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This is the tumblr for the owner of Capturedguys. I'll be posting photos and thoughts about men in bondage. This material is considered mature and all content is intended for consumption by adults of legal age. That means 18 and older. - Capturedguys (@capturedguys)
Another shoot with leo giamani today such a nice @capturedguys

Another shoot with Leo Giamani today. Such a nice guy.

Gagged with his own foot nice @capturedguys

Gagged with his own foot. Nice!

Photoshoot with new model 19 year old dion @capturedguys

Photoshoot with new model, 19 year old Dion. September 24, 2015.

Fun photo shoot with alejandro after a 4 year @capturedguys

Fun photo shoot with Alejandro, after a 4 year absence. :-)

Barefoot bound and ball gagged christian from @capturedguys

Barefoot, bound, and ball gagged Christian. From this week’s update at

Onlyonebenjamin benjamin godfrey in bondage i @capturedguys


Benjamin Godfrey in bondage. I think he’s also gagged in the bottom pic.

Which is great. I’ve never seen him gagged.

Jamandstuff that wasvery special @capturedguys


That was…very special

Sense8 episode 6 the orgy scene @capturedguys

sense8- episode 6 the “orgy” scene.  

Sense8 lito and hernando love them @capturedguys

Sense8-  Lito and Hernando

Love them!

Yeah we had sex that was very special sense8 @capturedguys

yeah. we had sex. that was.. very special

sense8- Will and Lito during “The Orgy”


Sense8 will and lito during the orgy @capturedguys


Will and Lito during “The Orgy”  :-)

Sense8 on netflix binge watched all the @capturedguys

sense8- on Netflix.

Binge watched all the episodes. This is from episode 6. Hot hot hot….

This set looks hot as heck barefoot hogtied and @capturedguys

This set looks hot as heck!  Barefoot hogtied and gagged!

Sockgagged32 just a few to get started an @capturedguys


Just a few to get started! An example of my collection and me with a big knot gag :)

This is great!

Brickflash p a @capturedguys


<p><a href=””> check out brickflash for more

Drewbottoms photo shoot 2 @capturedguys


Photo shoot #2

Anyone know what this is from a porno a regular @capturedguys

Anyone know what this is from? A porno? A regular movie?

Lorenzo tied tapegagged and hard @capturedguys

Lorenzo tied, tapegagged and hard.

Fucking around this past summer at a party @capturedguys

Fucking around this past summer at a party. :-)

Vintage male bondage from a larry townsend @capturedguys


From a Larry Townsend story book.  1980’s.

Ukbdsm russian bdsm slut for all submitted by @capturedguys


russian bdsm slut for all

Submitted By: delfin011
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Mishawinsexster wonder bar 1934 @capturedguys


Wonder Bar, 1934
When he comes to i have a surprise for him @capturedguys

When he comes to, I have a surprise for him…

Bondageisnotacrimeparis suspension au raz du @capturedguys


suspension au raz du sol 

Modèl : Joël 

Shibari & Photo : Amaury Grisel

studio : Place des cordes

Only thing missing is a gag. Otherwise, excellent!

Mistermaciste just five minutes i said and i @capturedguys


“Just five minutes”, I said and I fell asleep. Now it’s late for work.

Yay…Mr.Maciste bares his sole.  :-)

Where is this from anyone know @capturedguys

where is this from? Anyone know?

Phantomsphotography13 muscles tats and @capturedguys


Muscles, Tats and rope!!

Beautiful work, beautiful model.

Phantomsphotography13 greghaskell photo @capturedguys



Photo courtesy of phantoms. And yes I was suspended from this apparatus.

More of Phantoms shibari

Greghaskell a peek at last weeks shoot with @capturedguys


A peek at last week’s shoot with Phantoms.

Phantomsphotography13 thomas wrapped in @capturedguys


Thomas wrapped in Phantoms Shibari 

Beautiful work from phantomsphotography @capturedguys

Beautiful work from Phantomsphotography

Dudelust hot straight mexican rough trade tied @capturedguys


Hot straight Mexican rough trade, tied up and vulnerable.
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Double update of 6 sets this week in celebration @capturedguys

Double update of 6 sets this week in celebration of 16th anniversary.  Got Leo Giamani to pose for the site. Bruno finally gets jerked-off. Longtime favorite model Ben returns. New model Hasim gets gagged by Yussef. Handsome guy Zane is hogtied and gagged with his sock. And young tucker is tormented by Adam.   Whew!

Photoshoot with one of my favorite models brent @capturedguys

Photoshoot with one of my favorite models, Brent.

September 13, 2014

Tightropesgagseu heathawk13 rope practice @capturedguys



Rope practice special. 

Today I hung out with Honey and we did some rope.

I got tied she did the tying and took the photos.

Thanks Honey! 

I hope you folks enjoy. 

Imaginative rope work

Anybody got more of this guy post it he does it @capturedguys

Anybody got more of this guy? Post it. He does it for me. :-)

Heathawk13 myself rigging by honey digital @capturedguys



rigging by Honey



Heathawk13 jackpotmatt and honey rigging by @capturedguys


Jackpotmatt and Honey 

Rigging by Honey 



Papaconz commission original size a4 300 @capturedguys



original size A4 300 dpi

Excellent drawing. Excellent gags too. :-)

Omegagenesis101 seth 4 shea 3 from the late @capturedguys


Seth 4 & Shea 3

From the late great

Omegagenesis101 nate from the late great @capturedguys



From the late great

Omegagenesis101 gabe b from the late great @capturedguys


Gabe B

From the late great

Parker london gets forced to cum from the current @capturedguys

Parker London gets forced to cum. From the current update at

Chase from the current update at my site @capturedguys

Chase, from the current update at my site:

Excellent ropework and excellent model @capturedguys

Excellent ropework and excellent model. :-)

Parker london forced to worship cains big size 14 @capturedguys

Parker London forced to worship Cain’s big size 14 bare feet. From

Bound and gagged ryans bare feet are worshiped @capturedguys

Bound and gagged Ryan’s bare feet are worshiped against his will. From

Bound and gagged tate gets tickled from @capturedguys

Bound and gagged Tate gets tickled. From

Mrkristoferweston big beefy rex is chairtied and @capturedguys


Big Beefy Rex is chairtied and ballgagged…
From the current update at

Dudesindistress gggggnnnggg hhghgh @capturedguys


Gggggnnnggg hhghgh ggnnhhgnng!!!!

You’re welcome!