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Colleen's sissy stuff @colleeneris

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Sweet crossdressing effeminate girli boi just looking to share my love of TG artwork with like minded people and have a little fun. I'm a single bisexual crossdressing transvestite who strives to achieve a full feminine appearance in dress and manners. My passions include: Little Black Dresses, High Heels and Stockings, Vintage Lingerie, Lipstick, Done Hair, Leather Handbags, Costume Jewelry and French Perfume. - Colleen's sissy stuff (@colleeneris)
Samwanda fuckyeahsugardaddy cherribimbo x @colleeneris





Life ambitions

Love, love, love those knickers.



Erotic afternoon @colleeneris

Erotic Afternoon by -sexytransart- #flickstackr


Retrogasm ed wood @colleeneris


Ed Wood

Lacysissy pink is my favorite color @colleeneris


Pink is my favorite color!

Sissytinkerbellcandi oh my so this is what it @colleeneris


Oh my, so this is what it comes to prissykins. Desperately trying to dry hump your pillow in a shameful attempt to milk your locked up sissy clitty. Yes, I know you feel frustrated sweetie, being left home to swish in your tutu and frillies. Now stop sobbing dear and embrace the thrill of being a sissified, pansified little weakling!

Sissytinkerbellcandi my goodness my little @colleeneris


My goodness my little fairy, trying to pleasure yourself with your pillow again? We all know you will never manage to milk yourself with your sissy clitty locked up underneath those layers and layers of satin. Still, it is quite hilarious watching you writhe and squirm in your ridiculous outfit for the amusement of others, knowing you will never get any pleasure yourself. 

Come again prissy boi? You enjoy wearing tutus and mincing around like a little pansy? Don’t you think you should really be ashamed?

Sissytinkerbellcandi you can hump those pillows @colleeneris


You can hump those pillows as much as you like pansydoll, it won’t change the fact that you’re a feminized little nancyboi. Do you feel all pretty and helpless in that tutu and your ridiculous little outfit? I think you will agree that the mincing ribbons are the perfect addition. And we all know there is no chance of you milking with your sissy clitty locked in your little cage. *sobbing*

Mistresstrixie69 is that right @colleeneris


Is that right?