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This is the tumblr for the owner of Capturedguys. I'll be posting photos and thoughts about men in bondage. This material is considered mature and all content is intended for consumption by adults of legal age. That means 18 and older. - Capturedguys (@capturedguys)
Barefoot bound and ball gagged christian from @capturedguys

Barefoot, bound, and ball gagged Christian. From this week’s update at

Onlyonebenjamin benjamin godfrey in bondage i @capturedguys


Benjamin Godfrey in bondage. I think he’s also gagged in the bottom pic.

Which is great. I’ve never seen him gagged.

That wasvery special @capturedguys

That was…very special

Sense8 episode 6 the orgy scene @capturedguys

sense8- episode 6 the “orgy” scene.  

Sense8 lito and hernando love them @capturedguys

Sense8-  Lito and Hernando

Love them!

Yeah we had sex that was very special sense8 @capturedguys

yeah. we had sex. that was.. very special

sense8- Will and Lito during “The Orgy”


Sense8 will and lito during the orgy @capturedguys


Will and Lito during “The Orgy”  :-)

Sense8 on netflix binge watched all the @capturedguys

sense8- on Netflix.

Binge watched all the episodes. This is from episode 6. Hot hot hot….

This set looks hot as heck barefoot hogtied and @capturedguys

This set looks hot as heck!  Barefoot hogtied and gagged!

Sockgagged32 just a few to get started an @capturedguys


Just a few to get started! An example of my collection and me with a big knot gag :)

This is great!

Brickflash p a @capturedguys


<p><a href=””> check out brickflash for more

Drewbottoms photo shoot 2 @capturedguys


Photo shoot #2

Anyone know what this is from a porno a regular @capturedguys

Anyone know what this is from? A porno? A regular movie?