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Captioned pics and stories of men and women in chastity or denial situations. - Chastity Captions (@captionsofchastity)
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My shes a dangerous one @captionsofchastity

My, she’s a dangerous one!

Her glasses are nerdy in a cute way and obviously @captionsofchastity

Her glasses are nerdy in a cute way… and obviously she’s a clever girl!

Soubrettechaste just perfect @captionsofchastity


Just perfect

Bgdick 8 years locked my mistress is proud of @captionsofchastity


8 years locked. My mistress is proud of my great tongue. She’s also proud of how big a cock I can take up my ass

Bgdick especially when mistress has a full cunt @captionsofchastity


Especially when Mistress has a full cunt of her bulls cum.

Saintth looks appetizing @captionsofchastity


Looks appetizing.

Captionsofchastity lets keep this a secret @captionsofchastity


Let’s keep this a secret, but sometimes I have trouble embracing the horniness and frustration. But perhaps is it the essence of horniness and frustration that they can’t be fully embraced?

So maybe she’s wrong? Of course, she could also be teasing!

P nis they love to tease you til you cry @captionsofchastity


They love to tease you ‘til you cry!

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Jennifer Lawrence
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Katy Perry
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Denymecaps made a prequel and a sequel to one @captionsofchastity


Made a prequel and a sequel to one of my existing captions.