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Thick Men, Thick Tools @chithicktool

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A collection of what I like to see in a man, with a few of my own scattered here and there. Rugby players hold a special place in my, um, well... This is a pretty good representation of the type of men that get me hard. Stocky/Beefy, classically handsome or scruffy good looks, with thick, preferably uncut cocks. Also, apparently public pissing is kind of a turn-on. Not so big on tattoos or piercings, though. Note that while I think pictures of fucking raw are hot, I am NOT advocating barebacking under any circumstances. Porn is fantasy only. So NSFW, it's not funny. And NO one under 18. Of course. If one of these photos is yours, please let me know and I'll take it down immediately. - Thick Men, Thick Tools (@chithicktool)

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