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Fantasies of Masculine, Mature Men @daddysbottom

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FOR ADULTS ONLY My appreciation for mature, masculine, gentlemen. All pictures are either from the internet, or from my own collections. If any photos violates your copyright, please contact me to have it removed. I welcome submission of your photos. Please indicate that these are your photos, and that you are giving me permission to use them in any way I see fit. - Fantasies of Masculine, Mature Men (@daddysbottom)
They didnt call him rear admiral for nothing @daddysbottom

They didn’t call him Rear Admiral for nothing.

His wife had barely walked out of the door when he @daddysbottom

His wife had barely walked out of the door when he crashed his body against mine. Our lips sought each other as our tongues explored each other’s mouth. There was hunger and desire boiling over, each wanting the pleasures that hadn’t been satiated for such a long time.

Our  hands were busy removing each other’s clothes, wanting to feel naked flesh against naked flesh. His hands roamed all over my hairy torso, while I can’t get enough of his tight body. He pulled down my underwear, and pushed me onto my back on the rug. I only had my socks on at that point, while he still had his white underwear on as he sat on the sofa. His eyes zoomed into my hard 8-inch daddy cock that was already leaking like a faucet.

He grabbed my right foot and started to remove my socks. He looked at me and smile. “I don’t want a single stitch on your body when I make love to you.” he said.

My dick jerked uncontrollably upon hearing that. He proceeded to remove my other socks, and as he wished, I was completely naked, lying on the floor in front of him. He stood up, and remove the last piece of clothing on him, his underwear. He laid his firm, naked body on top of mine, his face just above mine, his love for me was very apparent.

“I’ve missed you very much, dad.” he said, almost choking his words.

I held him tighter in my arms. “I’ve missed you to, son.” I replied.

Our lips crushed against each other once more as our bodies ground against one another.

Drakestories @daddysbottom



I’d love to know the source video for this. Can anyone help me out?

Video is titled “Real Men Have Hair” from SX video. This scene stars Dominik Rider, Marc West & Patrick Ives. It is hot as hell.

The god neptune finally emerged from the ocean and @daddysbottom

The God Neptune finally emerged from the ocean and demanded all land inhabitants to bow and worship him.

Who would argue when he looks like that?

A class lesson will always sink in much more with @daddysbottom

A class lesson will always sink in much more with the students if there is an appropriate class demonstration. 

Drakestories it was dads 50th birthday and i @daddysbottom


It was Dad’s 50th birthday and I wanted to do something special for him. The idea had started when we ventured into threesomes, never letting on with our partners that we were actual father and son rather than “dad” and “son.” Then, we had one foursome, with two guys my age, a couple who were exploring their mutual attraction to older guys. We each fucked Dad good and hard that night, twice each, and the next morning, when it was just us, I checked in to make sure he was OK with how it all had played out.

“Like you wouldn’t believe, Dan.” He looked into my eyes, to gauge my reaction. “I hope you don’t mind that your father’s a big hungry bottom.”

“You kidding, Dad? I fucking love it.” That made him smile and relax a little. I sensed something more was on his mind. “You ever think about, you know, taking on more guys? More than 2 or 3?”

Dad nodded, and I could feel that his cock was starting to firm up again as we snuggled together in bed. “Just a fantasy, son. Nothing more.”

“Like how many?” My prick was rising up to meet his steelhard erection.

He blushed. “I dunno. A lot I guess. A real gangbang.”

So that’s how we got here, a field next to a farmhouse we’d rented on Airbnb for the weekend. I’d set down blankets and a camping mattress, and a big canister of lubricant. I’d spent months on the guest list, all guys my age or younger, big guys, thin guys, jocks and ordinary dudes. All tops or at least wanting their chance to have a piece of the hottest DILF in the area.

“Ready dad?” I asked, squatting down to get closer to ground level. He didn’t look nervous or hesitant, just excited. So I didn’t wait for his answer.

“All right, the first guy,” I ordered and a beefy football player lubed up and crawled on top of my father for the first fuck of the afternoon.

Marriedbisexualson my dad loved the wilderness @daddysbottom


My Dad loved the wilderness so it was only fitting that I be a Boy Scout. He would always come with us on our camping trips every summer since I was a kid. Now that I was an Explorer and no longer a Boy Scout, Dad said this would be his last trip. I understood why and I was cool with that.
One day before lunch, I was going to creep up to the Main Cabins and scare my Dad and the others. I quietly crept through the forest and made my way.

I got half way there when I noticed someone in the forest. I slowly got closer to see who it was.

I then saw my Father standing up and my Cousin bent down. My cousin was giving him a blow job in the forest! I sat there shocked. I couldn’t look away. I was strangely starting to feel turned on. My dick began to stiffen and My heart began to beat uncontrollably. As my cousin kept going back and fourth on his dick, I heard my Dad say “Come on Mikey, make your Uncle Cum.” I was so turned on that I went to rub on my dick and watch. All of a sudden I lost my balance and leaned hard against a bush. My Cousin stopped and my Dad zipped up his pants quickly. “What the Fuck!?!” He shouted.

I didn’t know what to do. I stood up and said “I’m sorry Dad. I didn’t know you were going to be here.”

He then froze realizing it was me and what I must have saw.

“What… What did you see?”

I stayed quiet for a moment or two. Saw the paleness set in his frightened face… “Dad. I saw what I would like to do as well.”

Traffic to get there was a bitch but i finally @daddysbottom

Traffic to get there was a bitch, but I finally got to the gay resort late afternoon. I checked in quickly, got to my room, got undressed, and walked to the pool with just a towel around my waist. Turned out that the party was already in full swing.

Naked men were everywhere and in various activities. Some were just frolicking in the water. Some were simply sitting and chatting while watching the actions. Others were already engaging in either heavy petting, cocksucking, getting sucked, and even a few fucking actions going on at various corners. I could see couples going off into various secluded areas and into rooms for more privacy with that they were about go engage in.

I found an empty lounge chair, removed my towel, and sat down to watch. In just a few just a few minutes, I got several interested looks from a number of men, who I was sure was very much fascinated in seeing how much bigger my dick will grow. It was already 7 inches semi hard as I absorbed all the sights of naked men all around me. But I also maintain a regular workout and knew that while I wasn’t a muscle head, I have nothing to be ashamed of with my body.

But despite all these opportunities, I was looking for someone in particular. I scanned the crowd, trying to see if I can find what I was looking for. It took a few minutes of looking carefully all over the pool area when I finally spotted him. He was standing against the wall completely naked. His well-toned hairy, body looked amazing for someone who has just turned 60. His handsome face looked older with his grey beard and receding hairline. But there was no denying the masculinity of this man, especially as he was displaying a fully erect cock. He was just my type, and what I was looking for.

He had his arms around his back, putting his naked body on display. In the few minutes since my eyes spotted him, I saw several men approached him and trying to put the moves on him. One man, almost my age and young enough to be his son, was really trying to seduce him as the guy had his hand all over the older stud. I thought he was going to succumb to this young guy’s attention, especially when they were engaging in such heavy kissing. But I saw him say something to the guy, they kissed one more time, and the younger man moved away.

But it didn’t take long before another man, this time a big, muscular bear, got next to him and started to grab and stroke my stud’s cock (yes, by then I was already claiming him as mine). Obviously, this bear was a take-charge kinda man, and he knew what he wanted. Again, I thought my man was going to succumb to this dominant bear’s  action, but again, he spoke something to him, the bear gave his cock one last stroke, and walked away.

After seeing a few other men tried and failed to lure him, I thought it was time that I made my move on this older stud. I got up from my lounge chair and walked directly to him, my dick at its full 9-inch erection. I was sure a few men that I passed gave it a look, but my attention was focused on getting this mature stud and not letting him get away.

I was a few feet from him when he finally saw me. Or I should say, he first saw the huge dick that was aimed at him and approaching him rapidly, before he looked up at my face. I think he might have tried to keep his face expressionless, but I could sense a bit of excitement in his eyes.

I got right in front of him, and without saying a word, ran my hands all over his hairy chest. He threw his head back just a bit and I could hear a soft moan as my fingers ran across his nipples. I looked down and saw that his dick was completely hard and leaking its clear juices. He must have been turned on and stimulated by all the men who put a make on him the past several minutes.

“I saw you turned down several of your suitors. You must have been waiting just for me.” I finally said something to him. My hands continue to molest his torso. He continued to stand there, arms behind his back, letting me do whatever I wanted to.

He looked at me. “I’m waiting for the right man, a real man, with all the right moves. What makes you think you’re him?” he asked me bluntly.

I smiled upon hearing that. I pinched his nipples and he groaned in pain and pleasure. “Because I can make you cum hands free when I fucked you hard and deep, just the way you begged me to.” I replied confidently.

His hard, expressionless face finally broke down into a snicker. “You fucker!” he said as he laughed.

“Yeah, dad! I’m about to fuck you, so I am your fucker!” I replied as we both laughed.

Finally, he said “Let’s go back to my room. I’ve been horny for the past hour waiting for you to get here. I almost took up on that offer by that hot muscular bear if you didn’t show up when you did.”

I leaned in and planted a kiss on him. When we broke apart, with my body still leaning against him, I whispered into his ear “Maybe you might still get that hot bear, after I’m done with you, old man. It will be hot to watch you getting shafted by him. Your ass will be nice and juicy by the time I go at it again.”

I look into his eyes, and I could tell that he was picturing what I just said, of him getting fucked by some muscular, hairy stranger, while his own son watching all of it. The lust and horniness in his eyes told everything.

“Jesus Christ, let’s get the fuck out of here!” he exclaimed.

We couldn’t get to his room fast enough.

As his personal assistant it is part of sams job @daddysbottom

As his personal assistant, it is part of Sam’s job to serve his boss however it is needed. And it is customary for Sam to provide relief to his boss from all the pressures that his boss is under during the delicate negotiations for the merger of the two companies. This negotiations will run late into the night, and Sam will be with his boss for as long as he is needed.

This is a continuation of this story the men @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

The men suckling on other men movement is also spreading to siblings. Sibling rivalries among brothers have been shown to be severely diminished when the brothers are encouraged to suckle on each other’s nipples. As with fathers and sons, the physical act of suckling creates a bond between the two males that cannot be established by other means. The brothers tend to grow closer to one another.

There have been unconfirmed reports of incestuous relationships between brothers after they have been introduced to this act. So far, these have not been verified, and concerned parents have been monitoring their children. However, adults childrens, especially those who have left home for college, are more difficult to monitor. Most involved reported only participation in suckling of their brothers and nothing else.

The authority to promote male suckling continues to monitor and evaluate the situation.

When they both turned 18 mr henderson told his @daddysbottom

When they both turned 18, Mr. Henderson told his son Josh and Josh’s best friend Gary that he will teach them how to be a man.

To their pleasant surprise, it wasn’t anything as embarrassing as they expected. On the contrary, Josh and Gary wanted more lessons from Mr. Henderson on how to be a man, how to suck cock, how to fuck ass, and how to get fucked in the ass. Gary couldn’t believe that watching Mr. Henderson fucked his own son was a bigger turn-on than watching chick porno on the internet. And Josh never realized how hot it was to have this best friend watch him getting fucked by his own dad.

It was the best lesson about being an adult that they ever had.

Is this too big for you no really gee how many @daddysbottom

Is this too big for you?

No? Really?

Gee, how many men have you been with?

Oh god, that many? And I didn’t know anything about this till now?

Shit, I only wish that I had been the one to bust your cherry ass.

That’s alright, son. I understand. Now let’s make up for loss time. Come over here and sit on your dad’s hard cock, and show me what you’ve learned about getting fucked from all those men.

For the past 5 years i had the enviable task of @daddysbottom

For the past 5 years, I had the enviable task of being the photographer for the annual Firefighters Calendar. When I took over, I decided to jazz it up a bit and increase the sexiness of these men. It worked, and the calendar that year became a hit. Each year, they sold more and more calendar, and so this year, they brought me back for another round.

We got even more daring this year. A few of the firefighters agreed to be photographed nude, with just a few strategically-placed items to hide their genitals. The photograph session went smoothly and I could smell another huge seller this year with what I had.

We were wrapping things up at the end of the day. Everyone was gone except for Eric and Brad. Eric was still in the firetruck after I had finished snapping his photos, and his buddy Brad was watching us finishing the photo shoot. I saw these two men and jokingly, told these two muscle hunks that they should flex their biceps together so that I could snap their picture. They actually went for it. I grabbed my camera and started to snap photos of them displaying their amazing biceps.

At some point, they were actually displaying their amazing muscles to each other. Still completely nude, Brad walked closer to Eric, who was still in the firetruck. Both of them were eyeing the other as if they were absorbed in the beauty of the other’s body. By then, I almost felt as if they forgot that I was still there, and still snapping their pictures.

The muscular posing went on for several minutes. Then I saw Brad putting his hand on Eric’s thighs. I saw them staring at each other, as if communicating and asking silent thoughts. It felt like minutes, but only seconds later, they got even closer. I almost gasped in surprise as these two muscular firefighters lip-lock with one another in a very hot kiss.

I suddenly felt like I shouldn’t be there, and that I need to run away, but I couldn’t. Instead, I continued to snap away this very intimate moment between these two men. The kiss went on for several minutes, and it got progressively more passionate.

They the kiss ended, Eric climbed off the truck, and the two men had their hands all over each other’s body, running their fingers on those massive chest and arms. Their body glistened from sweat and the baby oil that was used during the photo shoot, and their manhood were totally erect by then. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing, and continued to capture the magical moment. This was the hottest scene I had ever witness.

But I was wrong. It got hotter just a few minutes later when Eric knelt down and started to suck on Brad’s huge penis. My camera was going non-stop snapping every second of this sexual act between two brave men. I knew that my dick was rock hard and demanding attention at that moment, but I just couldn’t put down my camera and miss all this.

This was the best firefighters calendar photo shoot ever!

It requires a perfect aim to hit bullseye every @daddysbottom

It requires a perfect aim to hit bullseye every single time.

After college i moved back to my hometown but @daddysbottom

After college, I moved back to my hometown, but got an apartment in the city about 45 minutes from where my parents lived. I was busy with my new career and didn’t have much time for a social life, much less, finding someone to hook up with.

Still, I took an afternoon off in the middle of the week and decided to check out this part of the forest preserve that I knew was rather cruisey. Back then before I left for college, I hooked up with a few men out there looking for a quick one. So I wanted to see if it was like it used to be.

I parked a distance away and decided to walk to the area. It had many small, meandering paths, and I knew of a couple parking areas that were also prime areas for pick ups. It was mid afternoon, and the place was rather deserted.

Still, as I approached one of the parking lot, I saw a vehicle parked there with a shirtless, older man sitting at the wheel. He saw me from a distance, and kept his eyes on me. The path that I was on went directly in front of his vehicle, so as I kept getting closer, I could feel his glare on me.

I was close enough to see him, and to my surprise, I knew who he was! Damn, there goes my luck! He was probably staring at me because he knew me.

Thinking that I’d better act as if I was simply taking an afternoon stroll, I thought I should say hi to him. So I waved and walked next to his vehicle.

“Hey there, stud. Looking for some action?” the man said to me before I could say anything.

I almost jumped back with surprise at what he just said to me. Dumbfounded, the only words that came out of my mouth was “Er… yeah, sure! You?”

I couldn’t believe I said that. But my mind almost went blank. He was sitting there only in his shorts. His exposed torso revealing the wide, broad chest covered with a thick layer of hair. Fuck, if he was someone else, I could easily go for this daddy.

“Great. You are one handsome, young stud. Think you’ll go for someone like me?” he asked. He began rubbing his hand on the bulge in his shorts.

“Shit!” I said to myself. “He doesn’t remember me!” I regain my composure and my mind was racing as my libido and my conscience fought each other. My eyes was transfixed at his crotch as he continued to fondle with his tool through his shorts.

My silence and my stare as his package might have given him the signal that I was interested. Before I could say anything, he lifted his butt off the car seat and in one swift move, slipped his shorts down to his knees. His thick, uncut cock stood at attention.

I may had been surprised by the unexpected turn of events, but it didn’t stop my mouth from watering as I watched that daddy cock. And yeah, I knew it was a daddy cock belonging to a married man who had sired 3 kids.

“If you like what you see, why don’t you get in on the other side?” he asked as he looked at my face. Yup, he still had no clue who I was.

With my own dick fully hard and straining against my tight jeans, my libido won over. I went around to the passenger side and got in next to him. Without waiting, I bent down and swallowed the daddy cock all the way down my throat, eliciting a loud moan from this man. It was about 4 years ago when I last saw him, at his son’s graduation party before we all left for college. As I eagerly sucked his fat cock, I tried to push out the picture of me sucking on my best friend’s dad’s dick.

Hi im ed you called about a plumbing problem @daddysbottom

“Hi, I’m Ed. You called about a plumbing problem?”

I was taken aback at the stud that I saw standing at the door. In the split second after I opened it, I was yelling to myself in my head “Yes! I hit the jackpot!” Looking at just his face framed by the baseball hat, the trimmed mustache and goatee, this man was hitting all my buttons.

“Er… yes. I did call. Please come in and I’ll show you the problem.” I quickly reply as I recovered from my admiration of this man.

I led him to the guests bathroom. “The shower and the sink in here are not draining very well. I’ve tried all those liquids to get rid of any blockage, but it hasn’t seem to work.” I explained to him.

As he started to examine the problem, I had a chance to get a closer look at this dream of a man. Shit, he was well-built by the way his torso filled his shirt. From behind, his filled his pants quite well. But this was nothing when compared to what happened next. After he stood up and faced me to explain what he thought was the problem, my eyes finally wandered down to his crotch. I almost gasped at what I saw. There, snaking down the right side of his pants, was a prominent outline of his large, soft cock!

My eyes quickly darted back to his face when I realized that he had stopped talking. I saw a slight smile on his face.

“Looks like you have more than one plumbing needs.” he said with a wink. “I think I can handle both of them.”

He was right. By the end of the afternoon, both my bathroom pipes and my own internal pipes were free of any blockage. He had just the right tool to the the job to my satisfaction.

This is what dad looks like after i was done with @daddysbottom

This is what dad looks like after I was done with him - exhausted, drained, and sedated, with his butt full of my cum.

Shit, if he doesn’t move soon, I’m gonna get hard again just by looking at him and rape his ass for a second time.

The moment the lips and tongue made contact with @daddysbottom

The moment the lips and tongue made contact with his butt hole, Andy cried out loud. He was taken aback at the intensity of the sensation and pleasure as his butt was being eaten for the very first time. He had no clue how good that mouth was because he had known no other, but it was good enough that his dick was harder than he had ever remembered it.

The tongue pushed harder past his anal ring and invaded his butt. This sent Andy almost climbing up the wall, his legs almost collapsed from under him. This made his  ass sat down further on that mouth, allowing the man to penetrate Andy’s butt even deeper with his tongue.

That mouth continued to eat Andy butt  for the next few minutes. “If you don’t stop, I’m gonna cum!” Andy cried out as the first tell-tale signs of an impending orgasm hit him. But the man didn’t stop. If anything, he increased the rate of his tongue darting in and out of Andy’s hole. Andy knew he couldn’t  hold back any more.

“Dad!!” he cried out as his cum shot out of his dick hands free. As he thrashed in the throes of his nut, his dad continued to attack Andy’s slick, puckered hole. His dad knew that this was just the beginning.

When i walked out of the bathroom he had the bed @daddysbottom

When I walked out of the bathroom, he had the bed almost already made up. He was bent over trying to rearrange the pillows the way housekeeping would have done it.

I looked at him as I was putting on my clothes. His back still had a sheen of sweat from the vigorous sex we had just a few minutes ago. My eyes zoomed in on his butt that has sucked the cum out of my balls. I was surprised that it wasn’t leaking any of my juices. I was glad that I didn’t leave any marks on his body that might give him away, or maybe I should have.

He was still busy with the pillows when I was fully dressed. I knew I should be out of there before his wife came back from her shopping trip.

“Well, I guess I should be going. Thanks. I had fun.” I said, awkwardly.

He turned his head and nodded. “I had fun to. Thanks.” he replied and turned back his head to finish what he was doing, which was to remove any trace of what had happened on that bed.

I knew I wasn’t welcomed anymore, and proceeded to walk out of the hotel room. As I heard the door slammed shut behind me, I realized that I didn’t even know his name.

D d dad marcus stuttered when he saw his @daddysbottom

“D… d.. dad?!”

Marcus stuttered when he saw his dad after walking into the kitchen.

“Yeah?” his dad turned and looked at him. “Is there a problem?” he asked.

Marcus was tongue tied. 26-year old Marcus, an aspiring young attorney, suddenly at a loss of words to say as he looked at his naked dad standing in the middle of the kitchen in the home that Marcus grew up.

“Are you uncomfortable with me being naked?” his dad asked.

“N… no..” Marcus tried to reply. “It’s just that, I didn’t expect to see you like this.”

They both knew what Marcus was talking about. His dad was the picture of a distinguished, proper, administrator. He was almost always, impeccably dressed, so Marcus can’t remember the last time he saw his dad in a stage of undressed.

“I decided that whenever your mother and sister are not in the house, I’m gonna go bare assed. First time I did it, I liked it. So now I do it all the time whenever I have the house to myself. I didn’t think you’d mind, son.” his dad explained.

Marcus couldn’t keep his eyes off his dad’s body. “No, dad. I don’t mind. I just was caught unexpected.  You can certainly walk around bare assed as much as you want in your own house.” Marcus replied. Quietly, Marcus couldn’t believe how good his dad looked for a man approaching 60. His body was still tight, and with muscular definition.

His dad smiled. “Good!” he said.

This was followed by a moment of awkward silence. Marcus never took his eyes off his dad, and his dad looked at Marcus as if trying to read his mind.

“I don’t mind if you do it too.” his dad suddenly said, breaking the silence.

“What?” Marcus asked.

“I don’t mind if you want to walk around the house naked. It’s just us guys in here right now. So if you want to go bare assed just like me, go right ahead.” his dad said, still eyeing Marcus intently.

Marcus froze. Normally, he’d love to strip down. After all, he did that often in his own apartment downtown. But he was hesitant to know  what to do then. How could he explain to his dad when his dad saw the full erection Marcus was sporting right at that moment?

The corporate married daddy in drakestories @daddysbottom

The corporate, married daddy in Drakestories “Jeff’s Bachelor Vacation” and “Jeff’s Bachelor Vacation Pt. 2″.

With this much prime beef it might be cheaper to @daddysbottom

With this much prime beef, it might be cheaper to buy it by the pound (or kilogram if you are outside the US).

Carl had been pounding that smooth tight ass for @daddysbottom

Carl had been pounding that smooth, tight ass for the past 15 minutes. They had been in many different positions, and Carl had come close to shooting off a couple of times. But this time, with him pounding Luke’s butt from behind, Carl couldn’t hold back any longer. He picked up his fucking pace, and the force of his hips crashing against Luke’s butt increased, causing Luke to cry out in pain and pleasure at the brutal assault.

They both knew that it was coming. Through the rough fucking on his hole, Luke tightened his butt. Through the loud slapping sound made by the crashing of flesh against flesh, Carl cried out and gave one last, tremendous slam against the hungry ass. His body jerked as globs and globs of his hot, sticky cum flooded the boy’s hungry hole. Luke could feel the warm fluid filling his ass, and repeatedly squeezed his ass muscles trying to coax as much spunk out of the huge dick buried deep inside of him.

Carl’s hand gripped Luke’s hips tight as his orgasm subsided. It has been almost a minute since the first cum bullet shot out of his dick, and it was still dribbling the few last drops into that welcoming hole. He sighed and gasped for breath.

Luke raised his body and stood on his knees as his bowels felt full with hot, precious cum. Even without shooting off yet, Luke felt contented and fulfilled. Things couldn’t be any better….. well, maybe he wished that he was on his back and able to see his father’s face when he had his orgasm. Nothing turned Luke on more than seeing his father in the throes of a climax as he unloaded into Luke ass.

Luke was glad that they had the house to themselves for the next couple of hours. He was determined to make his dad cum again.

This is a continuation of this series sgt bill @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this series}

Sgt. Bill Andrews sat in the waiting room in an extremely nervous state.  He was fidgeting constantly, and looking at his watch every few seconds. I and the rest of the evaluation team looked at the situation via TV monitors.

Joe, counselor for the past 3 months, sat next to him and had been trying to calm him down.

“Things are going to be alright, Bill” Joe said. “They are your family. They are anxious to see you.”

Andrews nodded. He had been back in the country for almost 3 months now. but his arrival was kept secret from the rest of his family. He was sent to us by the Army after an incident on the battle field. He suffered a minor injury during a bombing attack. But what was more severe was his mental well-being after seeing men in his troops, and especially his best buddy, died in battle.

He was a tough one to crack, until I discovered a photo of Andrews best friend who died in battle. Cpl. Wilson bore a striking resemblance to one of our counselor, Joe, who was an Army corporal himself before he joined my team. I decided to take a chance and assigned Joe to Andrews’ case.

It took almost 3 long months to get Andrews to open up and finally able to deal with the loss that he experienced. And having Joe as his counselor worked exactly as I had expected. We knew that there was a deeper relationship  between the two men than what had been recorded, something that was revealed the first time Andrews made love to Joe. It was as if it was Andrews way of saying goodbye to his secret lover.It was soon after that that we knew he was ready to be reunited with his family.

But now, as I looked at the TV monitor and saw how nervous  Sgt. Andrews was at this reunion, I began to question if he was truly ready. He was about to be reunited with his wife and their 6-month old son that he has never seen. Instead of being happy, I could see almost a look of terror on his face.

Suddenly, I could hear Joe’s  voice.“That’s it.  Bill, stand up!” he commanded.I could see the hesitation in Andrews face, but after a few seconds, he obeyed. Joe immediately knelt in front of Andrews and proceeded to unzip the soldier’s pants. Without much delay, Joe swallowed the  cock that he fished out of the uniform. The cock grew in size in no time, and I could hear the moaning coming from Andrews.

I smiled, because I knew what Joe was up to. But it was risky because in a few minutes, the rest of Andrews’ family was scheduled to arrive for the reunion. I watched the TV monitor as I saw Joe vigorously sucking on Andrews huge cock.

I needn’t worry. In barely 5 minutes, I saw Andrews grabbed Joe’s head, and in one hard shove, buried his dick down Joe’s throat and unloaded his semen. It must have been a big one, because it went on for several seconds, and I could see some spilling out of Joe’s lips.

When Andrews came down from his orgasm, he withdrew his spent cock from Joe’s mouth. Immediately, he bent  down and gave Joe long, passionate kiss as they passed Andrews’ cum back and forth between them.

“Thanks, buddy! I needed that.” Andrews said to Joe, before giving him one more kiss and zipping himself up. Joe wiped himself clean to make him look presentable to the guests. And with great timing, I saw the door to the waiting room opened, and a large group  of people came in.

Andrews looked thoroughly relaxed by now, and with a big smile on his face, he rant into the arms of his family. I smiled as I saw the warm reunion. As I saw Andrews kissing his wife, I wondered if his wife could detect remnants of his own cum in his mouth.

I decided to make sure we stock breath mints in the waiting room.

Ben had been having wet dreams about coach morris @daddysbottom

Ben had been having wet dreams about Coach Morris ever since he joined the team. Shit, he had never seen a more beautiful, muscular, gorgeous man in his life! Coach Morris muscular, ebony skin was perfect, and Ben could only imagine how big Coach’s dick was through the size of the bulge that was always present in his athletic wear.

It finally happened late one afternoon, after everyone was gone, and it was only the two of them in the coach’s office. One thing led to another, and soon Ben  found himself kneeling in front of the man he had lusted all this while. Coach Morris was already shirtless, and as much as Ben would love to just strip him down, he took the time to grope the obscene bulge in the sweat pants.

But his desires took over him and Ben couldn’t wait to see his prize. As  he pull down coach’s pants, much to his delight, coach wasn’t wearing any underwear. As soon as he had pulled down the waistband down far enough, he saw the object of  his desire, and he wasn’t disappointed. It was the biggest, thickest, and most magnificent piece of man meat he had ever seen.

Ben mouth was salivating. He gave the hard dick a lick, and then plunged the entire thing into his mouth and down his throat. He was chocking due to its size, but Ben didn’t care if he died impaled on this ebony monster.

He heard coach’s moan in pleasure as Ben started to increase his pace sucking on coach’s dick. He knew that he wanted Coach Morris cum down his throat. And in the back of his mind, he hoped that coach had plenty left to go a second round on his ass.

Roy stood there by the bathroom door and shook his @daddysbottom

Roy stood there by the bathroom door and shook his head is disbelief. He couldn’t believe that Brandon was sporting another hard erection barely half an hour after shooting a load big enough to impregnate whole cities. And Roy couldn’t believe that his ass took all of that 10-incher. Instinctively, Roy hand rubbed his sore butt that was on the receiving end of the hard pounding from that monster dick. It reminded him that his ass was carrying all of Brandon’s sperm at that moment, and his bowels felt full.

“Damn, why are you still hard and jacking off?” Roy asked. His eyes moved from that huge dick and up the 28-year old body that was maturing magnificently.

Brandon looked up at the more mature man standing at the door. “Nervousness.” he replied as he continued to stroke his fully hard dick.

Roy had to smile. It was common knowledge between the two of them that Brandon always try to reduce any tension by jacking off a load. It always clams him down, and apparently this was what he was doing then.

“But I thought I took care of that just now. You shot a huge load up my ass already. Wasn’t that enough?” Roy inquired.

Brandon shook his head as he continued his masturbation. “Nope. It wasn’t enough. I obviously need more.”  he replied.

Roy snickered. “Look, it will be fine. The wedding is going to go smoothly. You and Sally will make a fine couple today. There is nothing to worry about, son.” Roy reassured Brandon.

Roy wasn’t sure if his reassurance was working, but Brandon slowed down the stroking of the hard shaft. Finally, he stopped and sighed. Roy saw that 10-inch penis dangling obscenely towards him.

“You’re right, dad. I don’t know why I’m so nervous. I’ve been looking forward to this the past 2 weeks. And now it is here. I’m getting married to the woman that I love. So everything is great!” Brandon replied as he looked into the eyes of his father, standing by the door, still naked. Dried cum was crusting on his chest hair and torso, testifying to Brandon’s skill as a top by fucking the cum out of his father a few minutes ago.

They both saw Brandon’s dick jerked and hardened even more.

Finally, Roy spoke. “Shit, there is no way in hell I’m gonna let that go to waste!” Roy stepped into the bathtub and bent over, offering his ass once again.

Brandon was a calm and collected groom at his wedding that afternoon.

In the 4 months that we had gotten together i had @daddysbottom

In the 4 months that we had gotten together, I had always been the passive one, always on the receiving end of his passion. That was fine with me because it turned me on like nothing else to know that I and my body can do that to him, and can bring him off big time.

But this time, when I meet with him in his hotel room during one of his regular trips into town, I decide to be more aggressive. I hover over his head, my crotch barely a few inches from his face. Without warning, I aimed my dick towards his mouth and push it all the way in. He chokes, but I keep going till I my pubes mashes against his mouth. He gags and convulses, but he does not push me off.

I pull back a bit to give him some time to breath, but only for a few seconds before I go back in. Pretty soon, I establish a steady rhythm and I find myself fucking his wet mouth. I can hear him humming his approval, so I fuck his face even harder, my pelvic bone smashing against his nose. He gags now and then, especially when I alter my angle of entry into his throat.

I turn my head and look back at his reclining, hairy body. His thick cock is standing straight up and leaking precum like a faucet. Looks like we both discover that he likes to have his throat fucked. Seeing that, I lean forward and increase my face-fucking pace. He hangs on like a trooper, and even tighten his lips around my pistoning shaft.

I know then that this is the time to go for it. After one really hard shove and I bury my entire 7-inch dick down his mature throat, I keep it there. He gags and struggles a bit.

I look down as his face, admiring the sight of his mouth smashed against my pubic hair. “Alright, old man. It seems that you like being fucked in your mouth. How about we find out if you like being fucked in that hairy ass of yours?” I say.

Even as he struggles to suppress his gagging, his eyes dart to look into mine. I can his tears running down his face has he chokes on my huge cock. But his eyes tell the whole story, and I can see his lust bubbling to the surface. Sure enough, when I look back again behind me, his dick was jerking uncontrollably at the thought of his ass being invaded, probably for the very first time ever.

I turn to look at him again as I slowly withdraw my dick from his throat. “From the way your dick reacts, you like that idea. And so does my cock.” I say as my dick slams hard against my belly as soon it it clears his mouth.

Happily, both dad and I find out that he likes to be fucked, and fucked real hard. We now flip flop whenever we see each other, taking turns sampling the one another’s tight ass. And I was right. I took dad’s cherry ass that night.

Fuck yeah i like it when you clench your butt @daddysbottom

Fuck yeah! I like it when you clench your butt like that, son. It makes your ass so much tighter, just the way I like it. Shit! It is clamping on my dick like a vise grip! Those squats that you’ve been doing is definitely working!

I am not gonna last very long inside this ass, boy!

Daddysbuttsniffer opposing stalls at the y @daddysbottom


Opposing stalls at the Y. This was the suburbs, dammit. Guys don’t cruise or get cruised here. So as this no-doubt real Dad showered and lathered up, when your eyes met, his smile was probably just a friendly gesture.

“Say, didn’t you go to Westview with my boy Matty? You’re Jason, right?” he says over spray.

Your name’s not Jason. “Uh, yeah, that’s me, Jason! How is Matt?” you lie.

“Good, good. Gonna graduate next year from State! I’ll tell him you said hello! Gosh, Jase, you’ve sure filled out nice. Been working out a lot?” he says back, but his gaze seems to drift south and linger a bit long.

You realize you’ve not stopped soaping up your crotch since you’ve been chatting, and your young cock is stiff, and pointing directly at the object of your desire. “Oh, um, well, yeah, I’ve been hard at it!” you stammer, immediately aware how stupid that sounded. The man smiles, and there’s a brief awkward silence. He turns off his spray and steps across the aisle, carefully looking both ways. The other stalls are empty. He enters your stall and you are backed up against the cold tile on the back wall. His big Daddy cock is poking you in the gut, it’s girthy mass pushing down against the upward pressure of your own much smaller cock.

“Listen,” he says as he places his hand behind your neck, and you feel a slight downward pressure. “I know what you and Matty used to get up to in the hotel on those away games and after the keggers on the back ridge. He told me all about it!” Your eyes locked onto his, you want to tell him the truth. “In fact,” he continues “many times, after Matty had drained a nice Daddy load outta my nuts, he’d tell me how he learned all about blowjobs from his friend Jason. He said you were the best!”

His strong hand pushes you down firmly, and you go to your knees before him.

“You’re obviously missing Matty as badly as I am, Jason. Why don’t we both help each other out?” he says, a question that is much less of an offer than a demand. “Do a real good job for me, boy, and when Matty comes home for the holidays, we can surprise him with a real homecoming reunion!”

As your mouth opens, and you draw this Daddy’s heavy cock into your mouth, resolved to pleasure him better than even his son ever has, you reflect on the absurdity of this entire event. Your not Jason, you don’t know this Matt guy, and you’re about to service a strange Daddy in the showers of a suburban YMCA.

“Well!” you think as your throat engulfs this man’s huge cock, “Matty won’t be the only one in for a big holiday surprise!!!”

Meatandgreet please follow me @daddysbottom


Please follow me @

This is why I love it when Uncle Mick comes for a visit. As soon as the coast is clear, we strip off our clothes and Uncle Mick will teach me a new position to pleasure another man. I never get tired of all these lessons from my sexy uncle. Today, Uncle Mick says that he will eat my ass while I jack off until I shoot my cum straight into my mouth. He wants me to improve my aim.

My uncle says that he enjoys giving me all these lessons. He tells me that his wife is not as adventurous, and will not do all the things that we do together. I tell him that I am more than willing to try anything with him.

We always end our lessons with him dumping his sweet cum deep in my ass. He tells me that next time, he will bring me to his friend Ray, and he will teach me how to handle more than one stud at a time.

I can’t wait!

The moment they arrived and checked in to the @daddysbottom

The moment they arrived and checked in to the hotel room, they were tearing at each other’s clothes. Within seconds, they were completely naked and devouring each other’s bodies with their hunger and lust.

It didn’t take long for Mike to find himself face down on the bed, his ass hiked up high in the air, and that long, thick dick sawing in and out of his tight hole.

“Harder!” Mike cried out.

He got his wish as the next penetration was hard and brutal, showing the entire 9 inches into his butt and the collision of hips to ass cause his entire body to shake.

“Is this what you want boy? Is this what you’ve been waiting for all day?” Jim asked as he picked up his fucking force and pace.

Mike moaned out loud at the assault on his rear end. “Fuck yeah, dad! I’ve been thinking of this through the entire trip! Now fuck my ass hard and breed me deep!” he pleaded.

Hearing those words, Jim grabbed his son’s ass and began pummeling it brutally as he went for his nut.

This happened every time Mike accompanied his dad on his business trips.

Incestandotherstuff are you sure dad do we @daddysbottom


Are you sure Dad?  Do we really need the camera?

Of course we need a camera, son. We are going to look at it later and you can learn what mistakes you did and how you can improve your technique. And then we will do it again and see if you’ve learned anything from it.

Trust me, son. You’ll thank me for it later on.

This is a continuation of this story it has @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

It  has been almost a year since Joe finished the remodeling on Carl’s bathroom. During that time, the studly, older daddy also rearranged the content of Carl’s bowels. Joe showed up early before the rest of his crew arrived almost every single day, and proceeded to plow Carl’s hungry butt until he deposited his hot, sticky cum deep inside Carl’s body. Ever since then, Carl had missed the intense fucking of the older stud.

So when Carl decided that he should remodel the guest bathroom, there was no one else he would consider calling. Carl was surprised that it was Joe who answered his phone call. Just hearing the sexy man’s deep voice was giving Carl a hard-on.

“I’d like to come back and work on your home, but I’m in the middle of another remodeling project right now.” Joe  said. Carl felt his excitement being dashed.

“But I can definitely assign this job to my son, Rob. He’s very good and knows as much as I do about bathroom remodeling.” Joe continued. Before Carl could ask him a question, Joe went on. “And he’ll take care of you real good, don’t you worry!”

When Rob showed up at Carl’s door the next day, Carl knew that things would go quite well. It didn’t take long for Rob to  remove his hard hat. And when part of Rob’s overall slipped off  his shoulder to reveal his massive, muscular, hairy torso, Carl knew that Joe didn’t let him down.

“Dad told me to take real good care of you. You are our best repeat customer.” Rob said as he grabbed the substantial bulge in his overalls.

His Carl’s wildest dream, he never thought of doing both father and son.

It didnt take darin very long he was married for @daddysbottom

It didn’t take Darin very long. He was married for barely a month before he showed up at my place once again.

“I thought you said that we won’t be doing this again?” I asked him as we both were in the process of removing our clothes in the living room.

“I know. I meant it then. But you know what? Rhonda is a bad fuck before and after we got married. Nothing has changed, and she is not going to cater to my needs.” he replied.

I had to smile, because somehow, in the back of my mind, I knew that it would come to this.

“Come over here and give me what I have missed!” I heard Darin said to me. I turned around and saw this big, muscular stud lying on my sofa completely naked. His huge, uncut did was already at full erection, waiting to be serviced and pleasured.

I had missed him as well. I can’t wait to resume all the things I get to do with this hunk of man. Things will go back to where they were. Except that now, my stud is wearing a wedding ring on his finger while I ride his cock to completion.

Protect yourself from skin diseases and premature @daddysbottom

Protect yourself from skin diseases and premature aging. Remember to use sunscreen on every exposed parts of your body. Make sure to use enough to cover every square inch. Do not miss any nooks and crannies, especially around crevices and skin folds.

This message is brought to you by your friendly neighborhood dermatologist, who have been watching you sun by the swimming pool all summer long.

This is a continuation of this story the stores @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

The store’s success and popularity among the rich elite continues to skyrocket. This is especially true after word got out that the General Manager himself provided the necessary service to a client, thus living the motto of the store to fully serve all the needs of the clients. Morale at the store was high as everyone now knows that even the management will go to all lengths to abide by the principle of the store.

David, the General Manager, had to hire even more well-developed, muscular men as sales associates. The store is now forced to open 7 days a week to accommodate all the appointments that has been received. Today, the store is closed for a private showing. David has brought in several muscular, hairy men as models to display some of the most expensive clothing and accessories in the store, all for a group of billionaires from the Middle East. These men had been to the store before, and last time, they spent closed to $2 million in a single day.

So David is pulling out all stops for today. The billionaires proclivities for strong, muscular hairy men are now well-known. David’s instructions to them are that each one of them should remain quiet and wait until they are selected, and then escort their respective billionaires to the private rooms. David warned them, especially the new hires, that the “session” might be intense, since these Middle Eastern men are known for their aggression and aggressive, demeaning behavior towards the men, or women, that they have the power over. David assures them that they will be well-compensated by the end of the day.

It is now a few minutes before the important guests show up at the store, All the models are in place and in position. Looking around, David just knows that they will be making a bundle of money today.

Daddysbottom this hairy daddy only had a few @daddysbottom


This hairy daddy only had a few minutes to spare before he had to get back to work. He eagerly took off his clothes while I laid back on the bed watching him with lust. When his underwear came off, I could see that he was raring to go by the stiffness of his cock. As if to emphasize his desire, he grabbed it and aimed it in my direction.

I promptly spread my legs and lifted them up high, offering my already-lubed hole. He came towards me and went in for the kill.

A reader told me that his turn on is seeing a man undressing, and asked if I have pictures, videos, or stories related to that. Funny he should ask that, because I do!

This is from a while ago and my own original photos, but is still as hot. Enjoy!

Our wives had left to go shopping and spend the @daddysbottom

Our wives had left to go shopping and spend the day together doing whatever girls do when they got away from their husbands. Rick and I were going to watch the opening weekend of College football on TV all day long.

But we got only to the middle of the First Quarter of the game we were watching when Rick already had his pants off and showing that delectable, hairy butt of his. As he leaned forward against the back of the chair, his bubble butt presented itself: round, muscular, lighter than the rest of his body. It was certainly a butt that deserves to be fondled, to be licked and eaten, and to be drilled deep. I looked at his face, and I could see the hunger and the invitation to take what was being offered.

My dick was getting harder at the thought of sliding into that hairy mound of sexiness, and to hear Rick cry out in pain at the initial penetration. I should be ripping my clothes of an take this man and ravage his slutty ass.

But at that time, all I could think off was that I just had that chair re-upholstered, and he was go leave a stain on it!

The doctor is in and ready to see you now @daddysbottom

The doctor is in and ready to see you now.

Everyone at the office commented on how john and @daddysbottom

Everyone at the office commented on how John and Wes often worked late into the evening, how hard-working these two were, and how dedicated they were to their jobs. They were often still hard at work after everyone else had left the office. In fact, someone even said that they had been known to come in to the office on weekends.

They all wondered how difficult it must be for their wives and families with these men putting in so many hours at the office. John’s wife suggested that he set up a home office, so that he didn’t have to spend so much time at the office. But John said that it would be easier for him to work at the office itself because they had everything he needed at his fingertips and allowed him to explore things deeper, especially if Wes was around to help him.

Everyone at the firm was convinced that they company was going to do quite well with these two men continuing to work so hard with such long hours. Such dedication!

Jim was extremely nervous he had never done this @daddysbottom

Jim was extremely nervous. He had never done this before. After all, he was a happily married man, with 3 kids and a nice job. Why would he risk everything for this?

But it was something that had been nagging him all these years. Every time he saw a naked men’s body, or muscular, shirtless men, there was something in him that he couldn’t deny, as much as he tried to suppress it.

So he finally decided to gather enough courage and test the uncharted waters. He contacted a very exclusive escort service while he was on a business trip. He looked at all the photos of all the escorts on the websites, and he felt like a kid in a candy store. Men of all shapes, sizes, age were all there for the asking. He finally picked one and the arrangement was made.

Jim had been pacing in his hotel room for the past 15 minutes, waiting for this person’s arrival. At 8:00 pm sharp, there was a knocked on the door. Jim jumped quickly and headed to the door. He could feel his heart beating very fast, and his hand was almost shaking. He opened the door.


Jim almost gasped. The person on the other side of the door was the sexiest man he had ever seen, quite a bit younger than him, but oh so delectable.

“Yes, I’m Jim. You must be Corey. Please come in.” Jim replied, trying to sound as businesslike as he could.

Corey stepped into the room and walked all the way in. Jim couldn’t help but admire the gorgeous butt on this young man that was contained inside a rather tight but tasteful pair of jeans.

Corey turned around and looked at his client. “Would you like me to remove my clothes, Sir?” he asked.

“Er… yes. Sure, I’d like that.” Jim stammered his reply.

Without hesitation, the escort did just that, and in less than a minute, stood a smooth, muscular male with a substantial cock that would make any man proud. Jim knew he had made the right choice.

“Do you like what you see, Sir? If I am not acceptable to you, I can call back the service and have you pick another escort for your pleasure.” he asked.

“Oh, no! You are more than fine. It is just that, I’m a bit nervous with all this.” Jim replied.

Corey smiled. “Is this your first time, Sir?” he asked.

Jim could only manage to nod.

Corey moves his naked body closer to Jim. “I would be honored to be the first one with you, Sir. We can take as long as you want, and do anything that you like. At any point, you should tell me what you want, what you like, and what you wish for me to do. I am here for your pleasure and my body is yours for the entire evening.” he said softly in Jim ears.

Jim almost cried out loud as he felt the escort’s  hand softly massaging his hardening cock in his suit pants.

A perfect morning breakfast with a side of @daddysbottom

A perfect morning breakfast, with a side of coffee.

This is a continuation of this story unbeknownst @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

Unbeknownst to all three men, another neighbor was also on this voyeuristic act. Randy’s house butted against Larry’s and Jeff’s. And conveniently, Randy’s bedroom window overlooked Larry’s backyard very easily. Unlike the other two married men, Randy was single, and had no issues with standing by his window naked, and ogling at Joel’s young, muscular body.

But Randy had a slight upper hand, and it was something he was going to use in his plan. You see, Randy had seen both Larry and Jeff spying on the young stud. Randy was definitely surprised to see Larry lusting after his very own son, but that idea just turned him on even more. Randy was even more surprised when he deduced by the way Joel was acting, that the boy was aware that he was being spied on by these two older men. Randy was sure that Joel was not aware of his participation in this.

And he was going to use that to his advantage to get at that luscious body. Randy knew that he was going to have a lot of pleasure molesting that stud. But at that moment, Randy’s naked, muscular body was completely hard and aroused at the sight of Joel’s half-naked body, sweating in the sun. He needed to relief himself while watching this every inch of the muscles on Joel’s body move.

The health inspector was ready to fail the @daddysbottom

The Health Inspector was ready to fail the restaurant kitchen for various violations. Marcus, the head chef, was pleading with him to let him continue operating the restaurant while promising to address all those violations immediately.

“Sorry, no.” said the Health Inspector. “The violations are too numerous. I cannot let you continue to operate until you have address all the major ones.”

Marcus panicked. There is no way the restaurant can survive if they have to close, even for a few days. “Please, is there something I can do right now to change your mind? I’ll do it right now, this very minute. Anything you want. I need to keep this place open or we will be ruined.” he pleaded.

The Inspector shook his head. “Sorry chef. I have a job to do, and I can’t let this slip by.” he replied.

Marcus got desperate. Suddenly, without warning, he started to strip all of his clothes, right there in the middle of the kitchen.

“Wha….. What are you doing, chef?” the Health Inspector asked.

Marcus stood in front of the Inspector completely naked. “I told you, I’ll do anything to keep this place open. I’ve seen the way you look at me ever since you got here. And I think you are the most attractive man that I’ve ever met. I’m giving myself to you, to do whatever you please. I want to convince you that it is worth your while to help me with this.” Marcus said as he eyed the Inspector’s bulge in his pants.

The Health Inspector was dumbfounded. He couldn’t lie that he found this chef to be rather sexy. Now, seeing him completely naked, he looked even more enticing.

“Chef, this is highly unusual. You need to get your clothes back on. Someone might walk in.” the Inspector replied, but still a bit hot under his collar at the sight of this sexy, naked hunk.

Marcus smiled. “No, no one will walk in. I’ve given explicit instruction that no one is to show up at the restaurant until I’ve given the All-Clear signal. We won’t be disturbed. Marcus responded. Without waiting, he turned around and bent over one of the stainless steel counter. “Go on, Sir. Take my ass.” he said as he pushed a bowl of grease towards the Inspector.

The Health Inspector looked at the offered ass, round, supple butt just waiting to be eaten and to be penetrated deep.

5 minutes later, as the Health Inspector was deep-drilling Marcus ass, he thought to himself that this act was another health-code violation.

A cop cum has a flavor all of its own that is @daddysbottom

A cop cum has a flavor all of its own that is indescribable. Once you have a taste of it, you just can’t get enough.

Mineshaftnights rick hall this handsome @daddysbottom


Rick Hall.

This handsome, sexy daddy can be currently seen in the Sabra Hummus commercial. At the end of the commercial, he can be seen pleading for “Meat! Meat!”

Someone please give this man some meat!

Wow look at that your dick is bigger than @daddysbottom

“Wow! Look at that! Your dick is bigger than mine!”

I must get it from Mom’s side of the family. After all, Uncle Jay is also huge.

“Shit. You’ve seen your uncle’s dick?”

Heck yeah! I’ve been fooling around with him since before his divorce.

“I can’t believe it! And I can’t believe this. Are you sure you want to do this, Bret?”

Damn sure, dad! I’ve been dreaming of this for years!

“God damn, look at the size of this thing. How big is it? 8 inches?”

8 ½.

“Fuck! You got me beat by 2 inches. My own son has a bigger dick than me!”

Don’t worry, dad. Soon enough, you’ll be glad I have such a big dick.

“What do you mean, son?”

I’m gonna plow your butt, dad. And soon, you’ll be very happy that I have a big dick, because you’ll want every inch of it inside your ass.

“Holy shit. You’re gonna fuck me with that thing?”

Yes Sir! And you know what? You’ll share one thing with Uncle Jay.

“And what will that be?”

He also likes getting shafted by my dick!

“Jesus H. Christ! OK, let’s do this before your mom gets home, and before I change my mind!”

Suck his huge thick cock give him the best @daddysbottom

Suck his huge, thick cock. Give him the best blowjob you know how. Then, when you see his sack has pulled in tight, you know that he is real close to shooting. He is at his height of horniness and will do almost anything for you to get him off. This is when you ease off on his dick, and move your finger to his anus. Oh, he might jump at first when he feels your finger, but don’t get discouraged. Continue nursing on his cock, but making sure that you don’t push him over the edge. In the meantime, slowly push your lubed finger around his puckered hole, getting it to relax and letting him get used to the feeling of something at his rear end.

Once he is accustomed to that feeling, push your finger in. Move in slowly, but don’t stop and don’t hesitate. Massage that hole and stretch it  wide slowly as you continue moving in. Your goal is to get to that spot inside his ass, a place that he may not know exists.

When you finally find it, attack it with your finger. Don’t be surprised if he suddenly cries out in surprise at the sensation. Keep your lips tightly around the cockhead in case this act causes him to ejaculate. But if you do it right, he won’t, but it will heighten his desperation to cum.

Work on his butt nut for a couple  of minutes. By this time, he will be going out of his mind and begging for you to make him cum. This is where you move in for the kill. With your dick well lubed (and sheathed if necessary), aim your tool at his opening and push all the way in before he knows what is happening.

He may be hesitant and have resisted in getting fucked for the first time, but you have just the right skill to seduce your brother-in-law.

Are you ready for some football it is the start @daddysbottom


It is the start of another football season. Time to start watching all these husky, tough men grope each other on the football field.

Yeah fuck his ass you want to see me fuck @daddysbottom

“Yeah, fuck his ass!”

You want to see me fuck your husband’s ass as hard as I fucked your pussy?

“Fuck yeah! Drill him hard and deep like you did me just now!”

You got it! And you know what? His ass is tighter than your pussy.

“It better be. You just busted his cherry ass!”

Holy shit! No wonder he’s screaming in pain!

“Hurt him some more! Pound my husband’s ass hard and make him scream louder!”

Good god! I’m gonna cream in his butt!

“Yeah! Breed his ass, stud! C’mon! Shoot it! I wanna eat his butt and suck your cum after you’re done!”

Mark always has a good time spending time with his @daddysbottom

Mark always has a good time spending time with his good friend and neighbor Jim. Whenever one of their wives are away, the other will come over and spend time together. Their wives have always commented on how close their husbands are with each other, often spending times on fishing trips, and just hanging out.

“They might as well be brothers!” one of the wives have often said about how close the two men are.

So when their wives wondered if the two women should take that 2-week cruise together, both husbands were very much encouraging their wives to go for it.

“But who will take care of you during the two weeks that we both will be gone?” one of the wives asked.

“Darling, I know how to take care of myself. And I’m sure Jim here will make sure that I’ll be alright.” Mark replied to his wife.

“Same for me, honey. Mark’s  gonna make sure that I’m well fed. So don’t you worry.” Jim told his wife.

Sure enough, as soon as they got back from seeing off their wives, Mark made sure that Jim was fed with the nutrition that he wanted. Their two weeks of non-stop taking care of each other had just begun.

Always give your brother a helping hand it is the @daddysbottom

Always give your brother a helping hand. It is the brotherly thing to do.

This is a continuation of this story at 9 pm @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

At 9 pm sharp, I was sitting in the hotel bar, wondering if the handsome stud would follow through. It was getting closer to 9:20 pm when I finished my second martini, thinking that my luck had ran out and I got stood up. I was about ready to settle my bill and go back to my room when he finally showed up.

I thought I was going to be angry at him for getting here late, but one look at this sexy, handsome man and I lost all thoughts of that. We shook hands as if we were about to conduct business and when he had his hand on the bar to order his drink, I saw the wedding ring.

He noticed my gaze on his finger. “That is why I’m late. Had to wait till the wife goes to bed.” he explained.

We chatted and made small talk. His name was Henry, and he lived in Mobile, Alabama. Here on a vacation with his wife, trying to rekindle the passion they had for each other, and it hadn’t worked. As of then, he was resigned to the idea of a sexless, married life, which was OK with him since he loved his wife, but he still had desires.

“Finish your drink, and let’s take care of those desires, because I have them too.” I told him bluntly. He liked that idea and dunk the rest of his drink.

When we made into my room, Henry confessed to me that he had never done it with another man. He had cheated on his wife once with another woman, and then regretted it tremendously because of the emotional complications involving the other woman. He knew then that he could never stray with another woman again, and he certainly would never consider hiring a hooker. That was when he had entertained the idea of fooling around with another man.

I told him I was honored to be the first man he would have sex with. We undressed each other, and this married hunk had the full, hairy body that made my knees week.

He was still timid and unsure of sex with a man, so I took the lead. I gave him the best blowjob of his life (so he said later), and then took the initiative when I told him to lie on his back. His eyes widened when he saw me lubing his considerable cock. As I hover my butt over his stiff manhood and about ready to plunge it into my ass, a look of concern appeared on his face.

“You’re not using a rubber?” he asked.

I shook my head. “You’re not gonna get me pregnant, even though I hope all the cum you will shoot up my ass will be enough to knock me up.” I replied to him.

Without waiting, my butt dove right down and swallowed his entire dick. We both moaned, him in pleasure, and me in pain from the way his thick cock stretched my ass.

It took only a minute before I was ready to give him the best ride of his life. As I bounced up and down on his stiff dick, my hands explored his wide, hairy chest, pinching his delicious nipples and telling him how lucky I was to get such a sexy stud in my bed.

It didn’t take long for his horniness to overtake him. I was contented to ride his cock till it spewed its load into my ass, but as he got closer, he suddenly got up and pushed me onto my back. He grabbed my legs and pushed them apart, and before I knew it, he was giving me a very hard fuck that caused me to groan like a slut in heat. This timid, married man had turned into the wild, horny beast, tearing into my guts and taking what was offered to him.

I couldn’t stop crying out in pleasure because his dick was punching against my butt nut on every hard in-stroke. Soon, I was begging him to breed my ass deep. I looked at this sexy man, his broad torso covered in a layer of sweat, and thought of his silly wife for not wanting this every single day.

He was pounding my ass harder, his breathing was getting shorter, and I tightened my ass muscles, urging him to shoot his seed. I knew he was just moments away.

It was the best vacation ever!

Damn boy you are all wet and slimy in there @daddysbottom

“Damn, boy! You are all wet and slimy in there! Someone has bred your ass!”

You’re right, coach! I got fucked a couple hours ago.

“Shit, boy! You are one horny slut! Who fucked you before me, boy? Tell me. He left quite a huge load up your butt.”

It was my dad, coach.

“You’re shitting me, boy?! Are you serious?”

I am coach! I never lie to you. Dad screwed my ass for the first time today when I told him that I had fooled around with you.

“You told him about us, boy?! God damn it! I told you this is our secret! I am in deep shit now!”

No, coach! Dad was turned on so much hearing about us, he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. That was when I got him to finally fuck me. It was thanks to you, coach!

“You’re kidding me, boy!”

It’s true, coach! He is still horned up even after shooting his cum up my ass. He said that he wants to watch you fuck me.

“Jesus Christ!”

He said that he will have Thursday afternoon off after we finish practice. He wants to come with us then.

“And do I get to watch your dad fucking you also?”

You bet, coach. He said so himself!

“I’ve died and gone to heaven.”

Although, dad is a bit pissed at you for being the one who took my cherry ass. He had wanted it all for himself.

“God damn! I am so horned up right now. It is time for me to drill this hole. I’m gonna use your daddy’s cum as lube. You like that, boy?”

Fuck yeah!

As ben pounds that ass hard he knows that this is @daddysbottom

As Ben pounds that ass hard, he knows that this is what he will miss the most when he goes back to college tomorrow after his summer vacation. Shit, none of his girlfriends ever had a pussy this tight and this hungry for his cock. And better yet, he gets to fuck this ass bare, no rubbers and no chance of making anyone pregnant. Ben has lost count how many times he bred his seeds inside that tight hole.

“C’mon! Fuck me harder!” he man urges him. Ben grabs the muscular legs and starts to ram against that ass harder and deeper. He knows he is moments away from another explosive climax.

“You’re gonna fuck the cum out of me, son!” the man yelled. Ben looks down at his father, and stares at that handsome mature face as it begs to be fucked. The idea of him about the shoot his cum deep inside this man that he has called his father all his life has always turns him on like nothing else.

It is a special and precious moment that many fathers and sons have been deprived of having, the moment where they both reach their climax together, one cumming inside the other.

This is a continuation of this story i fooled @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

I fooled around with that married daddy for the next couple of days before they finally left the hotel. That married man hungry for sex, and it felt like he was a kid in a candy store once he realized that we could do anything he wanted. I was honored to be the first to bust his cherry ass, and I have a feeling that once he got home, he was going to go online and look for hookups.

I still had a couple more days, and the pickings didn’t look too good at the hotel pool. So I decided to make my way to the beach and some change in scenery. I wasn’t sure if I was giving off mating vibes or signals, but I was barely there in half an hour, sitting on a ledge by the water and was enjoying the view, when this handsome man swam quite near me.

At first I didn’t notice him too much since I was more intrigue by the view, but I paid a closer attention when he passed by me a second time. That was when I saw a man that took my breath away. He had a handsome, distinguished face. I imagine that he could be a corporate executive or a high-powered attorney from the well-kept, close-cropped hair. He had a mature, hairy body, just the  way I liked it. Shit, this man was more handsome and attractive than the one before!

He swam a third time near me, this time, floating on his back. He was clearly looking at me, and if we were at a bar, he was clearly cruising at me. I couldn’t believe my luck. So not wanting to miss the opportunity, I winked at him and grabbed my hardening cock in my shorts. I couldn’t believe that my libido was still high after 2 days of hard fucks with the previous married daddy.

My signal wasn’t missed by this sexy man. He swam closer, close enough to not  have to shout when he said something  to me. “9 pm at the hotel bar?” he asked.

I nodded. “You got it, stud.” I replied.

This elicited a big smile on is face, because we both knew what we wanted.

Damn, this is the best vacation trip ever!

{This story continues here}

A stud and a stallion and the horse aint looking @daddysbottom

A stud and a stallion. And the horse ain’t looking bad either.

As jerods boss mike stood at the door to the @daddysbottom

As Jerod’s boss Mike stood at the door to the bathroom, he could see the worried look on Mike’s face. He knew he was defeated, and he knew that he had to pay the consequences or suffer even a greater disaster in his life. He had no choice.

Jerod couldn’t help by let his eyes wonder down Mike’s body, seeing him naked for the very first time. His husky body was deliciously covered in a generous amount of dark hair. He still had signs of the linebacker body that he had while in college. Jerod knew that he was going to get a lot of pleasure using that fine body in the next couple of hours.

This demeanor was in sharp contrast of the man that Jerod had known for the past two years, and had terrorized his life ever since. Mike was loud, boisterous, and frankly, a bully. He knew he had the power and authority, and wielded it like a sword, cutting his subordinates to pieces without even thinking about it. Jerod hadn’t felt like Mike’s employee, but rather his slave at times, being forced to do things that were way beyond what Jerod should be doing.

And after the last few times that Jerod had refused to give up his day offs to do his bidding, he knew that his days at the company were numbered. So when he discovered a way to get back at Mike, he knew that he had nothing to lose.

You see, Jerod discovered that my boss was on Ashley Madison!

It wasn’t easy to spot, and Jerod didn’t think anyone else had discovered it. But a few times when Mike was out of the office, he sometime accidentally e-mailed Jerod from one of his private e-mail accounts. It is one of these e-mail addresses that Jerod found a match with the one he found from the hacked info. And Jerod kept all of Mike’s e-mail messages, and so, had a convincing evidence that Mike was on this adultery website. For a family man with a wife and 3 kids, and a corporate image to maintain, Jerod knew that he had Mike by the balls.

But money wasn’t what Jerod wanted when he confronted his boss with the evidence. No Sir! After the blood returned to Mike’s face at the revelation, Jerod made his demands. Jerod wanted to be promoted and transferred to another part of the company, where he would no longer be under Mike. But that was the easy part. The second part was that Jerod wanted to take Mike down several pegs and fuck his presumably-cherry ass.

Jerod didn’t even wait for Mike’s response. He simply told Mike that he had a week to decide, or he will present the evidence to the world. Before Mike could say anything, Jerod walked away.

Sure enough, barely a week later, Mike told Jerod of his promotion, and where they will meet to fulfill the second part of the deal. And that was where they were, naked in the hotel room, with Mike’s worried look. Jerod had to snicker as this man was no longer the Alpha male that he knew. He could feel his dick getting harder at the thought of penetrating this hairy beast.

“OK, let’s get this over with!” Mike sighed as he resigned to his fate.

Jerod reached for the bottle of lube. “On the bed, on your back, legs up and spread wide. I wanted to look at your face when I enter you.” Jerod told his former boss. This caused Mike’s face  to be even gloomier as he saw Jerod stroking his huge cock.

“And oh,” Jerod continued as his erection reached its full 8-inch hardness “you’re gonna get it hard, deep, and very rough.”

Jerod had to laugh as he looked at Mike’s face.

This is a continuation of this story the object @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

The object of both Larry and Jeff’s desires was this hunk of young meat. Joel grew up in this house, and even when he was all grown up and left for college, he still helped out with the chores whenever he came home for a visit. Mowing the lawn was one of his chores growing up, and he continued to do it even as a young adult.

But it was just an excuse to strip  himself to his waist especially in the hot, bright sunshine. He knew that his workout had given him a taut, muscular build, and the bring sun will help him with his tan.

More importantly, he knew that his body was often being admired by two pairs  of eyes. Oh, he discovered that he was being watched a couple of years ago, first by his next-door neighbor Jeff, and then later on, much to his surprise, his own dad. At first Joel felt uncomfortable and self-conscious at being watched, even as he tried to pretend that he did not notice either of them. But after a while, Joel realized that he was getting turned on at being viewed secretly like this. He realized unexpectedly that he liked being the object of desires, even if they were from men, and even if one of the men was his  own father.

That was when, one day, in the middle of mowing the lawn, and during one hot, muggy afternoon, Joel removed his shirt and continued on mowing the lawn while exposing  his muscular body. This created a noticeable reaction from the two voyeurs. The next time Joel repeated the same thing, he almost gave himself away when he realized that both his dad and neighbor were watching him stark naked. Out of the corner of his eyes, he even saw his dad sitting by the kitchen table having coffee while slowly stroking his  cock!

That afternoon, Joel was sure that both men saw a bulge in his shorts as he was doing his chores. Joel was unsure how long he was going to carry on this charade. There were a few times when he was tempted to just stop in the middle of mowing the lawn and walk in on his dad just to see what would happen. He hadn’t the courage to do that yet, and besides, his neighbor Jeff would wonder what happened.

So Jeff continued to mow the law, showed off his beautiful body, and continued to work out to maintain that studly build, while his dad and neighbor continued to get their pleasure and fantasies from watching the young buck.

{This story continues here}

Ray thought that they had the apartment all to @daddysbottom

Ray thought that they had the apartment all to themselves once he heard his daughter-in-law left. Still naked in the guest bedroom, he got up and walked towards the master bedroom.

Ray flew in to the city yesterday on business. His son Jeremy and wife Cindy insisted that he stayed with them for the couple of days he was going to be in town. They haven’t  seen each other since Thanksgiving and all of them wanted to spend more time together.

Ray got to the closed bedroom door, and knocked softly.

“Come in!” he heard the voice of his son.

Ray pushed the door  open and was greeted by the sight that made his cock hardened. His son was on his back on the bed, completely naked and hard. His legs was spread wide apart, and he was already jacking off his considerable  cock. Jeremy looked at his naked dad standing at the door.

“I was hoping you’d want it again as bad as I did.” he said to Ray.

Ray reached for  his stiff, daddy cock and  pointed it at his son. “Does this answer your question?” he asked with a snicker.

Jeremy saw the familiar cock that he had missed so much. “Well, don’t just stand there! Bring that ass-splitter over here!” he replied to his father.

Ray walked over and slipped his naked body into his son’s bed. They both reached out for each other and their lips met in a hungry, passionate kiss. They both moaned as their tongues invaded each other’s mouth. Ray’s hand reached down and started to stroke Jeremy’s lubbed, stiff dick, causing his son to groan even louder at the sensation.

Suddenly, they heard the front door of the apartment opened and closed. They both bolted up. “Honey? Is that you?” Jeremy yelled, trying to hide the panic in his voice.

“Yup, it’s me! I forgot to bring the report I was reading last night!” his wife replied.

In haste, Ray saw the opened window and the fire escape balcony. He quickly ran and jumped out of the window. He made it just in time to hide himself before his daughter-in-law waked into the bedroom. As he stood there stark naked, he listened to the conversation, trying to make himself as quiet as possible.

“Hey, you’re still in bed? Weren’t you planning on doing something with your dad this morning?” Cindy asked.

Jeremy had already covered himself up with the sheets. He nodded, trying to act as calm as possible. “I was about ready to get up and shower.” he replied.

Cindy walked to the dresser and picked up the folder that she was looking for. “OK, I found it. So I’m off again. Make sure you keep dad entertained.” she said.

Ray almost chuckled when he heard that.

“I will, trust me.” Jeremy replied. Ray thought he almost heard the same chuckle in his son’s voice.

“OK then, I’ll see you tonight for dinner.” Cindy said. Ray heard the sound of a quick kiss before the sound of footsteps walking out of the door. He waited until he  could hear the apartment  door closed.

“Coast is clear, dad!” Jeremy yelled.

Ray was about to move and get back into the apartment when he realized that there was a man in an apartment across the alley, standing naked by his window, jacking off while he was watching Ray’s naked body. Their eyes met, and Ray found himself getting hard once more.

Oh my god it is huge and lip smackingly @daddysbottom

Oh my god!! It is HUGE, and….. lip-smackingly delicious at the same time!

As coach ford sits back and waits for the jock boy @daddysbottom

As Coach Ford sits back and waits for the jock boy to get himself ready, he can’t help by admire the huge tool he is sporting. He has been a coach close to 15 years, and he has lost count how many times this huge dick has deflowered eager, muscular jocks, how many times these young studs were eager to spread their legs wide and received his deep-probing shaft deep into their hungry holes.

Shit, he has been a lucky SOB all these years, and all because of this appendage in between his legs. His wife may think it is grotesque and too big for her, but the jock studs that he coaches can’t get enough of this monster.

Holy fuck, coach! That thing is huge!”

Coach Ford’s thoughts are interrupted by the voice of his latest conquest, Mark Bradley, his latest recruit. This jock has a body of an Adonis, tight and smooth, with layers of muscles on top  of muscles. And once Coach saw that lust in Mark’s face the  first time the young stud saw his huge dick, Coach knew that his ass-splitter and cherry buster has found a new hole to explore.

“Did you clean yourself as I’ve told you?” Coach asks the young buck, who continues to be mesmerized by the humongous shaft.

Mark nods. “Yes, Coach. I did.” he replies, but with a slight apprehension in his face, now that he knows what he is faced with.

Coach Ford smiles. “Good. Now get on the bed, on your back, legs spread wide. After this afternoon, you’ll never be the same again!” he says.

There is definitely a change in his demeanor that @daddysbottom

There is definitely a change in his demeanor that almost everyone notices. There is a spring in his step, he stands up straighter, and his chest is thrust forward, like a proud rooster. There is an air of confidence in his actions, and he exudes a stronger figure of authority. In other words, he is turning into what most people will call an alpha male.

Everyone is amazed at the sudden transformation, even his wife. The once-quiet, often-overlooked man is now, all of the sudden, a dominant male who demands respect and acknowledgement. He now dresses to impress, buying a whole new wardrobe that even shows off his still-trim body. He has joined a gym and intends to improve his body even more.

But what is more amusing is that women are starting to pay attention to him, much to his wife’s consternation. This is the same person that most women used to not even give a second look. Now, with new clothes and new makeover, he has turned into an alluring, distinguished gentleman. The air of confidence just exudes masculinity, a very powerful attraction.

And this is all because of me. It is amazing how a man’s look on life can change very quickly once he realizes how desirable and attractive he feels. This man probably had never felt attractive or being the object of such desires before, and so had always thought that he should just shrink away. Not with me. I’ve always thought  that his wide, hairy chest is the sexiest thing in the world. And that substantial cock is more than enough to scratch even my deepest itch. After the first night when we had the house all to ourselves and he fucked me 3 times in a span of a couple of hours, there was no turning back. He told me then that he had never felt so wanted and so desired ever, that he didn’t know how much I needed him and found him attractive. I repeatedly told him how sexy he was, and that he was a total stud, especially after he had bred my ass several times.

Ever since then, I keep telling him how much I desire him, and how I long  to receive  his seed deep inside my ass. His view of himself grows, and that is how we get to where we are today. I’ve single-handedly turned my father into a stud.

I fully admit i must have been out of my mind @daddysbottom

I fully admit, I must have been out of my mind because it was the craziest thing in the world that I had ever done.

I walked right out of the store and almost bumped into this hunk of a military man. Men in uniforms had always been my weakness, but this guy was even hotter than I could ever imagined. His body filled out his uniform, but what caught my eye was the prominent outline of his soft cock in his pants. As he held his cell phone in his left hand, I saw a glint from his  wedding ring. A straight, married military man, in tight uniform, and sporting  a prominent bulge. Shit, I’m only human! How can I not suddenly get hard by this situation.

He started walking away as he continued chatting on his phone. I couldn’t  let him go and followed up, getting a good look at his delicious  round butt. We  walked for a while until he ended his phone call and started fiddling  around with his phone. I guess I must have stood too closely to him and made myself too obvious, because he suddenly looked up from his phone at stared at me.

“Can I help you?” he asked when he suddenly realized that I had been showing interest in him.

I suddenly because tongue-tied for a couple  of seconds. But then, when I started to reply to him, I blurted out a too-honest of a response before I could stop  myself. “I’m sorry if I’m bothering you. It is just that when I first saw you just now, I thought that you were the most handsome and attractive man that I had ever seen.”

I suddenly realized what I had just said, and wondered if he was going to clobber me right in the middle of everything. I remembered getting ready to step back a bit as I saw his surprised reaction to what I said. I was sure his eyes was wide open behind those sunglasses.

There was a moment of silence for several seconds, as I was sure he was trying to figure out how to react. I decided to try and diffuse the situation.

“I’m sorry if I offended you, Sir. Thanks for your time, and thank you for serving our country.” I said as I started to move away from this dream hunk.

“Hey, hang on. You can’t say something like that to me and walk away!” he yelled back at me. I stopped in my tracks and looked at him. Our eyes met, and I could tell that a million thoughts must be racing through his head. Then, after what must have felt like many long minutes, he continued. “Do you live around here?”

I shook my head. “No, I’m visiting. Never been to DC till now, and thought I’d see all the museum and monuments that I had only read about.” I replied. I gauged that he wasn’t offended by my comments, and decided to go for it. “My hotel is only 2 blocks away if you’ll allow me to buy you a drink.” I said to him.

I knew I was being bold. It was the craziest thing in the world, making a pass at a married, military man out in the open. I was almost certain than he won’t go for it.

“Sounds like a plan. Lead the way!” he replied. This time, it was my turn to be shocked. But I recovered fast enough to start walking with him back to my hotel. Out of the corner of my eyes, the bulge in his pants looked bigger.

Jason knows that many of his buddies teased him @daddysbottom

Jason knows that many of his buddies teased him for continuing to stay at home while he attends college, that he chose a school in him hometown not  far away from home. While the rest of his friends can’t wait to leave their home and go to far away schools, Jason decided that he will continue to live with his parents and siblings.

His friends had always wondered why Jason much prefer to stay home rather than go out partying with the rest of them. Sometime, when asked if he wanted to go see a movie, Jason often replied that his dad was home alone and that he wanted to keep him company. They all wondered why Jason was very attached to his father, often traveling with him on his out-of-town trips.

Jason just knew that there is no way he could tell his friends the truth, on how he hand  his dad had become secret lovers, and how his dad would surrender his tight, mature ass for Jason to fuck, and fuck as many times as they could for as long as they could get the short amount of privacy between them. Jason just can’t get enough of fucking his dad, and would rather be with him than any of his buddies.

Sure, his friends may tease and make fun of him. But Jason looks at them with pity, because none of them will ever feel the ultimate pleasure of sex with their own fathers.

Mack felt the blunt head force itself past his ass @daddysbottom

Mack felt the blunt head force itself past his ass muscles and into his ass. The excruciating pain coursed through his body and he screamed.

“Open up, fucker, and take my big dick!” his tormentor yelled at Mack, followed by a snicker at the humiliation he was giving him. Ron never thought that it would come to this, but a bet is a bet. But to feel Mack’s  tight hole gripping on his cockhead was a pleasurable bonus. He almost moaned at the sensation his 8-inch cock was sending to him when his cockhead penetrated into Mack’s hole. Shit, it was tighter than his wife’s pussy!

“Fuck, you are so tight! I’m gonna have fun fucking this ass!” Ron continued his verbal humiliation as he sank a couple more inches into Mack’s ass. Mack convulsed in pain as more of the thick cock stretched his guts. Ron saw how Mack was struggling trying to accommodate his dick. “You’re not so tough after all, eh buddy? Can’t take it like man, can you? Shit, that’ll teach you to bet your cherry ass with that poker hand that you got!” Ron spat at him.

Through the haze of his pain, Mack couldn’t take it anymore. “Shut the fuck up, motherfucker! Just shove your fucking dick and get it over with!” he yelled back at his tormentor.

Ron laughed. “No way, dude! This is way too good! I’m gonna enjoy this as long as I can!” he said. With that, Ron pushed harder and shoved all 8 inches of his cock up Mack’s quivering hole. Ron tilted his head up as he moaned with pleasure, while Mack gritted his teeth in pain at the intrusion while  groaning like a wounded animal.

Ron waited only a few seconds before announcing to Mack. “Now the real fucking will begin!”

Mack would have a tough time explaining to his wife later that day why he was walking funny.

Isnt this how you really want it from your father @daddysbottom

Isn’t this how you really want it from your father - hard and deep? You are definitely getting your wish. He’s going for his nut and about to breed it inside your hungry butt.

Good thing too, because both of you can hear the garage door opening, and your mom is about to get home.

Fuck me harder son those four words never fail @daddysbottom

“Fuck me harder, son!”

Those four words never fail to get me off, to push me over the edge and fall off the cliff into the ultimate pleasure. Sometime he would cry out loud with those words, but other times, they came out barely as a whisper when mom and the rest of my family are downstairs.

Every time he says that, it brought back to me the realization that I am fucking my own father, that the hungry hole that I am pounding belongs to the man who made me, the man who is the figure of authority in my life.  And yet, here he is, bending over, or spreading his  legs wide, urging me to slam into his butt harder and deeper. Each time he says that, I lose control and drill my cock deep into that hungry ass and give him what he wants, my hot, young spunk. From the way his ass is milking my cock and trying to squeeze every drop  of cum out of it, it is as if he needs it for life.

“C’mon son! Fuck my ass  harder! Breed my butt! Give me your spunk!” he tells me.

I lost it right there and then.

When you feel that the job interview isnt going @daddysbottom

When you feel that the job interview isn’t going as well as you expect, it is time to show your secret weapon and tell your future employer what it is capable of. Besides, what have you got to lose?

If you see your interviewer suddenly salivating, and shifting uncomfortably in his seat, offer to demonstrate the effectiveness of the weapon of mass penetration.

Oh yeah, you know you nailed the job, and your future boss.

I looked bobby one of my farm hands as he walked @daddysbottom

I looked Bobby, one of my farm hands, as he walked naked out of the barn and let loose a stream of his piss onto the ground. He looked at me and smile.

“My dad taught me that I should always pee after I fuck. He said that it’ll keep the pipes clean.” he explained.

Standing there naked, my eyes continued to look at this ebony stud, and that semi hard dick. That weapon could balloon to 10 inches when fully hard.

“What else did your dad taught you?” I asked as my hand groped my own hardening cock.

Bobby turned his head to look at me. “My daddy also taught me how to fuck ass.” he said.

We both stared at each other, with hidden messages hanging in the air in between us.

My other hand went behind me and rubbed my still-sore ass. I could still feel the tingle from the hard fuck that I had received back in the barn several minutes ago. My fingers felt a small trickle of cum seeping out of my hole.

“Your daddy taught you very well, Bobby.” I told him.

Randy was housesitting his parents house while @daddysbottom

Randy was housesitting his parents’  house while his folks were on a long cruise. It was perfect timing because it was the 2 weeks after he was done with his summer job and before he had to go back to college.

Being home by himself, Randy took advantage of the warm weather to swim nude and sunned his pale body next to the pool. It was such a pleasant day, Randy fell asleep on the lounge chair next to the pool.

Some time later, Randy was sure that he was having an erotic dream whereby one of his school professor that he had the hots for was sucking on his huge cock. And the guy was good too, able to deep-throat Randy’s 8-incher with no problem.

But suddenly, the gagging and chocking sound woke him up, and he realized that he wasn’t having a wet dream. He looked down and someone was sucking on his hard dick.

“Mr. Stevens!” Randy exclaimed, almost bolting up when he saw his next-door neighbor, a man who was as old as his dad and someone he knew almost his entire life, was greedily sucking his cock.

Mr. Stevens disengaged from Randy’s cock and looked at up. “About time you woke up, Randy. I’ve been eying you ever since you displaying your bare ass here this afternoon.” he said as he resumed sucking on Randy’s dick.

“But… but.. Mr. Stevens, I didn’t know… I mean, I didn’t know you do this.” Randy said. He wasn’t sure what to do because this man had a wife and 2 kids that were his buddies. But Randy’s thought floated out of his head when he felt Mr. Stevens deepthroated him once more, while his tongue was lapping around Randy’s quivering shaft. Randy fell back onto the lounge chair and moaned loudly in pleasure.

“That’s it, boy! Feels good, doesn’t it? I’ve been wanting to taste this huge cock of yours for years!” Mr. Stevens managed to blurt out before resuming his expert inhaling  of Randy’s stiff cock. Randy’s body writhed in pleasure as the older man showed him how real  man sucked cock. Every inch of Randy dick was being manipulated by lips and tongue, and Mr. Stevens throat  muscles were massaging the big cockhead each time that rod was in deep.

It didn’t take long for Randy to feel his impending orgasm. “Oh, Mr. Stevens! I’m gonna cum!”  he cried out.

Mr. Stevens redoubled his efforts and added more stimulation by letting his tongue ran up and down the underside of Randy’s stiff cock while his lips clamped tighter around the thick shaft.

With a loud cry, Randy grabbed the back of the older man’s head, and pushed the head down towards his crotch as he shot globs of hot, young cum into that man’s mouth and throat. Mr. Stevens began sucking on the shaft as if it was a drinking straw, and his throat was gulping all the cum as quickly as it was being ejected. Half way through Randy’s climax, Mr. Stevens pushed the shaft all the way down his throat, causing the cum to shoot directly down his pipe while his throat muscles coaxed more cum out of Randy.

Randy wasn’t sure how long he was in the throes of his nut, but he was breathing hard by the time the last of his cum was sucked out of him. Mr. Stevens was still nursing Randy’s deflating cock, trying to make sure every drop of the precious seed went into his mouth. He looked up at the satisfied young man.

“So, how quickly can you get hard again, Randy? I want to know how this huge cock feels up my ass.” He said.

They both got the answer quickly because Randy’s dick stopped deflating and started to regain its hardness upon hearing that.

I pulled out of his still tight hairy ass as my @daddysbottom

I pulled out of his still-tight, hairy ass. As my cockhead cleared his puckered hole, a string of cum hung from the tip of my cock to his butt, still connecting the two of us, before it broke.

I looked at him, and saw a contented smile. His abs and chest were covered with two loads of his cum that were fucked out of him while I was pounding his eager butt.

“Thanks, bud.” he said to me. I simply nodded.

I wondered if he was going to immediately get up, get dressed, and go back to his wife and kids. But he seemed to be in no hurry, and I wasn’t going to kick him out.

This was turning out to be one heck  of a day. All I thought was that I was going to spend a quiet afternoon at the hotel pool. Who knew that I would bag a hot, married man who can’t get enough of being deep-dick in my hotel room while his wife and kids are out there somewhere.

Steve walks back into his bedroom after dunking in @daddysbottom

Steve walks back into his bedroom after dunking in a tall glass of water. His body is still flush and wet with sweat from the exertion a few minutes ago. When he gets into his bedroom, Steve sees him sitting on the bench, the same bench that, a few minutes ago, Steve was viciously pounding his hard cock into that man’s eager butt.

Yet, here he is, looking as handsome as ever, and with that toned, hairy body that Steve finds alluring, especially when he looks down at the man while  he is being fucked hard.

“Are you hard again?” Steve asks as he sees the hard dick.

The man smiles. “You bet, stud. The cockring that you gave me helps.”

Steve shakes his head. He is the 25-year old here, and yet, this man in his early 50′s has the libido of a teenager. Steve had already fucked the cum out of his man a few minutes ago, while Steve dumped his first load deep inside that always-hungry ass. Now, not even 10 minutes since they finally recovered, this sexy, mature man is hard again.

The man looks at Steve and smiles. “Your mom is at Aunt Peggy tonight and won’t be home till tomorrow. So I have plenty of time to go again if you can get it up.” the man taunts Steve.

As if to show his prowess, Steve 9-inch thick dick resumes its hardness in just 30 seconds. It is still slick with lube, Steve cum, and the man’s ass juices from the last fuck.

Steve walks over towards the man and says, “Lay back, dad, and spread your legs wide. I want you to see your son fucking you hard and deep. and I want you to watch me when I breed your slutty ass.”

Paternal instinct reaching into dads underwear @daddysbottom


Reaching into Dad’s underwear and feeling his soft cock stiffen in my hands is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s the moment when our father/son facade fades and our true feelings for each other bloom. I pity any son who cannot feel their father the way I do, because it is the most rewarding and erotic feelings I’ve ever had in my life.

This is a continuation of this story dad and i @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

Dad and I spent the entire summer going from one rodeo show to another, and cruising some of the hottest men on our planet. We had plenty of success bedding all these seemingly-straight, macho men. In fact, the further south we went deeper into the Bible Belt, the hornier these men got and the easier it was to find willing men to surrender their tight, virgin butts.

The hottest man that I remember was Daryl. We were in Tennessee at a rodeo contest when both dad and I saw him at the same time as soon as he walked into the pen. Fuck, this man was a fucking wet dream! Big, strong, beefy, his well-built torso was about to burst out of his shirt. I saw nice, wide, hairy chest where his shirt was unbuttoned. But what drew us to him was the huge bulge in his crotch that also looked like it was about to burst out of his tight jeans. Damn, didn’t warned him that he was advertizing way too clearly of his manhood?

But we had no complaints and both dad and I talked to each other of what we would do to this hunk of man. We were definitely going to try and get him, but we were discussing (if you can call it that) on who would get to plow this stud’s ass first. Since I got to go first on the last man that had back in Virginia, I admitted that it would be fair to let dad go first this time. Besides, dad was already drooling at this man, almost like a predator about to devour a prey. I knew that it was dad’s biggest turn on, to dominate a butch, masculine straight man and make him into a whimpering whore begging to be fucked.

Both dad and I made our way to exit, and waited for our stud. It didn’t take long after we met him for him to end up on our bed in the RV. He looked even more magnificent naked, on his back, legs spread wide, and his face grimacing as dad went to town on his ass. The best part was the surprise on his face when he shot his cum hands free while being pounded by dad’s 9-inch dick.

Daryl shot his load three times that afternoon, while dad and I each deposited our seed into his ass twice. I’m sure his wife got one happy, contented husband that evening.

Damn your dad is one terrific cock sucker i @daddysbottom

“Damn, your dad is one terrific cock  sucker! I can’t believe he’s sucking my cock!”

Believe it, buddy. He has had lots of practice, so he should be the best.

“Shit, he’s way better than Janice. Does he swallow?”

You bet! He loves eating spunk. So the more you can shoot, the more he likes it!

“Fucking A! He sucks you everyday?”

Almost, sometime several times a day especially when my mom is away.

“Shit, you are one lucky dude! If my dad does this for me, I wouldn’t leave the house!”

“I hear ya, buddy! But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

“Oh, what do you mean?”

He also likes to get it up his ass!

“Fuck, you’re kiddin’ me!”

No, I’m telling the truth. Just say so, and he’ll bend over and offer you his butt.

“God damn! You’ve been fucking your dad up his ass?”

Every chance I get!

“You’re killing me, dude! I want to fuck your dad right now. Get me some lube and rubbers.”

Like hell, dude! You can’t get him pregnant. You fuck him raw! I always do!

“Jesus Christ! I’m beginning to hate you, dude!”

He is seldom the center of attention and you will @daddysbottom

He is seldom the center of attention, and you will not even notice him most of the time.

He is the husband of a famous TV celebrity. In the media and in public, he is the epitome of a faithful husband, supporting his wife’s career. He accompanies her to most of the places she goes, but stays out of the limelight.

But whenever he accompanies her to New York to have her regular meeting with the network executives, he slips out and I get to entertain this gorgeous husband. He has a well-toned, hairy body. And what I first saw this considerable dick, I was exceedingly jealous of his more-famous wife. But not any longer, because for the past 2 years, I have had the pleasure being pleasured by that huge, long piece of meat. This sweet, quiet, public demeanor contrasts quite a bit with the ferocious, sexual beast when he is in my bed.

And not only that, this married man, father of two, also likes to surrender his sweet, tight married hole to me. Having this man on his back, legs spread wide apart, offering his ass to be fucked, is such a huge rush. And he wants it as hard as he gives it. I was more than happy to oblige.

But the best part happened yesterday. He had just left my apartment, after depositing his cum in my butt, and I returned the favor the shot my cum up his tight, hairy hole. In barely an hour, I saw him and his wife being interviewed life on TV on one of the news shows. I got hard immediately and started stroking my cock, because I still had his sperm swimming in my guts, and I knew that he was still carrying mine. No one but me knew that this faithful husband on TV was recently fucked and carrying another man’s semen in his body.

Shit, I shot right into my face!

Thats it boy breed your daddys ass i wanna @daddysbottom

That’s it, boy. Breed your daddy’s ass! I wanna feel it nice and slick when I fuck your daddy next. And I want you to watch the whole thing. It turns me on for you to watch me fuck your own daddy.

So hurry up and dump your load in that tight ass, boy!

Mom wanted me to stay at home while i attended @daddysbottom

Mom wanted me to stay at home while I attended  college, which was about 45 minutes away from home. But dad insisted that I find an apartment near campus.

“He has to start being independent and and taking care of himself.” dad told mom.

They argued quite a bit on this, but finally, mom relented, knowing that I wouldn’t be too far away if I never needed any help.

Of course, dad never told her that there was another reason for him wanting me to have a place of my own. It will give us a more private place, other than sneaking around, for dad and me to fuck around with each other. Oh yeah, I’ve been fooling around with dad ever since I turned 18. Lost my anal virginity to him, and he was also the first ass that I had ever fucked. Having a place of my own was perfect. Dad would visit me after work, and I would usually be the first one to fuck his tight, hairy ass until I dumped my cum deep into his chute.

By the time I’m done, dad would be ready to go. He would often throw me onto my back, spread my legs wide, and pummeled me into submission. I would often get hard again just from his shafting and watching this man’s effort to get his nut. I could even cum again at the same time as dad was depositing his semen into my ass.

Yup, I’m very happy to be independent.

Mikes parents moved to ft lauderdale a year ago @daddysbottom

Mike’s parents moved to Ft. Lauderdale a year ago after Mike’s dad retired. Mike hadn’t seen them since they day they moved into their new condo. So when Mike was in south Florida on business, he decided to drop by and see how they were doing.

Mike’s mom greeted her son warmly when Mike showed up. She was happy that Mike would be spending a couple of days with them since they haven’t seen each other in almost a year.

“How’s dad doing?”  Mike asked after they settled down at the kitchen table.

“Oh, your dad is doing fine.” Mike’s mom replied. “He has been spending a lot more time at a local bar here. He said that he made many new friends, and now I hardly see him here at the house. It seems that he goes there 3 or 4 times a week, even in the mid afternoon when they just open.”

“I didn’t expect that.” Mike said. “I didn’t think that dad drink that much to hang around a bar.”

“He still doesn’t,” Mike’s mom explained. “but like  I said, he found friends that he likes to hang around with. He still takes me out to dinner and to go shopping. But I think he has fun with his friends at this bar.”

Mike  nodded. “Has he brought you there with him?” Mike asked.

Mike’s mom shook her had. “No, he hasn’t. He said it is a rough and noisy bar, and I wouldn’t like it. And he might be right. I don’t care about going to a bar, so I have no problem with him going there by himself.” she answered.

“Well, I’m glad dad found something to do and people  to socialize with. I was afraid that when you two moved down here that you might not find people to be friends with.” Mike said.

“Oh, we both are fine.” Mike’s mom told him. “In fact, I think your dad has mellowed out quite a bit. He is no longer stressed out. And especially when he comes back home from the bar, he seems to be rather contented and sedated. I rather like that, and that’s why I don’t mind him going there as often as he is. Meeting those people at this  bar obviously is doing him a world of good. I can’t remember seeing him so relaxed and happy.”

“Then retirement is definitely good  for him.” Mike said, agreeing with him mom.

“I’d say so. He’s actually there right now, even when I told him that you’d be coming in late afternoon. He said he’ll be home by dinner time. But why don’t you go and meet him there. Maybe you can meet some of his friends too.” his  mom suggested.

“I’ll do that. “Mike replied. “Give me the address and maybe I’ll get a drink there as well.”

“Here it is” Mike’s mom gave him the address. “Just be sure the two of you get back in time for dinner.”

“I will mom. I’ll make  sure I’ll bring dad home with me.” Mike laughed as he walked out the door.

What you want to go again didnt i just fucked @daddysbottom

What? You want to go again? Didn’t I just fucked the cum out of you already?

Damn, boy. I’m not 22 like you. Give your daddy another half an hour and I’ll fuck that cute, tight ass of yours again.

It was the third time that we had sex with each @daddysbottom

It was the third time that we had sex with each other, and the third time that he had ridden my ass. We were lying next to each other, enjoying the after glow of our sexual pleasures. My hands were rubbing softly on his broad, hairy chest when I decided to flat out ask him.

“Dad, have you ever considered riding bareback?”

I had always wanted us to go further, and there was no one else I trusted more than him. He looked at me, and I could tell that things were running fast in his head.

It was a week later when i got an e-mail from dad with this attached picture.

You should give your mattress the bounce test @daddysbottom

You should give your mattress the bounce test before you buy it.

It is long and hard it is able to reach the @daddysbottom

It is long and hard. It is able to reach the deepest crevices that you have. It is a very useful tool to have, even for just a few minutes.

So of course i had to ask them if they were @daddysbottom

So of course I had to ask them if they were identical in every single way. At first, they just smiled and didn’t answer my question. I did seem them move closer next to each other, and putting their hands around each other’s back.

Then one of them answered “Yes, we are identical in every way,” he said, “.. except for one.”

I waited expectantly as there was a pause. I could tell that they were hesitating to mention something revealing and intimate.

Finally, the  same twin continued in a slightly whispered voice “He’s a bottom while I’m a top.” he told me.

I almost gasped at hearing that revelation. Images of one twin fucking the other ran through my head, and I was hard in my jeans in no time. After gathering myself in a few seconds, I decided to be bold and go for it.

“So, this means that it is possible for me to fuck his ass, while you are plugging my hole at the same time?” I asked.

I must have caught them by surprised, because I can see their eyes went  wide open at the same time. Again, there was a pause in the conversation, and I was beginning to wonder if these twins were communicating silently with one another. Finally, the “top” twin replied. “Yes, that is definitely possible. And it sounds pretty hot too.”

I knew then I hit the jackpot. “I certainly want to make that possible. My room is upstairs in this hotel. ” I said to them.

Again, those identical smiles on their faces. Finally, the bottom twin said “Lead the way!”

The moment the wet lips comes into contact with @daddysbottom

The moment the wet lips comes into contact with the moist hole, Jason moans loudly. The furry mustache and beard tickle the opening of his ass, while the tongue wastes no time in licking the puckered hole.

Jason bends over even more, exposing more of his hole to be rimmed. He knows that this is only the preliminary, that his hole is being primed for a hard, vicious fuck that is to follow. But it still doesn’t diminish the fact that being rimmed, especially by this man, is his most favorite act. Shit, he can cum just by being rimmed all night long.

Suddenly, all of his thoughts left his head as the demanding tongue invades his hole and reaches very deep inside his ass. Jason throws his head up at the unspeakable pleasures as the man pushes his lips even harder against Jason’s offered butt, trying to get his tongue to probe deeper into Jason’s anal passage.

Jason’s dick quivers rapidly as he groans out loud. “Oh dad!!”

This is a continuation of this story unknowingly @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

Unknowingly to Larry, at the same time that he had been admiring his son, someone else was also lusting after that young, taut body - his next-door  neighbor Jeff. Jeff stood at his sliding glass door, buck naked, as he watched the son of his next-door  neighbor mowed the lawn.

Jeff had watched that boy grew up, from a strapping teenager and now, turning into a muscular, handsome young stud. That boy had been the object  of Jeff’s jack-off  material for several years now. What Jeff wouldn’t give to be able to ram his thick, hard dick into that delicious-looking butt, and how he’d like to plow into that ass while his hands splayed out all over that massive, smooth chest of this young man. Jeff just knew that this boy would be a tight fuck.

Shit, he needed to jack off and get dressed before his wife woke up.

{This story continues here|

Larry knew that by that time of the morning no @daddysbottom

Larry knew that by that time of the morning, no one else would be in the house. So he stripped all of his clothes and sat down in the sun room for his morning coffee. Pretty soon, he was enjoying the view of a nubile young man working in the backyard. The man was wearing only his working shorts as he mowed the lawn, and the heat of the morning was already causing sweat to glisten that muscular torso.

In no time, Larry was rock hard as he continued to watch this young man worked and admiring that tight, sexy body. Oh how he wished he could lick the sweat off that muscular chest, or stick his hand into that tight shorts that showed off the round curves of the man’s butt.

Larry knew that he would have to jack himself off when he went  to the shower after his morning coffee, but for now, he was going to absorb as much of this beautiful man as he could.

Damn, how his son has grown into this sexy young stud!

{This story continues here}

I was sound asleep when i was woken up by the @daddysbottom

I was sound asleep  when I was woken up by the buzzing coming from my phone, indicating that there was a voice mail. I usually silenced my phone before I go to bed at night. But this time, I the sound from the phone woke me up because I realized that the bedroom lights were on.

I opened my eyes and got a major surprise when I saw my dad standing by my bedroom door, completely naked! I immediately sat up.

“Dad? What are you doing here?” I quickly asked. I turned my head to look at the bedside clock. It was 2:30 am! “Dad, what’s going on? Is something wrong? Did something just happened?”

He didn’t say anything but just smiled. It was then that I realized that my dad was standing there completely naked. That hairy, muscular body that I had lusted after was in full display. I opened my eyes even wider when I saw that his cock was fully hard, and already well-greased.

You see, dad and I have had an incestuous relationship for years, ever since I started college. It continued on after I finished school, especially now that i have my own apartment barely half an hour from where they lived. Seeing dad in my apartment wasn’t surprising since he had his own set of keys to my place. But at 2:30 am in the morning?

Dad approached my bed and pulled the sheets covering my body. His eyes seemed to light up when my naked form was revealed. He then climbed on top  of the bed and laid his body on top of mine. Our  lips connected as we hungrily kissed one another.

A million questions ran through my head. Wasn’t he worried that mom would find out that he was out of the house at this hour? Why would he come here now especially when we were supposed to see each other again at the end of the week?

We were in the middle of our hot and heavy kissing when I realized that his body was  slightly chilled and sent a slight shiver through me. He must had just walked in from the cold outside. 

Without warning, he broke our kiss and got in between my legs. Spreading them wide, he entered me in one, smooth push. I cried out in pain at the sudden intrusion. It was unusual for dad to enter my ass like that since he usually would let me get used to his size before burying it all in. But that night, he pushed it all the way in. And without waiting long, started his fucking motion.

I groaned as the mixture of pain and pleasure coursed through my body. Incredibly, dad picked up his pace and got into full rutting motion in no time. There was somehow a sense of urgency in him that I had never experienced before. Was he trying to rush this so that he could run back to mom before he was discovered missing? Whatever the reason, dad was seriously pounding my butt and trying to get his nut soon.

The furious fucking battered my butt nut. Barely 10 minutes since I discovered dad in my room, I was on the verge of cumming. I cried out his name, and as I gripped his thick, muscular arms, my cock spewed its load all over my torso. I was halfway through my climax when dad crashed his lips  against mine. He gasped his breath into my mouth as I felt his huge  cock spewed its load deep into my hole. Each sharp exhale of his breath accompanied the globs of sticky spunk coating the inside of my ass.

I lost track of how long we both were in the throes of our orgasm. By the time I recovered, dad was resting his muscular body on top of mine as we both caught our breath. I fleetingly remembered that his body still felt slightly chilly. But I felt tired and thoroughly fucked, even though this whole fucking took less than 15 minutes. I must have dozed off in exhaustion.

I woke up in the morning at the sound of the alarm. I opened my eyes, and remembered what happened earlier. I sat up and looked around for dad, but there was no sign of him. It was a very unusual thing to happen, and I wondered if it was nothing more than a dream. I looked down at my body, and sure enough, there was a thin coat of dried cup  covering my chest and stomach. OK, so maybe it was a wet dream of my dad taking my ass in the middle of the night.

But then I felt a dull ache in my ass. I reached down with my fingers, and sure enough, I felt a small drop of cum leaking out of my ass. Shit, dad was here last night! I didn’t just dream of the whole thing! I needed to call him some time that day and asked what that was all about.

It was then that I remembered the voice mail left on my phone from last night. I got out of bed and picked up my phone to listen to it. There was only one message from my sister Barbara.

“Joel! I’m guessing that you must be asleep. I have bed news! Dad just died! He had a heart attack and passed  away half an hour ago! Please call us as soon as you get this!”

I stood there in shock as the phone fell off my hands.


There are horny men all over the world who have to @daddysbottom

There are horny men all over the world who have to resort to such sad, drastic actions to get off. So please, search the kindness in your hear and offer your mouth, or your hot, tight hole for these men to use. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Men will gladly accept volunteers to be sent to these men to help them in their hour (or two) of need.

So please, won’t you donate your time for such a worthy cause?

Oh yeah cmon son fuck your boy the way ive @daddysbottom

Oh yeah! C’mon son. Fuck your boy the way I’ve taught you, and the way I had fucked your ass all these years!

This is a continuation of this story while seth @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

While Seth and Ron were getting reacquainted with each other, in another room, 4 mature men were going at it hot and heavy. For two of them, this was the first time they attended the reunion. At the urging of families and friends, they decided to attend this one, and boy, were they glad they came.

They experienced pleasures that they had never felt in their entire lives. Two other old school buddies patiently guided them into the art of having sex with men. They came here being virgins of man-to-man sex, and left with not only after fucking a number of hot, tight asses, but also after receiving several loads of man cum up their own asses.

They can’t wait for the reunion in 2 years time.

Met this married business daddy almost 2 years @daddysbottom

Met this married, business daddy almost 2 years ago. Saw his profile online, indicating that he was looking for an afternoon hookup. Since I had a pad downtown, it was quite convenient to entertain frustrated, or curious, married man.

Since then, it had been a regular fling. He’d e-mail me when he could get away during lunch time, and drop by my apartment. Married daddy always liked to suck my cock till I dump my load into his mouth. If he has time, we’d rest for a few minutes till I recovered, and then I’d fuck his tight, married ass till we both cum. If he was in a hurry, I will just suck him off.

And then, off he went back to work with a smile on his face.

Jerry lays naked on the sofa while he fingers his @daddysbottom

Jerry lays naked on the sofa while he fingers his moist, hungry hole. He closes his eyes while imagining the big, hard cock penetrating his hairy butt and pounding him into submission.

He arrived barely a couple of hours ago. He let himself in with his own set of keys, and after cleaning himself up, got himself naked and ready. He found the bottle of lube, and ever since then, he had been fingering himself, making him eager to be fucked.

Jerry sticks 3 fingers into his butthole. His cock is rock hard, and he wonders if he can hold off that much longer. Suddenly, he hears the front door opens.

“Well you’re a sight for sore eyes!” Ed says as he sees that older, hairy man naked on his sofa.

“About time you show up, stud. I am so horny, I don’t know if I can hold off for too long.” Jerry replies, his fingers still fucking his hole.

Ed smiles and starts to remove his suit and the rest of his clothes. “We can remedy that, old man. Have you been lubing your hole and getting it ready for me?” he asks.

“Damn right I have.” Jerry replies. His eyes grows bigger when he finally sees Ed’s hard 9-inch dick. “Shit, I’ve forgotten how big that monster is!” he exclaims.

“It’s big enough to make you cum hands free!” Ed reminds him as he slowly strokes his huge cock in front of Jerry.

“Fuck, don’t make me wait any longer, son! I’m going out of my mind! You gotta fuck me now!” Jerry cries out loud as he spreads his legs wider.

Ed only laughs has he sees his horny father offering himself and pleading to be fucked. Like a good son, Ed obeys brilliantly.

Is it wrong that i always try to spy on my dad @daddysbottom

Is it wrong that I always try to spy on my dad when he steps out of the shower? It is wrong that I lust after his muscular, hairy body, and especially his big, thick cock that is surrounded by the lush bush?

Is there something wrong with me?

One really does not need a fancy telescope to look @daddysbottom

One really does not need a fancy telescope to look for heavenly bodies.

Being seduced by his best friends father while @daddysbottom

Being seduced by his best-friend’s father while everyone else was gone.

Nick lays back on the bed trying to catch his @daddysbottom

Nick lays back on the bed, trying to catch his breath. It was a mind-blowing climax, and he knows that he has shot a huge amount of cum inside that tight ass. His dick is still hard, and still imbedded deeply inside that warm crevice as the man still straddles his hips.

Nick look up, and admires the thick, hairy torso of the man who has so-expertly ridden his hard dick and coaxed the cum out of him. Their eyes connect, and both of them smile. Nick suddenly feels the ass muscles clenches tighter around his shaft, causing him to moan in pleasure.

“I think you got the last drop out of my balls.” he says to the man.

“Maybe.” the man replies.

Nick feels the man slowly lifting his butt off his hips, causing his still-hard dick to slide out of the wet, squishy butt. As the cockhead about to clear the opening, Nick feels drops of sticky, runny fluid leaking out of the well-fucked hole and dripping down his thick shaft.

“Damn!”, Nick says to himself. “I must have really flooded his ass!”

Nick thinks that the man is about to dismount him. But much to his surprise, the dripping hole sinks back down and engulfs his entire cock in one smooth entry.

“Your dick is still hard and raring to go, son. Let’s see if I can coax more cum out of you.” he hears his dad says.

Nick can’t believe that this 56-year old man, his own father, has the stamina and libido like a teenager.

“I’m such a lucky son-of-a-bitch!” Nick says to himself. He closes his eyes and surrenders to the pleasure as his dad resumes riding his hard dick.

It was all my suggestion when dad started to work @daddysbottom

It was all my suggestion. When dad started to work out, I told him that he should keep track of his progress and changes to his body so that he knew what worked and what didn’t. He thought it was a good idea and agreed, but he wasn’t sure how to do the tracking quickly and easily.

I suggested that he took a picture using his phone of himself every day after his workout, and keep that as a log. He could even write what he did that day to accompany the photo. He liked that idea a lot and decided to do it.

That was about two months ago. Dad had been religiously working out ever since, and keeping a record of his progress. But the thing I didn’t tell him was that when I set up his phone, it sends all photos to the cloud, and my notebook computer gets to download all the photos on his cloud. So I got to keep track of his progress as well. It went from photos of him in his workout outfit, to photos of him shirtless and all sweaty, to finally photos of him just in his birthday suit and sneakers.

My dick has been getting its own workout, since I’ve been jacking off to dad’s photos a lot lately.