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Not a straight line to be found @curvyswervydames

Not a straight line to be found :: 

Cant make up my mind @curvyswervydames

Can’t make up my mind :: 

The gloves looked nice with her outfit @curvyswervydames

The gloves looked nice with her outfit ::

Girls are so fun @curvyswervydames

Girls are so fun ::

Gesshots great jane seymour see thru @curvyswervydames


Great Jane Seymour see thru !!!

The great thing about halter tops @curvyswervydames

The great thing about halter tops ::

Jackie miller 1 @curvyswervydames

Jackie Miller (1) ::

Oldiznewagain sexy gloria dawn in sweater @curvyswervydames


Sexy Gloria Dawn in sweater.

Gloria Dawn ::  Actually Shannon Moeser will love this. She has several blog sites and this Facebook page. Stop in and give her few likes and her signed photos are for sale in eBay.  

oldiznewagain has done a great job on this Michael LeRoy photograph of Gloria/Shannon

Serious underthings @curvyswervydames

Serious Underthings ::

Flash a little leg @curvyswervydames

Flash a Little Leg ::

Biker babes they know how to party @curvyswervydames

Biker Babes ::  They know how to party

Restoration bringing them back is so much fun @curvyswervydames

Restoration ::  Bringing them back is so much fun 

Soft pretty bed spreads cotton chenille @curvyswervydames

Soft Pretty Bed Spreads ::  Cotton Chenille

Roundedcurves megavixens 1976 @curvyswervydames


MegaVixens (1976)

Anita strindberg @curvyswervydames

Anita Strindberg ::

Girl clothes pretty over practical sexy over @curvyswervydames

Girl Clothes ::  Pretty over Practical, Sexy over Sensible 

Ponderosa pine pinus ponderosa also called @curvyswervydames

Ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa), also called western yellow pine, is one of the most widely distributed pines in western North America

Kdo roberta pedon 1974 @curvyswervydames


Roberta Pedon 1974

Curvyswervydames irish mccalla 6 original @curvyswervydames


Irish McCalla (6)

Original post in November 2011

Pretty girls but i like the satellite tub @curvyswervydames

Pretty Girls ::  But I like the Satellite Tub Chair with Atomic Legs 

Debbie westmore 4 @curvyswervydames

Debbie Westmore (4) ::

Vintagecharmingbeauties nudes50s 60s margie @curvyswervydames



Margie Harrison -

Two Time Playmate: Miss January and June 1954.

Bettie page 60 @curvyswervydames

Bettie Page (60) ::

Mom and son industrious practical and sexy @curvyswervydames

Mom and Son ::  Industrious, practical and sexy  

Curvesfrombigsky y by adamostry where did you @curvyswervydames


Y by AdamOstry

Where did you get this pic of my wife

Myrna loy @curvyswervydames

Myrna Loy ::

Delicious duo @curvyswervydames

Delicious Duo ::

Marilyn monroe for my girl bloggers @curvyswervydames

Marilyn Monroe ::  For my girl bloggers

Curvyswervydames sandra bromley 6 original @curvyswervydames


Sandra Bromley (6)

Original post on November 2011

Debbie westmore 3 @curvyswervydames

Debbie Westmore (3) ::

Bettie page 59 @curvyswervydames

Bettie Page (59) ::

Cotton chenille bedspreads make great back @curvyswervydames

Cotton Chenille Bedspreads ::  Make great back drops

Curvyswervydames valerie kent 1 original @curvyswervydames


Valerie Kent (1)

Original post on November 2011

Calendar girl 6 @curvyswervydames

Calendar Girl (6) ::

Dressed without being dressed @curvyswervydames

Dressed without being dressed ::