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Women tied to chairs @chairboundwomen

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Why are women tied to chairs so important? When you tie a woman to a chair it can not be to have sex with her . Or to stick anything in anywhere. So a woman tied to a straight backed chair is more of an object of art. Bondage in it's truest form. Either that or you are a bugler robbing the house. Now if she happens to be sitting on a vibrator, all of this changes. Now it is an act of love. A delicious torment. Having waxed poetic (creepy sorry) Let me say "Please be patient" There really are not a lot of good pictures of women tied to chairs out there. I am working on it. Amazing - Women tied to chairs (@chairboundwomen)
Johnwillierules sensualhumiliation the next @chairboundwomen



the next room !

Awesome love it

Coscorella natali demore @chairboundwomen


Natali Demore

Thexpaul2 randy moore chair tied ball gagged @chairboundwomen


Randy Moore chair-tied & ball gagged

Cmtyssen i always like pictures that give me @chairboundwomen


I always like pictures that give me ideas for how to use furniture with bondage. The color scheme isn;t quite my thing, but I do like the rope work employed here. 

This picture also reminds me of my constant dilemma: putting a sub into a complicated predicament like this strongly appeals to my sense of bondage aesthetics. But once it’s accomplished, what do I do with her? Oh, right! Forced orgasm play. Thank goodness for vibrators.

Gaggedhoochies office perils @chairboundwomen


Office Perils

Ropeandthings sydneyhalebound i was a @chairboundwomen



I was a faceless body in a chair tie exposed for some extreme tickling! Update on #bondage #facemask #chairtie #tickling #bdsm #gagged #lovebondage

I have a hood like that and it’s excellent!

Xylentum selfgags rating 10 @chairboundwomen


SELFGAGS rating: 10

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Michaelkeye michael keye keye bondage images @chairboundwomen


Michael Keye - Keye Bondage Images:

8/26/15 - Sarah Gregory from Damsel in a Blue Dress.

The afternoon wedding and reception began innocently enough, but then she decided to go home with a man she just met.  Peril ensued.

Mouthbadger heelsandrope @chairboundwomen



Coscorella sadie atkins and jana cova @chairboundwomen


Sadie Atkins and Jana Cova

Joeyvets brooke @chairboundwomen



Kidnappedandgagged tess cried as her kidnapper @chairboundwomen


Tess cried as her kidnapper tied the rope around her chest. “Let me go!” She screamed as the man finished. “Please!” Tess moaned. But all the man did was pull out a long strip of blue cloth and prepare to to force it into her mouth. “No, please dont gag me! Please let me g… Mmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhpppphhhhhh!” But her kidnapper grabbed her jaw and pulled it down, and slipping the blue cloth past her lips and into her gorgeous mouth. He pulled it tight and tied a knot behind her head to secure the gag and keep Tess from crying out.“Nnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuu!” Tess yelled and cried as the man went straight for her boobs. He pulled down her blue shirt and bra and began to grope her breasts, while Tess screamed uncontrollably.

Diaryofasexcrazedbbw when bondage is what turns @chairboundwomen


When bondage is what turns a guy on, he will find some pretty creative ways to display his handiwork.

Johnwillierules fully exposed and available @chairboundwomen


Fully exposed and available

Wdas644 old fashion still works @chairboundwomen


old fashion still works!!!!!!!!

Petplaybdsm interessanter kanal für alle die @chairboundwomen


Interessanter Kanal für alle die lernen wollen:

Tiedgirlsarethebest guess the theme is girls @chairboundwomen


Guess the theme is girls bound in white socks.

Levchsblog hannah claydon @chairboundwomen


Hannah Claydon

Exidor77 w gagged anna chair tied and tape @chairboundwomen



Anna Chair Tied and Tape Gagged

I seriously love the way Anna rocks a tape gag

Zippo077 lacey realized a bit too late that @chairboundwomen


Lacey realized a bit too late that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to let the kids tape her to the chair.

The unlikely azoutback simple and yet @chairboundwomen


Simple and yet beautiful!

The unlikely azoutback interesting chair @chairboundwomen


Interesting ‘chair bondage’

Sweatered sweatered babe bondaged @chairboundwomen


sweatered babe bondaged