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This blog is not safe for work and includes images, video, and text of an adult nature. Minors should not view or follow this site. The majority of images were found on the internet and are assumed to be public domain. If you would like credit or if you would like something to be removed let me know. Please include the URL of the photo so that I can track it down. Don't hesitate to ask questions, give advice, or share stories, fantasies, and techniques. Tease/Denial will be a recurring theme. - Continuous State of Desire (@continuousstateofdesire)
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Eulalia t eulalia t tape and araki @continuousstateofdesire


Eulalia T “Tape and Araki”

Haversackers luck geoff he drew the high card @continuousstateofdesire


Luck Geoff… He drew the high card tonight…  That means that you wear a condom, and he has a chance to impregnate your ovulating wife.

Theguiltywife your wife taught my kid at school @continuousstateofdesire


Your wife taught my kid at school last year and we kept in touch

Haversackers thats it slut boy nose @continuousstateofdesire


“That’s it, Slut-Boy…  Nose pressed right into my musky asshole and tongue licking my dirty used cunt…  Just the way we both like it!”

Humiliated male a different kind of ruined @continuousstateofdesire


A different kind of “ruined orgasm”. Humiliation at its finest.

Femdomstyle and it provides a sense of @continuousstateofdesire


“… and it provides a sense of security for both of us …”

Altobagoo zoeblancsec on est dimanche tu @continuousstateofdesire



On est dimanche tu disais…👍💙👸

Et la journée n'est pas terminée ! 👸🔐

Route82 male chastity will improve the romance @continuousstateofdesire


“Male chastity will improve the romance in your relationship. As long as he knows he can cum any time he wants, there’s less reason for him to romance you. That’s why the romance stopped after awhile. By limiting his sexual access to you, you’ll train him to be the romantic lover he was when you were still dating…

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Darkcamera watching your wife get plowed by a @continuousstateofdesire


Watching your Wife get plowed by a Stranger is an amazing experience

Twcgentleman13 i had sparkle that morning @continuousstateofdesire


“I had sparkle that morning, sparkle that originated somewhere deep inside me and spread outward to my cheeks and eyes, even it seemed, to the gleam of my hair.”

― Irene Hunt

Jeux des dames cruelles im such a sucker for @continuousstateofdesire


I’m such a sucker for pretty things, delicate things.

Albertalbinus darling cant you go any @continuousstateofdesire


“Darling, can’t you go any faster?”