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I'm male, 31, and I post lots of original gifs and occasionally a porn video compilation. I like girls, adore lesbians, love transsexuals, and like to keep it creative. I love hearing from followers. * * * If I have posted copyrighted material, let me know and I will remove it. NSFW Adults Only. If you are under 18, please leave. PLEASE CONSIDER SUPPORTING MY NON-PORN PUBLIC DOMAIN RECYCLED FOOTAGE VIDEO PROJECT 'SODOM!' ANY AMOUNT HELPS - CUNT-LAPPER (@cunt-lapper)
Atronar asked hi i saw your compilation called @cunt-lapper

atronar asked:

HI, I saw your compilation called “Reality of the Virtual” and I was wondering if you could tell me the name of the movie that you based this compilation on. It has some sort of virtual reality theme and I would be interested to see it without the compilation built around it. Thanks!

I appreciate your lip service… Sorry, just kidding, but come on! The name of THE movie I based this compilation on? My compilations are original creations, there are a ton of different movies (non-porn movies) represented in ‘The Reality of the Virtual’ but the ‘theme’ you speak of comes from things I have been thinking on some time… I posted the first part of an unfinished story that is a sort of critique on virtual reality, in fiction as a more direct answer to your question, but to make explicit the variety of source material that is going into this type of thing… Here’s some credits…

The title ‘The Reality of the Virtual’ is the name of a film/lecture given by philosopher Slavoj Zizek that you can probably find on the net.

The opening clip is from a DVD extra of some B-movie called Future Shock (1994) .

The scientists/doctors tinkering with you in POV are from RoboCop (1987)

Transition to second song is from  The Thirteenth Floor (1999).

There is footage from an episode of the David Bowie hosted strange story showcase series ‘The Hunger’ (1997–2000) , S02E18 - Approaching Desdemona (the ‘touch the screen’ part).

There is a scene from  The Matrix (1999) with some sounds thrown in the background from  Alien (1979) (I always found it wonderful they call the computer that controls their whole spaceship, environment, lives, and destiny ‘Mother’)

I think the ‘It took them six months to put me back together..’ is from the movie Hardware (1990).

There’s a short clip from the movie Altered States (1980) with the redhead toward the end, adulterated by footage from a redheaded porn star.

The ‘White Rabbit Object… whatever it did, it did it all…” dialogue clip is from  Jurassic Park (1993).

The scene where Jean Claude Van Damme is at a computer while there is a stripper in the background is from  Universal Soldier: The Return(1999)

The scene of the guy doing a striptease in the Kiss shirt is from the movie Detroit Rock City (1999) while the roller coaster scene and some of the other scenes at that juncture are from  Panorama Blue (1974)

There’s a Betty Boop cartoon. I think it’s called ‘A Trip to Crazy Town’ or something like that. I don’t see it on IMDB.

And there’s footage of William Burroughs talking about the soul from  The Source: The Story of the Beats and the Beat Generation (1999).

The punchline speech about beautiful girls is from the movie  Beautiful Girls (1996).

If you have any other questions just ask. I was glad to hear you liked the theme.

Oh, and ‘Reality of the Virtual’ is the FOURTH PART of the Story

Overall, You’re Looking At:







Oh sweety feel my butt cheeks gently knocking @cunt-lapper

Oh, sweety… Feel my butt cheeks gently knocking against your balls? Seeing if your swimmers want to come out to play? That means you’re balls deep in Mommy. You haven’t been this deep inside Mommy since… well, I bet you can’t remember when… Feels like home, doesn’t it… you incestuous little deviant? Mommy’s good boy.

My boyfriends mom divorced his dad a few years @cunt-lapper

My boyfriend’s Mom divorced his Dad a few years back, and he showed me a ‘spread’ she did in a ‘tattoo mag’ after she went all the way pussy luvin’ and was ‘having fun without your Dad.’

“Is it weird that I have this magazine?” he asked me.

“All I know, baby, is I would eat your Mom out hard.


…Will you grow your bush out for me?

…And… your pits…

I just want to suck on them.”

Oh shit dig me out yeah and you eat my ass @cunt-lapper

“Oh Shit! Dig Me Out! Yeah, And You, Eat My Ass While You’re Down There, Pervert Voyeur!”

One more lie the letter had not been cut short by @cunt-lapper

One more lie. The letter had not been cut short by a desire to chastise Kittredge. I simply did not know how to continue. After all, I had begun with the fabrication that Chevi had phoned me, and ever since, had been attempting to balance my account, a common practice in putting Agency im­ports together. If, for some reason, you could not send the truth back to Washington—if, for instance, you hired Gordy Morewood to do a specific job after the Groogs had instructed you to let him cool his heels, why, then, you gave Gordy another name, and paid him out of a new file. Double-entry reporting—an art! Rare was the field man who did not practice it on occasion. Now Kittredge had been placed on double-entry. I had suppressed a critical passage between Libertad and myself. Wholly at her behest, I expect, Chevi had closeted himself in her gold and marble bathroom for a good twenty minutes during our visit, and in that time Libertad conferred on me one of her royal gifts—fellatio. We had not been alone for a minute before her fingers walked over the buttons on my fly. I will not give the details—suffice it to say that she exhibited such sensitivity to one’s shifting states of tumescence that we did not get to the offering until Chevi had splashed enough water in bowl and washbasin to indicate he would soon be back with us—instead, she took me up and down a steeplechase of long and languorous hoops and loops. I might have discharged with sensations extraordinary enough to be hers forever but some residual Hubbard stubbornness, refusing to band over the drawbridge to a stranger, was there like a mailed warder and slammed a gate in my soul; 1 came, to my surprise, painfully. Alpha, taken in whole, must have gone clear over the hurdle; Omega shattered darkly below. My loins ached when I was done and I buttoned myself quickly, whereupon she made a point of licking her plump lips as if seed were cream, gave a squeeze of her hand to mine, and kissed Chevi with considerable passion when he came back to the room. I was not about to pass all this on to Kittredge. Yet I hardly wished to mislead her by too much. That would once again violate the spirit of our correspondence. So I had given a fulsome description of Libertad’s attractions, as if to communi­cate by that route the depth of the magnetic field her mouth and lips had put upon the nether parts. At its best, I had felt, I confess, like a superbly prepared canvas upon which a truly notable artist was laying the most purposeful strokes. To make up for any real loss in my account of—yes, I now knew the meaning—of such exquisite pleasure, I had exaggerated the ini­tial impact of meeting. In truth, I did not feel in the presence of a goddess until her mouth led me to study the turns of expres­sion on her face. All that beauty! All that hard implacable will to rule the world! I had seen hints of such on many another whore’s face as she gave herself to fellatio, but never with such singularity of mission. As I would realize over the next few days, my iron-bound determination not to introduce her to Hunt was springing a few leaks.

- Norman Mailer, ‘Harlot’s Ghost: A Novel of the CIA’

My boyfriends mom came into the room while i was @cunt-lapper

My boyfriend’s Mom came into the room while I was sleeping with some crotchless panties on and her tits swinging and poked me on the hip till I woke up.

“What the fuck? Mrs. Langford? What–”

“Don’t worry, hon. I just wanted to offer you some breakfast in bed.”

Her fur lined pubis noticeably lunged in my direction.

“Can I smell your pussy?” she asked…

“What!? NO!”

“Oh. It must be your breath then. I came here to talk about this farce you call ‘dating my boy Brian.’ I will not have my dear boy playing ‘beard’ to a waist deep carpet gagger like the likes of you.”

Mrs. Langford… Please… I like Brian…”

“I know dear. But you’re in love with va-gi-na…”

“This is inappropriate. My sexual preference is none of your business.”

“But it is dear. My son is my business. Now, we’ll perform a little test. If we start to make love and you get wet… and have an orgasm, you are so gay.”

“I’ll agree to that test on one condition. You accept bisexuality as a perfectly legit sexual choice and admit this entire premise is sensationalist ludicrous b.s. and we go fuck your son up the ass with some strap ons because that boy is totes genderfluid who can’t get enough girl cock and he would really love you to accept him as such, and he loves watching me eat nasty bush like yours,  though respectfully, incest is completely a terrible choice to make for your family, but this is porn and not reality so let’s go suck that motherfucker’s dick.”

“Im in, you fucking dyke! Kiss my fucking ass!”

The future is looking weirder all the time @cunt-lapper

The Future is looking weirder all the time. Cybercrime, human minds linked with computers, the meta-meta-physics of virtual reality… take this X-File coming out of Meeteetse, Wyoming. A large field adjacent a switching station and various power lines has a tendency to attract nude, large breasted women wandering in fugue states tweaking their nipples. When questioned the women seem to wake to themselves and answer only that they are picking up ‘secret messages’ in their mammaries, and are trying to find the signal’s source.

Ebony babe porn compilation cumming soon for the @cunt-lapper

Ebony Babe Porn Compilation Cumming Soon - 

For the foreseeable future I’m doing porn comps based on requests for themes or fetishes that people send me - so send me something you’d like to see, anything at all, and I’ll try to make it for you. Add a song suggestion if you want to see a specific song. - ASK

That private dance in the vip with two girls was @cunt-lapper

That private dance in the VIP with two girls was getting real sloppy. It was real late night and you get past that tipping point where they know teasing you isn’t going to make you pay any more money and you do something for the love demon in the babe they just might give you that nut busting touch.

Hey son your siss twat is so tasty but what we @cunt-lapper

“Hey son… your sis’s twat is so tasty but what we really want is a cocktoy to play with… Have you got something that’ll work? Whip that dick out and get over here and put it to your sister while I munch your asshole.”

Her mom works nights so when his daughter comes @cunt-lapper

Her Mom works nights so when his daughter comes home drunk well after midnight she always gives Daddy a snack and a jack, ever since that first night she woke him with her hot mouth kissing on his cock.

Send me some song suggestions for my ebony babe @cunt-lapper

Send Me Some Song Suggestions for my Ebony Babe Porn Compilation - ASK / SUBMIT

The government has been secretly dosing the water @cunt-lapper

The government has been secretly dosing the water supply in Cunnyville, Indiana with a genetically altered hormonal sequence that is causing the females now coming of age to exhibit pronounced sexual characteristics. Boys in town then ingest the secretions of the female specimens and are susceptible to coercion and suggestion. It’s part of a homegrown mind control effort by the CIA who’s trying again after failed efforts like MK-ULTRA in the 60′s.

My sister made me watch her eat my girlfriend out @cunt-lapper

My sister made me watch her eat my girlfriend out when my girlfriend surprised me by saying, “okay, I’ll try that, couldn’t hurt to get a few pointers” because my sister barged in and told us she was tired of hearing my girlfriend fake it so dramatically.

“Sit this poor girl on your face so she doesn’t have to go shouting to let you know she’s enjoying it, she will let you know your tongue is doing a good job by giving it right back to you in the mouth so you’ll be the one moaning.”

Wait for it my newest porn compilation symphony @cunt-lapper


Is Uploaded To Pornhub, And Is Converting/Going Through Screening On Their Servers… - That M-F-er is 50 Minutes 36 Seconds and Was 3.6 GB Uploading in 1080p…

I Will Post It HERE As Soon As It Is Live…  11/14/2015

Send me a message ask submit im trying to @cunt-lapper

Send me a Message - ASK / SUBMIT

I’m trying to stay awake to finish rendering my newest porn compilation and if you chat with me it will help… 

Tell me a story about a time you did the nasty… or just about whatever’s on your mind.

Or send me an anonymous pic of your butthole. I’ll post it and make you a star.

Wont you kindly force feed me a hot mess of fur @cunt-lapper

Won’t You Kindly Force Feed Me A Hot Mess of Fur Pie?

My roommate had all these rules if i was going to @cunt-lapper

My roommate had all these rules if I was going to live with her… she was really anal… You might say I really acquired a taste for servitude.

I am a specialist in relieving swelling you @cunt-lapper

“I am a specialist in relieving swelling. You called to set up an appointment for a prostate milking and I am going to work this whole problem from the inside out… Now, I am going to use a penile shaped object to penetrate your…  … rectum… here… I know some men think this is outré but the object will be warm and natural feeling, and I’m sure you’ll love it and we’ve actually had some of our clients come back begging for more.”

My new porn compilation pervertual reality vol @cunt-lapper

My New Porn Compilation (Pervertual Reality Vol. 4) That I’ve Been Hyping Is Compiling, It’s All Finished It Just Takes Forever to Render and Then I’m Uploading It to Pornhub and it Will Be Up PostHaste… I may have to sleep in the meantime but I’m still aiming for tonight.

Someone requested a Symphony for Ebony Girls so I’m already planning that for the next one, which will be all Black Babe Ass and Pussy Worship Compilation.

I’m Going to Take a Break from the long compilations and I’m going to be taking requests for themes and songs for 1 song compilations. I’m going to do a few of those for a while. SO if you have a certain niche or fetish you want to see and a song you want to see some clips put to, hit me up with a request and I’ll try to make it happen.

I got on the pill finally for the first time in @cunt-lapper

I got on the pill (finally) for the first time in my life, and I let my boyfriend ‘let fly’ his quivering bolt of man sauce up in my jimmy jam. First time ever feeling that, it was AWESOME! I was dancing around the apartment going ‘yummy yummy yummy I’ve got cum in my tummy’ just letting it splurt out as I sashayed about and he’s looking at me, like, da fuck, and I’m like, SCIENCE!

The stacy keebler oh my god how did that rhyme @cunt-lapper

THE Stacy Keebler! 

Oh my God, how did that rhyme about you go?

No, wait, I can remember it,

“Stacy Keebler was a Teaser

Always Showing Off Her Butt

All the Boys Did Treat Her Meaner

And She Never Got One Off

Then The Girls They Dared Her ‘Beat It’

So She’d Prove She Was a Slut

She Gave Macy’s Dad a Squeezer

At Their Family’s Picnic Lunch

Stacy Keebler Proved A Real Pearl
Cause They All Caught Her CATCHING NUT!”

Wow, girl, you’re famous!

My cousin and i were playing dress up at my @cunt-lapper

My cousin and I were playing dress up at my grandparent’s old house, which kind of reared up into a game of ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’, which then, well, landed us bent over & coming up on some other frantic game we worked out we wanted to play while we had the closet to ourselves for a while.

My next symphony in the key of xxx porn @cunt-lapper

My next SYMPHONY IN THE KEY OF XXX porn compilation is cumming tomorrow, FRIDAY, 




The camp counselor said i could still wear my @cunt-lapper

The camp counselor said I could still wear my purity bracelet because I hadn’t been penetrated. I was a born again now-straight re-virgin, who had just been seduced by a perverted anti-gay therapist. But don’t think he’s getting off easy, all that’s going through his *relieved* brain is, “I really like girls with their vaginas and their mammaries… and not cock… definitely not dirty cock…”

The volleyball team won state so the coach took @cunt-lapper

The Volleyball team won state so the coach took them to a male strip club to celebrate. The coach is bringing home a #1 trophy but she should’ve packed some Plan B.

Ill work you up till youre hard as fuck and @cunt-lapper

I’ll work you up till you’re hard as fuck, and then tease you till you can’t take it anymore.

A nice gentleman offered to buy me clothes he was @cunt-lapper

A nice gentleman offered to buy me clothes; he was right they did make me feel sexy. I knew what I was getting into. I wouldn’t have agreed if I didn’t want to fuck him… and if I didn’t want all that fancy lingerie.

The ultra violet catastrophe what can you do to @cunt-lapper


What can you do to vent your frustration that Trump is on SNL?

- Watch the show in protest and post about how fucked up it is, you paid for Hulu without commercials so who cares

- Never watch NBC again and be some kind of martyr where only you are hurt

- Spend some time focusing on how fucked up Ben Carson is

- Perpetuate your secret war on Christmas in retaliation

- Give in and jump on the bandwagon and commit a hate crime in preparation for the future Holocaust we’ll slide into at the hands of Lord Banality of Evil 2016 whomever he or she may end up manifesting as…

- Direct Action Political Resistance (very risky Post 9/11 ad infinitum, ad estra, etcetera etcetera so on into infinity…)

Pervertual reality vol 4 symphony in the key of @cunt-lapper

Pervertual Reality Vol. 4 - SYMPHONY IN THE KEY OF XXX Is Cumming Sometime This Next Week -

I’ve got one more song to ‘flesh out’ and then gotta go back and tighten up the sound track. It should be out real soon but I want it to be perfect so I’ll say before next Friday… It’s really looking crazy fine in my opinion.

Again Check Out Volumes 3… 2…   1…  to Prepare…

And I’ve uploaded an old compilation to Pornhub now available in a better ‘print’, ‘Juicy’ A Pussy Worship Compilation, check that out here.

Did you know in certain counties of florida a @cunt-lapper

Did you know in certain counties of Florida, a family member can fill in on conjugal visits if you don’t have a significant other? 

Well, not legally, but the guards let him in as long as I let them all stand around and watch… and… cum on my face when we were finished…

Just relax im a professional sex @cunt-lapper

“Just relax, I’m a professional.”

- ‘Sex therapist’ from the classifieds who you just fell in love with.

A new girl moved in across the hall and she came @cunt-lapper

A new girl moved in across the hall and she came over to introduce herself. Told me, “my internet doesn’t get turned on for like four days, and I just turned 18 so I’ve never bought any porn… I don’t even know where any porn shops are, plus, no car. Do you have any DVD’s I could borrow? I’m not gonna make it four days, I’m totes an addict.”

“Um, sure…”

“That’s cool. Oh, you just have them right there under the TV. Classy.”

“Here’s a couple. Just some random…”

“Oh, shit… these are filthy… Damn. Right up my alley, if you catch my drift. You wanna watch one? How bout this one?”

“Pop it in!” I shrugged, like, WTF.

“That’s what she said. Am I right? Up top.”

And that uncle steve is how i would make your @cunt-lapper

“And that, Uncle Steve, is how I would make your dick pop ‘reverse cowgirl’. So… so far which is your favorite? Do you wanna see me do the rimjob / blow-pop one again?”

“Stacy, for the last time, put your clothes on!”

Gotta try my hand at another black dicks and white @cunt-lapper

Gotta try my hand at another Black Dicks and White Chicks Compilation soon

In the video her husbands watching right next to @cunt-lapper

In the video her husband’s watching right next to her, but I cropped him out. Here’s what you wanna see.