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Sissy Cuck Humiliation @cuckhumiliation

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Sissy cuck with a tiny little dicklet. I'm just over an inch soft, and right at three inches fully erect. Almost all my sexual experiences have involved the sentence "are you in yet?" I've learned to accept it, and even crave the humiliation of having my inadequacy ridiculed by others. This blog is mostly a collection of captioned pics of the things I daydream about now. All I ask is that you treat me like the panty-wearing sissy that I am. chas19839 at gmail - Sissy Cuck Humiliation (@cuckhumiliation)
Castration clinic poor castrated white sissy @cuckhumiliation


Poor castrated white sissy, having to serve a Black’s pleasure.

I guess chastity isn’t necessary if your owner decides to have your little nuts removed. Yikes!!

Yogahotwife heading out for afternoondelight @cuckhumiliation


Heading out for #afternoondelight with a new #bull while #cuckold hubby takes care of the kids. New pics soon!

This kind of stuff gets me at a deep level so much more than the purely sexual stuff…it must be such a mind fuck for hubby to be relegated to a purely domestic role while his wife is out with her bull.

Heres the one i have its bulky and heavy and @cuckhumiliation

Here’s the one I have. It’s bulky and heavy, and the spikes are just too long and sharp. I think if I tried to do everyday things like jogging or even moving quickly during household chores it would cause real gashes.

Still, it’s such an elegant and simple solution compared to most chastity devices. I think there’s a lot of potential, but it’s just not practical or safe right now.

I just wore my little spiked chastity collar @cuckhumiliation

I just wore my little spiked chastity collar, which of course left some nasty little welts. I’m really surprised someone hasn’t made a lighter version meant for long-term wear instead of a pure torture device. This one is far too heavy to be practically worn all the time.

If you could create one with slightly less sharp spikes out of a light plastic, it could be a really good, secure and simple long-term solution for a lot of sissy owners. No real headache - just lock it on, and sissy has to learn to focus on her work and also learn not to get erections and keep her little clitty soft.

Sorry, rambling now :)

Reader submission yeah hold the position while @cuckhumiliation

[reader submission]

Yeah, hold the position while I smack those useless balls, pathetic little sissy!

If you really want to teach your wimp a lesson it @cuckhumiliation

If you really want to teach your wimp a lesson it won’t forget…

Sarisstg its been a while since i wore my maid @cuckhumiliation


It’s been a while since I wore my maid outfit. So many job opportunities for someone like me! Secretary, maid, porn star, and… trophy wife? If you can consider that a job :P

Mmm…so glad I found this cutie. Making my morning :)

Mistresstrixie69 if i so much as hear your @cuckhumiliation


If I so much as hear your breathe I will whack those girlie cummie filled sissy ovaries so hard that you will beg me to cut them off!


Servantniagara theres nothing wrong with @cuckhumiliation


There’s nothing wrong with beating your husband to work longer hours as long as you marry a submissive beta male who’ll thank you for it.

spank me


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