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Hi, I'm Jayne. A nice girl exploring her naughty side. (so leave if you are under 18) <3 Tribute !function(d){var i,s="script",e=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],a="c4s-tribute-btn";if(!d.getElementById(a)){i=d.createElement(s);;i.src="//";e.parentNode.insertBefore(i,e);}}(document); img=new Image();img.src= " List"; img=new Image();img.src= ""; img=new Image();img.src= ""; img=new Image();img.src= ""; var sc_map_var = sc_map_var || [];sc_map(646104,"9599b3","ff0099",49) Visitor Map Widget - CuteJayne (@cutejayne)
Home from my travels for a couple weeks ive @cutejayne

Home from my travels for a couple weeks… I’ve missed you ;)

Cutejayne ready for christmas i am anyone @cutejayne


Ready for Christmas? I am….

Anyone up for Christmas in July?(late June…) ;)


Cutejayne i had fun on mfc this afternoonwhere @cutejayne


I had fun on MFC this afternoon…where were you? ;)

xx Jayne


Another shot from the video i made yesterday i @cutejayne

Another shot from the video I made yesterday- I didn’t have any fun at all ;)


Getting all wet making a new video for you guys @cutejayne

Getting all wet making a new video for you guys!


Get excited the newest addition to the spank bank @cutejayne

Get excited! The newest addition to the SPANK BANK series is here!

Spank Bank #3!!!

As always, this photoset contains 100+ pics  so you can enjoy Jayne’s sexy curves anytime you want!!! 

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Cutejayne did you know you can get a @cutejayne


Did you know you can get a subscription to all my current videos (and future videos while you are subscribed) for as little as $5.83 a month!?

Whaaat? Fap! Fap! Fap!

Cutejayne rawr @cutejayne



Hey guys i miss you all so muchjune is my @cutejayne

Hey guys!!! I miss you all so much!

June is my birthday month so…. to celebrate I have made all my content on manyvids 50% off! Wow <3

p.s.- I’ll be back on chaturbate in about a week with lots and lots of shows :-D

xx Jayne

Cutejayne im up to no good today xx @cutejayne


I’m up to no good today ;)


Cutejayne just having some fun @cutejayne


Just having some fun…

Cutejayne hey there @cutejayne


Hey there…