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CHUBS, BEARS & DADDIES - Chubben (@chubben)
Sleepy hayfever eyes http mob li spesn @chubben

Sleepy hayfever eyes >.

Dev0rama chubmann juslookin4bears @chubben





Flannel shirt blues

Nice paws.

Horny daddy

Super woofy!

Dean deblois @chubben

- Dean Deblois

Daddyandmrsshowoff day after looks pretty good @chubben


Day after looks pretty good Lil crooked but it happens sometimes

Guess im moving to texas p @chubben

Guess I’m moving to Texas :P

Noodlesandbeef while i dont have enough data @chubben


While I don’t have enough data to be statistically relevant (yet…) I can still see some very interesting trends from my Gay Cliques Census.

Here’s a preliminary radar chart overlaying Bears (red) with Cubs (blue).  The solid line is “average” for the sample, while the bounds are one standard deviation above and below average.  

If you fall inside one of these colours, you’re very likely a cub or a bear.

This graph tells us some interesting (if not obvious) things:

  1. Cubs are basically just mini bears.  The average weight of a Bear is the upper-limit for cubs.  The Cubs’ radar chart almost fits inside the average bounds of the Bears’ chart!
  2. 27 is the cut-off age for cubs.  Yes, there are cubs older than this, but they drop off very quickly into bear territory.
  3. You don’t have to be very hairy to be a cub.

I need more data.  What happens to bears that are older than 45?  At what point do Cubs become Otters?

Please spread my survey to as many people as you can.  The more data, the more I can answer!

New t shirt arrived @chubben

New t shirt arrived :)

Lovebearfr albearbong 12 448 pornhub views @chubben



12,448 Pornhub views.

This solo session was a popular hit on my old Xtube channel. Recorded in 2012 “Tank Wank” is a personal favorite and I’ve even wanked off watching myself in this session. You can see the full video for free by clicking here


I have spilt many a load watching this too

Cubpanda @chubben



Tummy tuesday @chubben

Tummy Tuesday

Pokemon brofessor unpopuler im dying man @chubben




Man this comic is outta this world

Haircut shower and shave feel much better @chubben

Haircut, shower and shave, feel much better

Spartacubs hey thats my butt @chubben


Hey that’s my butt

Bear republic heres daddy bear tim hooper @chubben


here’s daddy bear Tim Hooper !! 😍