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That Time @dadandsontime

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NSFW. Intended for adults only, 18 and up. - That Time (@dadandsontime)
Joshitx christopher lee wrote hey dad did you @dadandsontime


Christopher Lee wrote: Hey Dad did you hear that noise?

Relax boy. It’s probably your mother just being snoopy. You know? Her pussy’s probably woken her up needing me and all. You know how she gets when I don’t stoke her. Don’t worry. She knows better than to come in here behind me. Now you just settle on Daddy’s lap and start making my cock feel real good with your cunt, son.

Inchargedad here dad in front of everyone @dadandsontime


Here Dad, in front of everyone?

Cmon bro no one else is home @dadandsontime

C'mon bro, no one else is home.

Dad out of jail @dadandsontime

Dad out of jail.

Sonsandbrothersusa dad gets really horny on @dadandsontime


Dad gets really horny on vacations.

Father and son bonding @dadandsontime

father and son bonding