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Cuckold Cum Eater @cuckoldcumeater

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Like so many others out there, I'm just a little dick white man, with a beautiful white wife, who knows that the best thing for her is black cock, not my cock. This blog is pretty much all reblogs, but they are reblogs of what turns me on, of things that reflect who I am. White women with black men. White men serving their women and her lovers. And bisexuality, because, I am a cock and cum loving fag, and love it when my wife reminds me of that. I love to eat cum, I think even more than my wife does. But, it could just be the taste of my cum in particular she hates. I love to get fucked up the ass with a massive strap-on too. I wish I could get a real black cock up my ass, but, I'm not worth anything but a plastic dick. I also love it when it hurts. I learned long ago that my dick isn't big enough to be useful for sex, but it makes a great punching bag, and if that makes a woman happy, then I want to please her by spreading my legs and letting her swing away. Expect some CBT. - Cuckold Cum Eater (@cuckoldcumeater)

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