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That Time @dadandsontime

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NSFW. Intended for adults only, 18 and up. - That Time (@dadandsontime)
Nudedaddy come sit between daddys legs @dadandsontime


Come sit between daddy’s legs sweetie. Mommy is away and we have the house all to ourselves. Daddy wants to play a game.

Rapeurhole father and son time at the cabin @dadandsontime


Father and Son time at the cabin

Dirtydaddydeeds after school snack from dad @dadandsontime


After school snack from dad.

Incestandotherstuff are you sure dad do we @dadandsontime


Are you sure Dad?  Do we really need the camera?

Dadsoncircfun hey keith see youve been on a @dadandsontime


Hey Keith, see you’ve been on a road trip with your Dad again. You got a little something on your face, buddy.

Shhh its ok little bro @dadandsontime

Shhh, it’s OK little bro.

Son4dadbro camping with daddy @dadandsontime


Camping with daddy

Mercury twins @dadandsontime

#Mercury Twins

Truedadsonlove a fathers love @dadandsontime


A father’s love

Kgbear62 while i was home for the holidaysi @dadandsontime


While I was Home for the Holidays..I came across an Ad from a Man here in town that said: Married WM 45, 6'2" 230 Hairy, former Football player..Looking for a Young Man to Roleplay as his Son
I replied: WM 23 6’ 215, Hairy, College Football player.
We emailed each other a few times..He told Me how much He was In Love with His Own Son and I was his same age and stats..I told Him I too was In Love with My Dad who had the same Stats as Him…When He sent Me a pic of Him..It was MY Dad…So this is the Pic I sent Him…The next morning I got a text from My Dad telling Me that Mom was going to visit Grandma for a few days…I told Him I would be right over!!

Kgbear62 now that my little brother is all @dadandsontime


Now that My Little Brother is All Grown Up…I waited for Mom and Dad to leave for work and when I heard My Little Brother turn on the Shower..I creeped in the Bathroom and Joined Him!! Now We are Closer than We’ve Ever Been!

Joshitx christopher lee wrote hey dad did you @dadandsontime


Christopher Lee wrote: Hey Dad did you hear that noise?

Relax boy. It’s probably your mother just being snoopy. You know? Her pussy’s probably woken her up needing me and all. You know how she gets when I don’t stoke her. Don’t worry. She knows better than to come in here behind me. Now you just settle on Daddy’s lap and start making my cock feel real good with your cunt, son.

Inchargedad here dad in front of everyone @dadandsontime


Here Dad, in front of everyone?

Cmon bro no one else is home @dadandsontime

C'mon bro, no one else is home.

Dad out of jail @dadandsontime

Dad out of jail.

Sonsandbrothersusa dad gets really horny on @dadandsontime


Dad gets really horny on vacations.

Father and son bonding @dadandsontime

father and son bonding