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Bestoldermen i could tell he was nervous it @daddysbottom


I could tell he was nervous, it was his first time with a guy since his adolescent years and he maintained he wanted nothing more than mutual wanking but I was going to take what I wanted whether he was ready or not. He sat there smiling as I undressed visibly shaking with anticipation, his small cock slowly coming to life. He watched eagerly as I made my way over, becoming confused as I inched my rock hard cock slick with precum only millimeters from his lips. “I know what you want and want you need” I say watching my cock graze his moist lips, I gently rub it back and forth until playfully slapping it off his cheeks becoming more and more aggressive each go as I reach behind him and take a firm grip of his head. I can see his nervousness and watch the beads of sweat trickle down his forehead. “Just the tip” I say as I force my hard dick into his hot mouth and stare into his eyes, I see the craving in them the desire to be taken and used by a real man. I know full well I can do whatever I want to this man and he’ll beg for more

Yknow boy ive been thinking youre getting @daddysbottom

“Y’know, boy, I’ve been thinking. You’re getting older and turning into a man now. I think it is about time that you learn how to be a man. So this time, instead of our usual routine, I’m going to let you be the man and I will be your bitch. I want you to be dominant, act like the man that you are, and fuck me. And just so you know, you will be the first man to ever enter my butt. So I want you to take charge and be aggressive. It is what you have to do to be a man.

So, do you think you can do it? Can you take charge of your daddy? Hum, from the way your hard dick is quivering, I think you like that idea. Now why don’t you grease up that stiff pole of yours, son, and stick it up my butt. It is time for you to top your daddy.”

I had planned on staying around and working @daddysbottom

I had planned on staying around and working through the summer after my college Freshman year. But when my boss gave all of us extra days off for the 4th of July holidays, I decided to make the 1 ½ hour drive back home unannounced, sort of a surprise to my folks.

My mom certainly was pleasantly surprised when I walked in the kitchen door. She was rather pleased to see me and knowing that I get to spend several days with them over the weekend. My younger brother was at a Summer Camp already and wouldn’t be coming back for a few more weeks. So it would be just the three of us for the 4th of July holidays, me, mom, and dad.

Mom said that Dad was still at the shop and that I should go and surprise him. Dad and Uncle Jay, Mom’s older brother, opened a car repair shop many years ago. Growing up, I hung around the shop often after school, and got to know almost everyone that worked there. So after being gone for a year, it would be nice to go back there and see the place.

I hopped into my car and drove to the shop. It was already late in the afternoon, and the shop was already closed. But I knew that the back door would still be opened, and dad and the rest of his crew usually were working to close the shop for the day.

When I walked in, the place was quiet and empty. I walked to Dad’s office, and no one was around. I continued to walk around the various places where I thought there might be people, but the place was completely deserted. I almost yelled out loud to see if anyone was there when I heard sounds and voices coming from the building’s basement. I knew that that was where they keep they store all the spare parts and stuff, but I had only been down there once, a very long time ago. Dad told me not to go down there because of all the stuff that could fall onto a young kid like me way back then.

But now, hearing things from down there, I decided to check it out and surprise everyone. But as I reached the bottom of the stairs, it was I who got the biggest surprise of my life!

While my view was partially blocked by the shelving, I managed to see in between piles of boxes something I never thought I would see. There was my dad, completely naked, and bent over in between two muscular, black men. I knew those men, and they were dad’s mechanics.  And at that moment, one of them was fucking dad’s ass from behind! Holy shit! Dad’s arms were straddled onto the spread thighs of the other man in front of him, hanging on for dear life at the vicious pounding he was receiving.

I stood where I was in total shock, unable to process at what I was witnessing. The idea of my own dad engaging in gay sex was not something that had even remotely entered my mind. But there it was, being played out right in front of my eyes. After the initial shock, I was acutely aware that I was getting hard in my jeans, which also surprised me.

But just when I thought that was the end of the surprise, another one popped up. I suddenly heard a voice from someone hidden from view.

“Fuck, let me have some of that!” the voice said.

Suddenly, I saw Uncle Jay came into view. He too was completely naked. He walked next to where my dad was and bent over just like him, offering his butt. The guy that was fucking dad pulled out, and I got to see the humongous 10-inch ebony dick that had fucked my dad’s ass. My eyes flew wide open in amazement at how dad could have survive being pounded by that huge dick. But I didn’t have long to admire the ass-splitter because soon disappeared into Uncle Jay’s bubble, round butt all the way to the hilt. I jumped a little at the loud cry coming out of my uncle as he screamed in pain at the invasion. The black man only gave him a few seconds to adjust to the monster intrusion before he resumed the brutal pounding of Uncle Jay’s butt.

In the meantime, the guy that was sitting in front of my dad got up and went around dad and took the place of his buddy. Soon, I saw both my dad and my uncle, bent over with their ass hiked up, and both being fucked mercilessly by two huge, muscular black men. I could not ever remember being hornier than I was at that moment. The sound of flesh pounding against flesh, the moans and groans, and the dirty talks as the men urged each other on were getting to me.

Unbelievably, the pace of the fucking were picking up. Both dad and Uncle Jay were being used like cheap whore as they surrendered their holes to the men. From the sound coming from the two men, I could tell that they were close to shooting their loads.

“C’mon, fucker! Fuck me harder! Breed my ass! Breed it, you son of a bitch!” I heard my dad cried out loud as he turned his head to his left. He looked at his brother-in-law next to him being equally drilled deep and hard. I immediately unzipped my jeans and started to stroke my dick. I knew that I wanted to cum at the same time that my dad and uncle were being seeded by these two muscular black men.

Credit: HDK’s “Chocolate and Cream”

I waited until i heard the garage door closed and @daddysbottom

I waited until I heard the garage door closed and the sound of my wife’s vehicle driving away that morning, taking our daughter to school and off to her work. I stretched in my bed and looked at the bedside clock. I didn’t have to call in to work for another couple of hours. That’s the advantage of working from home.

Still, I knew that I needed to satisfy the need that was bubbling in me since yesterday. My dick was already half-hard, and as I fondled with it further, it raised to its full hardness. But as much as I wanted to stroke it to completion, I knew that I wanted something else, something more fulfilling and something that I’ve longed for and that I’ve stopped ever since I got married 6 years ago.

I got out of bed, my full morning wood bobbling up and down as I walked to the door. Completely naked, I got out of my bedroom and slowly crept quietly to the bedroom down the hall. As I got closer, the door was slightly ajar, blocking the view the inside. I wondered if he was still asleep. Maybe he was still tired after his long plane ride yesterday.

Not wanting to wake him up, I quietly pushed the door open. As soon as I could see him, I knew I made the right decision. He was up, both him and his huge, thick cock that I knew so well. He slept naked, just like me, and his massive, hairy torso was fully exposed. That chest that I had the pleasure of running my fingers across was splayed out, waiting for me to latch on for stability as I rode that huge tool of his. My dick quivered in anticipation as I saw what was in front of me. 

He looked down at me as his hand showed me how hard he was. “I was hoping that you’d be here, Bill. It has been so long, and I wasn’t sure.” he said to me. I could see the lust and desire in those sexy brown eyes, while he could see my own desire from the hardness of my cock.

Without answering, I closed the door to his bedroom and walked closer to his bed. “It has been very long, dad, and I’ve missed it tremendously.” I wanted to jump onto his body and ravage this hairy beast, but instead, I slipped into his bed pressed my naked body against his.

As our lips met and we kissed passionately for the first time in 6 years, I secretly wished that dad would stay longer than just a week with us.

Steve walked out of the bathroom and saw paul @daddysbottom

Steve walked out of the bathroom and saw Paul standing out by the windows, looking out into the city. His gaze out of the window seemed distant. Paul was dressed the way Steve left him a few minutes ago, still in his shirt and suit jacket, with socks and shinny shoes on his feet. The bottom of his jacket and the shirt tail concealed Paul’s round, plump butt, the same butt that Steve had pounded barely 10 minutes ago, and had dumped his hot load into. Just the thought of that was causing Steve’s over-eager dick to start plumping up again.

But he knew that they were running out of time. Steve walked up to Paul and pressed his body against the strong back of his lover while his hand encircled his front.

“What are you thinking of?” he asked Paul.

Steve could feel Paul’s gentle sigh followed by a deep breath. “You know that they’re going to appoint me the CEO of the company at this meeting.” Paul said, more of a statement rather than a question.

“Yeah, I kinda suspected that.” Steve replied. “But we all saw it coming. When your dad passed away, it is only natural that they elect you as the CEO and Chairman. You’ve worked in this company all your life, and you deserve this even if you’re not the son of the founder, which you are!”

Paul turned and faced the man who, a few minutes ago, was brutally fucking his hungry hole. “But you know what that means, don’t you?” he asked Steve.

Steve nodded. “I know fully well what that means. But I’ve told you this before. I don’t want you to give up your wife, your kids, your lifestyle. I am willing to carry on this masquerade as your personal assistant for as long as you want. I’m content to just serve you, and have these brief, few moments that we have together.“ Steve replied. His hand caresses the face of the next CEO of the company.

“I know,” Paul said, “but it still feels unfair to you. I still feel that I’m taking advantage of you.”

“You’re not.” Steve replied more emphatically. “I knew what I was getting into when you hired me and from the very first time we made love. I know my place, and I’m willingly committed to it.”

Spontaneously, they kissed, long and passionate. Even after a hot, satisfying sex from a few minutes ago, both men felt the heat from the kiss reawakening their sexual urge. They broke the kiss, knowing that they do not have any more time to delay.

“Let’s get you dressed, Mr. Chief Executive Officer. I’m sure the Board of Directors are already waiting in the boardroom. Not a good idea to keep that waiting for too long.” Steve said as he straighten out Paul’s necktie and then started to look for the man’s pants and underwear.

Nevertheless, Paul held his hand. “You know that next week, I’m flying off to Paris to open our new office there. Angela won’t be coming along since one of the kids has a recital that week. How about you and I stay there for a few extra days and use that as a promotion celebration?” Paul asked.

Steve held Paul’s hand to his chest. “I’d love that. I suppose I should buy a new bottle of lube to bring along, yes?” Steve replied, teasing his boss.

Paul laughed, breaking the seriousness of the moment. “You bet! And I might even use some of it on that sweet ass of yours, my wonderful Personal Ass-istant!” he said with a chuckle.

“I can’t wait.” replied Steve. “Now, let’s get you dressed up and get you crowned as King of this castle!”

I saw him leaving the resort lounge chair where he @daddysbottom

I saw him leaving the resort lounge chair where he and his wife were sitting and walked right past me towards the pool-side bar. While I had been admiring this older, married daddy from afar, I got a closer look at him when he walked barely 10 feet past where I was sunbathing. This daddy was sexier up close: broad shoulder, thick, hairy arms, nice round butt that filled his red shorts quite nicely, and a handsome, distinguished face topped by his read baseball hat. Shit, this man was hitting every single turn-on button that I had!

He got two drinks at the bar and started to walk back. For some odd reason, I decided to take a risk and did something completely crazy. When he got closest to me, I let out a wolf whistle at the stud.

I was more than ready for a negative reaction. Instead, when he heard it, he let out a huge laugh and stopped in his tracks.

“Never had that done to me before, and certainly not from another guy!” he cried out in laughter. I laughed alongside him, more in relief that he didn’t take offense at my silly action.

When I recovered enough, I replied to him. “Well, you are the best-looking man that I’m seeing around here right now.”

He snickered upon hearing that and started to look around. “Not much consolation in that, since you and I are the only men around the pool at this time of the day!” We both laughed again.

Having come this far, I decided to be bold and go for it. “I’d be more than happy to prove to you how good-looking and attractive I find you.” I said to him.

His laughter subsided, but I could still see the smile on his face. He turned his face to look at his wife, still lounging in her chair reading her iPad. He looked back at me, and I could tell that something was swirling in his head.

It was several seconds before he said something. “I can’t promise you anything, but what if we meet here again later this afternoon, maybe around 3?” he asked. This time, I could see his eyes roaming all over my built body, and stopping at the hint of a bulge in my swimming trunks.

It was my turn to smile at him. “You got a date!” I replied.

We both laughed again. “I’d better get back before the ice in these drinks melt. I’ll see ya later!” he said.

I waved at him and saw him walking back to his wife. In the still silence of the late morning, I could barely hear him talk to his wife.

“Who was that?” his wife asked.

“No idea. He wanted to know what drinks I got. So I told him and we chatted a bit. He’s looking for someone to play pool with this afternoon. So I thought I might take him up on it while you go off on your shopping trip.” I heard him say.

“That’s great!” his wife replied. “At least you’ll have something to do and won’t get bored.”

I saw him looking back at where I was sitting. “Oh, I won’t get bored.” he said.

I could feel my dick getting hard in my shorts.

Gene and harold are two partners in a high powered @daddysbottom

Gene and Harold are two partners in a high-powered law firm. On this Friday morning, Gene rushes into Harold’s office and closes the office door.

“Hey! Did you hear the news? The US Supreme Court has just affirmed the right of gays to marry!” Gene yells excitedly.

Upon hearing that, Harold stands up in delight. “God damn! That’s great! I know that was coming, but fuck yeah! That’s wonderful news!” Harold says as he approaches his law firm partner and gives him a high five. They smile at each other.

“Yeah, well, it means that many of our friends and clients will be happy that they can get married now.” Gene replies, and Harold can’t help by detect a tinge of sadness in his voice. He walks over to his long-time buddy and his lips slowly move meet him. They engage in a long, passionate kiss as two lovers.

When they finally break the kiss, Harold speaks first. “Now Gene, you know the situation. You and I are both happily married, and in our business, that’s an important thing to have for the sake of our appearance. But you also know that I love you, and you are the only man that turns me on so much.”

Gene looks at his lover, and nods.

Harold smiles again. “Now, why don’t we celebrate this happy day? I don’t have a meeting till this afternoon, and no one is going to barge into this office as long as that door is closed. Why don’t you show me how much you want me?” Harold says as he unzips his pants and let it drop to the floor.

With that, Gene kneels in down to the floor and begins the happy celebration.

This is a continuation of this story as the @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

As the General Manager of the exclusive store, David has been responsible for the operations and success of the company. He has maintained strict quality control and the best customer service in the industry. He knew that his hiring of the best looking studs to service his high-end clientele certainly played a big role in their success. He will go to any length to make a customer happy and this is reflected in the amazing bottom line of the store since it opened.

This morning, David is entertaining an important and regular customer to the store. He has been showing this customer all the latest, exclusive products that had just arrived. Being a celebrity in the entertainment industry, the customer requires personalized and private service, something that the store is well-known for.

After showing him all the merchandise that might interest the customer, David offers a more private showing of the merchandise. “Shall I get Andre to serve you in your private fitting room as before?” David asks as he escorts the important client to the elevator leading to the many luxurious private rooms.

“Actually, David. I want someone else to show me these outfits.” the customer says.

“Certainly, Sir. Anyone in particular you are looking for? I also have a list of portfolios that you can choose from of the Sales Associates that are available right now.” David asks.

“I do have someone in mind,” replies the customer as he looks intently at David. “You!”

The married father of two is taken aback at the unexpected reply. He is taken completely by surprise. He has hired a cadre of hot, muscular, young men that have been more than adequate to satisfy the needs of all his clients so far. It has never crossed his mind that a client will request for his services, not like this.

David doesn’t know what to say. The customer in front of him is old enough to be his son. He is just confused at what this man sees in him.

“Er.. Sir, are you sure you won’t care for someone else? We have Eric, who we just hired about a month ago, who might suit your needs.” David fumbles his words as he tries to get out of a situation that he has never been in. This is not something he had anticipated, not by a long shot.

The customer shakes his head. “No, David. This time, I want you to serve me. Besides, I am thinking of buying some of these clothes for my dad. I’d like to see how the outfit will look on an older, distinguished gentleman.“

David is at a loss for words. He also realizes at that moment that he has to live by the words and rules that he gave to all his employees - that the customer always comes first and that unparallel level of service is what they are known for. And now, he has to walk the talk.

He takes a deep breath. “Certainly, Sir. Anything you wish. I will be more than happy to be at your service.” he replies. “Please follow me.” as he leads the customer to the elevator. Quietly, he says to himself that he’s sure that his wife will understand.

Hey looks like the party is in full swing now @daddysbottom

“Hey, looks like the party is in full swing now. Our wives are going to be preoccupied for a whole evening. What do you say we slip out of here and back to my room? I want to smoke something more substantial than just this cigar.”

I’m with you, buddy. And maybe, we can do more than just smoke our cigar. I’ve been eying your tight, round butt all evening long. I would love to slip my cigar deep into those buns.

“Shit, don’t get me hard just yet! Race ya to the room!”

Wouldnt you like to show up to an outdoor picnic @daddysbottom

Wouldn’t you like to show up to an outdoor picnic that has this? He’s hungry right now. Go feed him something!

Daddysbottom after pounding my ass into @daddysbottom


After pounding my ass into submission and squirting his warm load into my ass, this daddy likes to finish me off by sucking my cock, which is quivering for release. He is an amazing cocksucker and can get me off in a matter of a few minutes.

Daddy sucks on the head and his tongue is flicking underneath the tip, which is my most sensitive spot. I am moaning like crazy and can’t hold back much longer.

Daddy makes his descent down my stiff shaft when he realizes that I’m about to shoot.

Bury deep in his throat, I am shooting my cum while he swallows, not missing a single drop. He drains me completely.

This daddy keeps me satisfied every time. I will willingly spread my legs again for him.

Hey there buddy you have one sexy body there i @daddysbottom

“Hey there, buddy. You have one sexy body there. I love how thick and muscular your arms and chest are. But I especially love the way the wry, thick grey hairs cover your torso. It makes you look real manly and masculine.

So how about you come back with me to my room, and we’ll see how well you handle a thick 10-inch pecker up your hairy, muscular butt? Do you like that idea, buddy?”

Joe cant believe how good it feels the hot @daddysbottom

Joe can’t believe how good it feels. The hot tongue was pushing itself into his moist hole and trying to lick his ass walls. His hard dick jerks with each flickering of that tongue, trying to go deeper into his hole. He spread his legs even wider, urging the demanding tongue to go for the kill.

Joe moans, and then looks at his girlfriend who is sitting barely 10 feet away, watching everything. “Is this how it feels when I eat your pussy?” he asks.

Drakestories i lost my cherry to a cop a state @daddysbottom


I lost my cherry to a cop. A state trooper to be exact. He shouldn’t have been sniffing up my tree, but I knew what I was doing and I wanted it. We’d parked out in the back of a deserted parking lot in the rainstorm and me and Mike made out till he coaxed me to give it up for him. And I did in spades. Got fucked in the back of a highway patrol cruiser. I felt worn and invigorated after it was all done. Alive.

I wasn’t sure I would ever hear back from Trooper Johnson again. It was a couple days later, though, when I got a text message, right in the middle of pre-calc: “I’m horny Junior. Wanna fuck?”

Instant boner.

I texted back: “Yes. After school. Where should I meet u?”

We met out on a country road, in the driveway of a deserted farm. Mike opened the front door of his car and had me crawl in face down. He shucked my pants and ate me out. He hadn’t done that last time, and I was amazed how incredible it felt. Big wide laps of his wet tongue had my hole fluttering and hungry. He sensed this and pushed in with his oral muscle, opening up my ring and giving me a tease of what was to come. “You like that, buddy?” he grinned as he ate my hole.

“Yessir,” I muttered, unable to say much else. I was whimpering and writhing on the cool leather seat and was just about to blow my gasket when he stood up.

“Over,” he urged. It must have taken me a second to register what he was asking, so he repeated his order. “Flip over on your back.”

I did as Trooper Johnson pulled off my pants over my boots. I helped him by stripping off my shirt. He was fully dressed in his uniform, except for the rockhard seven-incher poking straight out from the open crotch of the tan trousers. That penis was like the rest of him, thick and sturdy. He reached into his uniform and hauled out his ball sac.

“Ready, stud?” he asked, stepping up to the car seat.


“I’ve been thinking about this all day,” he said as he nudged his cock right at my spit-covered hole which felt cool and bare in the afternoon breeze.

“Me too,” I admitted, lifting my legs apart higher to let him in. “Oof!” I grunted as he breached me. I was ready and I wasn’t, you know? But I took some deep breaths and the man held steady.

“Gonna do it without a rubber this time, Junior,” he gritted through his teeth, clearly relishing the tight sensation on his cock. I didn’t object. It felt too damn good. Besides, I trusted this man. Inward he thrust, all the way to the balls.

That afternoon, I got my first assload, and the appreciative deep-tongue kiss Trooper Johnson gave me as we got dressed again was all the reassurance I needed.

Every inch of him is hard and strong which one @daddysbottom

Every inch of him is hard and strong. Which one will you latch on first?

They couldnt be more opposite to one another he @daddysbottom

They couldn’t be more opposite to one another. He is a white, respectable lawyer in  his early 60′s, a husband and a father of 4. He is a black young man from the wrong side of the tracks, working odd jobs and tends to the lawyer’s garden in the afternoon.

Yet, whenever they have the chance, the white, elderly lawyer becomes a slave to the big black dick, spreading his legs and offering his white ass to be fucked hard and deep by the younger gardener. The white butt gets pummeled hard until the searing hot cum breeds into the father-of-four’s eager, hungry hole.

Racial tension or not, this white, mature butt needs to be fed by the big, black cock.

There are two rites of passage that signifies that @daddysbottom

There are two rites of passage that signifies that a boy has become a man. He is old enough to legally drink alcohol, and he is old enough to receive a hard fuck from his father’s huge dick. Only a true man can withstand the painful assault on a cherry ass by the monster dick and accept the father’s seed deep into his body.

Hold your head up, boy, because you are now a man!

Do you really need to see the rest of him i @daddysbottom

Do you really need to see the rest of him?

I didn’t think so.

The fucking was too brutal too intense to last @daddysbottom

The fucking was too brutal, too intense to last much longer. Finally, he grabbed my thighs and gave his cock one final, tremendous shove into my hole. As he arched his back, pushing his hips hard against my butt, he cried out and reached his nut. I could feel his huge cock jerking in my ass as it spewed its copious load of hot, sticky semen deep into my bowel.

I watched his body convulsed with each hard shot of his cum, admiring his wide, hairy chest and his strong, hairy arms as they gripped my legs. The shine from his wedding ring reminded me that he also belonged to someone else. Still, at that moment, he was all mine and I was giving him all the pleasures that he needed.

When the last of his cum had been deposited into my ass, and he had recovered from his climax, I saw his chest heaving as he tried to get as much air back into his lungs. He lowered his face and looked at me as sweat dripped down from his brow.

I smiled as our eyes met. “Happy Fathers Day, dad!” I said.

Are you still sore buddy what do you think @daddysbottom

“Are you still sore, buddy?”

What do you think? You were pounding my butt real hard back there!

“Sorry, bud. We were short on time, and I had to full throttle.”

That you did.”

“You’re still full of my seed down there? Your butt feels rather full”

You bet. I hope I don’t start leaking in the middle of the game. That will be embarrassing.

“You won’t.”

You sure this will get rid of the jinx? Because if we don’t win this game, I will have one sore ass for nothing!

“What do you mean “for nothing”? You shot all over your locker back there while I drilled your hole!”

OK, OK, I admit it. I emptied my balls back there. But this better work!

“If it doesn’t, will you let me try again?”

You’re fucking unbelievable, bud!


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