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This blog is not safe for work and includes images, video, and text of an adult nature. Minors should not view or follow this site. The majority of images were found on the internet and are assumed to be public domain. If you would like credit or if you would like something to be removed let me know. Please include the URL of the photo so that I can track it down. Don't hesitate to ask questions, give advice, or share stories, fantasies, and techniques. Tease/Denial will be a recurring theme. - Continuous State of Desire (@continuousstateofdesire)
Riggu color by alain laboile @continuousstateofdesire


Color by Alain Laboile

Afraidtowant theres still something surreal @continuousstateofdesire


There’s still something surreal about seeing a picture of yourself come across your dash.  That collar is sitting in my desk right now.

Someone pulled this and reposted it without any sourcing – that doesn’t upset me.  Once we put media out into the world, it means different things to different people.  I don’t expect to force my meaning onto everyone who sees a hot picture.  It does make me wonder where else it has gotten off to, though.

80s 90s supermodels a la legere vogue france @continuousstateofdesire


“A La Légère”, Vogue France, September 1991

Photographer : Dominique Issermann

Model : Heather Stewart-Whyte


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