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Cine desde de la región más transparente. Film from the most transparent region. -*SEMI HIATUS*- - Cine Mexicano (@cine-mexicano)
Popmustache precursor to mexicos sci fi craze @cine-mexicano


Precursor to Mexico’s sci-fi craze, this 1945 art deco fantasy tells the story of a shipwrecked charro from Guadalajara and his Spanish friend who wash ashore on an island where women are waited upon hand and foot by men. Screens at 7:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 21.

El sexo fuerte (1946), Dir. Emilio Gómez Muriel

Sleepishappiness como agua para chocolate @cine-mexicano


Como agua para chocolate (1992) dir. Alfonso Arau

Cazadordementes dolores del rio en un still de @cine-mexicano


Dolores del Río en un still de La otra, película dirigida por Roberto Gavaldón, México, 1946 

Fotos de: Ricardo Razetti

Javutich la horripilante bestia humana night @cine-mexicano


La horripilante bestia humana [Night of the Bloody Apes] (1969)

El premio 2011 dir paula markovitch @cine-mexicano

El Premio (2011) Dir. Paula Markovitch

Pepezittle ofelia medina en la pelicula @cine-mexicano


Ofelia Medina en la película Naturaleza Viva interpretando a Frida Kahlo 

Atelier del bosque daniel casate conmigo @cine-mexicano


-Daniel: Cásate conmigo.

-Patsy: ¿Y hacer tu vida infeliz para siempre? No, gracias.

Yolanda montez tongolele isela vega ninon @cine-mexicano

 Yolanda Montez «Tongolele», Isela Vega, Ninón Sevilla, Ana Luisa Peluffo y Lorena Velazquez. 

Low country gust van den berghe lucifer @cine-mexicano


Gust Van den Berghe - Lucifer (2014)

On his downfall from Heaven to Hell, Lucifer passes through the earthly paradise, a village in Mexico, where elderly Lupita and her granddaughter Maria live. Lupita’s brother Emanuel pretends he’s paralyzed so he can drink and gamble while the two women tend to the sheep. Lucifer senses an opportunity and plays the miraculous healer. He forces Emanuel to walk again, seduces Maria and makes Lupita doubt about her faith. He didn’t bring bad luck, he only illuminated the line between good and evil, where it didn’t exist before.

Elblogdemau andrea portal the actress @cine-mexicano


Andrea Portal, the actress.

Four moons dir sergio tovar velarde @cine-mexicano

Four Moons
dir. Sergio Tovar Velarde

Ithankthevirgin alfredo martinez thanks the @cine-mexicano


Alfredo Martinez thanks the Virgin of San Juan because he met the great comic actor Cantinflas, whom he admires so much.

2015 film journal jean gentil israel cardenas @cine-mexicano

2015 - Film Journal

Jean Gentil | Israel Cárdenas & Laura Amelia Guzmán | Mexico | 2010 | 9.0


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