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Khloe parsons on strokers beautiful blonde and @chubbytgirls

Khloe Parsons on Strokers

Beautiful blonde and inked Khloe Parsons makes her debut on Shemale Strokersfor the first time.…

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Ashley longwood returns to black tgirls @chubbytgirls

Ashley Longwood returns to Black Tgirls

Ashley Longwood returns back to Black Tgirlsfor her second shoot since her debut! She is one hot…

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The big dick bitch ts madison the big dick @chubbytgirls

The Big Dick Bitch!

TS Madison the Big Dick Bitchhas been making waves all over the internet lately with her internet…

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Paige returns to yum the hot and sexy bbw shemale @chubbytgirls

Paige returns to Yum

The hot and sexy BBW shemale Paige returns to Shemale Yum. This ethnic beauty has a great body, a…

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Rebeka refuse this sexy punk alternative chubby @chubbytgirls

Rebeka Refuse

This sexy punk, alternative chubby tranny Rebeka Refuse makes her porn debut on Interracial Tgirl…

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Nurse angel paging nurse angel paging nurse @chubbytgirls

Nurse Angel

Paging Nurse Angel, paging Nurse Angel… please head to Black Tgirlsroom 312 for male patient…

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Jordyn mitchelle debuts on shemale strokers jordyn @chubbytgirls

Jordyn Mitchelle debuts on Shemale Strokers

Jordyn Mitchell makes her debut on Shemale Strokers. She is a sexy thick BBW Tgirl showing us how…

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Shelby reddy on shemale strokers beautiful white @chubbytgirls

Shelby Reddy on Shemale Strokers

Beautiful white tgirl Shelby Reddy makes her debut on Shemale Strokers. This chubby beauty is hot…

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Jazelle love on black tgirls the beautiful black @chubbytgirls

Jazelle Love on Black Tgirls

The beautiful black tgirl Jazelle Love makes her big debut on Black Tgirls. She is one sexy chubby…

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Ashely longwood ashely longwood makes her debut on @chubbytgirls

Ashely Longwood

Ashely Longwood makes her debut on Black Tgirls. Ashley is from NYC and looking very sexy in her…

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Khloe parsons khloe parsons is a new bbw tgirl to @chubbytgirls

Khloe Parsons

Khloe Parsons is a new BBW tgirl to debut for the first time ever on Wendy Williams XXX. This…

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Jordyn mitchell thick and sexy chubby tgirl jordyn @chubbytgirls

Jordyn Mitchell

Thick and sexy chubby tgirl Jordyn Mitchell makes her debut on Wendy Williams XXX. This the first…

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Piper la pipe debuts on black tgirls dominate @chubbytgirls

Piper La Pipe debuts on Black Tgirls

Dominate black tgirl Piper La Pipe makes her debut on Black Tgirls. Piper loves to be in control…

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Michelle austins party michelle is celebrating @chubbytgirls

Michelle Austin’s Party

 Michelle is celebrating her 3rd year being on the net and her site is celebrating 2 years! She is…

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Kayla kouture returns to black tgirls the @chubbytgirls

Kayla Kouture returns to Black Tgirls

The beautiful black tgirl Kayla Kouture that debuted on Black Tgirlslast month returns for her…

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Roxy love on black tgirls roxy love is a beautiful @chubbytgirls

Roxy Love on Black Tgirls

Roxy Love is a beautiful tgirl to recently appear on Black Tgirls. She has been only transitioning…

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Sex ed with ms austin school is in session and @chubbytgirls

Sex Ed with Ms. Austin

School is in session and it’s time to learn about Sex Education. Have you ever dreamed that your…

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Paige debuts on shemale yum paige is a new latin @chubbytgirls

Paige debuts on Shemale Yum

Paige is a new Latin beauty from Texas and she is debuting on Shemale Yum. This tgirl is a true BBW…

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New beauty jazelle love this new beauty jazelle @chubbytgirls

New Beauty Jazelle Love

This new beauty Jazelle Love makes her debut on Black Tgirls. Jazelle is a delicious thick black…

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Kim diamond gets fucked the hot latin beauty kim @chubbytgirls

Kim Diamond gets Fucked

The hot Latin beauty Kim Diamond is back and this time she is getting fucked by Justin for Shemale.…

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Thick cuban beauty kim cuban beauty kim debuts on @chubbytgirls

Thick Cuban Beauty Kim

Cuban beauty Kim debuts on Shemale Yum. Kim is originally from Cuba but lives in Miami. This thick,…

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Michelle austin returns to shemale strokers after @chubbytgirls

Michelle Austin Returns to Shemale Strokers

After two years since Michelle debuted on Shemale Strokers, we have not seen her return to the…

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Kayla kouture debuts on black tgirls kayla kouture @chubbytgirls

Kayla Kouture debuts on Black Tgirls

Kayla Kouture is a new tgirl to grace the site Black Tgirls. Kayla is a sexy thick BBW black tgirl.…

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Kandi bunz gets drilled kandi bunz is back to @chubbytgirls

Kandi Bunz gets Drilled

Kandi Bunz is back to Black Tgirlsand she is getting rammed real good. If you love seeing your big…

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Giselle returns to black tgirls giselle is looking @chubbytgirls

Giselle returns to Black Tgirls

Giselle is looking hotter than ever and returns to Black Tgirlssince the first of the year and we…

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The farmers daughter when lance breaks down near a @chubbytgirls

The Farmers Daughter

When Lance breaks down near a farm he humbly asks the farmer for lodging in his barn til the tow…

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Jayde debuts on shemale yum jayde is a new girl @chubbytgirls

Jayde debuts on Shemale Yum

Jayde is a new girl next door to appear on Shemale Yum. She is a chubby/thick tgirl with natural…

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Sexy lexy gets fucked sexy lexy is back and she is @chubbytgirls

Sexy Lexy gets Fucked

Sexy Lexy is back and she is looking hotter than ever. She is a huge favorite over at Black Tgirlsa…

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Big beautiful candy angel candy angel is a @chubbytgirls

Big Beautiful Candy Angel

Candy Angel is a favorite on Black Tgirls. This BBW tgirl has everything going for her and we can…

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Jessica monroe on black tgirls jessica monroe is a @chubbytgirls

Jessica Monroe on Black Tgirls

Jessica Monroe is a cute chubby tgirl. She recently debuted on Black Tgirlsand they are loving her…

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Michelle austin bbw scarlette michelle austin is @chubbytgirls

Michelle Austin & BBW Scarlette

Michelle Austin is celebrating her birthday with her BBW friend Scarlette. Scarlette invites Michel…

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Vex love debuts on shemale yum vex love is a new @chubbytgirls

Vex Love debuts on Shemale Yum

Vex Love is a new chubby tgirl to appear on Shemale Yum. Vex is an alternative bbw tgirl and is…

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Italy monroes 2nd set on shemale yum the gorgeous @chubbytgirls

Italy Monroe’s 2nd set on Shemale Yum

The gorgeous and sexy Latin beauty Italy Monroe has her second set launch on Shemale Yum. She is…

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Veronica venom returns to shemale strokers @chubbytgirls

Veronica Venom returns to Shemale Strokers

Veronica Venom is one hot thick beauty! She is returning to Shemale Strokers. She has been a…

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Denise rivera second set on yum denise rivera is a @chubbytgirls

Denise Rivera second set on Yum

Denise Rivera is a new tgirl to return on Shemale Yum. She is from the LA area and got in contact…

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Alexia banks debuts on shemale yum new persian @chubbytgirls

Alexia Banks debuts on Shemale Yum

New Persian beauty Alexia Banks makes a debut on Shemale Yum. This Las Vegas beauty is showing us…

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Argo the amazon returns argo is the beauty that @chubbytgirls

Argo the Amazon Returns!

Argo is the beauty that debuted on Black Tgirlslast month and looks beautiful in her return second…

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Jessica monroe debuts on black tgirls black @chubbytgirls

Jessica Monroe debuts on Black Tgirls

Black Tgirlsbrings a new face to the site and that is Jessica Monroe. This is Jessica’s first shoot…

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Italy monroe debuts on shemale yum check out this @chubbytgirls

Italy Monroe Debuts on Shemale Yum

Check out this beautiful Latin beauty, Italy Monroe making her first appearance on Shemale Yum. She…

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Heaven back to black tgirls heaven is a luscious @chubbytgirls

Heaven back to Black Tgirls

Heaven is a luscious black beauty and its great to see her back on Black Tgirls. She has those…

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Khloe kockdashian on shemale strokers you may of @chubbytgirls

Khloe Kockdashian on Shemale Strokers

You may of heard of Khloe Kockdashian or seen her on Eros but you have not seen her any site until…

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Denise rivera debuts on shemale yum denise riviera @chubbytgirls

Denise Rivera debuts on Shemale Yum

Denise Riviera is new Latin tgirl from LA and debuting on Shemale Yum. She has a nice thick body,…

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Izabette returns to shemale yum the new comer @chubbytgirls

Izabette returns to Shemale Yum

The new comer Izabette returns to Shemale Yumafter her first set made such a splash. If you love…

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Fancy the body debuts on black tgirls fancy the @chubbytgirls

Fancy The Body debuts on Black Tgirls

Fancy The Body is a thick tgirl all the way around! With her 38 DD tits and 50 inch ass! Fancy is…

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Candy angel returns to black tgirls it has been @chubbytgirls

Candy Angel returns to Black Tgirls

It has been awhile since Candy Angel has graced Black Tgirls and she sure has been missed. Candy is…

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Michelle austin on yum michelle austin the @chubbytgirls

Michelle Austin on Yum

Michelle Austin the Voluptuous Diva is back on Shemale Yum. She is looking beautiful in this Greek…

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Argo the amazon debuts on black tgirls argo the @chubbytgirls

Argo The Amazon debuts on Black Tgirls

Argo the Amazon is one gorgeous black tgirl making her debut on Black Tgirls. This big beauty has…

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Harley rose returns to shemale yum harley rose the @chubbytgirls

Harley Rose returns to Shemale Yum

Harley Rose the alternative BBW tgirl chick returns to Shemale Yum. This hot edgy girl knows how to…

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Sheva the big dick bitch madison big dick bitchis @chubbytgirls

Sheva the Big Dick Bitch

Madison, Big Dick Bitchis known for her characters and this one in particularly special! SHE is…

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Monica richards naughty maid monica richardsis a @chubbytgirls

Monica Richards Naughty Maid

Monica Richardsis a sexy, Latin BBW Shemale and she is spicing it up on her site. She is going to…

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