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A photo collection of circumcision related photos, videos and commentary. This blog is for adults. Please go elsewhere if you are not legally an adult. While there is nudity, I do not intend to put images of sexual activity. The images here are grabbed from various parts of the net. In cases where there is nudity, there is an assumption that these are legal models in the photos. I make no claims to any images. If you discover your content on here and want it removed, please let me know. I will remove it immediately. - Circumcision Nation (@circnation)
Mikael1986 cutlion germany @circnation




My new PA 😍 (12mm) 😎



Litllecox4 gobananafanna pretty petite penis @circnation



Pretty petite penis in pink.

so lovely wish they lived next door to me so hot

Alabamacock here i locked myself out of my old @circnation

Alabamacock here. I locked myself out of my old account, so I have started a new one, for all of those interested.

Hope to see yall there! 😄

Very nice.

Kiltedbenscircjourney tightlycut late night @circnation



Late night hard

I try not to reblog too much on this blog as it’s meant to be about my own personal circ journey but I cannot let this great pic of a recently cut tumblr mate go by.

Now that’s interesting.

Circumholic high clamp line tight shaft @circnation


high clamp line. tight shaft. mushroom head. two toned.

Clamps do such such a clean job

Circdad clean and tight @circnation


Clean and Tight

Circumholic cutmeat this is why we fuckin @circnation



This is why we fuckin’ CIRCUMCISE!!!

tight, flared. smooth.

This is excellent.

Conqueredcocks stamped and dried well done @circnation


Stamped and Dried

Well done.

Amateur porn filmer this is a straight boy who @circnation


this is a straight boy who came over and ended up wanting to jack off to my work. I said sure but i am taking pics!!!

Nice scaralmost invisiblemaybe born without @circnation

Nice scar…..almost invisible……..maybe born without foreskin??? :)

Gangu1307 so fucking hot @circnation


So fucking hot!

Smallcocklover253 bonermakers hes just @circnation



He’s just adorably awesomely cute. It’s not always about size, friends.

I’ll just take this sexy cutie. 😍😍😍😘😘😘

Hotcraigslistguys bwc for summer fun m4w 26 @circnation


BWC for summer fun - m4w - 26

Wns1701 hot hunky dudes sexy couples awesome @circnation


Hot Hunky Dudes! Sexy Couples! Awesome Gay Sex!

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My circumcised hard cock curved down thanks @circnation

My circumcised hard cock curved down!!


Msterg his first pair of panties no doubt in @circnation


His first pair of panties… no doubt in my mind where this bitch is going… sissy hood is in her future

Pantyboy2010 shesuspects sunday shorts @circnation



“Sunday Shorts”


Taking your sissy out for a drive and get her to expose herself to all who can see, and from her reaction, she is enjoying it way to much…hehehe

I Love Her

Great submission @circnation

Great submission.

As always thanks for the submission @circnation

As always, thanks for the submission.

This is a submission thanks for sending this @circnation

This is a submission. Thanks for sending this. 

Young stud with dark scar @circnation

Young stud with dark scar.

Hotcutcock penis study 4 @circnation


Penis study #4

21hornyboy when your penis is this beautiful @circnation


When your penis is this beautiful, why hide it inside anything?

Thats fantastic my cut 75 cock @circnation

That’s fantastic.

My cut 7.5’’ cock. 

Thanks for the submission any chance we can get @circnation

Thanks for the submission. Any chance we can get you to take one where the penis is in focus? That would be much appreciated.

scars .. comments ?

Cocksrusmaximus all for one and one for all @circnation


All for one and one for all.

Camembertable hullo handsome @circnation


Hullo, handsome!

Showyourtinydick my boyfriends big cock you @circnation


My boyfriends big cock!

You know he sent this shit himself… lil’ dick lol

Lovecircumcisedmen a beautiful white penis @circnation


 A beautiful white penis.

Miamigaycouple this smoothie and that smile im @circnation


This smoothie and that smile, I’m in love again!

Thats a pretty tight circumcision notice the @circnation

That’s a pretty tight circumcision. Notice the frenulum was removed.

Study of the circumcised penis @circnation

Study of the circumcised penis.

Studying the circumcised penis @circnation

Studying the circumcised penis.

Pretty darn fantastic if you ask me @circnation

pretty darn fantastic if you ask me.

Sixinchesandcut my little 575 friend nice @circnation


My little 5.75” friend

Nice! Thanks for the submission!
Tinydickpics some loose skin shows signs of @circnation


Some loose skin shows signs of growth but the end result will still = tiny.

The line up where do we start jimmy hooligan @circnation

The line up. Where do we start?



Jockswiththickcocks active gay porn blog 18 @circnation


ACTIVE gay porn blog, 18+

——>!! jockswiththickcocks !!<——

Jockswiththickcocks active gay porn blog 18 @circnation


ACTIVE gay porn blog, 18+

——>!! jockswiththickcocks !!<——

Jockswiththickcocks active gay porn blog 18 @circnation


ACTIVE gay porn blog, 18+

——>!! jockswiththickcocks !!<——

Same as before nice cut nice tattoo @circnation

Same as before, nice cut, nice tattoo!

Gay mil guy not really hard just bored p @circnation


not really hard, just bored :P

Southfloridasurferboy that junk was made for @circnation


That junk was made for fucking….

Youngmrg nkdmalecelebs christopher atkins set @circnation



Christopher Atkins

Set the standard for young actors baring all - classic!

Excellent thank you for sending us your cock @circnation

Excellent.  Thank you for sending us your cock.

Foreskin for skin thats one of the few pics that @circnation


That’s one of the few pics that makes me kinda want a PA..

Equal inner and outer skin noticeable scar @circnation

Equal inner and outer skin. Noticeable scar.