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Theme This is the Effector Theme (v1.2.3) by Carlo Franco . For more information about this theme, visit: You can also follow: @effectortheme on Twitter for updates! Effector has some features that differ from the theme I used to use. I'll point out some of the differences in the paragraphs that follow. Images My primary reason for switching was to take advantage of the 700 pixel layout size.  The vast majority of my posts are images and they look much better at this larger size. The bad news, however, is that smaller images are enlarged to 700 pixels and don't looks so good. Fortunately, you can click on the pop-up full-size icon in the upper right corner of the image and see it in the smaller size.  Effector supports slider photosets, so look for the navigation bars on either side of photos since I occasionally post multiple photos with a single post Switching to the Full Tumblr If you are viewing a single article from my tumblr, you CAN switch to viewing the entire stream of my tumblr articles. All you have to do is click on the title " Crudmudgeonz Tumblr " at the top of the page Tumview The vast majority of my posts are photos. A quick way to see all of my photo posts is Tumview .  Using Tumview , you can see a grid of photos on the left side of your browser.  Clicking on a photo will bring up the corresponding post on the right side of your browser. Archive If you click on the Archive icon at the top of tjhe page, The archive icon resembles a clock with a circular arrow surrounding it. If you mouse over the icon the "Archive" tool-tip will appear.   In the archive view, all of my posts will be displayed in a grid view by month and day.  Clicking on a post thumbnail will open the full post it represents. Other bits of Crudmudgeon on the web. See all of my social content at FriendFeed You can also follow me on Twitter @crudmudgeon but I don't Tweet often or consistantly.  I am on Facebook but my posts are mostly posts mirrored from my Tumblr. Disqus Comments I have not added comments to the new theme.  I have had some experience with Disqus and I find that the Tumblr question feature largely supplants the need for comments. MyFitnessPal - Free Weight Loss Tools

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