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If you are a Trap, Sissy, Crossdresser, femboy, transgender or just a slut this is your place. If you are not then just fap and enjoy lol. Posting amateur stuff you have never seeing before. Want to be exposed? Well just submit your stuff and enjoy the... - Crossdressgirls (@crossdressgirls)
Jennachaste sorry i couldnt resist making @crossdressgirls



By the way, you’re fucking awesome and cute <3

Love it hehehehe

Poboboi lots of stuff going on here grinding @crossdressgirls


lots of stuff going on here, grinding on the inflateable plug while jerkin’ it ;3

Milescoyote stockings shoes @crossdressgirls


stockings & shoes 😎

Sissy slut all tied up with nowhere to go @crossdressgirls


All tied up with nowhere to go!

Ayonaaa bondage @crossdressgirls



Jessicapresley i always make sure my buttplugs @crossdressgirls


I always make sure my buttplugs match my outfits ;-)

Missrobo in case some of yall forgot ive got @crossdressgirls


In case some of y’all forgot; I’ve got a penis

Sammyess i quite love how the last pic turned @crossdressgirls


I quite love how the last pic turned out! Anywho, I hope y’all had a good day, or an alright one…mine was fine.

Sammyess face pic butt pic and dick pic ill @crossdressgirls


Face pic, butt pic, and dick pic. I’ll have better butt pics eventually. enjoy!

Sammyess older pics of me in the beige dress i @crossdressgirls


Older pics of me in the beige dress. I think one of these was on my past blog…oh well. Here it is, enjoyy.

Tinatanisacd my mum will come to my place and @crossdressgirls


My mum will come to my place and live with me about 4 weeks!! So i made a lots of fun with my didlo today~and i made a new video~ upload it later

Omg i feel im in love now @crossdressgirls

oMG I feel I’m in love now!!!

Sissyhannahxxx hands down the best orgasm ive @crossdressgirls


Hands down the best orgasm ive ever had <3<3 and one of only 3 hands free!!

Pastelcatboy pastelcatboy skyes uncensored @crossdressgirls



Skyes UNCENSORED NSFW Photoset 01

Alright, so I finally finished the first NSFW photoset! There are a total of 24 images here. All of which are uncensored (except that I censored out my face). That’s right, no more cats u.u” I’m wearing 5 different outfits, and about half of these images have been unreleased. (The other half are previously released, like the ones above, but are uncensored). 

It’s available now for a donation of $5. You can get it below! (It’s set to pay-what-you-want, with a minimum of $5. So anything more than $5 will be greatly appreciated!)

Purchase the NSFW Photoset here

I’m a little bit short on cash right now, as my phone bill, car payment, and rent all somehow ended up due at the same time haha. So thank you to anyone who supports this photoset! 

If this set magically sells over $100, I’ll post up that NSFW video from before. n.n”

NOTE: Please use an accurate email address. You will be sent a link, in case your download doesn’t work initially. If there are any problems, please email me at Include the first and last name  you used during the purchase.

Reblogging for afternoon people. 

Trew12345622 ready to be spanked and used @crossdressgirls


Ready to be spanked and used…

Rawproduce touched up version thanks to d for @crossdressgirls


Touched up version - thanks to D for the help!