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COBRAZZO @cobrazzo

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...TO FEEL LIKE A CHASER. NSFW. 18+ Only. For Real. Like For Real For Real. No Pics Are Owned. Everything Can Be Taken Down Upon Request. - COBRAZZO (@cobrazzo)
Tpt still sleeping cobrazzo @cobrazzo

TPT still sleeping @Cobrazzo

Severocobre @cobrazzo


Tablet painting time severocobre @cobrazzo

Tablet painting time @severocobre

Tablet painting time volii productive day @cobrazzo

Tablet painting time Vol.II productive day @severocobre

J x tablet time vol ii severocobre @cobrazzo

J X tablet time Vol. II @severocobre

Tablet painting time cobrazzada @cobrazzo

Tablet painting time!!! Cobrazzada

M9oe3byo6l1qitz9ro500 cobrazzada severocobre @cobrazzo

M9oe3byo6L1qitz9ro_500 @cobrazzada @severocobre

Cobrazzada severocobre @cobrazzo

Cobrazzada @severocobre

33010566 @cobrazzo


Maxtor japan and all other asian countries @cobrazzo


“Japan and all other asian countries apologize for not delivering the 1TB cam before you took this picture…”

Bearbeef hunghairybear sexy bear omg @cobrazzo



Sexy bear :)

OMG more of him D: Where can I get more?!!

Scarom борода by salvador cobrero @cobrazzo


борода by Salvador Cobrero

Scarom дромадер by salvador cobrero @cobrazzo


дромадер by Salvador Cobrero

Scarom iron man by salvador cobrero @cobrazzo


IRON MAN by Salvador Cobrero

Bara lover tomada con instagramby salvador @cobrazzo

#bara #lover (Tomada con Instagram))by Salvador Cobrero

People cry not because theyre weak its because @cobrazzo

People cry, not because They’re weak. It’s because They’ve been strong for too long. (Tomada con Instagram))by Salvador Cobrero

When does working out become an addiction tomada @cobrazzo

When does working out become an addiction? (Tomada con Instagram))by Salvador Cobrero

Sakuro slaves captor tomada con instagramby @cobrazzo

#sakuro #slaves #captor (Tomada con Instagram))by Salvador Cobrero

Dont throw your love away tomada con @cobrazzo

#don’t #throw #your #love #away (Tomada con Instagram))by Salvador Cobrero

Go for it baby tomada con instagramby @cobrazzo

#go #for #it #baby (Tomada con Instagram)by Salvador Cobrero

Superbears want to whip out your tool cute @cobrazzo



Dadsboy dad called me to the car and said @cobrazzo


Dad called me to the car and said: “Your mother asked me to buy some groceries, do you wanna come with me? We can take a detour on the way.” He winked.

“Let’s go!” I said, jumping in the car.

Dad started driving and I realized he had a big volume between his legs. I sat beside him and rubbed his bulge, feeling the warmth of his cock through the fabric of the jeans.

We stopped at a desert place and he unzipped his pants, releasing his swollen uncut meat.

“Come on, boy, my dick is waiting for your lips for days, and I know that you’re looking forward to it’s juice, eh?” Dad said, with a grin in his face.

Chochetestraseros chochazo braga @cobrazzo


Chochazo+braga turbo=Combinación ganadora

Woofdaddy i love to sleep with my dad @cobrazzo


I love to sleep with my Dad

Publiclaundry serious wonder what he was @cobrazzo


Serious! Wonder what he was thinking about at the time?

Catbirdseat4u whats not to like about a guy @cobrazzo


- what’s NOT to like about a guy who shows off his boner so confidently in public?