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This blog is not safe for work and includes images, video, and text of an adult nature. Minors should not view or follow this site. The majority of images were found on the internet and are assumed to be public domain. If you would like credit or if you would like something to be removed let me know. Please include the URL of the photo so that I can track it down. Don't hesitate to ask questions, give advice, or share stories, fantasies, and techniques. Tease/Denial will be a recurring theme. - Continuous State of Desire (@continuousstateofdesire)
Haversackers it makes me crazy when she does @continuousstateofdesire


It makes me crazy when she does this to me… however, I don’t get to cum… but it really makes it difficult not to.

Wickedtigress tease but no release a great @continuousstateofdesire


Tease but no release = a great Wednesday night.

Polyfetishist strict stern matriarchal @continuousstateofdesire


Strict & Stern, Matriarchal & Mature

Wise & Authoritarian Women P. Haze Submissive men often seek dominant women because they need the assured guidance a woman’s greater emotional intelligence and stronger will.

And …

Whenpussieswerefurry in 1971 pornographer marvin @continuousstateofdesire


In 1971 pornographer, Marvin Miller sent out a porn mailer advertising four books and an X rated video. A copy arrived at a Newport Beach restaurant and was opened by the manager’s mother. She promptly called the police. Miller was arrested for distributing obscene materials and his case would go all the way to the Supreme Court. In 1973, Miller v. California was being re-argued before the Burger court. The final ruling would ultimately allow individual communities to determine what is and is not obscene. This set off a wave of anti-obscenity campaigns in repressed communities across the United States. Basically a clusterfuck.

Today’s flood is the lovely Lane Coyle. She was POTM for August 1973. Lane’s pictorial was notable as it was the first time an un-retouched labia appeared in Penthouse magazine in the U.S. Guccione was poking the bear at the very time the high court was making its ruling. He even offered to make special mail arrangements to send Penthouse to communities that banned the sale of the magazine. As the 70′s progressed and the Pubic Wars heated up, even more explicit labia shots would appear, but Lane was the first!

This was the most popular of the Lane Coyle flood!

Rauldap photographersdirectory im an erotic @continuousstateofdesire


I’m an erotic photographer based in Valencia, Spain.

My work is realistic, natural, bold and thug. NSFW.

You can fin me also on Instagram (,Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr (

© Raúl Dap. 2014.

By wolf189 wolfphoto lasvegas venicebeach @continuousstateofdesire

by Wolf189 (@wolfphoto)

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Treadmill to oblivion a sunny sunday morning @continuousstateofdesire


A sunny Sunday morning… (Via)