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Cocks That Hurt A stream of photos and porn gifs featuring monster cocks, big dicks and large penises. The kind of big cocks that cocksucker’s gag on, make pussies squirt and leaves assholes gaping. And the naked guys and nude men they belong to. function googleTranslateElementInit() { new google.translate.TranslateElement({pageLanguage: 'en', layout: google.translate.TranslateElement.InlineLayout.SIMPLE, gaTrack: true, gaId: 'UA-55827127-4'}, 'google_translate_element'); } 9,919+ followers. Yay! Help me get to 10,000... ♥ Please follow me! :-) For Adults Only If you're not 18 or older, or you're violating law, or you're offended by adult material and subject matter, immediately shut your eyes and leave. See your photo? If you're the owner of content shown here on Cocks That Hurt and would like it attributed or removed, please send a message and it'll be removed el rapido. No harm intended. I'm not very smart and I like cock. Legal Disclaimer I no speaky English. 나는 고추를 좋아해요. (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,'script','//','ga'); ga('create', 'UA-55827127-4', 'auto'); ga('send', 'pageview'); - Cocks That Hurt (@cocksthathurt)
Gay hoopla ripped stud brad spear guy jerking off in pub @cocksthathurt

Fucking hot! Imagine that big dick going straight up your ass.


Gay porn gif of a ripped stud named Brad Spear car stroking his big dick in a public parking garage. I love those prominent veins running up his muscular arm and they way he caresses those big pecs with that chin of his. Those well defined abs are amazing too.

Gay porn gif taken from the Ripped Stud Brad porn video at Gay Hoopla. ( via )

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Nakedstraightguys further proof hung guys @cocksthathurt


Further proof hung guys prefer Pepsi.

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Sean cody myles and ethan @cocksthathurt


Animation of Ethan grabbing his big 9.5 inch cock and jiggling it under his board shorts. As you can clearly see, the resulting visible penis line is incredibly hot.

Gay porn gif taken from the Myles & Ethan porn video at Sean Cody. ( )

When hes not banging his big uncut dick against @cocksthathurt

When he’s not banging his big uncut dick against the bathtub while washing clothes, Eric enjoys taking naked selfies of himself in the mirror.

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Nakedstraightguys awesome animated gif its @cocksthathurt


Awesome animated gif. It’s like a good story with a surprise ending.

Similar to

Wow, that’s a hot gif! That cock would hurt so good.

Gene from fratmen tv someone photoshopped his @cocksthathurt

Gene from Fratmen TV. Someone photoshopped his Italian cock and made it bigger but who cares! He’s still hung regardless!

Pulling down hard on that big cock and biting that @cocksthathurt

Pulling down hard on that big cock and biting that lip. Whatever he’s thinking about must be super HOT!

Nash from fratmen tv real name paul donahoe is @cocksthathurt

Nash from Fratmen TV, real name Paul Donahoe, is the 2008 NCAA wrestling champion from the University of Nebraska who posed and masturbated for Fratmen TV along with his fellow teammate Kenny Jordan who appeared as his porn stage name Cal. Consequently, both wrestlers were both kicked off the team. When Paul decided on a whim to do a jerk-off video for Fratmen TV he was a proud Nebraska Cornhusker wrestling champ. Little did he know the impact he would have on Fratmen TV, his college or the college sports community as a whole.

Thats hot how the plastic container hes sitting @cocksthathurt

That’s hot how the plastic container he’s sitting on is buckling under they weight of his big cock and huge balls. I don’t care if it’s photoshopped. The fantasy alone justifies it.

So the story is this guy recently broke up with @cocksthathurt

So the story is this guy recently broke up with his girlfriend, and to get things off his mind he uploads a nude photo of him for the world to see.

Makes perfect sense to me. ;)

That guy in the poster is checking him out for @cocksthathurt

That guy in the poster is checking him out.

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Another hot self shot of this big dick guy staring @cocksthathurt

Another HOT self shot of this big dick guy staring right at you.

Quadruplets @cocksthathurt


Dirty nails big cock @cocksthathurt

Dirty nails, big cock.

Austin wilde taking a self shot of his big cock @cocksthathurt

Austin Wilde taking a self shot of his big cock while some naked guy showers in the background.

Bermuda triangle @cocksthathurt

Starting from the left: big, bigger, biggest.

Holy shit that dick is thick and that swollen @cocksthathurt

Holy shit, that dick is THICK! And that swollen knob has gotta hurt.

Hot self shot its like hes staring right at @cocksthathurt

HOT self shot. It’s like he’s staring right at you.

Nice smile cool phone big cock @cocksthathurt

Nice smile. Cool phone. Big cock.

8 fingers up with room to spare @cocksthathurt

8 fingers up with room to spare.

Whoa how the fuck does he run with that thing @cocksthathurt

Whoa! How the fuck does he run with that thing?

Jesus he has 3 legs @cocksthathurt

Jesus! He has 3 legs!

21 year old straight army guy from raleigh nc @cocksthathurt

21 year old straight Army guy from Raleigh, NC

Big fan of tommys 9x6 inch dick follow him on @cocksthathurt

Big fan of Tommy’s 9x6 inch dick.  Follow him on or better yet check out his porn site at

Nice big dick but the guy in the mirror looks @cocksthathurt

Nice big dick but the guy in the mirror looks bigger. ;)

Hes got a killer look and i bet hes got a @cocksthathurt

He’s got a killer look, and I bet he’s got a killer dick, too.

Nice uncut dick hes cradling it like its an @cocksthathurt

Nice uncut dick. He’s cradling it like it’s an offering.

Did you notice that cocksuckers lips are being @cocksthathurt

Did you notice? That cocksucker’s lips are being pulled into his mouth by that thick ginger cock.


Big dicks on skinny guys always look bigger @cocksthathurt

Big dicks on skinny guys always look bigger.

Photo taken from macho fuckers video titled @cocksthathurt

Photo taken from Macho Fucker’s video titled Quickie With Igor. The Russian guy on the right is Igor from Although the porn site describes his dick size as 10 inches long, he’s quoted in an interview saying his penis size, while erect, is more around 8.6 inches long by 6.3 inches thick in girth.

Igor doesn’t claim to be gay or straight, which would probably make him bi. He’s married with two kids and his wife is fine with him having gay sex with guys. It’s reported that the two of them have been seen performing on Cam4 together.

That lamp shade radiator and the wall outlet @cocksthathurt

That lamp shade, radiator, and the wall outlet above that guy’s shoulder are a dead give away.

His big uncut cock is undeniably European.

Hot nude selfshot further proof that reading in @cocksthathurt

HOT nude selfshot! Further proof that reading in bed makes your dick BIG!

Wow now thats a huge cock based on his fingers @cocksthathurt

WOW, now that’s a huge cock! Based on his fingers, that dick has to be 10 inches long.

I love the way those Nike Pro Combat Core Compression shorts fold under his balls.

00m @cocksthathurt

I wish I knew what event this was. It looks like fun.

Sweet baby jesus that dick is huge @cocksthathurt

Sweet baby Jesus that dick is HUGE!

Animated gif taken from sean codys dane grayson @cocksthathurt

Animated gif taken from Sean Cody’s Dane, Grayson & Jarek: Bareback video.

In this gay threesome, Dane fucks Grayson in the ass bareback while Jarek gets his dick sucked.

I like how he presses down on his pubic area to @cocksthathurt

I like how he presses down on his pubic area to help pose that heavy dick.

So if he was in your fox hole how long before @cocksthathurt

So if he was in your fox hole.. how long before you had this in your mouth?

unbuckle belt (5 secs) + unzip (2 secs)+ pull cock out (2 secs) + deep throat (6 secs) = 15 secs tops

8inch8 @cocksthathurt

Awesome male bulge captured with Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc. Thank you Android!

He doesnt realize everyone at the beach can spot @cocksthathurt

He doesn’t realize everyone at the beach can spot his big dick. And that’s hot.

He squats like that so his dick doesnt drag on @cocksthathurt

He squats like that so his dick doesn’t drag on the floor.

Of the four i like the cock sandwiched between @cocksthathurt

Of the four, I like the cock sandwiched between the water bottle and the wrist watch the best.

Between weight lifting sets jeff likes to @cocksthathurt

Between weight lifting sets, Jeff likes to practice his pulling and hanging routines.

Imagine a world where hung guys walked around like @cocksthathurt

Imagine a world where hung guys walked around like this all the time.

Interesting contrast between skin tones a @cocksthathurt

Interesting contrast between skin tones. A military experiment gone wrong right perhaps?

His asshole wont close for days @cocksthathurt

His asshole won’t close for days.

Between readings jason enjoys grasping his long @cocksthathurt

Between readings, Jason enjoys grasping his long throbbing dick.

Cocks that hurt news flash this just in huge @cocksthathurt

Cocks That Hurt News Flash!

This just in…. Huge black dick knocks white girl’s teeth out!

Ignore the expression on dexters face and focus @cocksthathurt

Ignore the expression on Dexter’s face and focus on his huge latino dick.

Aside from the tattoos and showering 3 things @cocksthathurt

Aside from the tattoos and showering, 3 things stand out in this hot pic…

The guy’s Aussie Bum bulge, that huge uncut cock, and the thought that his dick hangs so low he has to tuck it under his balls just to wear that speedo. It’s enough to drive me crazy!

How about you?

Pussyboicumdump woah i wanna whore out for @cocksthathurt


woah! I wanna whore out for that monster!!

Holy shit, that cock is humongous!

Deathanddumb sometimes my dick just looks like @cocksthathurt


Sometimes my dick just looks like a butcher has left some big ass joint of meat on my lap. Gross!

Wow! Wish a butcher left some of that on my lap.

Hot @cocksthathurt


Naked in parents bathroom @cocksthathurt

Naked in parents bathroom.

A headless vito gallo his dick grows 95 inches @cocksthathurt

A headless Vito Gallo. His dick grows 9.5 inches long.

Arrowhead mountain spring water makes your dick @cocksthathurt

Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water makes your dick H-U-G-E!

Black snake hurt moan @cocksthathurt

Black Snake Hurt Moan.

11 inch cock @cocksthathurt

11 inch cock!

Jebidiahs gotta big cock @cocksthathurt

Jebidiah’s gotta big cock.

Fuckyeahhugepenis oh my goodthing his cock @cocksthathurt


Oh my goodthing.

His cock looks 9 inches long.

Gingers can suck @cocksthathurt

Gingers can suck!

Wow that penis shadow is huge @cocksthathurt

Wow! That penis shadow is huge!

Deathanddumb yeah got it out in the changing @cocksthathurt


Yeah got it out in the changing room again! Bit of a habit now!

Naskafterdark on the job site would love @cocksthathurt


On the job-site, would love puttin this boy through some “hard work”

It hurts his jeans.

Naskafterdark long thick and straight always @cocksthathurt


Long, thick, and straight always leaves me weak in knees. Literally.  OH MURR!

About 10 inches of hurt!

Naskafterdark i absolutely love a big stiff @cocksthathurt


I absolutely LOVE a big, stiff cock bouncing out of some nice, tight undies.  ;3

Boing! He’s gonna hurt you!

Heavymetalhooker caleb moretons surprise big @cocksthathurt


Caleb Moreton’s surprise

Big cock surprise!

Welcome to hells hurts kitchen @cocksthathurt

Welcome to Hell’s Hurt’s Kitchen.

Naskafterdark a fit young hunk id more than @cocksthathurt


A fit young hunk i’d more than happily spend all day pleasing.  ;D

Quinn Jaxon’s cock hurts.