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FOR ADULTS ONLY My appreciation for mature, masculine, gentlemen. All pictures are either from the internet, or from my own collections. If any photos violates your copyright, please contact me to have it removed. I welcome submission of your photos. Please indicate that these are your photos, and that you are giving me permission to use them in any way I see fit. - Fantasies of Masculine, Mature Men (@daddysbottom)
Is it wrong that i always try to spy on my dad @daddysbottom

Is it wrong that I always try to spy on my dad when he steps out of the shower? It is wrong that I lust after his muscular, hairy body, and especially his big, thick cock that is surrounded by the lush bush?

Is there something wrong with me?

One really does not need a fancy telescope to look @daddysbottom

One really does not need a fancy telescope to look for heavenly bodies.

Being seduced by his best friends father while @daddysbottom

Being seduced by his best-friend’s father while everyone else was gone.

Nick lays back on the bed trying to catch his @daddysbottom

Nick lays back on the bed, trying to catch his breath. It was a mind-blowing climax, and he knows that he has shot a huge amount of cum inside that tight ass. His dick is still hard, and still imbedded deeply inside that warm crevice as the man still straddles his hips.

Nick look up, and admires the thick, hairy torso of the man who has so-expertly ridden his hard dick and coaxed the cum out of him. Their eyes connect, and both of them smile. Nick suddenly feels the ass muscles clenches tighter around his shaft, causing him to moan in pleasure.

“I think you got the last drop out of my balls.” he says to the man.

“Maybe.” the man replies.

Nick feels the man slowly lifting his butt off his hips, causing his still-hard dick to slide out of the wet, squishy butt. As the cockhead about to clear the opening, Nick feels drops of sticky, runny fluid leaking out of the well-fucked hole and dripping down his thick shaft.

“Damn!”, Nick says to himself. “I must have really flooded his ass!”

Nick thinks that the man is about to dismount him. But much to his surprise, the dripping hole sinks back down and engulfs his entire cock in one smooth entry.

“Your dick is still hard and raring to go, son. Let’s see if I can coax more cum out of you.” he hears his dad says.

Nick can’t believe that this 56-year old man, his own father, has the stamina and libido like a teenager.

“I’m such a lucky son-of-a-bitch!” Nick says to himself. He closes his eyes and surrenders to the pleasure as his dad resumes riding his hard dick.

It was all my suggestion when dad started to work @daddysbottom

It was all my suggestion. When dad started to work out, I told him that he should keep track of his progress and changes to his body so that he knew what worked and what didn’t. He thought it was a good idea and agreed, but he wasn’t sure how to do the tracking quickly and easily.

I suggested that he took a picture using his phone of himself every day after his workout, and keep that as a log. He could even write what he did that day to accompany the photo. He liked that idea a lot and decided to do it.

That was about two months ago. Dad had been religiously working out ever since, and keeping a record of his progress. But the thing I didn’t tell him was that when I set up his phone, it sends all photos to the cloud, and my notebook computer gets to download all the photos on his cloud. So I got to keep track of his progress as well. It went from photos of him in his workout outfit, to photos of him shirtless and all sweaty, to finally photos of him just in his birthday suit and sneakers.

My dick has been getting its own workout, since I’ve been jacking off to dad’s photos a lot lately.

The moment the excruciating pain turns into @daddysbottom

The moment the excruciating pain turns into pleasure, Wes starts to smile as he feels the huge dick sawing in and out of his eager butt. He starts to back up on the in-stroke and the sound of flesh slapping against flesh starts to get louder.

Wes feels two hands grab either side of his hips as his fucker starts to pound his butt harder from behind. He tightens his ass ring around the invading shaft. This elicits a moan coming from behind him, causing him to smile even wider at the thought of his ability to induce such pleasure.

“C’mon, boy! Fuck me harder!” Wes urges his fucker.

The boy follows his order well, as the fucking pace increases and the cock goes deeper into his body. This goes on for another few minutes before Wes can hear the heavy breathing and knows he is about to get seeded.

“Do you want my cum up your slutty butthole, old man? Tell me, where do you want it!” his fucker wants to know.

“Fuck yeah! Dump it inside my hole, stud! Do it! Give me every drop of your spunk!” Wes exclaims as he eagerly awaits for the torrent of warm, sticky fluid.

Suddenly, his ass is brutally pounded. “Take it, dad! Take my cum deep inside your tight butt!” Wes hears the cry.

In no time, he feels his ass being flooded by his son’s seed. Wes clamps his ass ring even tighter, wanting to keep every drop inside his bowel. As his son breeds his hole, Wes lifts his head up and gives the biggest smile on his face.

The brightness of the sun coming through the @daddysbottom

The brightness of the sun coming through the window woke me up. I opened my eyes, and immediately looked at the bedside clock. It said 8:30 am. I turned my head to the right, and he was still deep in his sleep. I smiled as I heard the soft snore coming from him.

I gently slid myself out of bed, and then I turned around to look at this hunk of a man still peacefully asleep. Ever since he walked into my life 3 years ago, he has turned me inside out. He was the sexiest, handsomest man I had ever come across, and three years later, he still was. For the first 2 years, I kept my hands to myself, and we became very good friends. “You’re just like a brother I never had, Brad!” he used to say to me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t want to be “just like a brother”. I wanted to be his lover, to be the one he slept with each night. I lusted after him every minute during my waking hours.

Then, barely a year ago, it happened. We were both slightly drunk after watching a football game on TV at his house. It was late, and he asked me to spend the night at his place. I readily agreed. It was then that he suggested we watch some pay-per-view porno movies on TV. I wasn’t sure where he was going with that, but I didn’t object. We were several minutes into the one he selected when it turned out that it was a bisexual movie, and the two men in the scene were getting on with each other as well.

He didn’t appear to be turned off by it. In fact, by the size of the lump in his jeans, he was getting quite aroused by the scene. “You ever thought of doing it with another guy, Brad?” he asked, his eyes still fixed on the TV.

I gulped, unsure of what to say. Then, throwing caution to the wind, I replied “All the time, Joe.”

He stopped watching the TV and turned his face to watch me. I could see his eyes looking at me with questions. There was no denying what I had said and how it was to be interpreted, so I was prepared for the worse.

Instead, he smiled at me, and I saw his hand moved down towards the obscene bulge in his jeans. With his eyes still on me, his fingers started to massage the huge lump that was already leaving wet spots.

We had sex for the first time that evening, and it was better than I imagined. I must have shot my load 3 times, while he dumped his seed twice in my mouth and twice in my hungry ass. I left his house the next morning still with an ass full of his cum and barely any sleep.

We’ve sneaked around everyone ever since then. The sex got even better over the next few months, and everyone was commenting on how well we were getting along with each other. If only they knew. And that brought me back to that morning. I stood there, watching this sexy, hairy man lying there, his tanned body looked even more magnificent against the crisp, white linen. His peaceful look was in sharp contrast from the sexual beast that mercilessly pounded my butt to the ground last night as he went for his climax. Instinctively, my hand rubbed against my battered ass that was on the receiving end of his hard fucks, and I could still feel the slight tingling sensation. He must have dumped 3 huge loads from how full I felt that morning.

I leaned over and grabbed my phone off the beside stand. I wanted to snap a photo of him one more time to preserve this moment. This could be the very last time we will ever be together, the very final moment of our short affair that was destined to end from the moment it started. I wanted a photo of him the morning after our last ever lovemaking. To see him sleeping peacefully, after being drained of his cum the night before, was precious to me.

I looked again at the clock, and we have barely a couple of hours before we have to be out of the house. I have to make sure he would not be late for his wedding to my sister.

After several attempts greg finally convinced his @daddysbottom

After several attempts, Greg finally convinced his nephew to give him a helping hand.

Maybe next time, Greg can persuade his nephew to go a step further.

We havent seen each other for almost 6 months @daddysbottom

We haven’t seen each other for almost 6 months. The moment he arrived at my place, we were desperately tearing at each other’s clothes. I got naked first and was working on his pants. I knelt down and pulled on his jeans and underwear, trying to release the huge erection that was already tenting his shorts.

My jaw dropped the moment his huge cock was set free.

“Dad! You shaved!” I cried out.

He smiled. “You like it?”

I couldn’t keep my eyes at the 9-inch hard cock sticking out at me. “Kinda. Without all that hair at the base, it makes it look even bigger!” I replied.

“Yeah, that’s what I’ve been told”, he said with a snicker in his voice.

“How did you manage to shave it so smoothly?” I inquired as I saw a pearly drop of precum emerging at the piss slit.

“I had someone else shaved me.” I replied, his voice dropped a bit.

I looked up at him. “You did?” I continued asking.

He nodded his head. “Yup. I found someone who was offering a massage service, and also body shaving. So, I got a massage and paid for him to shave me down there.” dad replied.

I had to admit that his hard cock looked marvelous without his pubic hair. It looked even more magnificient than I remembered it.

“A massage and a shave, eh dad? Were those all you got?” I asked as I reached up and wrap my hand around the hard shaft. Slowly, I started jacking it off.

Dad moaned. “No, son. That was not all I got. He also blew me off after he shaved me.” dad replied. Then he looked at me in the eyes. “Are you disappointed in me?” he asked.

I smiled and shook my head. “Of course not, dad. I don’t expect you to hold off just because we’re not together more often,” I replied. “Still, what did mom say when she saw this?”

Dad sighed as my thumb rubbed against the underside of his cock head. “She hadn’t notice it yet, I think. You know your mom and I are no longer intimate anymore, Jon. And I usually sleep with my PJ on. So she hadn’t seen me naked much lately.” Dad said to me.

I nodded. My mouth watered as it anticipated tasting this newly-shaved cock. “It definitely feels nice in my hand. But I’m glad you didn’t get all of your body shaved, dad.” I told him.

Dad laughed a little. “Oh, don’t worry, son. I know how much you love running your fingers on my chest hair. I won’t let anyone change that!” he replied.

“Shit, dad. All this talk about your cock is making me very hot. How about we take this to the bedroom and let me have a taste of this smooth cock? And then we’ll see how it feels deep in my butt.” I said as I gave his dick one last stroke.

“About time you asked!” dad replied. Yup, that’s my dad!

About three times each week bob will drain his @daddysbottom

About three times each week, Bob will drain his son’s cum into his ass before he leaves for work. It seems to work. His son Rick no long gets into trouble, both at home and outside. In fact, Rick has become a sedate, contented young man who don’t seem to have to prove his manhood at every turn.

Everyone is amazed at this dramatic turn-around. Bob simply explains that it is all a matter of parental care and discipline. He often smiles when he says this, because it reminds him of his ass full of his son’s cum from that morning.

The house was totally empty as everyone has left @daddysbottom

The house was totally empty as everyone has left for work that day. Jim stood naked in front of a mirror, looking at himself.

He knew that he was quite a charmer when he was much  younger. The girls were all after him, and he fucked many willing pussies. But as he matured and got married, he settled down like a typical married man, bought a house, and got 3 kids. It was a happy life with no complications.

Till now.

Jim looked at his reflection in the mirror. He knew that over the years, he had gotten older, and maybe didn’t keep his body in the best shape that he could. His chest was still broad and full, but he could see quite a bit of padding all over his body. His still-handsome face was covered with a thick, bushy beard that made him look older than he really was. Jim thought he looked “ordinary”.

So did his son see him him?

The thought of his son caused him to replay the scene from yesterday, when Jim crossed that forbidden line with his off-spring. He was well-aware of the flirtations his son has been giving him for at least a couple of months now. He resisted it, but yesterday, the dam broke loose. He just couldn’t understand why his son would jeopardize everything just to get him, someone who wasn’t very attractive, and much older. But when it happened, Jim couldn’t remember a more sexually satisfying moment in his life. He never felt more attractive, more desired, and more wanted than when his son was urging Jim to fuck him harder and deeper, and how his son was clawing all over his body, as if trying to absorb his essence.

And when the climax finally happened, Jim almost passed out from the intense pleasure. It felt as if it was the last amount of cum he had ever shot, and it went straight into his son’s writhing body.

As Jim stood in front of the mirror replaying the memory from yesterday, he looked at the reflection of his dick, already hard from remembering where it went into yesterday. Jim realized that there was no stopping his desires. He looked again at his entire body in the mirror. Suddenly, he realized that, whatever his son saw that made desired his body, he hoped it continued.

His dick jerked as it made it known of its intention.

Simply daddies tom silva handsome a real @daddysbottom


Tom Silva. (Handsome). A real man!

Don’t you wish you have a daddy that knows how to build a house, and knows how to use all of his tools? I’m sure he’s very handy and capable at plugging holes.

From bill drakes team reward 6 brian @daddysbottom

{From Bill Drake’s “Team Reward 6″.}

Brian Pierson looked down into Mike White’s eyes. Their faces were only
inches apart, and the two men could feel the heat and the sexual energy
radiate between them. Occasionally, a bead of sweat would drop from the
older man’s forehead or nose onto Mike’s all-American jock face. Finally,
the coach says, “Think you can handle it, kid?”

Until now, Pierson was completely in control, but by now the stud top coach
was getting shorter of breath as he dicked the hunky fullback with fast,
hard strokes. The athlete was grunting with each inward thrust, and his own
cock twitched in rhythm to the reaming the coach was giving him. He wrapped
his legs around the man’s waist, his calves resting on that round, hard
butt pumping a foot of hard cock into him.

“Yeah I’m ready for it, Coach. Fuck me harder,” Mike White mumbled. Each
stroke of his fucker’s cock turned his guts inside out. His sphincter had
never been stretched wider. He couldn’t believe he was taking all of this
gargantuan cock. He couldn’t believe those twelve fat inches fit inside his
horny jock ass. He couldn’t .  Not only did that dick fit, but Mike was
loving every minute of getting screwed by his future coach. He never felt
so full, so alive. He wrapped his fullback thighs tighter around Coach
Pierson’s waist, and his arms around the man’s back, the thick lats and
delts flared in full rut. The coach supported his weight with his massive
arms, while the athlete pulled his upper body up from the bed, so the two
men’s faces drew closer.

Coach’s lips were now touching Mike’s. “Fucking take my load, you fucking
jock cunt!” he growled, then ground his mouth roughly against
Mike’s. Mike’s mouth was invaded by his coach’s tongue - long, thick and
dominating. He could feel his ass fill up with his man’s nut. Coach kept
thrusting and pumping his seed deep into White’s bowels.

Mike was beyond control.  Suddenly, his prick jerked and spurted a second
copious load of jock spew.  Coach held him immobile, still screwing his
ass, while Mike’s cock unloaded all over Brian’s meaty torso.

Coach broke off the kiss with a grin and looked down at the sheet of
football-player spooge coating his chest and stomach. “Yeah, my boy sure
has man-sized balls.”  He leaned back down and licked hungrily at Mike’s
mouth.  "And his coach is gonna make sure they stay drained.“ With that he
started fucking his giant cock into that jock ass for another hard fuck.

Credit: Scene from the movie “His Lover’s Son”

Oh yeah cry out louder it turns me on even more @daddysbottom

“Oh yeah! Cry out louder! It turns me on even more to hear you scream. You like this huge cock up your tight, little ass, don’t you?”

Fuck yeah, coach! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!

“You got it stud! Shit, I’ve been wanting to get into this cute ass of yours since you walked into my team. Now I’m not gonna let it go!”

Take it, coach! Take my ass!

“I’m taking it, you jock slut. Shit, I wish I could tap this ass raw! Why won’t you let my bare ass in your jock pussy?”

Please, coach, I can’t. Oh shit, that’s deep! I can’t, coach!

“Why, buddy? Don’t you want to feel my raw cock deep in your butt? Don’t you want me to breed my seed up your ass?”

I can’t, coach! Please don’t ask me that. I can’t! I promised!

“Promised? Who did you promised to? Who are you saving your ass for? Tell me!”

Oh god, coach! I can’t! I just can’t! Oh.. oh!

“Yeah, you like it hard and deep. But tell me boy, did you promise not to get your ass fucked raw to your dad? Is that who you are saving your ass for?”

Please don’t ask me that, coach! I can’t! I can’t!

“It IS your dad, isn’t it? He’s been breeding your ass and won’t let anyone else but him who gets to leave his seed in there. Am I right, boy?”

Ugh! Uh! Uh! Fuck!

“Oh yeah, I’m right. Just look at how hard your dick just got. Tell me, boy, when  your daddy fucks you, can he make you cum hands free, just like what I’m about to do to you?”

Oh god, coach! Keep dicking me!

“Don’t you worry, stud. This dick is going nowhere. And after we’re done, let’s call your dad and see what he has to say. I think I’m gonna get my wish soon and breed your hole raw. Now spread your legs wider, boy! You’re gonna get a fuck that you won’t forget!

I must have dozed off after i shot the second load @daddysbottom

I must have dozed off after I shot the second load inside that tight, hungry ass. By the time I woke up, the bed was empty. Groggily, I dragged myself out of bed, cleaned myself up, and put on my board shorts to head out to the pool.

When i got there, I could see that he was already enjoying the water, relaxing on a floating bed. I walked up to the side of the pool closest to him. He saw me and smiled. I smiled back. I could help but admire that mature, hairy body, and the tight, black speedo he was wearing that barely concealed the package in between his legs.

Then, out of the blue, he lifted his right leg high up in the air and started laughing a bit.

Shit, was he trying to turn me on? My head started to replay the hot and heavy sex we had barely half an hour ago, when he had that same leg resting on my shoulder, while his left leg hooked around my hip with his heel pushing against my right ass cheeks, trying to get my dick in deeper into his hungry hole. I was pounding his butt real hard, leaning into his body as my hands rested on top of those wide, broad chest.

I couldn’t believe it. Right there, in the middle of the hotel pool, my dad was teasing me and trying to turn me on! I was getting hard watching his antics. Still, I was glad that we have another 3 days together on his business trip, because I intend to pound his ass hard and make him pay for teasing me like this.

If you loosen your necktie and unbutton your @daddysbottom

“If you loosen your necktie and unbutton your collar, you might be able to swallow the whole thing down your throat….. yeah, just like that!” he heard the voice coming from above.

Jeff obeyed and managed to push his lips almost all the way down that huge dick. His gag reflex was about to take over, but Jeff didn’t care. He wanted this more than anything else right now. For months he had been lusting after his boss, and now, something that he had only dreamed of was finally coming true.

Jeff continued to worship that sizable tool, his lips wrapped tightly around the thick shaft as he plunged it in and out of his mouth. He heard some rustling above him and then the voice of his boss:

“Hey Hon, I’m gonna be home late today. We have a very hard project here and I need to have this done to its completion this evening. What? Oh no, don’t keep dinner for me. I’m sure I’ll find something to munch on over here. {sigh} Yes darling, I do remember that I’m on a diet. Don’t worry. I am sure I’ll get to eat things that are low carbs and high-protein. Alright, I’ll try not to wake you up when I get in. Love ya!”

Jeff heard his boss put away his cell phone and immediately felt hands grabbing the back of his head. He braced himself as he knew that the real fucking was about to begin.

This is a continuation of this story the secret @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

The secret Jameson’s family tradition is the closure of the “loop”. Grandpa, as the patriarch, and the eldest male in the family, has passed down his genes to the younger generation. The younger generations in turn, will close the loop by passing back their seed to the older generations.

Dad has been fucking grandpa’s ass for as long as I can remember. I was introduced to this as soon as I turned 18 when I got to fuck my own father and then grandpa, thus closing the loop. When I sire my own son, as soon as he turns 18, he too will fuck my ass, my dad’s ass, and if grandpa is still around, his well-fucked ass too!

It is a sacred tradition among the males in the family, and it will continue till the end of time. And why shouldn’t it? This morning, my dick is buried deep into dad’s ass, while dad’s own hard dick is deep in grandpa’s ass. Every time I shove hard into dad’s ass, they both moan because dad’s own huge dick will be pushed deeper into grandpa’s ass. We try to do this once a week if we can, and nothing is hotter than the thought of breeding your own father’s ass as he does the same to his father…

… except for having a dick inside my own ass. My still virginal ass is being saved for my own male off-spring. I can’t wait to get married and impregnate girlfriend. It will be a long wait till I have an 18-year old son. Till then, I am saving my ass for him.

We are three generations of jamesons men grandpa @daddysbottom

We are three generations of Jamesons men. Grandpa is the patriarch of the family, and dad is his oldest child that will inherit most of his wealth. I am dad’s oldest son, and I’ve been told that I will eventually carry on the family legacy. I have a girlfriend that my family has picked out, and we will be married in a year. I have been told that I will get her pregnant as many times as necessary to sire a son to carry on the family’s name.

.. and the secret tradition shared by the males in the family.

{This story continues here}

The god neptune emerges out of the ocean water @daddysbottom

The god Neptune emerges out of the ocean water (sunglasses and all). Will you surrender yourself to him while he is on land?

I dont know how much longer i can stand it @daddysbottom

I don’t know how much longer I can stand it without spilling my seed all over my body. I’m sitting on a chair in the bedroom, my cock is rock hard and quivering with desire to shoot its load, and I’m witnessing the hottest scene I can ever dream of.

In front of me, Coach Caber has been viciously pounding that piece of ass for the past 10 minutes. In fact, the fucking has been so brutal, it is as if he wants it to hurt, but that ass continues to hike itself up, trying to open itself as wide as possible to welcome the hard fuck.

“Oh yeah, you want me to go deeper, bitch? Here it comes, bitch! Take it! Take my motherfucking dick!” Coach spits out his insults at his fuck victim as he leans forward and shoves his huge cock even deeper inside that ass.

I have to jerk my hand away from my hard dick before it triggers my orgasm. Shit, I’m going out of my mind with lust.

Coach must have sensed this because he turns his head to look at me, not missing a single beat as he continues to pound that ass mercilessly. “You can’t wait to fuck this ass, can you?” he asks. He knows I can’t because we both look at my hard 8-incher that is ready to blast off. He smiles and suddenly increases his fucking pace even more. “Hold on, jock stud. I’m about to blast my cum into your dad’s ass. And then I want to see you fuck him hard and add your spunk to mine. Shit, that’s going to be hot!” he says.

The sound of flesh slapping against flesh, and the sound of my dad’s voice moaning as he surrenders his ass to my coach fills the room. Hurry up, coach! Hurry up!