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Assman's Pearadise!! Only the biggest and best big booty photo and video finds that I see will be posted. All credits given to the original photographers or videographers. Enjoy! - (@candidculo)
Granny gilf with huge juggs and a massive chunky @candidculo

Granny GILF With HUGE Juggs and a MASSIVE Chunky @$$ Foreplay!

Snapped a picture of her huge chocolate as she @candidculo

Snapped a picture of her HUGE Chocolate @$$ As She Gets Ready!

Lucky slave vol 12 creamy bbw engulfing a lucky @candidculo

Lucky Slave Vol. 12

Creamy BBW Engulfing a lucky slave’s face - Part 2, when her panties come off!

I envy that slave SOOOO Much!! Love how she keeps adjusting her HUGE @$$ to make sure his face is buried way up there! Also love the HULK SMASH treatment she gives him in the last two!

Phat chocolate bent over @candidculo

PHAT Chocolate @$$ bent over!

Groundbreaking discovery @candidculo

Groundbreaking Discovery!

Redbone megapear washing her mega phat chunky @candidculo

Redbone Megapear Washing her Mega PHAT, Chunky @$$! Pt.2

Bbw shakes her massive dimpled creamy cellulite @candidculo

BBW Shakes her MASSIVE, Dimpled, Creamy Cellulite Megaculona! Pt. 1

I’d love to bury my face in that wall of soft, cellulite BBW @$$!

Lucky slave vol 11 creamy bbw engulfing a lucky @candidculo

Lucky Slave Vol. 11

Creamy BBW Engulfing a lucky slave’s face! Just wait for Part 2, when her panties come off ;)

Creamy bbw megapear showin her goods @candidculo

Creamy BBW Megapear Showin’ her goods!

Creamy bbw milf gettin it huge white @candidculo

Creamy BBW MILF Gettin’ it!

HUGE White @$$ bouncing off your pelvis. Is there anything better (well a Latina but still…)

Redbone megapear washing her mega phat chunky @candidculo

Redbone Megapear Washing her Mega PHAT, Chunky @$$! Pt.1

Creamy bbw shows off her huge hips @candidculo

Creamy BBW shows off her HUGE Hips & @$$

Whale tailed bbw giving h3d @candidculo

Whale-tailed BBW giving h3@D!

An animated gif of the phat pawg milf thanks to @candidculo

An animated GIF of the Phat PAWG MILF!

Thanks to Maxxxmega.

Bbw shows off her big creamy in selfies @candidculo

BBW Shows off her BIG, Creamy @$$ in selfies!

Phat 3d white bbw wife riding her toy @candidculo

PHAT @$$3D White BBW Wife Riding her toy!!

Phat chocolate teazin on webcam would love @candidculo

PHAT Chocolate @$$ Teazin’ on Webcam!

Would LOVE to get my face in that!

Bbw f in idoes it get any better @candidculo

BBW F#$%in’

IDoes it get any better?

Huge phat creamy cellulite bbw @candidculo

HUGE, Phat, Creamy Cellulite BBW @$$!

Lucky slave vol 10 must smell like heaven who @candidculo

LUCKY SLAVE VOL. 10: Must Smell like HEAVEN!!

Who wants next?

Massive meaty chocolate pear shakes her huge @candidculo

Massive Meaty Chocolate Pear Shakes her HUGE @$$ In a Dress!

Creamy white cellulite megapear @candidculo

Creamy White Cellulite Megapear @$$!

Phat young chocolate pear ready to please @candidculo

Phat young Chocolate Pear ready to please!

Pawg doing some spring cleaning i would love for @candidculo

PAWG Doing Some Spring Cleaning.

I would LOVE for my face to explore that ass!

A sexy game of bbw pool care to join @candidculo

A Sexy Game of BBW Pool.

Care to join?

Pawg crystal same girl from the pool video @candidculo

PAWG Crystal (same girl from the pool video) trying on her jeans.

Who else wants their face so far up her HUGE, PHAT Creamy @$$?

8100 followers deserves lucky slave vol 9 @candidculo

8,100 Followers Deserves:  Lucky Slave Vol. 9. Thanks!

Veeerrrrrrrryy Lucky Slave!!!

Huge chunky 3d chocolate megapear takes mirror @candidculo

HUGE, Chunky @$$3D Chocolate MegaPear takes Mirror Selfies!

Yo quiero mucho!!

8000 followers deserves a phat latina riding @candidculo

8,000 Followers Deserves a PHAT Latina @$$ riding her favorite toy! Thanks!!

Would LOVE to cram my face into that PHAT, beautiful @$$!!

Diosa con a phat meaty caramel on webcam @candidculo

Diosa Con a PHAT, Meaty Caramel @$$ On Webcam!

Phat young chocolate me gusta @candidculo

Phat Young Chocolate @$$!!

Me gusta!!!

Sexy caramel bbw w big hanging juggs and a big @candidculo

Sexy Caramel BBW w/ big hanging juggs and a BIG fat @$$!

The big mama on the left would love all that @candidculo

The BIG Mama on the left!

Would love all that Gigantic, Chunky BBW @$$ in/ on my face.

Another white woman w a phat white ss @candidculo

Another White Woman w/ a PHAT White @ss!

Same girl from the garden @candidculo

Same girl from the garden!

Would love to cram mi cara in that @candidculo

Would love to cram mi cara in that!

Pear shaped pawg olivia jensen look that @candidculo

Pear Shaped PAWG Olivia Jensen.

Look @ that @$$ and hips!

Lucky slave pleasures a young bbw with a mammoth @candidculo

Lucky Slave pleasures a young BBW with a MAMMOTH Caramel @$$!

Who wants next?

2drell does anyone out there know who this is cuz @candidculo


Does anyone out there know who this is cuz she is bad


Huge mixed bbw booty en la cama perfect for mi @candidculo

HUGE Mixed BBW Booty En La Cama!

Perfect for mi cara!

7000 followers deserves a massive white pear with @candidculo

7,000 Followers Deserves a Massive White Pear with a huge jiggly cellulite @$$!


White pear with a huge phat the mall @candidculo

White Pear With a HUGE, PHAT @$$ @ the mall!!

Big milky white @candidculo

Big Milky White @$$!!!

Drunk blonde ssbbw pear dancing care to join her @candidculo

Drunk Blonde SSBBW Pear dancing!

Care to join her?