4topdad-rape


“Hey, fag. Do you remember Us? You might not because We beat up you again and again till your tiny brain got fucked up last Friday night. But don’t worry, We remember your name, address, facebook account, and even your mom’s e-mail address!”

“Why don’t you come to play with Us tonight? We forgot to ask your PIN number the last time We met you. And, We feel like releasing some of Our stress with you and wanna add your shameful pictures more to Our collection. We already have enough to show your mom who you really are, haha”

“Don’t forget to bring beer, your wallet, and boxing gloves for your protection. Choose soft ones because We’ll beat you so hard all night long.”

Dadandsontime hold tight to daddy @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Hold tight to daddy.

Flynyguy columbussub1 finally full more nasty @bttmsub4topdad-rape



Finally full

More Nasty Stuff

Oh my god. I can almost see its shoved down into the throat muscle

Eatafeeder his cunt will be fucked and @bttmsub4topdad-rape


His cunt will be fucked and impregnated.

Blkowner oh to be this whore i want this @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Oh to be this whore!!!!

I want this to happen to me.

Going to rape this boy i picked off the street @bttmsub4topdad-rape

“Going to rape this boy I picked off the street. But first, let me take a selfie.”

Begforitpig this position is great for fags @bttmsub4topdad-rape


This position is great for fags. Girls will never do it, but I love seeing my fat cock stretch their throats, plus you can rest your balls on their nose. 

Begforitpig fucking impregnate the bitch make @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Fucking impregnate the bitch. Make it hurt. Faggot will remember this one for a while.

Banging the boy boy farm journal the training @bttmsub4topdad-rape


BOY FARM JOURNAL: The training of young Tommy Thompson

Young  American college student Tommy Thompson (21) was captured over two weeks ago near Dayton, Ohio and then taken very quickly to the boy farm obedience school. He has been getting cock disciplined in his ass three times a day. This is the prescribed amount of times for fucking by Big Mike during a transitional period for any young capture so that his  tight straight hairy boy hole can learn how to accommodate the multiple invaders and quickly get used to his new role of being plundered by a man. Big Mike,himself, has had a session or two with the boy and is very pleased with this young muscular assed pup’s progress. The boy’s young mouth is also been getting a good workout by the many men of the boy farm. Tommy will fetch the farm a good price when he is sold at auction later.

I am not a man im a women who only respond to @bttmsub4topdad-rape

“I am not a man. I’m a women who only respond to people I like. Instead of saying not interested, I Ignore them until they block me. I love to play games and wish I had a vagina.”

Im not always a racist but when i am i make @bttmsub4topdad-rape

“Im not always a racist, but when I am, I make sure I won’t respond back to anyone that isn’t white, only until I get called on my bullshit. Then, I’ll respond back to try to defend myself so I won’t sound racist.”

Hello my name is brian i am a racist pussy if @bttmsub4topdad-rape

“Hello, my name is Brian. I am a racist pussy. If you’re not white, I won’t respond.”

Slowrolling49 bigger boys xxx download 100 @bttmsub4topdad-rape




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Too much to take

Fuck the pussy faggot. The dom should have still continue to fuck him.

Poppers with a little but of chloroform @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Poppers with a little but of chloroform.

Blkowner dont be scared whore its what @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Don’t be scared, whore! It’s what you’re made for!!!

Wannabebbcslut lucky faggot oh nice its @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Lucky faggot

Oh nice! It’s great to see some Asians being in popular porn websites. 

Cashfagscanwatchme making sure that i dont @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Making sure that I don’t forget to fuck that ass before I leave huh? Good move homo

“I’ve drugged this boy and told him what I’ll do to him next. He suddenly rushed towards the door trying to escape but the meds kicked in and knocked him out. Now it’s time to rape this virgin faggot!”

Cashfagscanwatchme never try to outrun us again @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Never try to outrun us again you little fuck bitch

Bald black bull stuff goldcoastozy @bttmsub4topdad-rape



this is how You treat faggots … if they behave, otherwise let em find white Tops to use em

My first video that I thought it was real rape when I was young. I did fantasize this ever since.

I wish my daddies can gather a group of other @bttmsub4topdad-rape

I wish my daddies can gather a group of other daddies together to take advantage of me.

Always nude always nude is there a @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Always nude!

Is there a male-only version of this?

Hairyfuckbottom dominatehim faggywhore stop @bttmsub4topdad-rape




Stop resistin an accept yer place in life cracker!


It’s training has just begun and it will take weeks of raping, beatings and humiliations to properly train a fresh white slave. But make no mistake, it WILL be broken and serve the SUPERIOR BLACK RACE, just like all the rest.

Cummeaterchicago you are seriously not paying @bttmsub4topdad-rape


You are seriously not paying attention to my posts if you don’t already know this about me… :-P

2 more racist faggots that should have their balls @bttmsub4topdad-rape

2 more racist faggots that should have their balls cut. They didn’t respond back to my messages so I made a fake account (posing as a white person) and suddenly received instant responses back.

Whtass4blkdik follow me for hot interracial @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Follow me for hot interracial porn. If you are a black or Latin top, hmu on kik at jikkij.

I wish there was an x-ray capability. I would love to see what a cock looks like inside of me

Whtass4blkdik follow me for hot interracial @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Follow me for hot interracial porn. If you are a black or Latin top, hmu on kik at jikkij.

No boy should only take half a dick. They should all be required to take all. Even if it doesn’t fit, fucking force it in!

Sexwithdad kgbear62 when my wife and @bttmsub4topdad-rape



When My Wife and Daughter went up North to visit Grandma..I Took My Son to Florida to the Beach for a Week..Just the Two of US!!

Dad took me on a camping trip

My masterpiece at portland state university @bttmsub4topdad-rape

My masterpiece (at Portland State University)

Rawlad300467 i fucking love it when your skull @bttmsub4topdad-rape


I fucking love it when your skull fucking a faggot and your spunk spurts out of his nostrils. That the gagging and forcing the sluts head down onto your dick. It’s fucking great & I love to treat faggots queers & sluts.

Just got another faggot to admit hes racist @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Just got another faggot to admit he’s racist.

I know this retard is just looking for sex but it @bttmsub4topdad-rape

I know this retard is just looking for sex, but it still doesn’t excuse what s racist idiot of a whore he is.

Ramroddsgifs open ur fuckin mouth @bttmsub4topdad-rape



Gettingitallin hypnogayman @bttmsub4topdad-rape



                                    Putting David under

David is a damn hot boy, he goes under easily and deep so I decided to test how suggestible he is to erotic hypnosis.

Sleep David and listen to my voice, i want you to imagine how good would it be to be dominated by a strong and assertive man, just imagine how relaxing and exciting would be feeling a man like me loving you, posessing you, penetrating you David. Just imagine it and enjoy the feeling David, feel how good is being loved boi, just relax now and let it happen

Where can I find a dom hypnosis daddy?

Found 3 racist person on grindr @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Found 3 racist person on Grindr.

Hungblkmaster76 whitebois love feeling small @bttmsub4topdad-rape


whitebois love feeling small and helpless under a true King.

I need this done to me but harder @bttmsub4topdad-rape

I need this done to me, but harder.

One powerful thrust coming up @bttmsub4topdad-rape

One powerful thrust coming up!

Ultrafaghole masterworship trapped and @bttmsub4topdad-rape




And another fag bites the buldge

Sonsandbrothersusa i can never get any homework @bttmsub4topdad-rape


I can never get any homework done at the house without my dad trying to bend me over and fuck me every hour or so.