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Pervalicious delicious oh hello a @cutedicks



oh hello.


My dick its 65in but here im hanging easy @cutedicks

My dick. It’s 6.5in, but here I’m hanging easy, not quite hard. I’m 22, and I must say, I love my dick! I hope you do too :-)

Veins @cutedicks


Dont forget the balls c @cutedicks

don’t forget the balls- C

Heres my cute dick @cutedicks

heres my cute dick

Felt i should share a self shot and see what you @cutedicks

Felt I should share a self-shot and see what you two think.

My 7 inch boner hope you all like please @cutedicks

My 7 inch boner!  Hope you all like.  Please comment

Rolledtrousers am fuzz mornings arent kinky @cutedicks


AM Fuzz

Mornings aren’t kinky. Not in the same way as the late night, when things are winding down, when you can immerse yourself in a scene. You’re not conscious enough for the whips and the rope; you can’t plan, and you can’t organise. The room can’t become your domain in the morning. It’s still claimed by the grogginess of sleep, and the slow rise out of slumber.

The room is the morning sun’s, and there’s nothing you can do about that. A wash of gold that only budges with time, as AM turns to PM. 

Instead, you get clumsy fumblings, giggles, chuckles, and muted moans. Groans as you just enjoy one another, fingers and thumbs and lips and noses brushing up against one another. In the morning you’re animals, motor functions with a libido that drives you, while the rest of your brain carries on dreaming, adjusts to this happy new reality that was so similar to the nocturnal emissions of yore.  

It’s tempting to say they’re more free, a more honest depiction of the attraction and care that I have, but that’s not really true. It’s more about earnestness, of stripping back all the theatricality that I layer on in the evenings. It’s simpler. Less complicated. 

I like complicated. Complicated makes you come more. Complicated makes you bite the air, and complicated lets me slip into that intoxicating headspace where all I want to do is make you scream.

But mornings are sacred, and I hold them with a different kind of reverence. They’re the crepuscular rays slipping in through the window, and watching the dust dance on that golden shaft. It’s ignoring all that and fucking anyway.

Amanwhoshares always reblog one of my favorite @cutedicks


ALWAYS reblog. One of my favorite point-of-view blowjob gifs ever… her grip is killer, her suction is tight but so gentle & her look is just fucking bad-ass.

always learn from the best


Mid jizzz @cutedicks


Hope you like it send some pictures for my blog @cutedicks

hope you like it! send some pictures for my blog?

Deepthroatdeeplove because i love feeling his @cutedicks


because I love feeling his fingers run through my hair and clasp a firm grip

Succhione the big dicks are the best friends @cutedicks


“the big dicks are the best friends of women”

Girlslovesextoo super yummy submission @cutedicks


super yummy submission

Cindersk highspeedsteels lunch time yay @cutedicks



Lunch Time


My order is in!!


Potassium AND Protein.

And they say genetically-modified food is bad….


Isabellab4 let me feel the throb of your cock @cutedicks


Let me feel the throb of your cock between my breasts

As you grunt and orgasm hard

Love to feel your pulse

Love to watch your cum shooting

Some hitting my chin, my neck

Dribbling down my breasts in rivulets

Like thick runny cream

Drizzled over a warm sponge pudding

Mmmmm, so hungry now

For delicious warm sponge

And your creamy cock….

~ Isabella ~

Yes please a @cutedicks

yes, please


Girlslovesextoo its okay i liked it a @cutedicks


it’s okay, I liked it


Camillecrimson gently sucking your balls just @cutedicks


Gently sucking your balls, just a little at first.

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Simply black and white a little self promotion @cutedicks


A little self promotion… My Sluts favorite play toy. Love ya Baby :) <3

Mmmmmm looks juicy -A
Trail to the sweet spot a @cutedicks

trail to the sweet spot


1st submission hope you like @cutedicks

1st submission, hope you like :)

Lickitgemini baby in in control @cutedicks


Baby in in control !!

Omg they gave it a necklace o0 @cutedicks

omg they gave it a necklace o.0

My friend sent me a picture of her new toy @cutedicks

My friend sent me a picture of her new toy.

Homeboy has a cute dick. Congrats girl ;)


Greetings from finland hellooooo finland a @cutedicks

Greetings from Finland!

Hellooooo Finland!


Mmmmmmm a @cutedicks



Camillecrimson mesmerized with my eyes as i @cutedicks


Mesmerized with my eyes as I tease my way along your shaft.

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Mine in the bathroom @cutedicks

Mine in the bathroom

Wish it was bigger @cutedicks

wish it was bigger :(

I hope this is worthy of this page 3 @cutedicks

i hope this is worthy of this page :3

Cindersk omg fae it is a full brief cock @cutedicks



It is a full brief COCK COZY!!


ROLF i would totally pick up knitting just to make one of these -C

N8natetumblrcom @cutedicks

What do you think @cutedicks

What do you think?


Cindersk ill have some of the first no wait @cutedicks


I’ll have some of the first… No, wait! I want the fifth… um, maybe the fourth…

Fuck it.


Greedy Bitch… remember?

Make me beg c @cutedicks

Make me beg. - C

Heres a little something for you ladies more if @cutedicks

Here’s a little something for you ladies… More if you like it.

Kgkhdrshfahfddfs i just want to @cutedicks

kgkhdrshfahfddfs, i just want to plaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. >.<


Cindersk do you want to hear me beg i @cutedicks


Do you want to hear me beg?

I wouldn’t take much right now.  Teasing and taunting me at this point will drive me to the brink of sheer insanity.  By the time you even get close to plunging in deep, I would be a babbling, bubbling mess.  My nails would be embedded deep into the first place they land… my teeth would be gritted to the point of cracking… my eyelids would be fluttering. But maybe that is what you want?  Me aroused to the point where coherency and reality are just no longer in my realm of being.  Where the only thing that matters to me is You… hard and hot and feral… pounding deep inside me… making me pant and whimper and scream all at the same time… as my tight, hot, wet cunt adheres to your cock and threatens to fuse to you to keep you there, hard and ready, for always… as my fingernails dig deeper… my teeth gnash harder… my eyes now trained upon yours as they beg you for some kind of release… and then, it happens… I gasp… You slow… I scream… you smile…

And I beg.







And you thrust… and I gasp… and the convulsions begin and I shake and I shiver and I whimper and I scream and I beg…

Oh god, no…




And you thrust… and thrust deeper… and i whimper… and I cry out… and I say please… and you thrust harder, and harder… and then… you explode… and I gasp… and I arch… and I whimper…

Please, yes, please…

And you shudder… and I whimper… and gasp as yet another wave of torturous pleasure rips through me as you fill me full with hot sweet explosions of goodness…as I cry out helplessly exhausted…

Oh fuck yes…

And we both hold our collective breath… and then exhale together.  You fall against me and I hold you close, as I kiss your shoulder and taste the salty sheen of your skin as you pulse deep within me and I surround you in aftershocks… and you lift your head and look into my eyes and smile…

And I think to myself…

I would beg for this…
I would beg for you…


Cindersk femdomhotwifecuckoldinterracial @cutedicks



That’s a nice cock!

You see a cock…

I see my bedtime snack!

its so pretty o.o


True story a @cutedicks

true story.


Cravings a @cutedicks



Yummy a @cutedicks



Kinkchronicles thedirtyromantic cindersk @cutedicks




I walked in and immediately regretted it… it was old, and run down.  The walls and floors were stained, but seemed clean.  You could still smell a hint of javex in the air.  “Well at least they attempted to clean it” I said to no one in particular. I tried to lock it, but no luck. “Oh fuck me.”, I sighed as I quickly began weighing my options.  I had to piss like a racehorse, and it was stormy and windy outside. Pissing out there was not an option.  I quickly undid my pants and sat to pee, hoping the fates would be kind and no one else in the near vicinity picked this moment in time to relieve themselves. I was just finished wiping and about to stand when the door slammed open, catching me with my panties down and my jaw dropped.

He looked at me, shocked for a moment, but then a very slow smirk graced his lips. “Well, well… what do we have here?”  My stomach fluttered as he spoke… the rich Irish accent filling my ears and causing my clit to twitch. He licked his lips as he closed the door behind him. “Hello Darlin’.”

I was at a loss… I quickly regained my senses and spoke in a very shaky voice, “I’m just finishing up. I will be out in a minute.”  I waited for him to leave me to my privacy, but he just stood there, the smirk now filling his dark eyes that were trained right down on me as he crossed his arms at his chest.  My eyes dropped to the floor as I felt the heat of embarrassment spread though my body.  “Please leave, or at least turn around so I can get up.”

The rich voice spoke again… lower and more dangerous… “Mmmm Darlin’, You are welcome to stand up anytime you want to, but I am not going anywhere.”

I didn’t dare look up. To my shock and dismay, I could feel my cunt pulse and flood at the idea of this man seeing me half naked.  I did not want him to see in my eyes how much power he was holding over me at this moment. I hesitated for just a second to think when his hand came into my lower field of vision.  “May I?”  My eyes snapped up to his. They were different, almost kind. But somewhere in them lurked a dark deep danger that made me ache and throb and SO fucking wet.  He did not wait for me to take his hand, and instead shot his out and grabbed my wrist, pulling me up hard and holding me against him… his free arm around my throat in a head lock and his other hand gripping my wrist.

I opened my mouth to scream just as he moved his hand over it, kicking my shorts out from underneath my feet. He let go of my wrist just long enough to rip the panties from around my thighs and shove them in my mouth.  He looked up in the mirror and smiled, holding my wrists tightly as he turned to place the hook in the eye at the top of the door.  In my haste to pee, I didn’t see it.

I was really beginning to wish I had.

His free hand now moved quickly back to my wrist as I stood trapped between him and the cracked vanity.  His leg was lodged between my naked thighs and he brought his knee up as he ground his leg against my dampening pussy. I tried to twist out of his grasp, but he had me trapped.  He growled low and menacing as he brought both my wrists together behind my back, holding them tightly in one of his strong hands.  He pulled on my arms, causing me to let out a muffled cry of pain.  “Fight me too much, and you will end up with something either dislocated or broken.”  His breath was hot on my neck as he leaned in and sank his teeth into the fleshy top of my shoulder.  I whimpered and tried to drop my body away, only to be held in place by his grip on my wrists and his leg lodged hard between mine.  “Just don’t give up completely, baby… I like my fucks with a little life in them!”

I panicked, finally realizing what he intended to do.  In the whirl of things, I had hoped he was just trying to scare me.  Well, now I was terrified.  I tried to twist and get away as he held me with one hand and undid the zipper on his jeans with the other and pulling out his rock hard cock.  He bought his knee up forcibly against my aching cunt making hard contact and sending jolts of pain though out my body.  He laughed at my whimpering as he slapped his cock against my ass cheeks.  “Aww darlin’… I’m going to give you a fucking you are going to tell your grandkids about.”  And with that he forced his way into my tight cunt… thrusting his hard cock deep and bottoming out against my cervix on the first try.  “You are so fucking wet, slut… you wanted this just as much if not more than I did.”  He continued to hold my wrists pulling back on my arms as his fingers dug into my hip.  “Fuck yes… you are so god-damned tight, whore. Maybe I’ll be the one bragging to my grandkids about the hot little slut I found in a gas station john.”  He continued to pound my tight cunt, filling me and fucking me harder and better than I had ever had or dreamed of having.  Sliding in and out, covered in my thick cream… going deeper and stretching farther than anyone before him.  Bottoming out against my bruising cervix with each hard thrust. The only noises were the slurping of my slicked cunt, his grunts and growls, and my whimpers.  I could feel my orgasm build as he pushed my hips harder into the vanity.  I didn’t want to cum… I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of being able to take me there, but my body was deceiving me.  I bit down hard on the panties in my mouth and tried not to scream or beg as my cunt began to twitch.

It didn’t matter… he knew.

His low growl told me that he could feel every ripple and quiver as he was buried in my tight wet cunt.  He grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and licked my ear before chuckling, “Cum for me slut… show me what a good little whore you really are!” He yanked hard on my hair and once again marked my neck.

The words… the ferociousness of his bites… his feral thrusts culminated in the most intense orgasm of my life.  My pussy flooded around his cock as the muscles clamped down on him, causing him to cry out.  He pulled back and thrust back in hard as he exploded deep in my shaking cunt.  His grip loosened, but only slightly as he still held me trapped between his panting body and the vanity.  I felt his cock slide from my wet pussy and the combined juices ran down the inside of my thighs.  He gently kissed the mark he had made on my neck, holding my wrists with one hand and reaching back to unhook the latch with the other.

“Thank you, Darlin’.  That just made my day.”  He chuckled as he pushed his spent cock back into his jeans, turning, opening the door and leaving without so much as a backward glance.

I stood there for a moment in complete shock before jumping to re-latch the hook and eye.  I finally spat the panties out as I collapsed against the vanity.  I looked at my self in the mirror… eyes glazed and lips red… a dark purple mark on my neck and finger bruises on my hip. After a few minutes of just breathing, I cleaned up the still running ooze from my bruised pussy and sticky legs.  I splashed some cold water on my face and retrieved my shorts from the corner of the bathroom where they had gotten kicked.  I took a deep breath, unlatched the hook and walked out of the bathroom and towards the car.

I got in gingerly as to not further aggravate my bruised flesh.


I turned to the deep Irish voice coming from the driver’s seat and grimaced.

“A little.”

He chuckled, “You wanted it… I warned you.”

I smirked, “Do you hear me complaining, my Lord?”

“No, babygirl…” he smiled as he put the car into gear, “you know better than to do that.”

Whoa - that was a ride. 

Holy fuck



I love this a @cutedicks

i LOVE this.


Oo a @cutedicks



Possiblymaybelikely fingers tangled in your @cutedicks


Fingers tangled in your hair, pulling you in…

Hey i read your interview on thd and i was curious @cutedicks

hey i read your interview on THD and i was curious as what you would rate my cock btw I’m Egyptian

Wow, this is a really nice cock. like wow. 0.o -C

Im speechless… in a very good way.