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Roberta pedon always the total package @curvyswervydames

Roberta Pedon ::  Always the total package

A shirt or dress its still shorter than her @curvyswervydames

A Shirt or Dress ::  It’s still shorter than her hair is long

Another way to get a girl to take her shirt off @curvyswervydames

Another way to get a girl to take her shirt off ::  She loves flowers and feeling pretty…

Gabrielle drake in the british sifi series @curvyswervydames

Gabrielle Drake :: In the British sifi series “UFO”

Girls love their fluffy warm jackets and then they @curvyswervydames

Girls love their fluffy warm jackets and then they don’t wear any pants :: Gawd I love women

Roberta pedon mrs csd commented on how pretty @curvyswervydames

Roberta Pedon ::  Mrs CSD commented on how pretty she is. 

Bikini or bra panties either way shes cute @curvyswervydames

Bikini or Bra & Panties? :: Either way, she’s cute as can be… 

My pretty friend carol shes such a delightful @curvyswervydames

My Pretty Friend Carol ::  She’s such a delightful lady. Loves being a girl and wearing her lingerie, as most of you girls do.  

I told her my followers were the nicest in tumblr, and her last post you all proved me right…  

Gloriadawn gloria dawn photography by ron @curvyswervydames


Gloria Dawn, photography by Ron Vogel.

Hurray!  The dress is almost off.  I’m left with my bra, panties, garter belt, and nylons.

A slightly different version of this photo was published in Delite, v2 n2. 

When a girl knows she has nice titties @curvyswervydames

When a girl knows she has nice titties ::  

That old wreck is a great set for a girl to take @curvyswervydames

That old wreck is a great set for a girl to take her clothes off ::

Gloriadawn gloria dawn photography by ron @curvyswervydames


Gloria Dawn, photography by Ron Vogel.

Ron Vogel took a number of pictures in the back yard of one of the houses he used during one photography session.  Sometimes I refer to these as the “chaise lounge” photos because a chaise lounge is visible in many of them.

I am posting 11 of these photos now.  These are the ones in which I am wearing only black panties and a loose tunic that fitted over a dress (both the dress and tunic were made from the same material, and Ron took photos of both during this session).  I call this set of photos “dancing” and it is easy to see why.  I’m having lots of fun.  Only one of this set was published in a magazine; in it, my breasts are completely visible and not just hinted at through the flimsy dress material.

This photo was published in an 1963 issue of the magazine Lure (v1, n2).

All she is missing are the puka shells @curvyswervydames

All she is missing are the puka shells ::

Thefunkybuxom once again she stops by to say @curvyswervydames


Once again she stops by to say hello.

Do you have contact with Shay?  I have her Funky Buxom email but it’s no longer valid..  I’d like to drop her a line.. 

Rose marie i dont usually post these types of @curvyswervydames

Rose Marie :: I don’t usually post these types of poses, but sometimes it’s so inviting, sexy and pretty.. 

Sheer perfection titties are such nice things @curvyswervydames

Sheer Perfection ::  Titties are such nice things

Not vintage but damn close enough when a girl @curvyswervydames

Not Vintage :: But damn close enough when a girl is this sexy

Buttons are optional for a pretty girl with nice @curvyswervydames

Buttons are optional for a pretty girl with nice titties ::

Joset paris follies @curvyswervydames

Joset :: Paris Follies

Momoko kochis please see her rotten @curvyswervydames

Momoko Kochi’s  ::  Please see her Rotten Tomatoes bio

Kochi played the leading female role of Emiko Yamane in Gojira (Godzilla). She became one of the most visible actresses in Japan, only to find herself typecast and her career stalled at age 30. 

In 1995, she reprized her role of Emiko Yamane in Godzilla Vs. Destroyer, the final Godzilla film in the original cycle of movies. Her performance in the role was very touching and affecting, and her presence in the movie became one of its major selling points to the public in Japan. 

It was to be Kochi’s final role – the actress died of cancer three years later.

Gz getting a little too friendly with ntsc tv info @curvyswervydames

GZ getting a little too friendly with NTSC-TV info babe Momoko Kôchi 

Momoko Kôchi is best known for her roles in the original Godzilla, playing the character of Emiko Yamane 

Honey rider diane webber by edmund leja @curvyswervydames


Diane Webber By Edmund Leja, 1959.

Diane is so gorgeous 

Diane webber one of those horribly done airbrush @curvyswervydames

Diane Webber 

One of those horribly done airbrush jobs, I had to restore her diamond

Sweater girls how a modest sweater can be an @curvyswervydames

Sweater Girls :: How a modest sweater can be an icon sexy classic, just by adding that unseen bullet bra..  You girls know what it does to a man.

Small things make a difference and anyway they @curvyswervydames

Small things make a difference… and anyway, they drive me crazy. Correcting the tilt had to be done…

Naked girls and flowers one and the same in so @curvyswervydames

Naked Girls and Flowers ::  One and the same in so many ways

Lovely and sweet but this is what her prom date @curvyswervydames

Lovely and Sweet. But this is what her prom date sees. 

Gloriadawn gloria dawn photography by elmer @curvyswervydames


Gloria Dawn, photography by Elmer Batters.

One of my favorite magazine layouts was entitled “Sensation in Black and White,” which was published in Late Show in 1964.

The photographer was Elmer Batters, but instead of focusing on my legs and butt as he usually did, this series of photos highlighted my eyes and breasts.

Above I am curled in much the same way as I was during the first photo in this series, shown here.  In the above photo, I still have on my bra, although it is unfastened in front.

Gloria Dawn, photography by Elmer Batters

Tomfatcat awfully pale not awfully pale @curvyswervydames


Awfully pale

Not! Awfully Pale

Christina hendricks 53 one of the major @curvyswervydames

Christina Hendricks (53) :: One of the major things I missed during my tumblr hiatus was seeing and posting the obligatory Christina pics…. 

She never gets enough credit for having great legs (gams) either.

Drunkcle high heels the perfect outfit for @curvyswervydames


High heels. The perfect outfit for some woodland adventuring.

Agreed! And many women will tell you that just a pair of high heels is indeed an outfit.

She reminds me of roberta pedon makes me @curvyswervydames

She reminds me of Roberta Pedon ::  Makes me wonder what more mature Roberta would have looked like with a little extra tummy…

Gloriadawn gloria dawn photography by michael @curvyswervydames


Gloria Dawn, photography by Michael LeRoy

Michael LeRoy took a number of photos of me lying on or sitting in front of a sofa.  In all of these photos I was completely nude, which was rare because LeRoy generally had me wear some sort of accessory in the majority of photos he shot during our photography session. 

This photo is a good picture of my body – both breasts and legs – but my face seems bland.  It looks like me, but doesn’t seem to have the sparkle that I normally bring to my photos.  There were lots of nudes published in magazines during the 1960s who seemed to show this same type of vapid smile.

Hi Shannon, So glad to see you finally opened up a tumblr. I hope all is well with you these days…  


Is that bunny yeager @curvyswervydames

Is that Bunny Yeager???

My brother had the z28 version of this 69 camero @curvyswervydames

My brother had the Z/28 version of this 69 Camero. Orange with White racing stripes, spoiler and wheels.. Identical.. I miss both of them…  

My pretty friend carol i have a photo of this @curvyswervydames

My Pretty Friend Carol ::  I have a photo of this sexy lady holding that hat in front of her.. She’s cute and naked hiding behind this hat… It reminds me of a Sally Rand Feather Dance..  

Angelique pettyjohn of star trek fame comedian @curvyswervydames

Angelique Pettyjohn (of Star Trek fame) Comedian and Bob Mitchell :: Vegas Retro

Honey rider delores reed girl clothes @curvyswervydames


Delores Reed

Girl clothes :: Women design, make and wear the most wonderfully impractical things.  

Thekameraclub junes plump pair original @curvyswervydames


June’s Plump Pair! (Original) - June Palmer

June Palmer :: You’d think I’d have seen all there were of this doll.. Look at those breasts, even the tip of her chin is sexy

Bettie page youd think id have seen all there @curvyswervydames

Bettie Page :: You’d think I’d have seen all there were of this doll.. Look at that figure, even the cleft in her chin is sexy

Pretty wife polaroids she loves the attention @curvyswervydames

Pretty Wife Polaroids :: She loves the attention

Little red riding hood @curvyswervydames

Little Red Riding Hood :: 

Pretty wife polaroids the wife tells me that @curvyswervydames

Pretty Wife Polaroids :: The wife tells me, that waiting to be mounted is a very erotic moment. 

Lisa winters at her boudoir vanity @curvyswervydames

Lisa Winters :: At her Boudoir Vanity 

Pretty wife polaroids shes gorgeous @curvyswervydames

Pretty Wife Polaroids :: She’s gorgeous 

Not a straight line to be found @curvyswervydames

Not a straight line to be found :: 

Cant make up my mind @curvyswervydames

Can’t make up my mind :: 

The gloves looked nice with her outfit @curvyswervydames

The gloves looked nice with her outfit ::

Girls are so fun @curvyswervydames

Girls are so fun ::

Gesshots great jane seymour see thru @curvyswervydames


Great Jane Seymour see thru !!!

The great thing about halter tops @curvyswervydames

The great thing about halter tops ::

Jackie miller 1 @curvyswervydames

Jackie Miller (1) ::

Oldiznewagain sexy gloria dawn in sweater @curvyswervydames


Sexy Gloria Dawn in sweater.

Gloria Dawn ::  Actually Shannon Moeser will love this. She has several blog sites and this Facebook page. Stop in and give her few likes and her signed photos are for sale in eBay.  

oldiznewagain has done a great job on this Michael LeRoy photograph of Gloria/Shannon

Serious underthings @curvyswervydames

Serious Underthings ::

Flash a little leg @curvyswervydames

Flash a Little Leg ::

Biker babes they know how to party @curvyswervydames

Biker Babes ::  They know how to party

Restoration bringing them back is so much fun @curvyswervydames

Restoration ::  Bringing them back is so much fun 

Soft pretty bed spreads cotton chenille @curvyswervydames

Soft Pretty Bed Spreads ::  Cotton Chenille

Roundedcurves megavixens 1976 @curvyswervydames


MegaVixens (1976)