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Just a normal sex fiend

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Just a red headed gay man living in Upstate NY who loves sex with other men. My tastes are varied, but lean to burly, hairy and bearish. I'm perpetually horny, and do all I can to satisfy that as ofter as possible. Being the versatile cum slut I've become, I love to give and get whatever I can. And the ultimate happy ending for me means that I've either left a load or am leaving with one in me. Into a little forced sex and rape when the mood strikes me. I haven't worn a condom when having sex in 20+ years. And the quickest way to open my ass up to fuck me: make love to my nipples. The quickest way to make me hard: treat my nipples as roughly as you can. Pictures mostly from the net, although I've got a couple of myself that have appeared. I'm also blogggin some of the stories of past sexual encounters, and ones's that are happening now. They aren't for everyone, if you are offended, move on. This page is 18+ and older ONLY and NOT AT ALL safe for work. But more than safe for play! DON'T bother following me if you have NOTHING on your page. I'll just block you.

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