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Assman's Pearadise!! Only the biggest and best big booty photo and video finds that I see will be posted. All credits given to the original photographers or videographers. Enjoy! - (@candidculo)
Two ssbbws take turns oiling each others fat @candidculo

Two SSBBWs Take Turns Oiling Each Other’s Fat, Cellulite @$$3$!

Garyplv bigpiggies perfect pear @candidculo



Perfect Pear

Extreme Megapear Shaped Diosa!

Redbone bbw with a mammoth phat would love @candidculo

Redbone BBW With a Mammoth, PHAT @$$!

Would love to get my hands/ face on/ in that @$$!

Mature white bbw with a thick fleshy phat @candidculo

Mature White BBW with a thick, fleshy, PHAT @$$ getting it from behind!

Is there a more beautiful sight?

Mexican sightseer with a monster megculona look @candidculo

Mexican Sightseer with a MONSTER Megculona!

Look at her MAMMOTH Ass stretching that skirt! Love the fat legs too!

I would love to cram my head up that skirt and get a closer look!

Playing with some phat latina cheeks while shes @candidculo

Playing with some PHAT Latina cheeks while she’s riding!

In slow-mo to really appreciate how fat and jiggly her @$$ is ;)

Irish pawg with big tits and huge phat ass vol 4 @candidculo

Irish PAWG with BIG Tits and HUGE Phat Ass Vol. 4!

Best of both worlds! MUUUYY CAAAAALIENTE!!! I would LOVE to motorboat those HUGE tits and @$$!

Eating out a delicious phat soft indian @candidculo

Eating out a delicious phat, soft Indian @$$.

Mexican woman with a mammoth monster megaculona @candidculo

Mexican woman with a MAMMOTH, Monster Megaculona In A Hotel Room.

MUY CALIENTE!!!! May add some gifs of mis Monster @$$3d Diosa here soon!

Mature white bbw with a massive phat chunky @candidculo

Mature White BBW With a MASSIVE, PHAT, Chunky @$$ at Walmart!

I’d love to bury my face up that beautiful @$$!

Caught this massive monster while in line at @candidculo

Caught this MASSIVE MONSTER @$$ While in line at Walmart!

Insert face into that huge phat vast bbw @candidculo

Insert face into that HUGE, Phat Vast BBW @$$!

Bbw cooking some breakfast in a thong the best @candidculo

BBW Cooking Some Breakfast In a thong. The best scene in the morning!

Bbw with a gigantic chunky soft gettin ready @candidculo

BBW With a GIGANTIC, Chunky Soft @$$ gettin’ ready to ride.

Granny gilf with huge juggs and a massive chunky @candidculo

Granny GILF With HUGE Juggs and a MASSIVE Chunky @$$ Foreplay!

Snapped a picture of her huge chocolate as she @candidculo

Snapped a picture of her HUGE Chocolate @$$ As She Gets Ready!

Lucky slave vol 12 creamy bbw engulfing a lucky @candidculo

Lucky Slave Vol. 12

Creamy BBW Engulfing a lucky slave’s face - Part 2, when her panties come off!

I envy that slave SOOOO Much!! Love how she keeps adjusting her HUGE @$$ to make sure his face is buried way up there! Also love the HULK SMASH treatment she gives him in the last two!

Phat chocolate bent over @candidculo

PHAT Chocolate @$$ bent over!

Groundbreaking discovery @candidculo

Groundbreaking Discovery!

Redbone megapear washing her mega phat chunky @candidculo

Redbone Megapear Washing her Mega PHAT, Chunky @$$! Pt.2

Bbw shakes her massive dimpled creamy cellulite @candidculo

BBW Shakes her MASSIVE, Dimpled, Creamy Cellulite Megaculona! Pt. 1

I’d love to bury my face in that wall of soft, cellulite BBW @$$!

Lucky slave vol 11 creamy bbw engulfing a lucky @candidculo

Lucky Slave Vol. 11

Creamy BBW Engulfing a lucky slave’s face! Just wait for Part 2, when her panties come off ;)

Creamy bbw megapear showin her goods @candidculo

Creamy BBW Megapear Showin’ her goods!

Creamy bbw milf gettin it huge white @candidculo

Creamy BBW MILF Gettin’ it!

HUGE White @$$ bouncing off your pelvis. Is there anything better (well a Latina but still…)

Redbone megapear washing her mega phat chunky @candidculo

Redbone Megapear Washing her Mega PHAT, Chunky @$$! Pt.1

Creamy bbw shows off her huge hips @candidculo

Creamy BBW shows off her HUGE Hips & @$$

Whale tailed bbw giving h3d @candidculo

Whale-tailed BBW giving h3@D!

An animated gif of the phat pawg milf thanks to @candidculo

An animated GIF of the Phat PAWG MILF!

Thanks to Maxxxmega.

Bbw shows off her big creamy in selfies @candidculo

BBW Shows off her BIG, Creamy @$$ in selfies!

Phat 3d white bbw wife riding her toy @candidculo

PHAT @$$3D White BBW Wife Riding her toy!!

Phat chocolate teazin on webcam would love @candidculo

PHAT Chocolate @$$ Teazin’ on Webcam!

Would LOVE to get my face in that!

Bbw f in idoes it get any better @candidculo

BBW F#$%in’

IDoes it get any better?

Huge phat creamy cellulite bbw @candidculo

HUGE, Phat, Creamy Cellulite BBW @$$!

Lucky slave vol 10 must smell like heaven who @candidculo

LUCKY SLAVE VOL. 10: Must Smell like HEAVEN!!

Who wants next?

Massive meaty chocolate pear shakes her huge @candidculo

Massive Meaty Chocolate Pear Shakes her HUGE @$$ In a Dress!

Creamy white cellulite megapear @candidculo

Creamy White Cellulite Megapear @$$!

Phat young chocolate pear ready to please @candidculo

Phat young Chocolate Pear ready to please!

Pawg doing some spring cleaning i would love for @candidculo

PAWG Doing Some Spring Cleaning.

I would LOVE for my face to explore that ass!

A sexy game of bbw pool care to join @candidculo

A Sexy Game of BBW Pool.

Care to join?

Pawg crystal same girl from the pool video @candidculo

PAWG Crystal (same girl from the pool video) trying on her jeans.

Who else wants their face so far up her HUGE, PHAT Creamy @$$?

8100 followers deserves lucky slave vol 9 @candidculo

8,100 Followers Deserves:  Lucky Slave Vol. 9. Thanks!

Veeerrrrrrrryy Lucky Slave!!!

Huge chunky 3d chocolate megapear takes mirror @candidculo

HUGE, Chunky @$$3D Chocolate MegaPear takes Mirror Selfies!

Yo quiero mucho!!

8000 followers deserves a phat latina riding @candidculo

8,000 Followers Deserves a PHAT Latina @$$ riding her favorite toy! Thanks!!

Would LOVE to cram my face into that PHAT, beautiful @$$!!

Diosa con a phat meaty caramel on webcam @candidculo

Diosa Con a PHAT, Meaty Caramel @$$ On Webcam!

Phat young chocolate me gusta @candidculo

Phat Young Chocolate @$$!!

Me gusta!!!

Sexy caramel bbw w big hanging juggs and a big @candidculo

Sexy Caramel BBW w/ big hanging juggs and a BIG fat @$$!

The big mama on the left would love all that @candidculo

The BIG Mama on the left!

Would love all that Gigantic, Chunky BBW @$$ in/ on my face.

Another white woman w a phat white ss @candidculo

Another White Woman w/ a PHAT White @ss!

Same girl from the garden @candidculo

Same girl from the garden!

Would love to cram mi cara in that @candidculo

Would love to cram mi cara in that!

Pear shaped pawg olivia jensen look that @candidculo

Pear Shaped PAWG Olivia Jensen.

Look @ that @$$ and hips!

Lucky slave pleasures a young bbw with a mammoth @candidculo

Lucky Slave pleasures a young BBW with a MAMMOTH Caramel @$$!

Who wants next?

2drell does anyone out there know who this is cuz @candidculo


Does anyone out there know who this is cuz she is bad


Huge mixed bbw booty en la cama perfect for mi @candidculo

HUGE Mixed BBW Booty En La Cama!

Perfect for mi cara!

7000 followers deserves a massive white pear with @candidculo

7,000 Followers Deserves a Massive White Pear with a huge jiggly cellulite @$$!


White pear with a huge phat the mall @candidculo

White Pear With a HUGE, PHAT @$$ @ the mall!!

Big milky white @candidculo

Big Milky White @$$!!!

Drunk blonde ssbbw pear dancing care to join her @candidculo

Drunk Blonde SSBBW Pear dancing!

Care to join her?

Massive phat wobbly bbw walking from behind look @candidculo

MASSIVE, Phat Wobbly BBW walking from behind!

Look @ that slow-mo! Love to get my d!ck/ face into that!

Big sexy chocolate tits a phat beautiful @candidculo

Big Sexy Chocolate Tits & a PHAT Beautiful @$$!

Biggest phatest monstrous bbw megadonk @candidculo

BIGGEST, PHATEST Monstrous, BBW Megadonk!!!!

Probably a repost but this EPIC MONSTER @$$ deserves recognition! That’s ALOT for my face/ d!ck to explore! Dios Mio!

Who wants to be behind that @candidculo

Who wants to be behind that?

Stacked young latina bbw big tits a big phat @candidculo

Stacked Young Latina BBW (BIG Tits & a BIg, PHAT @$$ to motorboat!)

Bigassbutts chiches and nalgas big latin @candidculo



Big Latin ass

(via Tumbling)

Maria!! Estoy Enamorada!

6700 followers deserves a huge megapear shaped @candidculo

6,700 Followers deserves a HUGE MegaPear Shaped White BBW Showering!


Bbw margot shows off her huge chunky in a @candidculo

BBW Margot shows off her HUGE, Chunky @$$ in a thong Pt. 2!

Since she is soo popular with my fanbase, here is more from the beautiful BBW in the red dress. For those that don’t know, her name is Margot. 

Get her videos here:

Her website: 

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed! I MEAN, LOOK @ THAT SHAPE! ;)

Megaphat ebony megaculona en bed @candidculo

Megaphat Ebony Megaculona En Bed!

White bbw showing her huge chunky in a thong @candidculo

White BBW Showing her HUGE, Chunky @$$ in a thong!

For those wondering, this is the MUY CALIENTE Margot!!! Get her video here: Her website:

6400 followers deserves a big sweaty bbw booty @candidculo

6,400 Followers Deserves a Big, Sweaty BBW Booty After Work!


Massive chunky latina bbw pt 3 @candidculo

Massive Chunky Latina BBW @$$ Pt. 3!!!

Enormous ebony bbw with a chunky mammoth @candidculo

Enormous Ebony BBW With a Chunky, Mammoth @$$!

Look @ the size of that!

6300 followers deserves a mammoth 3d white bbw @candidculo

6,300 Followers deserves a Mammoth @$$3D White BBW Putting on makeup.

Mixed bbw wife w enormous fat in hotel room @candidculo

Mixed BBW Wife w/ Enormous FAT @$$ in hotel room!

Imagine all of that sitting on your face @candidculo

Imagine all of that sitting on your face!

Massive mammoth bbw bus rider i want my @candidculo

MASSIVE Mammoth BBW Bus Rider @$$!

I want my face/ d!ck up that HUGE @$$ sooo bad it isn’t even funny!

White bbw pear with a huge @candidculo

White BBW Pear With a HUGE @$$!

Huge ed mature milf gives us a show huge @candidculo

HUGE @$$ed Mature MILF Gives Us A Show!

HUGE Chunky @$$cheeks hanging out of the chair and crack visible!

More of the massive chunky latina bbw @candidculo

More of the Massive Chunky Latina BBW!

Mature white woman with a huge chunky @candidculo

Mature White woman with a huge chunky @$$!!

Huge ebony bbw shaking her massive chunky @candidculo

HUGE Ebony BBW Shaking her MASSIVE Chunky @$$!     

I have reloaded the video since Tumblr deleted my first post. So feel free to rereblog and relike!

Who wants @candidculo

Who wants?

Muy caliente @candidculo


Massive chunky latina bbw @candidculo

Massive Chunky Latina BBW @$$!!!

Pawg gettin ready 2 measure @candidculo

PAWG Gettin’ ready 2 measure!

Phat meaty pear shaped pawg on webcam @candidculo

PHAT Meaty Pear Shaped PAWG @$$ on Webcam

Would love to get my hands and face on this @candidculo

Would love to get my hands (and face) on this beaut!!

Fat white bbw presenting in high heels @candidculo

Fat white BBW presenting in High Heels!

On the way to the bedroom @candidculo

On the way to the bedroom ;)

Whale tailed white bbw in a thong @candidculo

Whale-tailed White BBW In a thong!

Thick white bbw unknowingly giving us a show @candidculo

Thick White BBW unknowingly giving us a show!

Big phat juicy 3d white woman @candidculo

BIG, PHAT, Juicy @$$3D White Woman

5900 followers deserves a huge assed white bbw @candidculo

5,900 Followers deserves a HUGE Assed White BBW Testing her new dildo!!