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CapriceFeet @capricefeet

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Welcome to the Little Caprice foot fetish blog for those who love Little Caprice feet. This woman is absolutely beautiful and her feet are amazing! Little Caprice is also known as Lola Shut, Caprice, Caprice A., Caprise, Lolashut and Marketa. Fall in love with her sexy feet! - CapriceFeet (@capricefeet)
Caprice loves to lick between soles @capricefeet

Caprice loves to lick between soles!

What would you do first @capricefeet

What would you do first?

Keep on dreaming of caprice @capricefeet

Keep on dreaming of Caprice!

Capricetoes strechting @capricefeet

CapriceToes strechting!

Capricefoot knocking on wood @capricefeet

CapriceFoot knocking on wood!

It s her smile andher feet @capricefeet

It´s her smile and…her feet!

Maybe it s her eyesor her feet @capricefeet

Maybe it´s her eyes…or her feet…

Hot sweaty summer capricefeet in the sand @capricefeet

Hot sweaty summer CapriceFeet in the sand…

Capricesoles out of the dark @capricefeet

CapriceSoles out of the dark…

Just like naked capricefeet in heels @capricefeet

Just like naked: CapriceFeet in heels!

When capricefeet touch the ground @capricefeet

When CapriceFeet touch the ground.

Would you like to take off the second shoe @capricefeet

Would you like to take off the second shoe?

Caprice is the most beautiful harmony of beauty @capricefeet

Caprice is the most beautiful harmony of beauty and erotic!

Capricefeet come as dirty as they are @capricefeet

CapriceFeet come as dirty as they are!

Sometimes caprice wears shoes @capricefeet

Sometimes Caprice wears shoes!

Whatever you want andcapricefeet @capricefeet

Whatever you want and…CapriceFeet!

Dominikafeet you just gotta stare at @capricefeet


You just gotta stare at DominikaFeet!

Soft and wet capricesole @capricefeet

Soft and wet CapriceSole!

Capricefeet @capricefeet


Natural capricefoot @capricefeet

Natural CapriceFoot.

Made to drive you wild @capricefeet

Made to drive you wild!

When caprice takes off her shoes @capricefeet

When Caprice takes off her shoes!!!

Hand on capricefoot @capricefeet

Hand on CapriceFoot!

The art of capricefeet @capricefeet

The Art of CapriceFeet!

A wet dream from behind @capricefeet

A wet dream from behind…

Caprice in a nylon dream @capricefeet

Caprice in a nylon dream…

Dominikafeet if you want hot and sweaty @capricefeet


If you want hot and sweaty DominikaFeet…

The art of caprice @capricefeet

The Art of Caprice!

Somewhere behind capricefoot @capricefeet

Somewhere behind CapriceFoot…

Make caprice smile again @capricefeet

Make Caprice smile again!

Capricefeet walk on @capricefeet

CapriceFeet walk on!

Caprice means perfection @capricefeet

Caprice means perfection!

Dominikafeet sometimes you have a dreamof oily @capricefeet


Sometimes you have a dream…of oily DominikaFeet!

And what is you fantasy @capricefeet

And what is you fantasy?

Dominikafeet any positions showsdominkafeet @capricefeet


Any positions shows…DominkaFeet!

You know what caprice wants @capricefeet

You know what Caprice wants?

Caprice knows about the erotic of feet @capricefeet

Caprice knows about the erotic of feet!

Dominikafeet you want a woman who loves to show @capricefeet


You want a woman who loves to show you her feet just to turn you on? Fall in love with DominkaFeet!

Capricefeet close to you @capricefeet

CapriceFeet close to you!

When the night comes @capricefeet

When the night comes…

Dominikafeet close to dominikafeet @capricefeet


Close to DominikaFeet!

Caprice shows it all @capricefeet

Caprice shows it all….

Lick her sole while she s playing @capricefeet

Lick her sole while she´s playing!

A beauty from head to toe @capricefeet

A beauty from head to toe!

Dominikafeet dominika s feet will help you @capricefeet


Dominika´s Feet will help you through this night!