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Top, Dom, Sadistic Dad/Bear/Trucker to rape me! @bttmsub4topdad-rape

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18+ only. - Top, Dom, Sadistic Dad/Bear/Trucker to rape me! (@bttmsub4topdad-rape)
Karl666 fucking it bbc rules @bttmsub4topdad-rape


fucking it

BBC rules

Whatshewontdo every time i ask dad for money he @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Every time I ask Dad for money he makes me work for it.

Flredneck4bbc pale secrets and dark whispers @bttmsub4topdad-rape




Extremely hot if i get raped like this @bttmsub4topdad-rape

Extremely hot if I get raped like this

Kb4y this will go easier if you stop resisting @bttmsub4topdad-rape


This will go easier if you stop resisting boy.

Wanttobedaddystoy please daddy destroy my boy @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Please Daddy, destroy my boy pussy with your man meat, so that i´ll never forget who my pussy belongs to

Wanttobedaddystoy daddy has made some new @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Daddy has made some new friends, they meet up once a week. Daddy told me i could make a few euro´s if i serve beer and make sure they are okay. I not so happy about my new “job” but as Daddy say´s you can do it on your own and make 10-20 euro´s or i´ll force you and you won’t make a cent………´s up to you boy, you WILL do it, so choose your way BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanttobedaddystoy that s how i want to get @bttmsub4topdad-rape


That´s how i want to get raised by Dad!!!!

Wanttobedaddystoy as my grandpa found out that @bttmsub4topdad-rape


As my Grandpa found out that my Dad was making money on selling my ass to men, he decided to open his own company , Now he is selling me to!!

Iammegadaddyissues thats it son daddys @bttmsub4topdad-rape


“That’s it, son. Daddy’s inside you all the way now. You did well. You were tight. I had to get a little rough with you. You understand, of course.  Stop struggling and just breath. Calm down. Listen to my voice. I know it’s thick and it hurts but your pussy feels so good on my raw dick, and that’s what you want, isn’t it? To make Daddy feel good? Yeah? Yes Sir? That’s better …:

“Be still and concentrate on my dick. Go on, squeeze it with your pussy. Oh fuck yeah! Good boy …  Do you know what’s happening right now? Your milking the precum out of Daddy’s cock. Your tight little pussy is making Daddy want to fuck you, baby. You want that, don’t you. Yeah? Of course you do …”

“You want this big hairy Daddy to fuck you like a little princess? Yeah? Well maybe later, baby. Right now you’re going to bend over and take it like a whore, understand? Daddy doesn’t have time to be gentle and your tight little cunt is driving me crazy. Shh! Stop your whining and listen to me: there’s nothing you can do to stop me. I know you understand that. Sweet, soft boy … oh yeah … I love opening you up, son.  I’m going to cum inside you; I’m not pulling out. So you’re going to hold it in for as long as you possibly can. And when you come back tonight and Daddy fingers your pussy there better be something in there for me to feed you.  Now bend over and prove to me that you’re worth my time.” 

Httpbiggggggggggggtumblrcom @bttmsub4topdad-rape


My Daddy training my hole before he whores me out to his buddies. He told me I needed to earn my keep

Rawlad300467 ever since dad found out i was a @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Ever since dad found out I was a dirty fucking faggot he’s gotten real rough with me he fucks me hard rough and every day.

He found me jerking off to daddy son porn and told me if I was a dirty faggot then he was going to make sure I was treated as one.

So he’s started to sell me to dirty pervs who love a think use abuse and rape. Sometimes I’m out all hours and I’m the entertainment at special parties that dad organises where he gets the money I get raped.

Dad gets cash and my arse to use whenever he wants and I get lots of daddy dick from him and anyone he allows to use me. He’s really good to me cause he knows what a slut I am for dick. Daddy and guys daddy’s age are what I crave. I just love being a play thing for hard dominate older men.

Stepdadsson step dad getting his only @bttmsub4topdad-rape


Step Dad getting his

Only chloroform would help this daddy fuck a boy

Stepdadsson my neighbor said my step dad owed @bttmsub4topdad-rape


My neighbor said my step dad owed him a favor

Stepdadsson and you thought he invited you over @bttmsub4topdad-rape


And you thought he invited you over to play X box. He invited you for your box!

Insatiablesatyr cant be soon enough the @bttmsub4topdad-rape


can’t be soon enough / the sooner the better

Youre free to go if you can escape @bttmsub4topdad-rape

You’re free to go if you can escape

Allabouttwinks facedownassupmrduff just plug @bttmsub4topdad-rape



Just plug him up and leave him for the next time.

I do this!

Yourbubblebuttbaby he wanted to take all his @bttmsub4topdad-rape


He wanted to take all his daddy’s babies, but his hole was just too darn small.