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I'm male, 30, and I post lots of original gifs and occasionally a porn video compilation. Check the links for more info. I like girls, adore lesbians, love transsexuals, and like to keep it creative. I love hearing from followers, if you have any requests for gifs or captions, questions, want to submit something or just want to say hi or whatever, please do so. If I have posted copyrighted material, let me know and I will remove it. NSFW Adults Only. If you are under 18, please leave. - CUNT-LAPPER (@cunt-lapper)
Im working on a new symphony in the key of xxx @cunt-lapper

I’m working on a new ‘SYMPHONY IN THE KEY OF XXX’ compilation, entitled ‘FAN-TAS-DICK’

which is focused on what in the old time religion they referred to as ‘The Sacred Phallus.’ It’ll be cumming soon and it’ll be a real nice riotous fertility dance for you folks.

I bet youd be a helluva tit fuck really sonny @cunt-lapper

“I bet you’d be a helluva tit-fuck? Really, sonny? You impetuous little prick. You wanna kiss your step-mother with that mouth, you little wanker? Maybe then you’ll stoop to calling me Mom when I drain a load on these huge breasts? Huh, you gonna call me Mommy now you brat?”

Im looking at this guy and im thinking some @cunt-lapper

I’m looking at this guy, and I’m thinking, some lube couldn’t hurt. So oil me up, lover.

Have you ever been touched by an angel @cunt-lapper

“Have you ever been touched by an angel?”

Ok stevie pop quiz lets see if you did your @cunt-lapper

OK, Stevie, pop quiz. Let’s see if you did your sex ed reading. After that dismal display from Quentin locating the clitoris I’m not expecting much. But I’ll give you a hint. If you can come up and demonstrate ANALINGUS for us, I will FEED YOU YOUR ‘A’.

So i know you were frustrated we never got to @cunt-lapper

So I know you were frustrated we never got to spend time alone what with us both still living with our parents. And I know some of your guy friends were in the same boat. Anyhoo, I got some of their girlfriends numbers, and we got together and went on a camping trip for the weekend, just us girls to my family’s cabin. I really don’t know what you boys will do to get through a long, hard, throbbing weekend without your favorite ladies, but in case you need to get ahold of us, for any reason, here’s directions to the cabin, and these are the GPS coordinates… 

Wish you were here… 


Front loading or top loading sir @cunt-lapper

Front Loading or Top Loading, Sir?