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the mind of a daddy's girl @daddys-cum-dumpster

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18+ This blog is about Daddy/little girl sexual dynamics, not real-life incest. Please do not follow if you are underage. - the mind of a daddy's girl (@daddys-cum-dumpster)
Gettingstuffed that glove goes a long way up @daddys-cum-dumpster


That glove goes a long way up her arm… i like where this is heading.

Doublefuckedbytwoblackstuds shut up and fuck @daddys-cum-dumpster


Shut Up and Fuck

Sometimes if I’ve been a very good girl, Daddy allows me to help Him degrade another slut.

I love the look of despair in this ones eyes a @daddys-cum-dumpster

I love the look of despair in this one’s eyes. A slut who has been well and truly taught her place in life.

Tearmaker i said open your fucking face @daddys-cum-dumpster


“I. Said. Open. Your. Fucking. Face. Hole.”

I love it when Daddy slaps my face hard like this, tears and sloppy drool all over my face while He uses his whore.

Doublefuckedbytwoblackstuds gangbanged 2 i @daddys-cum-dumpster


Gangbanged #2

I wonder if I look like such a dumb cunt when Daddy’s using me

I want to use your mouth properly slut yes @daddys-cum-dumpster

“I want to use your mouth properly, slut.”

“Yes, Daddy. I’m sorry. I’ll do better, Daddy.”

I love it when he makes me scream like that @daddys-cum-dumpster

I love it when He makes me scream like that

This secretly gets me so wet the idea of being @daddys-cum-dumpster

This secretly gets me so wet. The idea of being fucked into by something so huge and alien, something that can fill all my holes at once, literally do anything it wants to me.

Whaticrav3 fappingtoporn mmm so much cum @daddys-cum-dumpster



Mmm so much cum.

a sloppy blowjob is my favorite type of blowjob to get!

Girthalgar remember little one no matter what @daddys-cum-dumpster


Remember, little one, no matter what happens, you brought it on yourself.

Nsfw pics tblop nsfw pics submitted by @daddys-cum-dumpster


Good girls bow to Daddy. YDM

This girl looks so much like somebody i know now @daddys-cum-dumpster

This girl looks so much like somebody I know. Now I’ll always be imagining the mouthy bitch in a situation like this.

I like how completely uninterested he seems in the @daddys-cum-dumpster

I like how completely uninterested he seems in the bound slut right next to him. Sometimes Daddy ties me like this in the corner of His study and makes me wait for hours and hours without so much as looking at me.

666marlin tonight is gonna be quite calm all @daddys-cum-dumpster


tonight is gonna be quite calm.

all I wanna do is to watch you suffer, cunt.

666marlin little miss switch if her owner @daddys-cum-dumpster



If her owner really thought she was worthless, she’d be kneeling on the cold hard floor instead.

She’d also look a lot less pretty and tidy. She’d be dirty, bloody, and bruised, with her hair all tangled and matted.

Well, it’s what I would do anyway. She’s just so adorable I can’t help wanting to hurt her.

reblog for the caption which I highly appreciate

Watersportlover sometimes daddy makes me do @daddys-cum-dumpster


Sometimes Daddy makes me do this, always blindfolded so I can’t tell if anyone is watching me crawl around the back yard fingering my cunt while I piss myself. Daddy controls every little thing about His slut right down to when and where I get to piss.

Extreme whore @daddys-cum-dumpster


“Your mouth hole isn’t really much good for sucking, with that clip in the way.
But I can just rub my cock back and forth over your tongue until I cum,
then jerk off on your face.  Sound good?”

It doesn’t even look like a person anymore, just a crying drooling pig.

I miss you so much, Daddy.

Girlsinrubber more vacbed lezdom fun from the @daddys-cum-dumpster


more vacbed lezdom fun from the girls @

I’m not sure whether I find this more terrifying than arousing or the other way around.

I love all the hands on her holding her down @daddys-cum-dumpster

I love all the hands on her, holding her down, bending her to their will.

I love it when daddy slips the leash onto my @daddys-cum-dumpster

I love it when Daddy slips the leash onto my collar. He loves to make me crawl on my hands and knees behind Him like a dog but my personal favourite is when He ties my leash to a table leg or a door handle, a safe place to keep His cunt until He’s ready to use me again.

I love the complete degradation of these sluts @daddys-cum-dumpster

I love the complete degradation of these sluts, heads covered, chained together while they wait to be chosen. I know that when Daddy makes me feel like a nameless fuckhole that it settles me into this deeply satisfied mindset. I can only imagine how worthless these lucky sluts must feel.

Everything about this turns me on from the way @daddys-cum-dumpster

Everything about this turns me on, from the way she’s staked out in the mud to the way the ungrateful slut tries to avoid getting a mouthful of piss. You just know she got punished for that after.

Youfuckingwhore if her face isnt blue youre @daddys-cum-dumpster


If her face isn’t blue, you’re not fucking it hard enough.

Daddy always says that if He hasn’t made me cry then He’s not doing His job properly. I love it when He fucks my whore mouth until I’m gagging and drooling and greying out. He always takes pictures and makes me finger fuck my cunt while we look through them together afterwards. Daddy always laughs at the dumb faces I pull while I’m choking myself on His cock.

Daddy loves to fuck my mouth as hard and rough as @daddys-cum-dumpster

Daddy loves to fuck my mouth as hard and rough as He fucks my cunt. I love the idea of this piece, everything about me reduced to one word - cunt.

Tearmaker it is good to have choices @daddys-cum-dumpster


“It is good to have choices.”

This is what i miss the most daddy being tied @daddys-cum-dumpster

This is what I miss the most, Daddy, being tied down, spread out and just waiting for You to come and use me as You see fit.

Daddyslittlepiglet okay lets break this photo @daddys-cum-dumpster


Okay. Let’s break this photo down:

1. It’s filthy. She’s lying in mud.

2. She was clean just a moment ago.

3. From her facial expression, she doesn’t like what’s being done to her.

4. His fingers are going to be inserted in her BUTTHOLE.

5. He obviously does not care how uncomfortable she is.

This might be the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

I love the fact that it’s obvious her face is going to end up right in that muddy puddle, dirty and miserable. I hope he holds her face down in it while he fucks her asshole.

Tearmaker hed keep her like that in front of @daddys-cum-dumpster


“He’d keep her like that in front of a mirror for hours.  No matter how hard she
tried not to, eventually she’d have to open her eyes and see what she’d become.”

We’ve never played with nose hooks before, but I love the idea of looking like such a dumb cunt for my Daddy.

Littlegirlyone dont stop looking at the @daddys-cum-dumpster


don’t stop looking at the details in this drawing. there are 185 hash marks on the wall. that’s cum dripping off of her. and the black fabric is the remnant of her dress.

but it’s the sign that stopped me cold. one of my darkest, creepiest fantasies involves being dosed with Rohypnol and… i imagine that whoever drugged me would make a tape and show it to me when i came to. everything i did. every slutty act, every confession, every nasty thing. and he would show me this video and hold me while i cried…

(via antiquerest)

This is something I fantasise about too, being reduced to some pathetic thing with no free will or agency. And then, later, while I’m still sore from the fuckings I’ve taken, Daddy will make me watch every second of the video and fuck me while I weep to see what I’ve become.

I must admit the idea of being turned into a @daddys-cum-dumpster

I must admit, the idea of being turned into a faceless nothing, spread open for Him to use as He sees fit, makes me so wet.

Milkthatcock lower pet 4 more inches you @daddys-cum-dumpster


“Lower Pet.  4 more inches.  You can keep taking your time if you want to.  It’s up to you.  The longer you take, the more likely someone is to come walking along and see you with a curb side traffic control post lodged deeply in your pussy like a shameless slut.  I know it’s dry.  Thats your own fault.  I asked you if you wanted to piss on it first to help lube it, and it was your own decision not to.  Come on, you’ve got another 2 inches to go.  I know it’s cold and hard and painful Sweetie, that’s the point.  I hear voices down the other street around the corner, they might be coming in this direction.  If you ask very nicely, I would be willing to firmly twist your nipples, but that’s the only assistance I’m offering.  Yup, it sounds like they’re coming this way.  You seem to have stopped with 2 inches to go.  We’ll stay here all night if we need to, it’s up to you.”

I love the despair on her face the knowledge that @daddys-cum-dumpster

I love the despair on her face, the knowledge that what’s coming will hurt, but also that she deserves it.

Diaryofasubfreak yes this i love to feel @daddys-cum-dumpster


yes, this

I love to feel Daddy’s boots on me. My favourite is when He uses it to press my face into the floor, forcing me to clean up the mess from Him fucking me.

Daddy and i have often talked about this in my @daddys-cum-dumpster

Daddy and I have often talked about this. In my fantasy though, I’d be chained to the urinal below a sign offering free use of the piss and cum whore.

Daddyslittlepiglet daddy i cant promise that @daddys-cum-dumpster


Daddy I can’t promise that I’ll always be a good girl.

I can’t promise that I’ll always behave.

I can’t promise that I won’t cry.

But I can promise that I will always always make you feel so so good.

I love it when daddy fills me completely even my @daddys-cum-dumpster

I love it when Daddy fills me completely, even my mouth. He shoves His fingers in deep and chokes me and even when I’m spluttering and drooling He calls me His perfect little girl.

I love the feeling of his hands around my throat @daddys-cum-dumpster

I love the feeling of His hands around my throat while His cock fills my mouth.

Hornylittlewhore perhaps this is what heaven is @daddys-cum-dumpster


Perhaps this is what heaven is like.

Tearmaker my thats a lovely shade of @daddys-cum-dumpster


“My, that’s a lovely shade of lipstick you have on.”

Sometimes Daddy likes to do this to me - messy, slutty makeup, degradations written all over my body, a pig’s nose and my butt-plug with the curly tail. I like it when He makes me into a toy for His pleasure, and He likes to put me in my place.