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An 18+ only blog of pics & videos designed to get girls and boys good 'n creamy. - Creamy Goodness (@creamy-goodness)
Hangnmeat the greatest 3 milfs with awesome @creamy-goodness


The GREATEST 3 milfs with AWESOME HUGE cunts. We have my lovely wife Katherine Ann Brown, Sally (aka: Bitchslut) and finally Suzy Hot. Id love to see all 3 put on a live sex show for a huge crowd. Spreading, stuffing huge toys and fisting their HUGE cunts for the crowd. Ten all of them invite people out of the crowd to come up on stage and fist them…

Purrfpuss lips n clits thanks for the @creamy-goodness


Lips ‘N Clits!!  Thanks for the submission!

Bwandi78 orgasmicsince94 drippy again this @creamy-goodness



Drippy again this afternoon. My vulva is like a river.

Wonderfull pussylips and so wet…wanna taste and suck it♡♡♡ Kik : bwandi78

Largelabiaflap ivana sugar awesome large @creamy-goodness



Largelabiaproject do no reblog submission hi @creamy-goodness


DO NO REBLOG - Submission: Hi Emma! I am an 18 year old virgin and I have always been self conscious of my labia. I am one to criticize my own body harshly so I assumed that my labia weren’t actually that “bad” and I was just being over-dramatic.

I was seeing this guy my junior year in high school and one night our make out sesh started to get very intense. He started to go down on me (he knew I was a virgin and that this would be my first time having any guy down there) and after about a minute of him doing this he looked up at me and said “are you actually a virgin?” I told him yes, and asked why he was wondering. He said “no reason” and continued on. After that night I told him it was moving too fast for me and we broke up. I don’t know if he thought I wasn’t a virgin because of the size of my labia but that is always what I assumed it was.

Ever since then I have been saving up for a labiaplasty. 

Until I came across your blog. You truly have changed my outlook on my body, not just my labia. So I decided to make a submission to help other girls out there realize how beautiful their bodies are.

Bigclitsgalore dont you get excited when a @creamy-goodness


Don’t you get excited when a sexy mature woman shows her big clit, and it is deep in its hood, pulling the skin tight around her clit head?

You could jack it like an uncut cock and she would have incredible orgasms…

Shaftman77 a little tug goes a long way @creamy-goodness


A little tug goes a long way!

Shaftman77 i wondered why i was getting a lot @creamy-goodness


I wondered why I was getting a lot of attention on Tinder, silly me uploaded the wrong picture!

Snootchiepoochie 613 if you like what you @creamy-goodness


6/13 if you like what you see…follow our blog

Schamlippenlover da kann man schon was @creamy-goodness


Da kann man schon was dranhängen

Out door angels oh fuck man you are showing me @creamy-goodness


oh fuck man you are showing me the perfect pussy, i can feel your clit in the back of my throat

Foreverindaddysarms patientwolf @creamy-goodness





Good girls get massages. Bad girls get finger banged.

I can be bad…

Inside every good girl getting massaged is a dirty little bad girl who’s begging for a finger inside her.

Teasebyhand when you make me watch @creamy-goodness


When you make me watch…

Teasebyhand when your leg bends back i know @creamy-goodness


When your leg bends back, I know you’ve surrendered…

Thrilledbytease oh yes naked in front of a @creamy-goodness


OH YES!!!!! Naked in front of a woman with one hand on my cock and the other cupping my balls!!!! A wonderful way to spend a Saturday night!!!!

Foreverindaddysarms patientwolf @creamy-goodness





Good girls get massages. Bad girls get finger banged.

I can be bad…

Inside every good girl getting massaged is a dirty little bad girl who’s begging for a finger inside her.

Shaftman77 eating all this grass i now need @creamy-goodness


Eating all this grass I now need milking!

Purrfpuss splendid hanging pussylips beautiful @creamy-goodness


Splendid hanging pussylips, beautiful butthole

Cum visit or follow:

Nalgonaseverywhere angel piaff @creamy-goodness


Angel Piaff

Purrfpuss lickable and suckable @creamy-goodness


Lickable and Suckable!!

Everexcessive hope youre in the mood for @creamy-goodness


Hope you’re in the mood for something extreme… The internet’s biggest pussy pumper in all her perverted jiggly glory. No morphs on ANY of these pics.

Everexcessive petite girls are so much fun to @creamy-goodness


Petite girls are so much fun to ruin… This one takes an arm-sized dildo with ease. I’d say all that stretching finally paid off, wouldn’t you?

Everexcessive of course if you want to see some @creamy-goodness


Of course, if you want to see some quick morphs, I won’t say no…

Just a little preview

Kevinkaren2011 partydart dailyfetishfromhell @creamy-goodness




Thick and firm.

It’s like a cocktail weenie…

There is a nipple you can sink your teeth in.

Beautyvulva suckable huge nips @creamy-goodness


suckable huge nips

Beautyvulva no doubt angela salvagno has the @creamy-goodness


No doubt Angela Salvagno has the biggest pussylips between female bodybuilders! I’d remove worlds to suck those!

Great gaping girls amazing permanent gape at @creamy-goodness


amazing permanent gape at that upskirt pic!

Missysdirtypanties asianwhitetiger @creamy-goodness






Sinfully delicious.

Meat nectar, juice for the Gods and Goddesses, meatGod approved

Lol love this ;)

I must say, I love grool!

You and me both! ;)

Sexymomsandteens slim girl tysen rich banged by @creamy-goodness


Slim girl Tysen Rich banged by huge cock

It is wonderful view of hard fucked girl Tysen. Scene has been published at TeensLoveHugeCocks and include huge dose of best porn with just 18 girl. She is petite, tall, has sexy legs and wonderful ass. Her well shaved pussy make great impression of her new lover. It works like a magnet who make this guy so close her. Let’s watch how she is sucking his big cock and next having wonderful moments with this penis inside her tiny pussy. In fact this Tysen’s scene is very hot but make sure that you’ve already checked previous scene with Eva Lovia. This set of photos and video are really hot, too.

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Sexymomsandteens angel del rey at @creamy-goodness


Angel Del Rey at TeensLoveHugeCocks

It nice to watch Angel Del Rey in action! Of course main reason is that she is so sweet. But there are much more of advantages of this girl. For example I love watching on her face when she is fucking. Her eyes and all face are so sexy. If you like young Latina girls fucked by fat big cocks you should to check this scene. Next 16 different pictures you will find here. I encourage you to checking previous TLHC scene with hot Ariana Grand, too. Below is a link where you can find free video trailer.

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Meatgod head who said head ill have some of @creamy-goodness



I’ll have some of that! On On

Beautiful fat meat, meatGod approved

Meatgod pinkykat p meat rub @creamy-goodness



;P ♥♥♥

Meat rub, priceless, meatGod approved

Meatgod lusciouslabia @creamy-goodness




Sweet beautiful meat, meatGod approved

Big labia infatuation shaftman77 marketing @creamy-goodness



Marketing doors is not an easy job!

Vagina with a capital!

Big labia infatuation shaftman77 can i touch @creamy-goodness



Can I touch it please!

Widespread butterfly!

Pumpedpussyarena giant vacuum pumped cunts @creamy-goodness


Giant vacuum pumped cunts!…

Smohar smohar dampframme ruinedcunts @creamy-goodness





Die Schlampenfotze ist nur noch für Extremfisting zu gebrauchen. Werde nun eine Milchkuh aus ihr machen.

Extrem fisting ist doch saugeil

Wenn eine faust nicht reicht nehme ich zwei

Hangnmeat yummydeelicious69 deelicious yummy @creamy-goodness



DeeLicious yummy pussy pic of the day.

Love Dees big monster pussy

Largelabiaproject hi this is my lovely vulva @creamy-goodness


Hi! This is my lovely vulva. It is light pink, it has a pierced hood, my lips are not perfectly symmetrical, and my labia minora are “covered” by my puffy outer lips until I spread my legs, then my inner lips are visible. My vulva is beautiful, just like every single submission I have seen. I have not once seen an “ugly” or “abnormal” labia in my life. I work in a gynecologist’s office, so I see vulvas all day, and ALL of them are normal. 

I am a 30 year old woman who hated her labia from age 14 on until about a year ago. I believed my labia minora were too large and that I looked gross. I looked into labiaplasty - and thank God I didn’t go further.

My lips aren’t large at all - not that there’s anything wrong with that - and I’ve finally realized that my vulva is uniquely MINE. All vulvas are different in shape, color, size, etc, and ALL of them are beautiful. 

I also wanted to point out to some of these women, especially the younger girls, that MANY men don’t just like large labia, they PREFER it. Likewise, there are all kinds of pussies in pornography. Some of the most famous or very desirable actresses in pornography have protruding labia. 

Please ladies, we ALL have beautiful vulvas, they’re beautiful in every color, shape, and size and men TRULY do not give a shit what it looks like, they’re thrilled to be enjoying it at all! 

It took me 15 years to stop hating my vulva. Now? I love the way my labia, which are tucked behind my labia majora unless I am positioned in a certain way, look when they “come out” once I spread my legs. 

Thank you so much for what you do. I wish this site had been there when I was a teenager. :)

Lovemylovebuttons unusuallyawesomenipples oh @creamy-goodness



oh my bloody hell

God that’s an old one - my boobies are quite sizeable there!

Lovemylovebuttons lovemylovebutton i cant @creamy-goodness



I can’t stop flashing! cum and arrest me ;)

Bigclitsgalore throbbing hard this clit needs @creamy-goodness


Throbbing hard, this clit needs to be squeezed, sucked, and mashed until she cums hard.

Sette7sette sette4sette faizia a very @creamy-goodness



Faizia A - Very wonderful… 

The top 50 from “sette4sette” - 2013,  October

#  6 -  327 notes.

Largenipplefetish many thanks to donna for this @creamy-goodness


Many thanks to Donna for this submission.

Ilovemywetpussy this is how wet i got simply by @creamy-goodness


This is how wet I got simply by taking the pictures in my black and white photo posts!! Haven’t even TOUCHED myself yet.

Post ur pussy what do you think tasty @creamy-goodness


What do you think?

Tasty, thanks for your submission!

Xxxrayguy xxxrayguys top 10 xrays for january @creamy-goodness


XXXRAYGUY’s TOP 10 xrays for January 2014 

(based on most likes & reblogs)

This was a tough month! so many votes! Lots of new followers. Please keep reblogging the pictures you like, that helps! You can find the archive here .

  1. Rihanna. (excellent collab by blaze1414)
  2. Russian model Alina
  3. Sofia Vergara
  4. Kate Upton
  5. Kaley Cuoco
  6. Tiffany Amber Thiessen (40th bday this past month!)
  7. Lucy Liu 
  8. Selena Gomez
  9. Unknown swimmer
  10. Cameron Diaz

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Largelabiaproject the great wall of vagina by @creamy-goodness


The Great Wall of Vagina - by Jamie McCartney

Jamie made molds of the vulvae of women between 18 and 76 years. Among others, they include twins and transgender women. Women are often confused about their vulva because they think it looks different from the others they see in various media. With this project he demonstrates that vulvae are as different as faces. McCartney hopes that his work will help to stop the increasing growth of labia cosmetic surgery procedures. For links to Jamie’s website visit my Labia Resources page.