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Pervalicious delicious oh hello a @cutedicks



oh hello.


My dick its 65in but here im hanging easy @cutedicks

My dick. It’s 6.5in, but here I’m hanging easy, not quite hard. I’m 22, and I must say, I love my dick! I hope you do too :-)

Veins @cutedicks


Dont forget the balls c @cutedicks

don’t forget the balls- C

Heres my cute dick @cutedicks

heres my cute dick

Felt i should share a self shot and see what you @cutedicks

Felt I should share a self-shot and see what you two think.

My 7 inch boner hope you all like please @cutedicks

My 7 inch boner!  Hope you all like.  Please comment

Rolledtrousers am fuzz mornings arent kinky @cutedicks


AM Fuzz

Mornings aren’t kinky. Not in the same way as the late night, when things are winding down, when you can immerse yourself in a scene. You’re not conscious enough for the whips and the rope; you can’t plan, and you can’t organise. The room can’t become your domain in the morning. It’s still claimed by the grogginess of sleep, and the slow rise out of slumber.

The room is the morning sun’s, and there’s nothing you can do about that. A wash of gold that only budges with time, as AM turns to PM. 

Instead, you get clumsy fumblings, giggles, chuckles, and muted moans. Groans as you just enjoy one another, fingers and thumbs and lips and noses brushing up against one another. In the morning you’re animals, motor functions with a libido that drives you, while the rest of your brain carries on dreaming, adjusts to this happy new reality that was so similar to the nocturnal emissions of yore.  

It’s tempting to say they’re more free, a more honest depiction of the attraction and care that I have, but that’s not really true. It’s more about earnestness, of stripping back all the theatricality that I layer on in the evenings. It’s simpler. Less complicated. 

I like complicated. Complicated makes you come more. Complicated makes you bite the air, and complicated lets me slip into that intoxicating headspace where all I want to do is make you scream.

But mornings are sacred, and I hold them with a different kind of reverence. They’re the crepuscular rays slipping in through the window, and watching the dust dance on that golden shaft. It’s ignoring all that and fucking anyway.

Amanwhoshares always reblog one of my favorite @cutedicks


ALWAYS reblog. One of my favorite point-of-view blowjob gifs ever… her grip is killer, her suction is tight but so gentle & her look is just fucking bad-ass.

always learn from the best


Mid jizzz @cutedicks


Hope you like it send some pictures for my blog @cutedicks

hope you like it! send some pictures for my blog?

Deepthroatdeeplove because i love feeling his @cutedicks


because I love feeling his fingers run through my hair and clasp a firm grip

Succhione the big dicks are the best friends @cutedicks


“the big dicks are the best friends of women”

Girlslovesextoo super yummy submission @cutedicks


super yummy submission

Cindersk highspeedsteels lunch time yay @cutedicks



Lunch Time


My order is in!!


Potassium AND Protein.

And they say genetically-modified food is bad….


Isabellab4 let me feel the throb of your cock @cutedicks


Let me feel the throb of your cock between my breasts

As you grunt and orgasm hard

Love to feel your pulse

Love to watch your cum shooting

Some hitting my chin, my neck

Dribbling down my breasts in rivulets

Like thick runny cream

Drizzled over a warm sponge pudding

Mmmmm, so hungry now

For delicious warm sponge

And your creamy cock….

~ Isabella ~

Yes please a @cutedicks

yes, please


Girlslovesextoo its okay i liked it a @cutedicks


it’s okay, I liked it


Camillecrimson gently sucking your balls just @cutedicks


Gently sucking your balls, just a little at first.

See more blowjobs at The Art of Blowjob

Simply black and white a little self promotion @cutedicks


A little self promotion… My Sluts favorite play toy. Love ya Baby :) <3

Mmmmmm looks juicy -A
Trail to the sweet spot a @cutedicks

trail to the sweet spot


1st submission hope you like @cutedicks

1st submission, hope you like :)

Lickitgemini baby in in control @cutedicks


Baby in in control !!

Omg they gave it a necklace o0 @cutedicks

omg they gave it a necklace o.0