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Exploring variations of the "Daddy's Little Girl" fantasy. LEGAL DISCLAIMER NSFW 18+ THIS BLOG CONTAINS SEXUALLY EXPLICIT ADULT MATERIAL. ONLY CONSENTING ADULTS ARE AUTHORIZED TO VIEW THIS BLOG. IF YOU ARE A MINOR (UNDER THE AGE OF 18), IF YOU ARE NOT OF AN AGE CONSIDERED LEGAL IN THE COUNTRY OR COMMUNITY IN WHICH YOU LIVE TO VIEW SUCH MATERIALS OR IF SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MATERIALS OFFENDS YOU, YOU MUST LEAVE THIS BLOG IMMEDIATELY! All models displayed on this blog are believed to be 18 or over. If you find any posting on this blog that you believe depicts a minor, please click “Ask Me” and the posting will be removed immediately upon receipt. How to determine if the model in a pic is 18 or older: In the US check that the original source site of the pic includes an "18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement" on their site. This is covered by: US TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 110 - Sexual Exploitation of Children Sites whose models/actors merely *look* like minors but are actually adults must comply with USC 18 § 2257, which requires producers of such sites to verify that their models/actors are over the age of 18, and requires these producers to keep records of the performers name, address, age, and every name, nickname or stage alias ever used. Additionally, they must prominently display a disclaimer on the site attesting to the fact that the performers are all legally adults. TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 110 > § 2257 Record keeping requirements What does the law say about porn in which the models appear to be under 18, but in fact are 18 or older? Up until 2002 the U.S. Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 law prohibited using youthful-looking adults or techniques such as computer-generated images to convey the impression that the models were younger (under 18), referred to as 'virtual child porn'. In April of 2002, the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday struck down this law, indicating that the law violated the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of speech and infringed on established protections of material with artistic value that does not violate community standards. Reference: CNN: Supreme Court strikes down ban on 'virtual child porn' Unless otherwise indicated, I do not own any rights to the images posted on this blog. Images shown here were found on publically accessible sites on the Internet and attribution of the source location has been provided where possible. All images are assumed to be in the public domain. Any infringement of copyright is purely unintentional. If you have any problems with any of the images or videos posted on this blog, please click “Ask Me” and leave me a comment. If you own the rights to any of the images/videos posted and do not wish them to appear here, please specify the image/video in question, and the material will be removed immediately upon presentation of proof of copyright. CONTENT This blog is about the beauty of women. My particular preferences, which are reflected in the images I post include: teens, brides, wives, drop dead gorgeous women of any age, dressed/undressed, group nudity and public nudity. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please feel free to "Ask me Anything" - Daddy's Little Girls (@daddys-little-girls)
Mytwisted fantasies lay back little one dont @daddys-little-girls


Lay back little one, don’t be scared, let Daddy slowly slide inside you.
Do you like the feeling of your father’s cock buried deep inside your tight virgin holes?

Father daughter fantasies tell mommy that you @daddys-little-girls


“Tell mommy that you want to stay with me this weekend, babygirl.”

Father daughter fantasies daddy cant control @daddys-little-girls


Daddy can’t control himself when his little princess wears pigtails, and that’s just the way she likes it.

Ultrachewtoy going for walks with dad were @daddys-little-girls


Going for walks with dad were awesome

Father daughter fantasies she loves watching @daddys-little-girls


She loves watching daddy punish her big sister.

Daughterlover there are some things only a @daddys-little-girls


There are some things only a loving father can teach

Instead of driving my daughter to school this morning, I decided to keep her at home for some special home schooling.

Father daughter fantasies while the rest of the @daddys-little-girls


While the rest of the family was down by the pool, daddy and his babygirl spent some quality time together in the hotel room.

Mrgray14 she loves it when daddy picks her up @daddys-little-girls


She loves it when daddy picks her up from school.

Father daughter fantasies helping her little @daddys-little-girls


Helping her little sister please daddy.

Father daughter fantasies she was still nervous @daddys-little-girls


She was still nervous about having sex with daddy because of how rough he got, so she asked her big sister if she could watch her to see how it’s done.

Wheretheprimalthingsare princess knew she was @daddys-little-girls


Princess knew she was Daddy’s favorite. He left his mark inside her to prove it…

Katiekay1989 wash me daddy @daddys-little-girls


Wash me, Daddy

Cumandplaywithdaddy i didnt hear my daughter @daddys-little-girls


I didn’t hear my daughter splashing around in the bath, so I thought she may have fallen asleep.
When I walked in she had just finished shaving her sweet little pussy and was slowly massaging it.
I asked her if she needed a hand with anything. She looked back and grinned at me.
Mmmmmm, her pussy felt so amazing, so baby bottom smooth, I couldn’t stop rubbing and tasting her.

Cutiliaegifs it all started when i was @daddys-little-girls


“It all started when I was sleeping,  daddy would come in and play with me." 

Edohio753 i knew you would like it princess @daddys-little-girls


I knew  you would like it Princess

Daddysdarlingdaughter daddy told you he would @daddys-little-girls


Daddy told you he would make you feel good, didn’t he bAby?

Theladylikesitrough teen hitchiker learns no @daddys-little-girls


Teen hitchiker learns no one rides for free.

Edohio753 dad got the vip treatment at my club @daddys-little-girls


Dad got the VIP treatment at my club

Thewombat36 grandpas need some loving too @daddys-little-girls


Grandpas need some loving too….

Daddyswhore when dad told me about working as @daddys-little-girls


When Dad told me about working as his secretary he mentioned that it would be long hours and I’d spend most of it bent over a desk working hard. What he failed to mention was how anal he was about everything. 

Primal wolf of course we can princess daddys @daddys-little-girls


Of course we can, princess.
Daddy’s little birthday girl gets anything she wants…

Familysexisfantastic hi daddy do you want to @daddys-little-girls


Hi daddy do you want to have some fun? Mom is gone for the night and I have no plans. Let’s fuck!

Xfantasiesex fucking my dad in our private room @daddys-little-girls


Fucking my dad in our private room 💋

Heterosexy nikdanjor daddy was really excited @daddys-little-girls


Daddy was really excited when I told him I made Varsity Cheer.

(via TumbleOn)

Filthydaddylove wanna see how i made the cheer @daddys-little-girls


Wanna see how I made the cheer team, Daddy?

Daddydoesbadthings shhhh dont be too loud @daddys-little-girls


Shhhh don’t be too loud little one. We don’t want to wake everyone. After all I know you like the special way daddy wakes you up in the mornings and we wouldn’t want that to stop now would we.

Northern rebelle go on swallow me like a @daddys-little-girls


“Go on.. Swallow me like a good girl.”

“Yes sir, principal Stone.”

Hockeypuck77 myhornyworld2 sweetie since @daddys-little-girls



“Sweetie, since you’ve been skipping school that much it’s the only thing I could find to keep the principal from kicking you off school. But I guess we both love it just as much.”

I had to teach my daughter a lesson.  Hope she learned from it. 

Princestadiaries my wife thinks me and our @daddys-little-girls


My wife thinks me and our daughter, Veronica, go fishing every morning while we’re staying at the lake cabin. But there’s a reason we never bring anything home ;)

Onlydaddycan daddys friends get very handsy @daddys-little-girls


Daddy’s friends get very handsy when we have play time

Dirtychild5 dont be scared honey bug daddy @daddys-little-girls


Dont be scared honey bug, Daddy just cant resist your sweet baby juices

Daddy4kik girls do what daddy really are @daddys-little-girls


“Girls do what, Daddy!? Really? Are you sure, Daddy? No one has ever kissed me on my pussy.”

“Don’t worry babygirl. Just climb up on Daddy’s face. Daddy is going to make you feel very good.”

“Well, okay Daddy. If you’re sure. It feels kind of funny. Can you breath Da…nghh….oh…Daddy that…is that your tongue Daddy!?.”

Looker2222too will you help me with my homework @daddys-little-girls


Will you help me with my homework Uncle Steve

Petitelovesdaddy mom came home early and @daddys-little-girls


Mom came home early and caught me bouncing on daddy’s cock…


Xfantasiesex bath time with dad @daddys-little-girls


Bath time with dad 💋

Daddys little kittens take them all offright @daddys-little-girls


“Take them all off..Right here, right now.”

Fatherdaughterfantasies she looked so adorable @daddys-little-girls


She looked so adorable in the pajamas mommy bought her, daddy just couldn’t resist.

Bobbygentry2 its ok baby hes daddys friend @daddys-little-girls


Its ok baby he’s daddy’s friend. Your not cheating on daddy.

Baskristen yes ride daddy just like that @daddys-little-girls


“Yes, ride daddy just like that.”

Dirtychild5 she likes to behave like such a @daddys-little-girls


She likes to behave like such a nasty little toy for Daddy and uncle mike

Daddys little girls little summer happy @daddys-little-girls


Little Summer: Happy Father’s Day



Daddys little girls happy fathers day daddy @daddys-little-girls


Happy Father’s Day! Daddy

Daddys little girls happy fathers day daddy @daddys-little-girls


Happy Fathers Day! Daddy

Covertsex mm daddy i love it when you tuck me @daddys-little-girls


Mm, daddy, I love it when you tuck me in for bed instead of mommy.

Daddysnaughtythings you want daddy to treat you @daddys-little-girls


You want daddy to treat you like a big girl?

Daddysecretstash daddys friends never @daddys-little-girls


Daddy’s friends never complained about watching his little girl while he was out

Stonekidman i am your fucking god my @daddys-little-girls




My daughter knows how much I need her pussy before going to work

Mybadspot beautifulwives see more beautiful @daddys-little-girls



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Playing with Daddy

Meganthomas80 as long as grandpa had me he @daddys-little-girls


As long as grandpa had me he never needed Viagra.

Stonekidman tell me how does daddys dick @daddys-little-girls


“Tell me how does daddy’s dick feel, baby girl?”

Toxxsick69 daddydarkside your little girl @daddys-little-girls



Your little girl pussy is mine.

Daddy tucks you in every night kitten. I always have.

Onlydaddycan twistedthoughtsofmine face @daddys-little-girls



Face down…ass up little whore.

life is perfect working at my father’s private club

Daddymike976 daddy was planning to drive all @daddys-little-girls


Daddy was planning to drive all the way to the motel to fuck his babygirl, but he just couldn’t wait and pulled over at the first place he could…

Cfnm thats it sweetie use both hands on @daddys-little-girls


“That’s it, sweetie, use both hands on that dick.”

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May 30

Charmingfamilyaffair i interrupted daddys very @daddys-little-girls


I interrupted daddy’s very important meeting, so he had to punish me (but i definitely didn’t mind)


Thepervypigletprince i love going on hikes with @daddys-little-girls


I love going on hikes with my little girl. We always have so much fun

Onlydaddycan daddy said he never had sex in the @daddys-little-girls


Daddy said he never had sex in the sauna so i dropped my towel and spread wide, “here’s you chance, Daddy!”

Onlydaddycan love it when daddy takes me to @daddys-little-girls


love it  when Daddy takes me to the basement for a ride on his lap

Onlydaddycan volunteering at the senior center @daddys-little-girls


volunteering at the senior center always makes me feel special, love to prove nasty rumors true

Onlydaddycan yes daddy please touch my little @daddys-little-girls


Yes Daddy please touch my little angel parts

Daddysdarlingdaughter dadydaughtertimes me @daddys-little-girls



Me and Daddy have our own way of waking up when moms not home~~

I’ve lost friends over the fact that I have a “weird” relationship with my daddy. I don’t care- I feel bad that their dad’s don’t make them feel good everyday.

Daddysdarlingdaughter i love making sure daddy @daddys-little-girls


I love making sure daddy has his needs met

Daddysdarlingdaughter young sluts old cocks @daddys-little-girls



Young brunette jerks off daddy’s cock - wonderful older younger handjob

I caught dad jacking off one day- when I asked him what he was doing he said that mommy didn’t do it anymore for him, I asked him if I could help.

Daddydoesntloveyou grandpa tasting his little @daddys-little-girls


Grandpa tasting his little granddaughter’s sweet pussy.

Visitingexec uncle bob enjoyed stopping by his @daddys-little-girls


Uncle Bob enjoyed stopping by his nieces new apartment often. Jen didn’t seem to mind the frequent visists too much.

Dirtychild5 there you go sweetie youre gonna @daddys-little-girls


There you go sweetie.. Youre gonna grow up to be such a well behaved compliant little girl… just like a woman should be..

Luv2swallodaddy beautykneelsbeforeme my @daddys-little-girls



My daughter’s college roommate kept giving me the eye.

mmmm! Daddy cock!

Edohio753 kiss my right here grandpa @daddys-little-girls


Kiss my right here Grandpa

Visitingexec you were surprised to bump into @daddys-little-girls


You were surprised to bump into one of your daughter’s room mates while in the city on business. She had gotten seperated from her friends after a concert, so you offered her a ride home. She offered you cash for the gas but you worked out another trade with the little slut along the way.

You took her bareback, pumping her tight, shaved pussy full of cum multiple times during the ride as she begged you to fuck her harder.

Sluttyschoolgirls priss had missed the a week @daddys-little-girls


Priss had missed the a week of school and persuaded Mr. Miller that there were better ways of spend the time then giving her a stupid make up test.

Slow dance chubby mr wilson had no idea what i @daddys-little-girls


Mr. Wilson had no idea what I was willing to do to pass his class.

Fuckyeahcmnf someone has been a bad student and @daddys-little-girls


Someone has been a bad student and will now have some detention.

Myhornyworld2 youre doing good honey were @daddys-little-girls


“You’re doing good, honey. We’re almost done with your check up but so far your body responds just like it should.”

Sweetcaptions i love visiting grandpa @daddys-little-girls


I love visiting Grandpa…

Sweetcaptions once i was in high school daddy @daddys-little-girls


Once I was in high school, Daddy made me start earning my rides to school…

Krissy4daddy edohio753 dad went over the @daddys-little-girls



Dad went over the rules before I went on my first date

My first date with daddy’s friend from work went well.

Krissy4daddy this daddy fucked me so good at @daddys-little-girls


This daddy fucked me so good at the last swap party.

Daughter2breed this is how you like it right @daddys-little-girls


this is how you like it right daddy?

Krissy4daddy ifmommyonlyknew gotta love a @daddys-little-girls



Gotta love a daddy’s girl

Stacey serving a daddy at the pool party.

Fenre blog thats daddys good girl @daddys-little-girls


“That’s Daddy’s good girl”

Daddyswhore when mom used to punish me i got @daddys-little-girls


When Mom used to punish me, i got grounded or had my phone taken away but I still got in trouble all the time. When Dad punishes me, it’s very different. I don’t get in trouble anymore but I happily accept my punishment daily. 

Daddydarkside the babysitter bottoms always @daddys-little-girls


The babysitter bottoms always come off so easy while we are waiting for my wife to finish getting ready upstairs. 

Good little slut83 sex is good for health @daddys-little-girls


sex is good for health. 

nice babysitter.

Daddydarkside fuck your little babysitter cunt @daddys-little-girls


Fuck! Your little babysitter cunt is so much tighter than my wife’s!

Wisconsindomdaddy sometimes your tight pussy @daddys-little-girls


Sometimes, your tight pussy is too much for daddy.

Thatcutenymphet wisconsindomdaddy @daddys-little-girls





Across my lap little girl…

Spankings or Orgasms?

Yes, both was the right answer.

Just where u belong


Maxxx49 my daughters tight pussy i started @daddys-little-girls


My daughter’s tight pussy. ..I started using it years ago

Cableguy1996ad kantkook merry christmas @daddys-little-girls



Merry Christmas!

Bet she’s getting what she wants for Christmas!!

Gocami83 my sister and i love spending time @daddys-little-girls


My sister and I love spending time with our grandpa out in his orchards.

Gocami83 my dad just filled my pussy with a lot @daddys-little-girls


My dad just filled my pussy with a lot of cum.

Eroscott greg always made sure to get all of @daddys-little-girls


Greg always made sure to get all of his cum in his daughter’s mouth, never on her face. She hated that.

Gocami83 when grandpa comes to visit he and i @daddys-little-girls


When grandpa comes to visit he and I get to share mom’s big bed and she sleeps in my room.

Selenakitt someones been a very naughty school @daddys-little-girls


Someone’s been a very naughty school girl! 

Eager teens another bad report card @daddys-little-girls


Another bad report card

Eager teens dad expects straight as and she @daddys-little-girls


Dad expects straight A’s and she always delivers