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I'm male, 30, and I post lots of original gifs and occasionally a porn video compilation. Check the links for more info. I like girls, adore lesbians, love transsexuals, and like to keep it creative. I love hearing from followers, if you have any requests for gifs or captions, questions, want to submit something or just want to say hi or whatever, please do so. If I have posted copyrighted material, let me know and I will remove it. NSFW Adults Only. If you are under 18, please leave. - CUNT-LAPPER (@cunt-lapper)
Daddy i need you to spank me not for things i @cunt-lapper

“Daddy, I need you to spank me.

Not for things I have done, but for things I want you to do.”

Ill take cocks i would suck if there werent a @cunt-lapper

I’ll take ‘cocks I would suck if there weren’t a man attached’ for $1, Alex.

Im sure youve been hearing about banksys new @cunt-lapper

I’m sure you’ve been hearing about Banksy’s new themepark (’bemusement park’) ‘Dismaland.’ So, what’s the deal? Is a graffiti artist, (an art built out of the bricks of revolution and propaganda) with money, still worth listening to? Or is legitimacy in an underground art as ethereal as street cred that’s jumped from contagion by contact to an airborne pathogen… there’s just no way to contain it, and thus, to believe in it. But that power, when it’s from the soul of running feet that can only escape through creation, becomes the art of fixing what’s broken with that original connection. The first time you touched a can. And sprayed your name.

If you can’t fix what’s broken…. you’ll uh…  you’ll go insane.

So, it’s just a rumor, but my friend Baudrillard told me a terrifying tale, that Banksy, or whoever (Who’s running the country, you?) is offering VIP packages for the full Virtual Artist Experience.

You can Spray Paint your very own mural all over the Disma Princesses.

Put their service to the test, the brochure says.

I tell you this, because, as an artist, I think you’ll understand.

I dressed up in moms shade of lipstick her @cunt-lapper

I dressed up in Mom’s shade of lipstick… her favorite eyeshadow… and some of her lingerie, and she said “I see so much of myself in you. Just a little whore like Mommy was… 

…Now I want to see how much of Daddy you can take in you.”

Thanks for doing that yard work for me sean i @cunt-lapper

“Thanks for doing that yard work for me Sean. I know I’m paying you for your time but I have a special nephew salary I want to offer you if you help me out the rest of this summer.

Oh, you like Auntie’s big nipples? Do you wanna see what my pussy looks like, too, baby?”

Can any of my followers identify this blonde @cunt-lapper

Can any of my followers identify this blonde beauty with the oiled rump having a majorly squishy fuck in these screenshots? I’m trying to track down the name of the clip if you know anything about it; girl and guy’s name, studio, series. 

Anybody got any leads?

Im lucky my roommate kind of has a fucked up side @cunt-lapper

I’m lucky my roommate kind of has a fucked up side and a thing for me cause she didn’t call the cops and get me off the lease immediately when she caught me sniffing around her undies drawer. But she did blackmail me. She said she’d take off her dress if I’d pick out one I wouldn’t mind trying on. And for every piece of lingerie she peeled off, I had to squeeze my “naughty bits” into. All while she watched and critiqued. In the end she had me on all fours worshiping her pussy and asshole in a lace garter belt and thigh high stockings, red satin panties squeezing my throbbing cock, while a purple silk bra flapped on my flat chest in rhythm with my eager lapping and occasionally rubbed against my nipples.

Cuckolderotica when she finally had the chance @cunt-lapper


When she finally had the chance to fuck another man, she went wild…and she liked it much more than you thought she would.

I heard my son telling his friend on the phone @cunt-lapper

I heard my son telling his friend on the phone that he was upset to be going to college a virgin. He was going to try to score before the end of the summer.

When he hung up I called him into my room and showed him the terms of my bet. “If you don’t find a girl to sleep with, you can have some of your mother’s American Pie.”

He said “Fuck the bet!” and took me right then and there.

While youre waiting for my new symphony in the @cunt-lapper

While you’re waiting for my new 

 -  WHY NOT:


So long time no post right ive been on a bit @cunt-lapper

So, long time no post, right? I’ve been on a bit of a summer break.

I’ve been trying to upload my latest compilation to, but it never worked right. It would upload to 100% and then ask me to log in again. So, I went back over to my old comping grounds,, and I’m currently trying to upload it there. And it seems like it might work. The thing is over 3 Gigs, it’s 1080p and 40 minutes long. So, here’s hoping it works and you can see it soon. 

I’ll post a link as soon as it’s up. Or, to get it first, follow me on at my account Cunt-Lapper

Anyways, just a heads up to be on the lookout for

     FAN  -  TAS  -  DICK

I guess this is the punishment i get for keeping @cunt-lapper

I guess this is the punishment I get for keeping my kids out of sex ed classes. I walked in on the ‘practicing on each other to figure the whole thing out.”

At first I stood in the doorway aghast as they talked through what they had learned on their own.

“No stupid. You back it up then stop.”


“Then drop it like it’s hot. - I think you do that a couple times.

Wait! Careful! Is it- ok, it’s only really warm.”



“Do you mind! ‘The Pimp’s in My Crib Ma So I’ve Got To Drop It Like It’s Hot!”

I try to be a good masseuse its very important @cunt-lapper

I try to be a good masseuse. It’s very important in the trade to be professional. I hadn’t figured out the new salon I was working at yet so I didn’t know what really went on in all those other rooms. But my client was really beautiful, and I was slightly pressed up against her shoulder as I massaged her buttocks. I could see her smile when she said, “So what’s the hardest part of your job?” and she kind of shrugged, or almost worked her arm up to elbow me in the crotch is more like it. No way was I gonna make the next move… but then…

So you must be emaline what are we second @cunt-lapper

“So you must be Emaline. What are we, second cousins?”


“It must suck living on a farm out in the middle of nowhere. They said you just wander around in the fields all day.”


“Can- you can talk? I mean… wait– Why are you taking your clothes off?”

“…And the imperial votaress passed on,
In maiden meditation, fancy-free.
Yet marked I where the bolt of Cupid fell:
It fell upon a little western flower,
Before milk-white, now purple with love’s wound,
And maidens call it Love-in-idleness.”

“Hey, that’s my… should you be pulling that out?”

“Out of this wood, do not desire to go…“

Well, whatever. Have your way with me crazy fair maiden.”

What are you going as for halloween this year @cunt-lapper

“What are you going as for Halloween this year?”

“Bitch, do not talk to me about Halloween. It’s the middle of August.”

“I saw a post on tumblr already…”

“People on tumblr are crazies and degenerates.”

“Remember last year when I went as a hooker?”

“I kept telling you that was October TWENTY-First.”

“Yeah… but when I asked those guys to smell my feet and give me something good to eat…”

How much money did you make that night”

“Let’s not dwell on that. I was doing it or the semenental value.”

How to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you @cunt-lapper


If she looks you in the eye and says “Get out! I’m busy,” and you didn’t agree to this earlier. She’s cheating on you.

Erosart submitted by gary epting @cunt-lapper


submitted by  gary epting

Your girlfriends pussy is so fat yes is @cunt-lapper

“Your girlfriend’s pussy is SO fat…”

“Yes? Is there a punchline coming?”

“Oh… yeah… It just feels really good when we fuck.”