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A tumblr dedicated to dirty little cum craving cumsluts, precious big boobed bimbos and everything else that turns me on. If you feel like being naughty, submit a pic for my 47,000+ followers! - cum over here (@cumoverhere)
Bigasschicksworldwide just socks via @cumoverhere


Just Socks via /r/bigasses

Angelically offered the unknown excites me the @cumoverhere


The unknown excites me. The anticipation, the silence and the waiting; heightening every one of my senses. You here my short shallow breath. You see the chills covering my skin. The twinge of my muscles as i strain to hear in hope, Your approach.

Hard sexy a special photo to celebrate 69k @cumoverhere


A special photo to celebrate 69k followers!! hahaha thaaaanks!


Angelically offered its not my words you long @cumoverhere


It’s not my words You long to hear. It’s the quivering of my body. my tight, warm wet heat around You. The moans. The whimpers. The muffled screams of ecstasy.

Angelically offered i hiding nothing from you @cumoverhere


i hiding nothing from You. my body, my fears, my trust is Yours to claim.

Oh my @cumoverhere

oh my

Lovely @cumoverhere


Very nsfw captions she already had a crush on @cumoverhere


She already had a crush on her friend, so when she found out the feeling was mutual, she gladly accepted her friend’s repayment.

Very nsfw captions making people happy made her @cumoverhere


Making people happy made her happy, and what made a lot of people happy with her was fucking her tits. So she really liked giving titfucks.

Super hot submission thanks @cumoverhere


Super hot submission!!! thanks!!!

Brutal whore degrader training her asshole @cumoverhere


Training her asshole

Marylovesporn follow my blog now for classy hot @cumoverhere


Follow my blog now for classy hot women!

Angelically offered awaiting your touch @cumoverhere


Awaiting Your touch. Needing Your command. Dripping in hope.

Phdbimbo good girls know that the male lip bite @cumoverhere


good girls know that the male lip-bite exists, it’s just much rarer than the female version. sadly, good girls are usually too busy to enjoy the occasional sightings. 

i want to be a good girl. 

Yummydirty booty @cumoverhere