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Fantasies of Masculine, Mature Men @daddysbottom

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FOR ADULTS ONLY My appreciation for mature, masculine, gentlemen. All pictures are either from the internet, or from my own collections. If any photos violates your copyright, please contact me to have it removed. I welcome submission of your photos. Please indicate that these are your photos, and that you are giving me permission to use them in any way I see fit. - Fantasies of Masculine, Mature Men (@daddysbottom)
Do these pants make my butt look big @daddysbottom

Do these pants make my butt look big?

He has car trouble would you please out of the @daddysbottom

He has car trouble. Would you please, out of the kindness of your heart, help him out and give him a ride?

Marcus told his wife that with all the huge @daddysbottom

Marcus told his wife that with all the huge quantity of food that he had consumed over the Thanksgiving holidays, he just had to go to the fitness center and work off all those calories. But the truth is, Marcus had gone almost a week without any sexual release, and he knew exactly the type that he was hungry for.

Marcus got to the center late as planned. And as he expected, no one was there except for George, the manager of the place. He was busy straightening out the place when he saw Marcus walking in. Marcus didn’t have to say a word. The clear outline of Marcus’s dick in his sweat pants told George everything he needed to know.

It wasn’t long before Marcus was lying down on his front on a workout bench, and George was behind him drilling deep his huge 9-inch cock. Each inward stroke was hard and forceful, causing that huge cock to slice far into the eager hole. It was just the type of workout that Marcus was seeking, and George had just the right tool to scratch that itch deep inside Marcus’s butt. Marcus knew that George was good for at least a couple of loads, so he tightened his ass muscles as he hungrily plead for George thick load to fill his married ass.

What time do you have to leave for the airport @daddysbottom

“What time do you have to leave for the airport, son?”

“In about an hour, dad.

“Good. It gives me plenty of time for me to fuck that tight, sweet ass of yours before you go back to your wife.”

“"Is this payback for last night, dad? Are you gonna pound my ass as hard as I did on yours?”

“You bet your sweet ass I will. Shit, I might even fuck it harder till I make you beg me to breed your ass and stop.”

That’s not gonna happen, old man. I can take it as hard as you can dish it. So bring it on!

“You got it, stud. So hold on tight. I’m gonna go hard and deep!”

What did you say son you didnt like moms @daddysbottom

“"What did you say, son? You didn’t like mom’s gravy yesterday with the turkey? Maybe I can help. Here, have some daddy gravy. It goes with turkey, chicken, sausage, thick piece of meat…..”

All the women and the children have left early in @daddysbottom

All the women and the children have left early in the morning to go shopping on Black Friday. It was time for the men to have their bonding time. They knew that the women won’t be home till late in the afternoon. They have plenty of time for multiple sucking and fucking in all the different combinations.

What do i look forward to at thanksgiving not the @daddysbottom

What do I look forward to at thanksgiving? Not the turkey. Not the family all gather around the table. Not the pumpkin pie. No. What I look forward to is Uncle Brad, mom’s younger brother, visiting us and staying in my room. I’m thankful that he lets me devour his sexy, hairy body, and let’s me suck his cock and eat his cum. But what is at the top of the list that I’m thankful for is that Uncle Brad always bends over and offers me his hairy ass to be fucked. So while everyone is busy downstairs preparing for the thanksgiving feast today, Uncle Brad is naked and ready for me to breed his hole.

If that is not something to be thankful for, I don’t know what is.

Are you really sure about this davy yes @daddysbottom

“"Are you really sure about this, Davy?”

“Yes, dad, I’m very sure. Jason is my best friend, and I know that he has had the hots for you since forever. He needs some he can trust to take his cherry ass. So why not someone he knows very well, and some he lists after?”

“"Damn, you are a good friend, Davy. Jason is lucky to have some like you.”

“Thanks, dad. But you must promise me that you’ll use a rubber. I may want to share you with Jason, but your cum is all mine …. Well, mine and mom’s, I guess.”

“Don’t worry son. Your mom is no longer interested in having sex with me. So my cum is all yours and only yours. So yeah, I’ll wear a rubber when I fuck Jason. But really, Davy, are you sure he wants me to bust his cherry? I mean, does he know how big I am?”

"He does, dad, because I’ve showed him a picture of your hard dick that I took last week. He got hard just seeing it. So I definitely know he wants it.”

“Damn! You showed him that picture? Does that mean that he knows about us?”

“Yes, dad. I told him about a month ago. He thought it was hot. He even said that he wished that he could watch you fucking me. I thought that that sounds hot too, having my best friend watch me take my daddy’s cock up my tight butt.”

"God I think I just died and went to heaven!”

“You like the sound of that too, eh dad? Maybe if you have any stamina after you burst his ass, you can fuck me next while he watches. What do you think of that?”

“Shit, call Jason and get him here right away. I hope you still have plenty of lube, kid, cuz you’re gonna need it!”

It was a highly unusual request at least al @daddysbottom

it was a highly unusual request. At least, Al wasn’t expecting it. Al was cleaning up in his outdoor shower after he and his gardener Miguel were working on his yard building a new raised planting bed. The ground was a bit soft and muddy after yesterday’s shower, so they were both covered in mud and grime.

After they were done, Al said goodbye to Miguel as he headed towards the outdoor shower that he had installed just for this purpose. He was in the middle of lathering his body when he saw Miguel walked into the shower area.

“Mr. Mitchell, do you mind if I use your shower? I drove my mother’s car today and I know she won’t be too happy if I mess it up.” he said as he looked at the older man’s naked body.

Al wasn’t sure what to do as he stood there naked in front of Miguel. Finally, he replied. “Er, sure, Miguel. I’m  about to be done here and you can go ahead and use it.”

“Thank you, Mr. Mitchell.” Miguel replied.

Quite to Al’s surprise, Miguel started to take  off his dirty work clothes right in front of Al. Little by little, that young body was revealed. Al knew that he should be looking elsewhere, but he was amazed at this young man’s tight, muscular body. But Al almost gasped out loudly when Miguel half-hard cock was revealed. Even not fully hard, it was already substantial in size.

Al had to turn around to hide his hardening dick. “Shit!” he thought to himself, “what the fuck going on?” He’s happily married, with the standard 2 kids. Yet, here he was getting turned on by a gardener that was more than half his age!

Al quickly rinse himself off and then stepped aside to reach for his towel. As he dried himself, Miguel stepped under the shower and started to clean himself, all the while his body faces his employer.

Al couldn’t help but to look back at Miguel. He couldn’t help but admire that sexy body. Much to his surprise, he realized that Miguel’s cock had lengthen considerably. He looked up, and finally their eyes met. Miguel brought one of his hands behind him, as if to display his body to Al. That intense, dark eyes bore right into Al’s soul, as if telling him that it is alright to  explore.

Al was dumbfounded, not knowing what to do. He knew that he should just bolt out of there. His wife and kids were in the house and this was a compromising situation. He should know better.

Yet, as the minutes passed by, and as Miguel’s other hand slowly moved to stroke the huge, hardening uncut cock, Al knew that he couldn’t leave. Miguel smiled as he saw his employer dropped his towel and walked back into the running shower.

The new advertising campaign by the military to @daddysbottom

The new advertising campaign by the military to increase recruitment seems to be working. In fact, they have unexpectedly seen a significant increase in gay men showing interest in joining the military. The top military brass aren’t sure what is causing this, but they are more than happy to continue with the present campaign.

Why did the naked man cross the road to fuck the @daddysbottom

Why did the naked man cross the road?

To fuck the hungry ass on the other side.

Having dumped his thick cum deep inside my ass @daddysbottom

Having dumped his thick cum deep inside my ass, this married daddy was about ready to leave.  He said that he had to meet his wife in about half an hour. Shit, I didn’t feel like letting him go. It was such a chance encounter at the hotel pool when I saw this sexy, hairy man just lounging around. I took a chance, got a lounge chair next to his, and we hit it off. It didn’t take much to convince him to come back to my room while his wife went out shopping.

That was more than an hour ago. Damn, I couldn’t get enough of his thick, hairy body. He fucked me hard and good, and made me cum twice! My lucky ass got a huge load of his married cum.

He got out of the bathroom and about ready to get dressed when I grabbed him and planted a wet, passionate kiss on his lips. I forced my tongue into his mouth, and soon, we were engaging in a tongue duel. I grabbed his dick, which had regained its full hardness, and started to stroke it. His hand played with my nipples as we continued kissing full-on.

He was late meeting up with his wife that afternoon. I hope he made up a good excuse. Or maybe he told her up front that he had a real hungry ass to fuck that needed a second married man load deep inside its crevices.

Oh yeah right there right there son dont @daddysbottom

“Oh yeah, right there, right there, son! Don’t stop. Don’t stop! Argh! You’re gonna fuck the cum out of me!”

It was the lure of a large sum of money that @daddysbottom

It was the lure of a large sum of money that brought them there. They had already removed their shirts to display their almost identical, Greek God-like bodies. They even had unzipped their pants to show their substantial manhood to the paying client. They know that they were putting on quite a show, because they could see their client already taking out his substantial cock and jacking off at the sight of their two muscular bodies.

But now, they were being asked to do what they didn’t bargain for. “I’ll double the fee.” said the man with a distinct Middle-Eastern accent. The escort service didn’t say anything more about this client, other than that he’s very wealthy, and will pay a lot of money for their services.

Eric and Sam looked at each other with questioning looks. They didn’t have to communicate much because they can reach what’s on the other’s mind easily just from the other’s facial expression. Finally, Eric turned to the client.

“OK, we’ll do it. Just tell us what you really want us to do.” he told him.

“Wonderful.” the client replied. “I want you to start by kissing each other. Then take turns sucking each other’s cock before you each take turns fucking each other.”

They both nodded and looked at each other again, as if double checking if they still wanted to go through with this.

“And oh,” the client continued, “no condoms. I want to see you breed each other’s ass. I’m guessing you two will have no problem with that?”

They both shook their heads in affirmative.

“Excellent. And only after that will I fuck each of you. With condoms, of course. I want you to lay next to each other, legs up in the air, while I fuck each one of you. Is that agreeable?” he client asked.

Once again, they both looked at each other and then turned back to the client. “Yes, Sir.” Eric replied.

“Good”, the client said as he started to remove his expensive suits. “Start now. I want to see you two kiss.”

Eric and Sam looked at each other, and smiled. Eric stuck out his tongue at Sam, and they both smiled. Sam stuck his tongue out as their lips moved closer to each other.

The twins were about to kiss and engage in sex with each other for the first time, all in front of this wealthy stranger.

Httpbiggggggggggggtumblrcom @daddysbottom

It was a big Thanksgiving reunion for the Cartwright family. And after all the women and children left for the day to go shopping, the Cartwright men gathered in the den to renew their family bond and tradition.

No brothers, cousins, uncles, nephews, and fathers’ mouths and buttholes were left untouched.

Ive seen him a few times he must work in the @daddysbottom

I’ve seen him a few times. He must work in the same building. Usually he’s dressed in his business suit, looking like a dashing businessman or a high-powered attorney. But today is the first time I’ve seen him dressed casually. His shirt is opened around his collar, the sleeves rolled up, and his blue, faded jeans is tight enough to show a nice bulge. I notice a wedding ring on his finger, and surmised that he must be a well-to-do suburban daddy. With his handsome, good-looks and fit body, this man was just my type.

I gather enough courage to sit on a bench close to him. He is enjoying a cup of coffee in the gorgeous, late-afternoon weather in the city. He looks up at me when he realizes someone is sitting near him.

“Hi”, I say to him.

“Hello,” he replies, acknowledging my presence. I see a curious look on his face, as if he’s trying to remember something.

“You look familiar. I must have seen you here a few times.” he says.

“Yes, I work in the building, and we both have our coffee break at almost the same time.” I reply. “And I think we both love the scones from Connie’s Cafe.”

He laughs. “Yeah, we do. Now I remember you. Don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. I’m Jeff.” he says as he extends his hand.

“I’m Dell.” I shakes his hand. He has a firm, strong grip, and just from his touch sends a jolt through my body. I can feel my dick starting to harden.

“Wonderful day for early Fall, isn’t it?” I say as I lean back a bit on the bench.

“It sure is!” he replies. He is about to take a sip of his coffee and he notices the bulge in my jeans. There’s no mistaking of the outline of my dick down the left side of my pants. I see his eyebrows slightly raised at the sight. I spread my legs a bit more, letting him have a clearer look. It’s a risk. I can easily disgust him and cause him to walk away, or he might be curious enough at the unexpected opportunity.

He looks up at my face, right into my eyes. We stare at each other for what feels minutes, but then my eyes travel down his body and right at his crotch. I see a more prominent bulge in his own pants. He looks down at it himself, and then looks at me with a smile. God, that smile! What a handsome, gorgeous face. I secretly wonders what his facial expression will be like when he is in the middle of his orgasm.

We haven’t spoken in minutes as we are both checking out each other’s basket. I am starting to wonder if this married daddy will take the bait.

Then, he leans over. His hand still holding the coffee mug, but there’s a smile on his face as if he has made a decision.

“Hey, I think I have enough of this coffee and want something stronger. Care to join me for a drink somewhere?” he asks.

I know that he’s about the take the bait. It is time to hook the catch and reel him in.

“Great idea. If you want, I live barely 3 blocks away, and I have a full stock in my bar. And I make a mean Cosmopolitan.” I tell him, giving him my own smile.

Oh yeah, we both know very well what’s doing down. There’s no denying it.

It takes him only a couple of seconds. “Sounds like a great idea. I just need to call home and let them know I’ll be home a bit late today.” he says.

My dick twitches in anticipation. I will get to find out, after all, what his handsome face looks like when he cums.

You need to initiate your son into the joys of @daddysbottom

You need to initiate your son into the joys of incestuous gay sex gradually. Start by letting him get comfortable with you, his dad, grabbing and stroking his cock. Chances are, you are the first man ever, other than his own hands, to touch his cock. Show him how to stroke a piece of man meat and how to get the most pleasure from the act of masturbation.

Maybe he’ll be daring enough to reach out and touch your cock. Let him do whatever he’s comfortable with. Don’t rush him. He needs to go at his own pace.

Then maybe, as you progress further and further, you as the father might be lucky enough to be the one to win the biggest honor any man can do to his son, to take his cherry ass.

You just have to be patient.

Maturedadsandmen my cell phone buzzed when i @daddysbottom


My cell phone buzzed.  When I checked my text messages, it was from Dad:  “Finished up at the gym.  Gonna grab a shower then head home.”  along with a picture taken of him in the locker room, shirtless.  God, the fucker knew just how to get me worked up.

I typed back.  “Can’t wait.  Mom just left an hour ago for New Orleans.  I’ve got dinner ready.  Then we can have each other for dessert.”

Moments later, another text came in, “Fuck, Donny.  You got me so hard, thinking about tonight.  Screw the shower!  I’m on my way now!”

I loved it when Mom took business trips once a month…

Dad got home in record time, and I got to make a closer inspection of the progress Dad made on his body. As impressive as his muscled body from all those hours at the gym, the one in between his legs was even more impressive. I had the pleasure of feeling how hard as steel that piece of meat was, and then after dad recovered a bit, he showed me how all those squats and lunges had increased his the strength of his ass muscles.

I couldn’t recall fucking a hole that tight.

Bobby couldnt believe it after being fucked and @daddysbottom

Bobby couldn’t believe it. After being fucked and seeded by his own son, all his dad was worried about was that his ass was leaking and might stain the bed he and Bobby’s mom slept in. They had laid down a sheet over the covers, but Bobby’s dad was still uptight about leaving any hint of what had just happened.

Bobby saw a drop of his cum seeping out of his dad’s well-fucked and glistening hole. Reacting instinctively, he immediately pushed a finger into his dad’s ass trying to plug the leak. That stopped it a bit, but Bobby could still see more seeping out. He inserted another finger into the well-stretched hole. Suddenly, the absurdity of the scene struck him and he had to snicker. Bobby felt like a Dutch boy plugging the leak in the dyke with his finger.

His dad moaned. Bobby was unsure if it was due to the discomfort, or if his fingers were hitting his dad’s sweet spot. The man was still lying on his back, legs still bent wide apart, exposing his hairy hole. Bobby couldn’t help but get hard again as he looked at the hairy body and the handsome face. Sure, his father could lose a few pounds, but this was the man that Bobby had lusted over all his life.

Even though he had just shot his load barely 10 minutes ago, Bobby was ready to go again. “Here you go, Pops. I know how to stop your butt from leaking.” he said as he moved in between his father’s spread thighs. His dad looked up at Bobby in surprise as he realized what Bobby was about to do. Before Bobby’s dad could say anything, the two fingers stuck in his ass was replaced by Bobby’s hard 7-incher that when deep in one single shove.

Mightymeatycock things at my house growing up @daddysbottom


Things at my house growing up weren’t all that great, but I had a great best friend during those years, the kind of friend where the whole family made you feel like you were part of the clan. 

Shawn and I were inseparable, and his parents were always so kind and generous, especially Mr. Cramer, who was the opposite of my dad. I never heard Mr. C raise his voice, not even once, and he always encouraged Shawn in everything he did. 

I had a pretty hard crush on Mr. C before I went off to college. He was a handsome man, with dark hair and very kind eyes, and a few glimpses of him shirtless at the swimming pool definitely played with my head a little bit. 

Shawn and I promised to keep in touch, and we did for a few years during college, but those once a year visits turned into once every three years. Mrs. C passed away a few years after we graduated. 

I was back home and decided to stop by and say hello to Mr. C. When he answered the door I started to cry, and so did he. “Chris, my boy,” he said. “It’s so good to see you.” 

I didn’t care how old he was numerically, the guy still had IT and still looked handsome - no, HOT as HELL. We caught up for hours, with a lot of recollections and a flow of adult beverages. I cancelled my plans and told him I’d stay for as long as he’d have me. He got a smirk on his face. 

“I see you’re still a solid guy,” he whispered conspiratorially, as he poked my belly. “Of course, you look hot at any size.” Wait, what? “Surely you can’t be surprised, Chris.”

“But Mr. C -”

“Alan,” he corrected me. “And you are a beautiful man. I’ve always thought so. I saw you thrive here and of all of Shawnie’s friends, you were the hottest. Big strapping growing boy, that got my attention. And I know you had a little crush on me, too, bud. C’mon, you stared a fucking hole in my swim trunks!” 

I laughed and blushed.

“Here’s what you wanted to see,” Mr. C said, pulling his jeans down and showing me his thick cock. “You should get a closer look.” 

The poor man looks like hes starving and hasnt @daddysbottom

The poor man! Looks like he’s starving and hasn’t eaten in weeks!

Things appeared normal on the surface sergio and @daddysbottom

Things appeared normal on the surface. Sergio and his wife were spending the afternoon at their daughter and son-in-law’s place. Sergio was helping his son-in-law Alan renovate a room to turn it into a nursery, as they both were expecting their second child, Alan’s second grandchild.

As their respective wives, and the lone grandchild, were relaxing by the family pool, Sergio and Alan were busy with woodworking on the other side of the house. It was a rather hot day, and both Sergio and Alan had already removed their shirts as the worked. They may not be saying much, but one could clearly felt the tension in the air between them.

It was only 2 weeks ago, when it was Alan who dropped by Sergio’s house to help his father-in-law installed the new TV in the den. It was just a fleeting moment when they found themselves in very close proximity to one another as they were maneuvering the TV that something happened. Their faces were barely a foot from one another when both of them instinctively moved closer until their lips barely touched. They both were about to open their lips to taste each other when Sergio’s wife, Alan’s mother-in-law shouted out from above asking how much longer it would take. They had to abruptly step back and finished off what they were doing.

Ever since then, Alan and Sergio hadn’t spoken to each other about the incident. And now that they are both together again, each one was unsure on what to say to each other.

Sergio looked over at Alan’s muscular, hairy body, and realized what a sexy son-in-law he was. “You have a great-looking body, Alan.” Sergio said. It was not a common thing for a father-in-law to say to his son-in-law, but Sergio knew that they have gone beyond being common.

Alan smiled and looked over at Sergio. “You’re not so bad yourself, old man.” he replied.

A few odd, quiet moments passed before Sergio pushed the issue.

“You know, I’ve been thinking about what happened last time and wondered what would have occurred had we not been interrupted.” Sergio said.

Alan stopped his work. “Yeah, me too.” he told Sergio.

“Do you think we would have … you know, done more if we could?” asked Sergio.

Alan nodded. “I definitely wanted to, if you were into it too.”

Sergio smiled. “I definitely wanted it. Too bad we seldom get the opportunity.” he said.

Alan thought for a minute. “The women are busy by the pool and getting dinner ready. And they won’t go upstairs into the nursery since it is all dusty right now. Want to see how far we can go?” Alan asked.

He could see the excitement in Sergio’s face. “Let’s go!” Sergio  replied.

Alan walked over to the side of the house and yelled. “Hey hon! Your dad and I are gonna installed a few stuff up in the nursery. It’s gonna be dusty, so stay down here!”

“Alright, sweetheart! Don’t make dad work too hard!” he heard his wife yelled back at him.

Both Alan and Sergio barely made it upstairs when they were already kissing and clawing at each other’s body. They were soon naked, and Sergio pushed Alan onto the sofa as he knelt in between his son-in-law’s spread legs. Soon enough, Sergio engulfed all 7 inches of Alan’s hard dick, the same dick that impregnated his daughter and about to give him his second grandchild. Alan couldn’t believe how good that felt, and he almost chuckled at the thought that his father-in-law was giving head so much better than his own daughter.

Alan was ready to shoot his load when Sergio stopped just short. He stood up and bent over the sofa. “C’mon Alan, fuck my ass!” he pleaded.

Alan couldn’t believe what he was seeing and hearing. His own father-in-law offer that mature ass to him. Without thinking any further, Alan walked behind Sergio, and pushed his spit-coated hard dick into Sergio’s hungry hole.

“Holy shit!” Alan thought, “this hole is tighter than a pussy!” He pushed all the way in and they both moaned like a wounded animal.

“Fuck me, Alan. Fuck me hard!” Sergio demanded.

Alan pulled back, and then shoved his hard dick hard into Sergio. Before long, son-in-law was brutally fucking father-in-law. Anyone walking up the stairs to the top floor would have heard the sound of flesh slapping against flesh as Alan went for his nut.

Soon enough, Alan grabbed Sergio’s shoulder and shoved his dick brutally forward, sinking it as deep as he could into that hot ass as he unloaded his cum into his father-in-law. It was the most intense climax Alan could ever remember. Sergio clamped his ass tight as he felt his son-in-law’s semen filling his bowel. It was a huge load, and it was any wonder how so easily Alan impregnated his daughter if he shot this much.

Still bent over the sofa, and as Alan was still emptying his balls into Sergio’s ass, Sergio knew that he will make an excuse to come back tomorrow to continue helping his son-in-law finish the nursery.


It was still early in the morning i woke up and @daddysbottom

It was still early in the morning. I woke up and got out of bed. Wearing my robe, I walked out into the living room. Pete was still there, naked on the sofa. He was still sound asleep, dead to the world. It gave me a chance to really look at his muscular body. If there is a definition of the body of a Greek god, Pete’s body would be it. I had always secretly lusted after that body. I just wished that the person who owned that body was not a Neanderthal.

When he knocked on my apartment door  last night and I saw him, I knew what had happened. It wasn’t the first time Pete’s girlfriend threw him out of the apartment after an argument. And frankly, I never blame Rhonda for any of it. Pete could be a major jackass, especially after he had one too many beers.

And that was what happened last night. I could smell the beer in his breath as he explained to me what happened.

“You didn’t drive here in your condition, did you?” I interrupted his story.

“I did. How do you think I got here?” he replied.

I got up and walked over to him. “That’s it, give me your keys. You’re not going anywhere tonight.”  I told him. He tried to hide his keys into his shirt pocket, but I saw it. I sat next to him and tried to take it away from him. We struggled, but in his slightly-drunken state, he wasn’t putting up much of a fight.

Suddenly, while I was struggling to pull the key out of his pocket, and while he was grabbing my hands to push me away, our eyes met as our face were barely 6 inches apart. Before I could think of anything, Pete crushed his lips on mine. I didn’t have time to react, and before I knew it, his tongue was invading my mouth, searching my oral cavity with such lust and hunger.

It took me only a few seconds before I kissed him back, my own tongue dueling with his as our kiss got even hotter. Soon, we were tearing at each other’s clothes, and I finally got to feel Pete’s hot, sexy body that I had admired all these years.

Our lips parted and I could see Pete’s handsome face looking at me. “Suck my cock, Joey. I haven’t had a good blow job in years.” he said.

He didn’t have to ask me twice. I pushed him back onto the sofa, and dove right in. I swallowed all 8 inches of his thick manhood and heard the loud moans of pleasure coming from Pete’s mouth. It took only 10 minutes before he cried out, and I was rewarded with a mouthful of Pete’s delicious cum. I swallowed every drop that he could produce.

As the last of his cum dribble out of his spent cock, I licked all over his deflating rod, cleaning him up and licking anything that I might have missed. Suddenly, I could hear the soft sound of snoring. I looked up, and Pete had passed out, sound asleep with a smile on his face. Knowing that I had to take care of my own needs, I got up, got a blanket from the linens cabinet, and covered up Pete’s hunky body before I went back to my bedroom. That night, I had a lengthy jackoff session as I replayed the taste of Pete’s cock and his cum in my mouth.

So as I stood there, looking at Pete, his body uncovered by the blanket that I draped over him last night, I wondered how he would feel this morning and if he remembered what happened last night. Heck, so what if he remembered? I was his only friend who would take him in whenever he was in such a predicament.

Feeling bold, I dropped my robe and walked my naked body next to Pete’s reclined figure. I wonder how tight Pete’s virgin ass would be. My dick was already hard in anticipation.

The early morning sun was already shinning into @daddysbottom

The early morning sun was already shinning into the bedroom. I was already up and was just walking out of the bathroom when the door to my bedroom slowly opened. He walked in, dressed only in a bathrobe. I stood by the bed, completely naked, and slowly getting hard as I look at him. His resemblance to my dad was uncanny.

He smiled at me as he saw this. He unfasten the belt, and dropped this robe, revealing his gorgeous, naked body. I almost gasped. In the bright light, his smooth, muscular body looked amazing. For a man in his 40′s, he could put men many years younger to shame. My eyes first lingered on his thick arms, then down to his ripped abs, and finally to the huge erection he was already sporting.

My own dick was fully hard, as my mind ran through all the things I wanted to do to him. I reached for the night stand and pulled out a large bottle of lube. His smile got even wider.

He turned around and cautiously locked the door to the bedroom as we both heard the sound of his wife downstairs preparing breakfast. The lock must have jammed because he was struggling with it.

“Hurry up!” I whispered as loud as I could.

He turned his head around to look at me, and his eyes saw me lying flat on my back in the bed, my legs spread wide apart welcoming him to dive right in. I must have snickered slightly as I looked at him, his muscular body standing there with a huge hardon, struggling with the lock.

I love spending the summer at Uncle Buck and Aunt Jolie’s place!

Hey matt what did you do for veterans day this @daddysbottom

“Hey Matt, what did you do for Veterans Day this past week?”

Nothing much. I just hung around my older brother Steve. He just got back from a tour of duty in Iraq.

“Oh yeah? How is here? What did you two do?”

He’s great! He’s a really cool guy and we get along really well. We didn’t do much, practically stayed at home all day since my parents were out of town.

“Sounds kinda boring to me.”

Yeah, it does, but I kinda liked it. I got to talk to my brother and got a taste of him…. I mean got a taste of what it was like over there, y’know? I learn a lot about growing up from him, more than from anyone else.

“Yeah, I guess that sounds cool. Wish I have an older brother to hang around with.”

Hey, you’re welcome to hang around us. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two from my big bro.

“Really? You don’t mind sharing your bro with me?”

Heck no. I think he likes you too.

“Damn, that’s so cool, man!”


A4f101 for your service a little something @daddysbottom


For Your Service

(A little something for Veterans’ Day…)

“He’s a damn fine Marine, Mr Jorgensen,” Sergeant Cooper said. “Gets it from you, from what I hear.”

“Ah, I don’t know about that,” Dad said modestly, waving the compliment away, but with a pleased smile too.

“Well, he’s a real credit to you, either way. You should be proud.”

That was probably more words than I’d ever heard my sergeant say in one stretch, but whatever, I’d take it. Anything to see my Dad smile. We’d been through a lot over the years, and he hadn’t always liked the idea of me following in his footsteps and joining the Corps, but here we were. He kept looking at the gleaming medal pinned to my chest, that quiet smile on his handsome face, and it was making me feel ten feet tall. I could feel myself sticking my chest out a little more, almost subconsciously.

“So, you gonna try and make the drive back?” I asked as we headed out to the parking lot.

“Well,” Dad said with a sheepish grin as he popped the locks on his truck, “I figured I might as well not push it. Got a room at the Comfort Inn.”

“Oh yeah?” I said, grinning a little wider as he met my eyes and held them, his own smile spreading. He didn’t have to say anything more, and like always, I wasn’t sure he exactly knew how to say what he was thinking anyway.

Didn’t matter. Fifteen minutes later, the door to his room was swinging closed behind us, as I stepped up to him, feeling that little twinge of nervous tension in my gut I always got, and then slid my arms around his still-trim middle-aged waist.

“Sir,” I murmured, and then his strong arms were slipping round me in reply. He grunted low and soft and needfully, and we were meeting in the middle, lips on lips.

I grunted right back, feeling my cock swell in my dress blues almost immediately, and his all thickening right behind mine, inside his khakis. Our lips parted as we grunted hungrily, his big hands sliding down to cup my tight young ass, drawing me in tighter to the throb of his big bulge.

“Big day for you today, son,” he said when we parted. “Proud as hell of you, buddy. Let me show you…”

Hs hand was slowly massaging the big bulge of my cock, making me start to leak inside my UAs, as he started to kneel down slowly, reaching for my fly.

“Uh-uh, sir,” I said, catching him under his armpits and tugging him back upright. I kissed him again, respectful and loving, but passionate too. “Proud to be the man you made me, Dad. The Marine you made me. Let me show you…”

He chuckled, but made no move to stop me as I sank to my knees, unbuckling his belt, running my hand slowly and appreciatively over the bulge in his pants, feeling it twitch and throb in response. God damn, he had a beautiful cock. I loved sucking it. Had loved it for years. He was the one who’d taught me how, and his was still the one I loved the most.

I tugged his trousers down his thick, hairy legs, revealing the hard-tented bulge of his simple Jockey briefs, then leaned in to nuzzle my face against it, getting his unique musk on me, grunting happily to myself as his hand stroked over my close-cropped hair. Then I reached for his waistband, feeling the crisp dark hair hiding under it as I tugged his briefs down, getting a richer, deeper whiff of his man scent as that big cock, the Marine cock he’d sired me with, swung out into the open. I took it in my hand reverently, then smiled up at him before running my tongue along the length of it. Then, as he moaned low and deep, fingers clutching my head a little tighter, I opened up wide and swallowed him slowly to the hilt.

“Aw fuck, buddy,” he moaned, his knees trembling a little as I slowly set to sucking on him, soaking his big Marine dick with my spit as I slowly worked my head up and down it, slicking him up real good. I’d had enough practice at him by now, years of practice, that I didn’t need to hold it. But I loved the way he throbbed in my hand, so I did it anyway.

I often got compliments on my skills working a dude’s cock over, and I could bring Dad to the brink over and over if I wanted to. I did, a couple times, just to really get him primed, until I guided him back to sit on the side of the hotel bed. I gave him one long, slow, tongue-swirling suck, before popping my mouth off him, licking the excess Dad-flavored spit off my lips with a hungry sound.

“God damn, Marine,” he growled, pulling my head in for a deep, sloppy kiss.

“You’re god damn right, sir,” i growled right back as I stood, grunting as he reched out to stroke over my own big bulge. “God damn Marine, just like you. Even if you never wanted me to be… you made me one, Dad.”

All those years, seeing him in his uniform, the way that had imprinted on me as a kid… the way pictures of him in his combat gear back in Desert Storm had made me cum for the first time… how it had felt to rub his dress uniform against my naked teen skin as I jacked furiously… how it had felt that first time between him and me, all alone in his on-base house, how we sweated and grunted as I poured out all my years of lusting for him in one hot, sticky night, his dogtags clinking against my bare,m teenage skin as we thrust and rutted and kissed and swore… no wonder I joined up. No wonder I wanted to be a man just like him.

I let dad unbuckle my belt, unzip my trousers, and reach inside to the humid bulge in my UAs, grunting appreciatively as he explored my hardness. And then i stepped back, unlacing my dress shoes and setting them neatly beside the chair as he slowly stroked his wet paternal cocklength and watched me.

“Wish we’d served together, sir,” I said, eyes on his as I stepped out of my blues, folding them neatly over the back of the chair as he smiled and nodded approvingly. I stepped back over to him, eyes never dropping from his.

“Wish it had been you and me together out there, fighting side by side,” I went on, as his hands moved to the stretch of my underwear, pushing up the base of my still-buttoned khaki shirt. Slowly he peeled the boxer briefs down my strong young legs, my cock snapping almost upright as it was freed, making him grunt again. He wrapped his fist around my thickness, then lapped the tip of me, both of us growling contentedly as he savored his son’s man taste.

I moved forward, straddling his spread hairy thighs, naked from the waist down and entirely his, like I’d always been.

“Wish it had been me you were fucking, those long lonely nights in the desert, or on training…” I murmured, pulling his handsome head up to kiss as I reached under me to take hold of his big Marine cock, lining it up as I sank down on it. I felt the flutter all inside of me when his fat tip nudged my tight, hairy young hole, the same thrill I always got.

“Wished we’d been Marines together, Dad,” I half-moaned as I felt his tip press, push, then pop inside of me. He groaned low and husky as I sank down the length of him, feeling the sweat start to stick to the underarms of my khaki shirt as my Dad filled me with seven solid inches of Marine father cock.

“We are Marines together, buddy,” Dad grunted, craning his head up to kiss me, slow and wet and deep, as he took hold of my hips and pulled me the rest of the way down onto him. “Right here, right now. Always.”

“Fuck yeah, always,” I moaned, starting to ride him, showing him all the love and appreciation and respect I had for him. Everything he stood for, everything I’d become, everything he’d helped make me. A man in his image. “Semper fi, right?” I half-chuckled, half-panted.

“God damn right, Marine,“ he grinned, kissing me hard and deep. “Semper fi, my boy. Semper… fucking… fi…”

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Im 48 happily married with 2 kids but ive @daddysbottom

“I’m 48, happily married with 2 kids. But I’ve always had this longing for gay sex. The last time I did it was in college many years ago. I thought I’m done with that phase when I got married, but as I got older, my desire for it got even stronger. So that’s why I’m looking to hook up here.”

Brett wrote back. He had been chatting with “Joe” for the past few minutes for the first time, even though they had been exchanging e-mail ever since they discovered each other’s profile online last week.

“So what type of a guy are you looking for?” Joe’s message came back to him.

Brett wrote his reply. “I’ll be blunt. I’m looking for a man’s man. A real man who will take charge in bed. So physically, he has to be strong and tall. And no question about it, I want him to be hung. 7 inches at least, and thick. I haven’t been fucked since college, and I want a cock that will leave me knowing that I’ve truly, deeply been fucked.”

Brett waited for Joe’s reply. It took several minutes of staring at his computer screen. Brett was starting to think that maybe he has scared Joe away when finally, a reply came accompanied with an attached photo.

Brett opened the photo and immediately his jaw dropped at what he saw. The reply from Joe only said: “Is 11 inches enough?”

In the middle of an interview with dean everhard @daddysbottom

In the middle of an interview with Dean Everhard, a very popular porn star:

Interviewer: So tell me, Dean, do you remember your first ever gay sex?

Dean: Oh, definitely. You never forget your first time, do you?”

Interviewer: No, you don’t. So tell us. I’m dying to find out.

Dean: Believe it or not, it was with my best-friend’s dad! We all just finished high school, and my best friend was about to leave for college. I was at his house when he had to go take his mom and sister somewhere, I can’t remember. So he left me and his dad for a couple of hours that afternoon.

Interviewer: And?

Dean: Well, his dad was hot. I mean, he was this really muscular guy, unlike my dad and most dads that I knew of at that time. So I didn’t mind that we hung around together. But that afternoon, after everyone else was gone, he sat next to me, put his hand on my knee and said, out of the blue “I’ve kept my hands off you all these years till you’re 18″ and then he kissed me!

Interviewer: Wow!

Dean: Yeah! I was caught off-guard at first, but in no time, I was kissing him back. We were soon clawing at each other’s body as if we’ve been hungry for each other for a long time. Of course, I finally realized then that he had the hots for me all these years too. That kinda made me want him even more.

Interviewer: This is hot! Go on!

Dean: To make a long story short, we ended up in one of the bedrooms. That afternoon, I had my first blow job from a man and it changed my life. I don’t know where my friend’s dad learned how to suck cock, but it was the best blow job I had ever had at that time. And he kept telling me that I had the biggest cock he had ever seen.

Interviewer: Was that all you did?

Dean: Yeah. He sucked me till I came in his mouth. It was the first time I saw another person swallowed my cum. It was awesome. I then sucked his cock and did the same to him. It was my first tastes of another man’s cum, and I knew that I was hooked.

Interviewer: That sounds hot!

Dean: It was, not just the cocksucking part, but I got to see him naked for the first time. He had an amazing body, and I realized then that I like strong, mature, hairy men. In fact, I knew that I’ve been looking for men that resemble him ever since.

Interviewer: So what happened afterwards?

Dean: We got dressed, and we sat on the couch in the living room making out till my friend got home. He couldn’t figure out why I had this big, stupid grin on my face all day.

Interviewer: Why wouldn’t you? Did you hook up with the dad after that?

Dean: Only a couple more times. But they were important moments as well. I got to fuck his ass for the first time. We would have continued, but he changed jobs and they moved. I lost touch with them, but I never forget that first time.

Interviewer: So now that you’re a big star in the porn industry, and you can have any man that you want, do you still want to fuck around with your best friend’s dad?

Dean: Heck yeah! If he reads this, I hope he gets in touch with me. I’d do him at a drop of a hat!

This is a continuation of this story it has been @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

It has been almost a year since this celebrity client visited the store and requested David, the store manager, to personally served him. It was an important milestone in the store history because for the first time, everyone working at the store knew for sure that even the upper management of the store will go to every lengths to satisfy a client. It showed that everyone, from the sales associates to the managers, will spare do everything they can for the clients.

So today, that client is back, and he specifically asked for David once more to serve him. The store manager scheduled for an off-hours appointment for this important client. By the time this client arrives, only David and the store doorman were on the premise. It is the standard operating procedure for a celebrity client who requires utmost privacy.

David knew what to expect based on the last time this client was here. Before he left home, he took extra care in his personal grooming. Heck, he even did an enema for the first time if what he expected to happen will occur later that day. His wife thought he looked extra spiffy and distinguished that morning before he left for work.

So that was why when the client shows up, David is ready for him. In fact, they wasted very little time on the store’s main floor.

“I have all the outfits that you might be interested in already on display in the lounge upstairs. Would you care to go right up and take a look?” David asks.

The celebrity client smiles. “Yes, I’d like that very much, David. I’ve been looking forward to this since the last time I was here.” he replies as he scanned the well-tailored suit of the general manager.

David nods. “Yes Sir. So am I.” David replies.

That is more than just a polite reply. As they make their way to the elevator, David realizes that he means it.

Fuck that was a blast you are one heck of a @daddysbottom

“Fuck, that was a blast!  You are one heck of a cocksucker, son! You drained me dry! Now I’m thirsty as hell. How about you grab me another cold beer from the fridge?”

It was the last summer they would spend together @daddysbottom

It was the last summer they would spend together before Mark left for college. Both father and son made their annual hiking trip up north to the mountain cabin, something they had enjoyed doing for many years.

But this time, Mark knew that he had to get it out of his chest. So while they was absorbing and enjoying the trip, he was also a little bit apprehensive.

They were sitting down after a long hike. The view overlooking the lake was spectacular from up there. Mark was sitting to the left of his dad when he finally got the courage to say what was on his mind.

“Hey dad, I need to tell you something, and I hope you’re not going to be disappointed in me.”  he began.

His dad looked at him with a puzzled look on his face. Mark took another deep breath and continued.

“Dad, I’m gay.” he confessed.

What happened next was completely unexpected. Mark had ran through many different possible scenario of how his dad would react to this news. But smiling and laughing slightly was not one of it.

“Oh Mark!” his dad said. “I know. In fact, both your mother and I knew that you are gay.”

Mark’s eyes were wide open in complete surprise. “You did?” he exclaimed. “But how? I mean, was I that obvious?”

Mark’s dad shook his head. “No, no. You were not. But once we realized that you really never showed that much interest in dating girls, and when I accidentally saw pictures of naked men on your computer screen before it went to sleep, your mom and I knew.” Mark’s dad explained.

Mark was totally floored. He was shocked that his parents knew about him, but one part of him was glad that this wasn’t the earth-shattering event that he had imagined.

“Look, Mark,” his dad continued. “Nothing has changed. You are still our son, and we love you no matter what. If you are gay, so be it. We just want you to be happy and not have to hide who you are with your mother and me.”

Mark wanted to cry, but he managed to control himself and just gave his dad a smile. “Thanks, dad. I love you too.” he said.

They sat in silence, and then, Mark decided to go for it and reveal his other bombshell.

“There’s one more thing, dad.” Mark said. This time, he knew that what he will say will change everything. Again, he took another big breath.

“Dad, I have the hots for you. I don’t know why, but you were the one in my first wet dream. I feel damn guilty about it. I want you to know that I’m sorry.” Mark said. This time, he couldn’t hold back his emotion and he started to cry.

His dad grabbed hold  of his son and held him tight. But once again, Mark received the reaction that he wasn’t expecting.

“It’s all right, son. I know. I’ve known this for a while.” Mark’s dad replied.

This stopped Mark completely and he pulled away from his dad. “You knew?! But how? How did you find out?” Mark asked.

“I saw you spying on me while I took my shower one morning. Since then, I continued letting you watch. At first, I wasn’t sure if I should let you, but I also didn’t want you to be weirded out by it. So I continued to pretend as if I didn’t know. So while I wasn’t quite sure what was going on, I had an inkling that wanted to see me naked.” his dad replied.

Mark sat there flabbergasted. In one instant, he realized that all of his secrets were really no secret after all. It took several seconds before  he could find words to say.

“Does mom also know about this?” he meekly asked.

His dad shook his head. “No. She doesn’t. I didn’t tell her. Besides, I was sorta an accomplice in all of this by letting you spy on me.” he replied.

Mark did breathed a sigh of relief. He turned and look at his dad. His dad had gotten to be even more handsome as he got older. His salt-and-pepper hair just added to the distinguished look, and Mark knew that he was attracted to his dad even more.

“Go on, Mark. Tell me what’s on your mind.” his dad interrupted his thoughts as he looked directly in Mark’s eyes.

It took Mark a long time before he gained more courage to say it. “For the longest time, I had wanted to kiss you, and run my hands on your sexy, hairy chest, dad. It is what I think about at night. I know it’ll never happen, but just now, looking at you, it is what is on my mind.” Mark said. There was a hint of despair in his voice.

This time, it was Mark’s dad that remained silent as they looked at each other. Mark wondered if he had crossed the line, and that he had revealed too much of his sick obsession.

Suddenly, and without warning, his dad grabbed the bottom of the t-shirt he was wearing and pulled it up over his head. In no time at all, Mark’s dad was sitting next to him shirtless. His sexy torso, and that muscular, hairy chest that Mark had dreamed off all these years was displayed in  full right in front of him. mark’s eyes roamed all over the  object of his desire.

Finally, Mark looked back into his Dad’s yes, almost questioning what his dad was up to. But all Mark could see was the smile on his dad’s face, and in his eyes, there was almost an invitation to explore. Mark was still unsure, but he knew that he had crossed that line a while ago.

Tentatively, he lifted his left hand. He could feel it shaking slightly, but he continued the forward motion, as if his hand had a mind  of its own. Slowly, his fingers moved through the empty space and reaching out for his dad’s gorgeous hairy chest. Only inches apart, Mark could already feel the heat radiating from his dad warm, sexy body. It will soon make contact with the object of his desire.

As soon as i saw the tools that he possesses i @daddysbottom

As soon as I saw the tools that he possesses, I immediately hire him as my new plumber.

Wouldn’t you?

This is why russ insisted that there is a separate @daddysbottom

This is why Russ insisted that there is a separate shower facility exclusively for the coaching staff. Almost after every practice, and before they both return to their wives and families, Russ and his assistant coach Dan, get the private time they need to satisfy each other.

Russ can never can enough of Dan’s warm, wet mouth, or his tight, eager ass. Oh sure, he ogles at the tight, muscular bodies of the young college jocks that he coaches. But nothing trumps experience. Dan’s wet mouth can swallow all  of Russ’s 8-inch thick dick, and Russ has never experienced the hot, undulating, tight muscles of Dan’s ass that has repeatedly suck the cum out of his balls.

Oh yeah, Russ is definitely enjoying the privilege of being the head coach, and the delicious blow job that Dan is giving him right now. Looking down at the mouth pushing hard against his groin as all of his dick is embedded deep into Dan’s throat, Russ knows that today, he has enough time for to fuck Dan’s mouth till he shoots his load, and then recover enough to go another round on Dan’s hot ass. Russ hopes that Dan doesn’t have any plans that afternoon.

This is a continuation of this story the mens @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

The men’s specialty store continues to do extremely well. The word-of-mouth spreads easily that this is the store to go to for well-made clothes, and unparalleled customer service for the most discerning clients. In fact, getting an appointment to the store now is considered a status symbol.

David, the store general manager, can’t be any more delighted with how everything is functioning. They have acquired two more floors above the store to accommodate the additional private dressing rooms. Many of their most expensive outfits are flying out of the store and they are always catching up to new orders.

David also is beginning to notice a different demographics of well-to-do men at the store. When they first opened, most of the gentlemen were older, heads of various organizations and companies. The sales associates tend to be younger, more muscular, with tight smooth bodies. These were the ones the clientele at the moment were asking for.

Now, he has been seeing a lot more younger clients. These are  fund managers, young entrepreneurs, and pop stars. They seem to be asking more for older sales associates, someone who is more of a man’s man, with hair on their chest and more distinguished looking. Heck, even David himself was asked to serve a client!

So, he is smart enough to hire more sales associates of that type. Such as Joe here. In the 3 months since the store hired him, Joe has raked in either the highest, or second highest sales per week. Practically everything that he models get snatched off the shelves, sometime even off his body. Joe also knows how to properly serve all the needs of his clients, resulting in numerous repeat customers.

David knows that he made the right move in hiring Joe, and sales associates like him.

{This story continues here}

Er dad can you tilt your head and my cock to @daddysbottom

Er….. Dad, can you tilt your head and my cock to the other side? You’re blocking the TV.

His description on his online profile said that @daddysbottom

His description on his online profile said that he’s 52 years old, married but currently separated from his wife, 3 kids, and “in good shape”. I think he liked my profile and the photos that I posted, which was why he contacted me first.

I am apprehensive. I mean, I’m 29, and he’s old enough to be my dad! I wasn’t looking to hook up with a man that far from my age. I have nothing against older men, but not that much older than me! After all, what will we have in common to talk about? He told me that he has been separated from his wife for a year, and they will probably get a divorce. That last thing I want is to carry an affair with a still-legally-married man. And who knows if he’s telling me the truth. For all I know, he’s cheating on his wife.

But then, things changed. He sent me a photo of himself, and I almost came in my pants! Holy shit! None of the guys that I’ve hooked up with come even close to looking like this, no matter their age! This man has tight, muscular body for his age. But the one that made me gasped was that huge dick he was sporting. Damn, he wasn’t lying when he said that it was 10 inches and thick! This man is as sexy as any of the men that I’ve played with.

Suddenly, all my hesitation and my “moral” objections melted away. I don’t care if he’s a married man, and I don’t care that he is old enough to be my dad. All I know is that I want his body, every square inch of it.

I can’t fire off an e-mail to him fast enough after receiving his photo. I just hope I did not sound too desperate to get a taste of him. Shit, I am so horny waiting for his reply, I need to jack off while looking at the picture of his hot body.

If you ever need visual clues on when a man is @daddysbottom

If you ever need visual clues on when a man is ready to be bred, look no further. There are no clearer signs that a man is ready to accept a deep, hard fuck than this. Just look at that ass clenching its muscles, as if trying to advertise its skill of siphoning every drop of cum out of your balls.

So what are you waiting for. Lube up, and plunge all the way in! It is what he is seeking.

This is a continuation of this story i didnt @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

I didn’t think my time alone with dad and my brother Mike would get any hotter, but I was wrong.

Mike and I spent the entire day fucking dad’s ass in various different positions. Shit, the poor man hardly any energy left to drag his body to the bathroom to clean up before we all collapsed into a heap of bodies on his bed and slept.

But it seemed that my younger brother Justin heard about all the fun we have been having. I suspect that Mike had been texting him yesterday. So guess who showed up first thing in the morning? I was on my back, with dad riding my hard dick while he was sucking on Mike’s huge cock when I heard Justin whistled at what he saw.

“Damn, I got here just in time for the fun!” he said as he tore away at his clothes.

I wondered what he was going to do first, but then I felt it, and so did dad. From the way dad cried out in pain, I knew that Justin had just shoved his dick up dad’s ass, next to my own hard cock. My cock grew even harder, if that was possible, at the thought of Justin and I double fucking our dad.

It took dad only a minute before  he was begging us to bang him, and he went back to sucking Mike’s neglected dick.

Dad was going to be very sore by the end of the day, I was sure of it.

This was the alternate picture of the rolling @daddysbottom

This was the alternate picture of The  Rolling Stones’ “Sticky Fingers” album cover, but the record company didn’t think it was such a good idea.

As i stood back and looked at the offered ass i @daddysbottom

As I stood back and looked at the offered ass, I was thinking that that might be the hottest thing that I had ever done with my big brother Mike. Shit, not even us banging that cheerleader after the homecoming game was anywhere close to this one.

For the past couple of hours, Mike and I had been fucking tag-team on that hot ass. Mike started first, and as soon as he shot his load inside that butt, I replaced him and pounded that hole. That ass felt silky smooth with a coating of Mike’s cum, and I didn’t last very long. But by the time I shoved the last drop of my cum into that hungry ass, Mike was ready to go again.

We took our turn, and that ass kept milking our dicks as many times as we wanted. Shit, I think I shot 3 times and Mike shot 4 times inside that hole. By then, cum was dripping out of the well-fucked hole, but he was still asking for more when he hiked his butt up higher and wiggling it at us.

“Go on, Dave. It’s your turn. Give it to him as hard as you can.” Mike said as he sat down on the chair, his body covered with sweat, trying to recover from the last bout of fucking.

I coated my semi-hard cock with more lube, and started to stroke it to get it to full hardness. Shit, that ass was going to drain my ball dry by the time this is all over. But the thought that we had the house all to ourselves for the next couple of days made me excited, and made my cock hard in no time. As I aim my cockhead at the puckered opening, I just knew that Mike and I will be fucking dad’s ass non-stop the entire time we were here before Mom came home.

{This story continues here}

Dad told me that my cousins just simply didnt @daddysbottom

Dad told me that my cousins just simply didn’t have the kind of loving relationship that I had with my dad. He said that I shouldn’t be jealous of sharing him with them, and that this only happened once a year during our big family reunion.

I totally agreed with him, but I still feel a twinge of jealousy when I saw my cousin sneaking away with dad while their on parents are oblivious to what was about the happen. Dad told me that he was giving the boys what they needed, what they couldn’t get from their own dads.

“And once the reunion is over and we all go back to our own lives, you will have me all to yourself, as much as you want, Ricky.” dad kept reminding me.

But till then, I just had to get through this week of family gathering, knowing that my cousins were getting dad’s hairy body and sharing his sweet cum.

Please officer i cant afford another speeding @daddysbottom

Please, officer. I can’t afford another speeding ticket. I’ll do anything to get out of this one, sir. Isn’t there something I can do? I swear, this will be just between us. I’ll do anything you say. Anything!

Credit: HIS “Total Corruption”

That one more step to take a closer look at the @daddysbottom

That one more step to take a closer look at the hot, naked action gave me away as I stepped onto a dried twig and it snapped. It was loud enough to interrupt my brother Shane as he was face-fucking one of our ranch hands Joe, the married father of two!

As both of them looked at me, I thought they were either going to cover up, run away, or got mad at me for spying on them. But much to my surprise, my brother turned to me and signal me to come over! “C’mon bro! You should try out his  mouth! He’s a damn fine cocksucker!” he yelled at me.

I froze, not knowing what to do. I looked at Joe to see if he had any reaction to my brother calling him a “damn fine cocksucker”. All I could see was a blank stare on his face, just a few inches away from Shane’s still-hard dick. But Joe’s hands continued to grab my brother’s butt and thighs, and it appeared that he wasn’t planning on going anywhere.

I knew that my cock was completely hard, and how could anyone turn down a damn good cocksucking early in the morning? So at the urging of my own big brother, I walked towards them.

Maturedadsandmen it was our senior class trip @daddysbottom


It was our senior class trip to Hawaii.  It was supposed to be fun…a big blowout on a tropical island before graduation.  But the teachers who were chaperoning the trip were making it more like one big study lesson.  All of the teachers except my chemistry teacher, Mr. Sanderson.  In addition to being one of the high school’s chemistry teachers, Mr. Sanderson was also the assistant baseball coach.  In fact, his big joke to all of us in his class was, “I sure don’t look like a chemistry teacher, do I?”  In fact, if you took the stereotypical image of a chemistry teacher than the imagined the exact opposite, that was Mr. Sanderson.  The man was in his 50s, but his body sure didn’t look like it.  He was in the best shape of his life.  He said it came from working out with the baseball team.  It kept him active.  Really, the only way you’d know Mr. Sanderson was his age is the gray that was mixing-in in his beard and the graying of his temples…something I found as sexy as hell.

If you hadn’t guessed by now, I had a crush on Mr. Sanderson.  I didn’t know a whole lot about him.  It’s not as if teachers spend their time in class talking about their personal lives.  He didn’t have a ring on his finger, so I figured he wasn’t married.  Other than that, I knew nothing.  But I knew I wanted to know more.  I just didn’t know how to go about it.  The opportunity presented itself the second day we were in Hawaii.  It had been arranged for us to go to some boring museum on the island.  In the confusion of getting everyone on the tour buses, a group of three friends and I snuck away.  We’d heard of a secluded cove with a beach nearby where the water was clear blue as the sky.  We figured we’d go swimming and then get back to the hotel in enough time to be there when the group got back, looking frustrated at the fact that they’d “left us behind by accident.”

We had been there, sunning ourselves and swimming for about an hour when a group of girls our age walked by on their way down the beach.  My friends immediately wanted to follow them and try to score with them.  I wasn’t open about my sexual preferences yet, so I begged off, pretending to be tired from all the swimming.  After they left in hot pursuit, I surveyed my surroundings.  The part of the beach where I was didn’t have very many people around.  One person caught my eye, though…a man standing at the edge of the water a few yards down from where I was sitting.  He was only wearing a swimsuit and looked like my kind of guy.  As I looked more closely, I could see that it almost looked like Mr. Sanderson.  That wasn’t possible, though.  Mr. Sanderson had stayed back at the hotel with some sort of illness while the rest of the class went to the museum.  Then, when the man turned his head a little more toward me and I was able to see more of his face, I knew for sure.  It was Mr. Sanderson!  He sure didn’t look sick.   In fact, as always, he looked damn good!  I got up and started walking toward him.  I figured it was okay.  Since we were both playing hooky from the museum, I didn’t think he’d turn me in…otherwise, he’d have to turn himself in.  "Mr. Sanderson!“

Mr. Sanderson turned and looked in my direction, surprised to see me.  "Brendan Wheeler…I thought you were supposed to be at the museum with the rest of the class.”  He tried to have an air of authority in his voice.

“Yeah.  Well, I thought you were supposed to be in bed, sick.  You look fine to me.”  And then I muttered under my breath, “Damn fine…”

Mr. Sanderson’s body language and tone immediately changed and he even grinned at me.  "Okay.  You got me.  It looks like we both were bad.  Didn’t want to go to the museum, huh?“

“Hell no!  Uh…I mean…”

Mr. Sanderson laughed.  "It’s okay, Brendan.  You can swear in front of me.  I may be your teacher, but I’m also just a normal guy.  And don’t worry.  I didn’t want to go to the museum either.  That’s why I faked being sick.  I’ve waited my whole life to come to Hawaii.  I’m not about to spend the whole time taking part in some school field trip.  Did you come here by yourself?“

"No.  Trey, Travis, and Justin came too.  They’re farther down the beach, chasing girls.”

“Didn’t want to chase girls, either?  I remember my hormones raging at your age.  Sometimes they still do now.”

“Nah.  Wasn’t interested in doing that.”

Mr. Sanderson gave me a knowing look.  "I see…“  I couldn’t really figure the way he was looking at me.  Like he was surveying me.  Since he was eyeing me up and down, I decided to do the same.  I have to say that clothes didn’t do Mr. Sanderson justice.  I could tell he had a nice body, but I didn’t know it was as good as it looked.  My eyes were immediately drawn to his expansive, muscular chest.  Brown and gray hairs dusted it and around his erect nipples.  Wow, that gray chest hair make it him look even sexier.  "Like that you see?”  Mr. Sanderson asked.

I brought my gaze up to meet his eyes.  "You were looking at me.  I thought I’d return the favor.“

He smirked at me.  "There’s nothing wrong with looking at someone.  You didn’t answer my question, though.  Do you like what you see?”

“You sure don’t look like a Chemistry teacher.”

Mr. Sanderson smiled at me and stepped close to me.  "I’d better get going.  I don’t want your friends to come back and see me here.  But before I go, let me show you something else that you might not expect to see on a Chemistry teacher.“  He glanced around to make sure no one was watching and then pulled the waist of his board shorts out from his body.  I looked inside and saw the beginnings of a very large erection.  My eyes must’ve bugged out of my head, because Sanderson just chuckled at me and smiled widely.  "Think you can get out of that trip to walk up the volcano tomorrow?”

“Sure.  I think whatever got you sick on the plane must be contagious.  I feel like I’m coming down with something.”

“Great.”  Then, he stopped short, as if he had second thoughts.  “How old are you, Brendan?”

“I turned 18 four months ago.”

That sexy smile returned to his face.  “Just what I wanted to  hear.  Once everyone’s gone tomorrow, come down to my room.  We can spend the day together and I’ll show you all the things a Chemistry teacher is good at doing.”  Mr. Sanderson winked at me, smiled one last time, then turned and walked away.  While I waited for my friends to come back, I started imagining all of the things Sanderson and I would do tomorrow.  My cock was so hard it was about to bust out of my swimsuit.  Man, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow!

As a scouting coach for a major college football @daddysbottom

As a scouting coach for a major college football program, I’m used to getting a bit of a special treatment when I visit many of these high schools looking for new freshmen recruits. But no one really knows the kind of personal, special treatment that I regularly get. Shit, these kids, and sometime, even their parents, would do anything to get their kids into our program.

Just take this hot young stud Marcus. He’s an outstanding wide receiver, and has a body of a Greek Adonis. After I saw him in action, I chatted with him briefly. He was more than eager to join the team and was willing to do “anything”, he said, to get an offer. I even met with his dad outside the stadium, and we chatted a bit more. And much to my surprise, his dad even suggested that his son came up to my hotel room the next day so that I can “get to know him better”. I looked at the dad and he actually winked at me.

Holy cow!” I said to myself. “This father is pimping out his own son and he knows it!”

So Marcus showed up at my hotel room promptly the next day before I had to rush to the airport. And before long, he was naked, on the bed, legs wide open, while I pounded his tight ass. And Marcus was very eager to please. I was about to suit up my hard cock when he told me that he wanted it raw from me. I wasn’t going to argue. I had to moan when I entered him because the raw sensation of my dick rubbing against the inside of his ass was just exquisite. His ass was definitely tighter and more pleasurable than my wife’s pussy.

I fucked his ass like there was no tomorrow, especially since I have very little time left before I had to leave. But it didn’t take long before I cried out and deposited my cum deep inside his butt. The stud took it all, even squeezing his ass muscles to milk every last drop out of my balls.

I caught my plane just in time, and I was off to the next scouting location. But not before I told Marcus that we will be inviting him to visit our campus some time soon. I didn’t tell him that I expected to get into his ass again, but from the smile on his face, I was sure he knew.


Mightymeatycock ed was a good ten years older @daddysbottom


Ed was a good ten years older than me. He was a handsome guy, hiding under a nerd’s uniform - baggy, pleated pants and a shirt that perpetually had a stack of pens in it (and falling out of it). 

He offered to share a ride with someone to our industry conference in Columbus, and I agreed. 

Our first hour was all small talk, but Ed started complaining about his wife’s lack of interest in sex, and that he missed his college days. “You must know what I’m talking about, right?” 

“Not really, Ed,” I replied. “I’m single, and as everyone in our office knows, I’m gay. I get to have a lot of adventures, and a lot of sex.” 

Ed’s face brightened. “Really? Like what?”

Well, he asked. 

“Well, I’ve been fooling around with this married guy and……”

“Define fooling around, Chris,” he grumbled. “I’m not in grade school, man!” 

“Well,” I said, unsure how to be begin. “Oral sex, fucking…….”

“Are you the pitcher or the catcher, Chris?” he asked earnestly.

I looked him in the eye. “I’m the catcher. I’m always, always the catcher,” i explained. “Some guys can be both, but I really enjoy that feeling.”

I could see the front of Ed’s pants - those pleated monstrosities - throwing a huge tent. 

“What feeling is that, Chris?” he asked, letting his free hand rest on his growing bulge. 

“The feeling,” I said, “of having the cock of a man - particularly an older man - buried deep in my throat. Or having him tell me to lay back and spread my legs wide, so he can stretch open my cunt, and bury his cock deep inside of me there.”

I was bone hard myself now.

“Having him deep in side of me, rutting and fucking me like the stud that he is, breeding me with all of the hot cum his wife doesn’t want anywhere near her,” I said, our eyes meeting.

His face got a big smirk on it, and I looked down to see that he’d opened his fly, and his meaty, sizeable cock was pointing up. 

“You better be able to check us in quick, Chris,” he growled. “’Cause we’re skipping the first seminar. I got six months of cum saved up, and you’re gonna take every drop.” 

Drakestories i had third period with coach @daddysbottom


I had third period with Coach Jackson. I’d help him out with putting up and sorting the equipment. When he found I was good at computers, I helped him get a few of his spreadsheets in order.

“Not a dumb jock, are ya, Connelly?”

“No sir,” I laughed. I could see how I’d fit the stereotype, but I was quietly very good at school, had high grades.

“Thinking about where you’re applying for college?”

“Not sure yet, Coach.”

“Ever consider Stanford?” Coach J was a Stanford alum, and in case you didn’t know it from the cardinal red ball cap or sweatshirt or athletic shorts he wore, he was always talking about it. It got to be a joke among the fellas.

“Not sure I could get in,” I said. “Besides, it’s pretty expensive.”

“Aw you got the throwing arm for a scholarship, Connelly. Amazing for a sophomore. Best I’ve seen in a long time. As for the rest, just study your ass off next year and you have a shot. And when it comes time to write your statement, just play up the whole jock who loves learning bit. Admissions committees eat that shit up.” This was my favorite part of third period. The fact Coach let his guard down around me, and was free to cuss and talk like a buddy or a father figure.

“Yes, sir,” I laughed.

It was a long shot, but I made it my goal. My social life suffered the next year, and my friends razzed me pretty hard for nerding out on them, but I decided my life was gonna be school and baseball and that’s it. Something about Coach’s encouragement drove me on.

Maybe it was an unhealthy thing, my desire to please Dave Jackson. I found myself hanging on his every word, memorizing his demeanor, way of walking and talking. And later, alone in my bedroom, as I was stroking my cock, I’d talk to Coach J, tell him the things I’d like to do.

I felt like a piece of shit for a while, but by spring of my senior year I realized I was a gay dude, and I was OK with that. I was playing the best baseball of my life, best Taft High had seen in a while, and whatever happened I was sure of getting a scholarship to play somewhere.

When the notification call came from Stanford, I was blown away. Admission with full scholarship! Maybe I should have told my parents first, but immediately I drove over to Coach J’s place. I knew he’d want to hear the news first.

Coach was wearing his Stanford cap and a flannel shirt unbuttoned, revealing his still firm, tanned chest covered in blond and gray hairs. “What’s up Mike?” he asked.

“Coach. I got in. Stanford.”

I never knew the look of pure masculine pride before that moment. “I knew you could do it, Connelly!” he growled, wrapping me in a big bear hug that almost knocked the air out of me. “You son of a bitch, you did it!”

And just like that our mouths met, full on, man-on-man kiss. I guess in my fantasies I’d thought about this, but even in my jerkoff sessions the kiss wasn’t as awesome as this.

“Jesus, sorry, Big C,” he said, using his nickname for me. “Got carried away.” His happiness was starting to get replaced by a real nervous expression.

“Coach, I wanted to. I still do.“

He gave me a shy, cautious smile and pulled off his cap, put it on my head. “Why don’t you sit down in that chair, Big C, “lie back and let your Coach show you a proper reward for hard work.”

I did as he said and unbelieving, watched him pull down my shorts and briefs. He examined my hardon for a minute, touching it softly, and caressing it with soothing strokes. Then leaning down, Coach swallowed me and started giving me my first honest-to-god blowjob.

This is a continuation of this story being the @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

Being the photographer for our Fire Dept. annual calendar made me a rather well-known local photographer. I get hired for assignments quite often, and I get asked to shoot portfolio photographs for many people, especially models.

This was one such call, whereby a male model requested a set of portfolio shot. Nothing usual there since I’ve done tons of these, except that the male model this time was my son, Justin.

Justin became a model when he was discovered during his college Junior year. Both his mom and I were not happy when he decided to drop  out and pursue his modeling career, but we both try to be supportive of his decision. From what I could tell, he was making a good living out of it, and I’ve seen him in a number of major publicity shots.

So I was kinda surprised when he called me and asked if I could do a new set of portfolio shots for him. I thought maybe he had his own agent who could have arranged for something like this.

“Oh, I just thought that I could give you some of my business. Besides, my agent actually did suggest you, especially after he saw the Firefighters calendar that you shot.” he explained to me.

I couldn’t lie. My pride did swell just a bit upon hearing that. So I readily agreed to take on the job. Justin asked that we shoot it in his pad downtown, so I had to lug all the necessary equipment up to his place.

I was about to set up all the lighting and stuff in his living room when Justin said that he only wanted shots of him in the bathroom under the shower. I went along because, after all, he was the client. It was a tight fit because with the lights and the equipment, I barely had room for me. Justin walked into the bathroom in his undies and stood in the shower. He immediately turned it on and in now time, he was soaking wet.

When he turned around to face me, his cock was clearly visible through the wet fabrics of his underwear. I wasn’t sure what to do. The rest of his body looked magnificent. The wet skin accentuated all the sculptured muscles on his body. I was proud of Justin in resisting the conventional wisdom of shaving his body smooth and keeping his body hair, unlike most of the male  models in his business.

“Justin, do you want full body shots, or just an upper body shot?” I asked.

Full body shots, dad. I want you to capture as much as possible.” he replied.

So I did my job. I got Justin in several different posses. He even insisted on turning around and having his rear end photographs. The wet underwear hid almost nothing and showed the glorious round  globes of his butt.

We were in there for several minutes as Justin went through several positions and posses. I asked him if he thought we got all we needed.

“No, dad. I want to do another different set.” he replied.

I wondered what he meant by that. Much to my surprise, Justin hooked his thumb into the waistband of his underwear and slowly pulled it down. I must have gaped at what I was seeing with my mouth opened.

“C’mon dad, Get the shots!” he said to me.

I snapped out of my shock, grabbed the camera, and continued the rapid shooting of my model. Justin pulled down his underwear further, revealing even more of his cock. And much to my surprise, I could see clearly through the lens of my camera that it was getting hard!

I wanted to stop and ask Justin what these shots are for, but it was something I would ask any of my clients, and at that moment, Justin was my client. So I continued shooting his photo while Justin continued to reveal more and more of his naked self to my camera. I had never seen my son completely naked as an adult, and there I was, seeing him in his birthday suit with a full erection. And I was snapping photos of it!

Justin must have sensed what I was thinking and my curiosity. Without my asking, he suddenly said “It’s for my audition for a gay men’s magazine, dad.”

I knew I paused for a moment as I looked at him through my camera. And I saw him looking at the camera lens, and looking through it and right into me. I wondered if Justin just came out to me. And once again, as if he knew what I was thinking, I saw him nodding his head.

Oh cmon boy make up your mind what do you @daddysbottom

“Oh, c’mon boy! Make up your mind! What do you want to drink?”

Someone died and went to heaven but what i want @daddysbottom

Someone died and went to heaven. But what I want to know is, do you get here by being very, very good, or by being very, very bad?

When the handyman shows up at my house and gets @daddysbottom

When the handyman shows up at my house and gets out of his van, I immediately know that he has the right equipment to do the job to my satisfaction.

Luke stevens 20 years old college jock @daddysbottom

Luke Stevens, 20 years old, college jock, first-string offensive line in the college football team, and not the sharpest tool in the shed.

He’s enrolled in the class that I’m teaching this semester, and the very first day after class, he came into my office and immediately told me that he was willing to do anything and everything to pass my class. It seems that he has been in a bit of an academic probation, and if he doesn’t do well this semester, he can’t play football. We both looked at each other, and immediately, I could sense that we both knew what he meant by “anything and everything”.

Sure, I took advantage of it. My wife doesn’t put out for me that much lately, and Luke is more than eager to please me. So after every tests and exams, he drops by my office and let me ravage that muscular, young body of his, and let me drill his tight hole till I breed into his ass. It is such a rush to pound this jock’s butt and seeing him whimper like a bitch in heat.

Truth to be told, Luke barely passed almost all the class exams that I’ve given, but I purposely graded him harshly so that he just failed. So each time, he will drag his big muscular body into my office and offers himself to me till I’m satisfied. Only then will I regrade his exam and give him a passing grade.

Which is what has just happened. I pulled out of his tight ass a couple of minutes ago, and started to get dressed. Luke was still naked, and from the looks of his dick, he still hasn’t gotten off, which isn’t my concerned since I have already unloaded a week’s worth of cum deep inside his butt.

Once dressed, I sit down at my desk and regraded his exam paper while he looks at me. “So do I pass this exam, Prof. Mason?” he asks sheepishly while still sporting a huge boner.

I toss him back his exam. “Barely, Stevens. I’ve changed your grade. You made it.” I reply.

He smiles and gets off the desk he was sitting on and starts to put back on his clothes. I watch that round, bubble butt disappears inside his loose athlete shorts, the same butt that is full of my swimming sperm right now.

Right before he opens my office door, he looks back at me with a smile. “Till next time, Prof. Mason.” he says, and off he goes.

I can’t wait for the next exam.

Daddysbuttsniffer why do you still feel so @daddysbottom


Why do you still feel so guilty? So you let your father-in-law turn you into his personal fucktoy! I mean, he’s rich, powerful, very persuasive, and a handsome motherfucker! And your bitch of a wife practically pushed you to your knees to suck his dick!

“Please, Mike, you don’t refuse an invitation from Daddy to go golfing, you just don’t! I mean, if you ever wanna make your way into the boardroom, you’ve gotta let Daddy know how much you love working under him! And don’t think I’m gonna live in this tiny mansion forever. I mean, look at Kelly’s husband. Brad started working for Daddy only two years ago, after they got married. And he’s now a VP and they just bought the lot next to Daddy’s on the golf course for their new home! I want what my sister has! So you better suck it up, and do whatever Daddy says! I want the lot on the other side, Mike!”

So, hey! Not your fault, right? All part of the game, you think, as you get on your knees, lower your head obediently and lock your hands behind your back. When you see his feet step before you, and you look up into his eyes, you see his pleased gaze of approval. Sweet! Country Club Drive and that new Porsche are only a few months of servitude away!

Hey let go of my ears i know what im doing @daddysbottom

Hey, let go of my ears! I know what I’m doing!

I was walking back to my dorm and i got this @daddysbottom

I was walking back to my dorm and I got this picture via text message. I didn’t have to spend too much time knowing what I was seeing. Quickly, I replied.

“Damn! U’ve found some1 to replace me?”

I had to find a bench to sit on. I didn’t want to walk and text at the same time. With what I was chatting about, I could easily walk into incoming traffic.

It took a minutes before I got a reply:

“Yeah, but he’s not as good as u”

Secretly, I got a small amount of satisfaction at knowing that. But still, I was jealous as hell. So I wrote back:

“Yeah, but u could at least wait a few months after I was gone!”

I kept looking at the photo. Shit, despite my jealousy, what I was seeing was turning me on. I could remember being in the same position, kneeling in between his legs, and sucking on that huge, juicy did while my hands roamed all over that hairy torso of his. Damn it, I was getting hard right there in the middle of campus.

My daydreaming was broken by the burp on my phone due to an incoming text. I got my reply.

“Can’t help it, son. I was too horny and I missed u.”

That was it. I was fully hard and there was no way I could stand up now to continue walking back to the dorms. So I texted him back:

“Who did U find?”

A few seconds later, came the reply:

“Look closely, boy. Can’t u tell who it is?”

I didn’t pay close attention to the boy sucking dad’s dick till he said that. It only took a few seconds before my jaw dropped in complete surprise. Holy shit! It was my younger brother Eric!

It has been close to a year since ive been back @daddysbottom

It has been close to a year since I’ve been back home. The old house that I grew up in looked rather old, but still sturdy. Both of my parents still live there, and my sister live a few miles from them. I, on the other hand, couldn’t wait to get out of rural America and moved into the big city. Being gay in small town USA is a dead-end street with no possible outlet.

But still, I had to go back and visit my folks, and I had to settle something else that had been nagging me ever since I left. When I walked back into the house and my mom hugging me and kissing me and fussing all over me, I felt like a 10-year old all over again. My parents, despite their conservative upbringing, accepted me fully when I came out to them. I knew I was lucky because I don’t know of any other families around there where this would have turned out similarly.

I chatted with mom while she was busy preparing a feast that could feed the entire town. My sister, her husband, and her 3 kids would be joining us later that day, so mom was cooking up a storm.

“Danny, go put your bags in your old bedroom and then go see your dad out in the barn. He’s expecting you and have been asking if you have arrived every 15 minutes. He’s driving me up the wall!” mom said as she stirred the pot of beef stew simmering on the stove.

I obeyed, and got my bags to my old room. It felt creepy because nothing seemed to have changed in there, as if it had been stuck in a time capsule. But I also knew that this was the room where it happened and left me with questions in my head the day I moved out and away. I knew that I just had to find out.

I changed clothes and walked out of the house towards the barn on the far side of our yard. The barn looked even more rundown, as if it was going to collapse with just a huff and a puff.

When I got close to the barn, I called out. “Dad?!”

I didn’t hear anything, so I continued my way into the barn, trying not to trip over the  various parts and tools on the ground. I turned around a wooden pen and that was when I saw him. He was standing there next to the door of the old red truck that hadn’t run in decades. I almost gasped out loud as I saw him shirtless, and with his worn jeans around his knees. He was looking at me while stroking his hard dick. I didn’t know how to react, but I knew I was slowly getting hard. Shit, this man just had his 60th birthday, and his body was still smoking hot from all the hard work that he had done in his life.

Suddenly, I knew that what happened that day in my bedroom a long time ago was all true. How he went into my room as I was about ready to leave, while everyone was downstairs ready to bid me goodbye. And how he grabbed me, and kissed me on the lips and forcing his tongue into my mouth. It wasn’t a kiss between father and son, but rather between two men about to have sex with one another. I was so surprised, I couldn’t remember what I did. All I knew was that before it could register in my head what was happening, dad was out of my bedroom and was gone. I stood there in my room for several minutes, not only trying to recover from the shock, but also trying to restart my short-circuited brain. I didn’t see that one coming.

When I went downstairs, everyone was there to say goodbye except for dad. And ever since then, we haven’t spoken a word to each other. That was a year ago, and it felt like a lifetime away.

And now that I was seeing him, practically naked in front of me, things were finally coming together. We stood there, staring at each other, not saying a word. Still, there were plenty being said. I finally walked up towards him until I stood just barely a couple of feet away. Throwing caution to the wind, I reached out and ran my  right hand all over his hairy chest. He closed his eyes and moaned softly in pleasure. I had never seen this expression on his face before. I was used to the stern, serious face growing up, not this expression of sensual pleasure that I was giving him. I pinched his left nipple and he opened his mustached framed lips and groaned.

Suddenly, he couldn’t stand it any longer. He looked at me, and then grabbed me hard. His lips crashed against mine. This time, I remembered this kiss. I remembered his forceful tongue pushing into my mouth, and I remembered kissing him back, giving him as much as he was giving me. I remembered us clawing at each other’s body as we undressed one another.

Right there, in that barn, I remembered dad and I making love for the very first time. I remembered every second of it.

This is why robin is extremely loyal to batman @daddysbottom

This is why Robin is extremely loyal to Batman.

I walked out of the bathroom and had to stop @daddysbottom

I walked out of the bathroom and had to stop myself at what I saw. He was already naked and lying on the bed. His legs spread wide apart, and his dick was already rock hard and pointing up.

My eyes scanned his thick, hairy body, the body that I had grown to love even more lately. I was remembering my fingers running through the thick, lush chest hair as I rode his cock.

My eyes met his, and I realized that he was doing the same thing to me. My body is almost the opposite of him. I’m smooth, with a swimmer’s built. Everyone said that I took after my mom’s  side of the family. I guess that was what made me so attracted to him, and him to me. His eyes zeroed in on my hard dick, which was considerably bigger than his.

When he finally brought his eyes to mine again, I could see the lust in his eyes. “I’ve missed you, Davy.” he said as his left hand wrapped tightly around his stiff cock and started to give it a slow, leisurely stroke. The wedding band on his finger glistened from the bright light coming from the window. It reminded me that he belonged to someone else, but for the next few hours, he was all mine.

I didn’t reply to him. Instead, I walked to the bed and laid my body completely on top of his muscular form. I had always loved how his strong, hairy body felt against my smooth skin, and told him so. Our faces were inches apart, and in barely a couple of seconds, our lips crashed against each other. It was a strong, passionate kiss between lovers, full of tongues and saliva and hot, heavy breathing.

A few minutes later, as we pant for our breath, I finally replied. “I missed you to, dad. I just wish you could stay longer after your business trip.” I kissed him once more.

Dont you just want to bend down and take a sip in @daddysbottom

Don’t you just want to bend down and take a sip in between his legs?

What the hell are you doing jason taking a @daddysbottom

“What the hell are you doing, Jason?”

Taking a picture of your sweet, tight ass before I fuck it.

“Damn it, boy! We don’t have time! Your mom is coming home in half an hour!”

Not to worry, Pops. You know that I only need 10 minutes to fuck the cum out of you and to breed your ass. We have plenty of time. Heck, I might even have time to go for seconds on that ass of yours.

“Stop snapping your photo and get on with it already!”

Alright, alright, old man! You must be horny for my hard dick, eh? Spread your legs wide, Pops, because you’re getting what you’re asking for!

This is the reason why men spend hours in the @daddysbottom

This is the reason why men spend hours in the garage working on their cars, especially when he has a buddy to work on the vehicle with him. So ladies, always give your men the time and space they need to be men that they are. You’ll see that they will look and feel happier.

Ajockedson i love going camping with the men in @daddysbottom


i love going camping with the men in my family

And I especially love watching Uncle Joe plowing his huge dick into dad’s hairy hole. Shit, I can’t wait to take my turn and fuck dad’s ass after Uncle Joe has lubricated it with his cum.

It is why all the men in the family look forward to going camping each summer.

Drakestories when do you gotta go dad @daddysbottom


“When do you gotta go?”

Dad sat across from me, nude from the waist down. Just like I did across from him. It was like if we put on our jeans, it would mean it was over, this incredible sex-filled weekend. That I had to go back to Stanford for my Tuesday class.

“Flight’s at 5:30,” I replied. It was almost 4 already. I had a feeling we’d be pushing the check in cutoff.

“When you coming home next?” His voice was serious, emotional in a way I’m not used to hearing my cutup, laidback Dad speaking.

“Probably not before Thanksgiving. Mom’s gonna want me to spend a few days with her and Will.” I got along with my stepdad OK, but it was hard to hide my resentment that I wasn’t spending my entire time home with Dad.

“A month. I don’t know if i can wait that long. Maybe I can squeeze in a trip to Palo Alto before then.”

“It would be great to see you Dad. Always is.”

He smiled, a little wistful. Then he spread his thighs, showing off his fatherly genitals, the nutsac hanging low beneath his cock. “I probably don’t have an erection left in me at this moment, son, but I’d love to feel your mouth on me some more before we go.”

I didn’t have a hardon left in me either but hearing him say that did make my prick get firmer. I stood up and walked to him, and then knelt between his legs. Kissed his cock and said, “I love you Dad.” And I took his soft, comforting penis into my mouth.

As i drove to my parents house i felt rather @daddysbottom

As I drove to my parents house, I felt rather apprehensive. In fact, I hadn’t felt like this since the day I came out to my parents that I’m gay. Maybe I should take comfort in that since it went way better than I expected, with both of my parents, and my siblings, accepting me lovingly, and things hadn’t change one bit. I was just hoping that this would go as well as that.

I knew that Mom was out of town visiting her brother’s family, and my brother and younger sister were still away in college. I called dad and told him that I was bringing Chinese take-out for dinner so that he won’t have to worry about making supper.

When I got there, dad already had plates set out on the kitchen island where we typically had our informal dinner. We took out the Chinese take-out cartoons and soon we were enjoying the food and catching up on each other’s lives. I only lived 45 minutes away and talked to my parents every couple  of weeks, but it was still nice to hear and see them in person. Still, all though the meal, my apprehension continued to build as I was trying to find the  right moment to bring up the topic.

We retired to the den to watch TV with our coffee after dinner. I decided that that was the best time to talk to dad. I took out my iPad, and brought up the picture.

“Dad, do you want to tell me what this is about?” I asked him as I showed him a picture of him, dressed only in a pair of jockstrap and socks, and sporting a sizable hardon.

Dad’s expression changed completely when he saw the photo. For the longest time, he only looked at it without saying a word. I looked at his face, and when I realized that he wasn’t about to say anything, shifted my gaze back to my iPad. The photo of my almost-naked dad on his knees on a bed was still being displayed. And I had to admit, for a 60-year old man, he looked damn good. His chest was still well-defined, covered with a layer of luscious grey hair. His physical work as a construction foreman kept his body in shape all through his life. In other words, he had nothing to be ashamed of with his body. But still, I’d like to know how this picture came about on a gay website.

Finally, after what seems like hours, dad finally spoke.

“I supposed there was a small risk that you might find it, Joe.” dad said. “Let me explain. Back in 2009, during all the real-estate crash and I lost my job, I had to do something. I couldn’t find another job in construction, if you remember. In fact, I was out of a job for almost a year before I got hired. I was actually drinking at a bar when someone approached me. He said he was a photographer and was looking for models to photograph  for a client. So I asked him “What are you looking at me for?” and laughed.”

Dad chuckled as he said this, recalling the moment. He continued. “The guy said that his models need to be older gentlemen. He said that he liked the way I look and will pay me $1000 for a 2-hour session. If the clients like the photos, he wanted me to come back and he’ll double that for another 2-hour session.”

Dad looked at me. “That’s $3000 that I could make in barely 4-hours, Joe. I knew that while we were not desperate for money, it was still something I could contribute to the household  expense, rather than just have your mother carry all the financial burden.” he explained. “So I agreed.”

Dad took a few breaths before he continued. “The first session was nothing unusual. He took photos of me either fully clothed, or with my shirt off. Nothing I wasn’t expected. And I have to admit, while I felt uncomfortable at first, after a while, I actually got into it. I think it boosted my ego just a bit that I’m being photographed for the way I looked, and that someone thought I was good-looking enough to model for him.”

This time, I actually smiled when I heard dad said that. Throughout his life, dad had never knew how good he looked. He was never vain in any way.

“Well, it turned out his client liked the photo, so I got called in for the second photo session.” dad continued. “This time, the photographer explained what the photos were going to be for. He told me about a gay website that caters to older men and their admirers. He said that it was a subscription website, and only members get to view the photos. But he also said that if I wish to continue, he will need nude photos because that is what the members want to see.”

Dad became silent after that, as if trying to let the situation sank in for him and me. After a few seconds, he picked up the story once more.

“I had to think quickly. I knew that there was a risk that the photo  might get posted elsewhere. I’m not naive. I also knew that there’s a small possibility that you might find it. Obviously, you did.”

I nodded. We remain quiet for a while before dad finished off the story. “To make a long story short, I said yes. I couldn’t turn down another couple of grand. I don’t know how well the photos turn out because I have never seen any of them. But the  photographer called a couple of months later and asked if I wanted to shoot another set. By then, I got a job, and I turned him down.”

Dad gave a loud sigh of relief. We remained silent for a few seconds before I said something. “Well, I think you looked damn good in this photo, so I’m not surprised that they wanted more of you.” I said with a smile.

I think dad had a look  of surprise. I don’t think he was expecting that from me. I looked back at the photo. “It looks like you took off your wedding ring. Smart move.” I said.

Dad actually chuckled. “The photographer wanted me to wear it during the photo shoot. He said that there were gay men out there who found married men a turn on. I wasn’t gonna go there and told him no.” he said.

I laughed and then asked “Whose idea was it to have you in the jockstrap and socks?”

“It was his idea. I had no clue what I was doing. Everything was his idea on what I should do and how I should pose.” dad replied as we both continued to admire the photo.

“Well, it looks like you were really having a good time, seeing how hard you were.” I asked the obvious.

Dad gave a loud snicker. “Well, Joe, if you must know, the photographer had an assistant with him which I later learned was called a fluffer.” he said as he laughed a bit. “So I was, shall I say, fluffed before each shot.”

We both laughed. But then, I had to ask. “So, was this fluffer a he or a she?”

Dad laughter died down. He looked at me in the eye as he replied. “It was a he.”

Again, another silent moment as we both were thinking of the situation. Finally, I said “It looked like he did a really good job on you.”

We both smiled.

“By the way, Joe. How  did you find the photo?” dad asked.

“I recently subscribed to the website. I was browsing videos and photo when I found it. It was one out of a dozen photos of you. At first, I thought it was just someone who looked like you. But when I looked at all of them, I knew that it had to be you. So I had to find out if it was true.” I replied.

Dad nodded.

I continued. “So, does anyone else know?”

Dad shook his head. “No, no one else other than you.”

“Well, I’m not gonna tell anyone. Besides, if you ask me, you haven’t done anything that you should be ashamed of. You did what you had to do, and you haven’t cheated on mom or anyone else. So dad, I’m proud of you.” I told him.

Dad smiled at me. He moved closer to me and we hugged each other. When the hug ended, dad looked at me and asked. “So tell me, Joe. Why did you subscribe to that website? I thought it was a site filled with older men?”

Suddenly, I felt a bit embarrassed to reply to his question. Still, if dad could be completely honest with me on this, I should be too. “Well dad, you see, I am actually attracted to older men. I haven’t told you much about my dating life, but most of the men that I’ve gone out with have been in their 40′s and 50′s.” I explained. Someone, I felt like a kid having to admit a naughty deed to a parent.

Dad looked at me with his eyes slightly wide open. “I never knew, Joe.” he said. He put his hand on my shoulder. “And look, you also shouldn’t be ashamed to say that to me. Shit, you’ve seen your dad naked sporting a woody on a gay website. Think about it!” he said with a chuckle.

I guess that situation sank in and we both laughed.

But after a while, dad once again looked me in the eye. His hand was still on my shoulder, softly rubbing my muscles. “So,” he asked, “you like older men, eh? Men of my age?”

This time, it was my turn to be a bit surprised and opened my eyes just a bit at his question. No, it wasn’t just the question, but the way he asked me. I search his face, as if trying to figure out the meaning behind what he asked. But all I could see was this handsome man, the face that I’ve known all my life. And my eyes couldn’t help but wander down his neck and the tufts of grey hair coming up in between his opened collar. I suddenly realized that I’m breathing his aroma, the smell that I always remember inhaling each time I sat on his lap when he was reading to me at night after dinner.

I looked back into his eyes. Dad had a questioning look in his eyes. I knew that I was fully hard and turned on. Suddenly, dad smiled. He leaned forward and our lips touched.

Ronny stood by the bed watching the hottest scene @daddysbottom

Ronny stood by the bed, watching the hottest scene he had ever seen. It was hotter than any porno video he had found online. He had to stop stroking his hard dick, afraid that he might  shoot his load any second now.

His eyes glued on the two sweaty bodies on the bed in front of him. The older man was plowing roughly into the younger man’s smooth ass from behind. Their moans and groans accompanied the loud sound of flesh slapping against flesh. Ronny knew that it won’t be long now.

And sure enough, barely a couple of minutes later, the fucker tilted his head up and cried out loud to the world, announcing his nut as his balls emptied out his cum deep inside that hungry hole. Ronny’s dick jerked uncontrollably, and he thought he might cum from just watching the breeding going on in front of him.

It was several minutes later than the older man recovered from his orgasm. Sweat was pouring from his body and dripping onto the body below him that has so valiantly received his hard fuck and his seed. While still breathing hard, the man turned his head to his left and looked at Ronny.

“Give me a few minutes to recover, son, and I’ll do you next.” his dad said. Ronny’s dick quivered upon hearing those words, his ass already clenching and expecting the invasion of his dad’s huge tool.

His older brother Mitch also looked  at him. “You’re gonna like it, bro. Shit, your dick is so hard, dad will easily fuck the cum out of you the way he did to me.” Mitch said.

Ronny stood by the bed in the state of extreme horniness as he watched his dad and his brother recovered from their hard fuck. He just didn’t know if he could wait that long to get his first fuck from his dad.

As soon as the last class of the day was over i @daddysbottom

As soon as the last class of the day was over,, I hurried to the hotel. He should have arrived a couple of hours ago. The hotel’s front desk had a key card waiting for me and I made my way to the room.

I opened the door and walked right into the suite. And there he was, sitting on the sofa, completely naked, waiting for me. He saw me and smiled while he grabbed his already-hard dick. I stood there, admiring his nakedness, his still-muscular, mature body that I could not get enough of.

I wanted to run over to him and kiss him and ravage that sexy body. But instead, I dropped by bag and started to take off my clothes right in front of him. The more I peeled off my clothes, the more I could see the lust in his eyes. It didn’t take long before I stood naked in front of him. My huge, hard dick expressed my strong desire  for him. His eyes zeroed in to my organ. Even after we crossed the line more than a year ago, I knew that he could not get over how much bigger I was than him. But I also knew that he was quite happy to get that much pleasure from my dick.

He looked back up at my face. “Fuck, you are one sexy stud, son.” Those were the first words he said to me since I walked into the room. My dick jerked excitedly upon hearing those.

“I could say the same about you too, dad. I can’t get enough of your tight body.” I replied as I slowly walked over to him, letting his eyes linger on every square inch of my body. Inevitably, his eyes stayed on my stiff 9-incher that was right at his eye level.

“God, I can’t believe that whole thing can fit into my ass.” he said as he admired my stiff dick.

I snickered. “Why don’t we try to get it back in there, old man? I want to see if I can make you cum hands free again while I drill your tight hole.” I replied as I aimed my dick towards his mouth.

Dad wanted to say something, but I already had shoved my hard dick half-way down his throat.

Drakestories i hung out regularly at tyler @daddysbottom


I hung out regularly at Tyler Harris’s house, and this Saturday was no exception. My best bud and lacrosse teammate was on the phone with his girlfriend and they were having a big argument. I’d seen them blow up before and I asked Tyler why he stuck with her if they bickered all the time. “She knows how to give good head,” was his only reply.

Anyway, I had a feeling this would be a while, so I left Tyler to have his privacy and walked downstairs to the living room. Mr. Harris was just coming in from running his Saturday errands, dressed casually in shorts, T-shirt and a baseball cap. I’ve always had a thing for Mr. H. He’s fit, handsome and has a real quiet laid-back masculinity. The fact we made out a month ago made it worse. Mr. Harris apologized and said he hadn’t meant for it to happen and asked me not to tell anyone. “We can’t do this again, Mike,” he had said, and that was that.

It had been pretty awkward after that, but Mr. H acted like everything was normal. After all, I was just his son’s best friend. I reasoned that it was just a fluke for him.

Until now. Mr. H greeted me and asked where Tyler was.

“He’s up in his room. Another argument with Julie,” I explained.

“Ha,” he chuckled. “It’ll be a while, then, huh?”

“Yessir,” I laughed. It was funny that I wasn’t the only one to notice this pattern.

“You able to entertain yourself?”

“Yessir,” I said.

“Well help yourself to whatever you need,” he said, and with that he took his shopping back down the hall.

The conversation was normal, but there was a vibe I was picking up on. The way Mr. H looked at me, like he was questioning me, maybe challenging me. Wondering if I was going to make a move again. I tried to shake off the feeling, after all he’d told me before nothing would happen again.

But that stare of his didn’t lie. I knew in my gut. Butterflies in my stomach, I walked down the hall to Tyler’s parents’ bedroom. I gave a quiet knock and stepped inside.

Mr. H had taken off his shirt and sat on the bed. He was waiting for me, his eyes on the door watching me step in. He leaned back, casually, inviting. Damn, his chest and torso were toned as hell for a guy that age. Mr Harris isn’t as hung as I am but it was a thrill to watch this older man, my best friend’s dad, bone up in his shorts.

“Shut the door,” he whispered.

I made sure the door knob didn’t click.

“Damnit, I tried keeping my hands off you,” he said softly.

“You don’t have to, sir.”

The passenger sitting in the front seat could not @daddysbottom

The passenger sitting in the front seat could not understand why the seat would not recline any further. It was as if there was a hard object impeding the recline.

Youve been waiting for him to get home from work @daddysbottom

You’ve been waiting for him to get home from work all day. Each time you think of him, you get hard, and your dick starts to leak. All you can think of is his hairy, mature, hairy body that is still well-muscled. And his thick cock that will make you scream in pain and pleasure.

So now that he’s home, you give yourself to him. You can feel his hunger and desire for you in his passionate kiss. He will take whatever he wants, whatever that will satisfy him. You will do whatever he wants you to do. After all, you’ve been waiting for your dad to get home and make love to you. So lay back, and let your father take you any way he wants.

Mr miller has always given jonathan special @daddysbottom

Mr. Miller has always given Jonathan special attention with his school work. He even let Jonathan come to his home for a private one-on-one tutoring. Jonathan is more than happy to do the extra work, because it helps with his school work, and he also likes Mr. Miller a lot.

But the best part out of all this is that, when Jonathan successfully completed an assignment, he get a special reward. It is something Jonathan always looks forward to, and what drives him to do well.

Jonathan’s parents are extremely happy to see their son doing so well in school. They couldn’t be more grateful to Mr. Miller for his personal help.

I spent a week with my friend rick at his house @daddysbottom

I spent a week with my friend Rick at his house during the summer after my Freshman year in college. We shared a dorm room, and became fast friends that year. So when he invited me to spend a week with him with his family, I gladly accepted.

I had met both of his parent when they dropped him off to college, and the few times that they came and visit. The first time I met Mr. Saxon, Rick’s dad, I felt a slight twinge in my spine. The man was in his late 50′s, but his handsome, corporate daddy look somehow triggered something in me. And he was also looking at me in an unusual way, as if he was checking me out. I brushed that off as being my active, horny imagination.

I was looking forward to staying at the Saxons, because they lived only a few block away from the beach. The first couple  of days I was there, Rick and I spent practically the entire day at the beach. On the third day, Rick had to drive him mom and sister to visit his aunt that was in a hospital, leaving me and Mr. Saxon alone.

It started out innocently enough, with both of us sitting in the backyard, chatting and enjoying the day. But one thing led to another, and the attraction between us was just too much. We ended up in the bed that I was using in the guest bedroom, and I got to ravage my best friend’s dad. I was pleasantly surprised that Mr. Saxon was a cock hound. He couldn’t get enough of my dick both in his mouth and up his tight, hairy ass. He rode my dick to completion that first time, before surrendering it while on his back and with me on top half an hour later.

That afternoon, I came 3 times inside Mr. Saxon ass. By the time Rick and his mom got back home, we were both exhausted and laying out in the backyard once more. Rick’s mom made the comment that she knew we were both going to just be a couple of lazy bums and did nothing all day long.

Mr. Saxon and I looked at each other and snickered. Unfortunately, Rick caught that, and I could see a questioning look on his face. Uh-oh.

You boys have fun that was the last i heard @daddysbottom

“You boys have fun!”

That was the last I heard from my sister before she took her daughter out of the door to spend the afternoon shopping and then visiting our parents. I had arrived at her house barely 10 minutes ago, eager to watch the baseball playoffs on TV with her husband and my hunky brother-in-law Jack.

But my sister barely drove off the driveway when both Jack and I tore at each other’s clothes. The baseball game was blaring from the large-screen TV in the den. The first hitter still hadn’t taken his first swing at bat and my mouth was already fully stuff with Jack’s own huge bat.

By the end of the first inning, Jack was pitching and I was catching. It didn’t last long and by the middle of the 2nd inning, we were exhausted. But that was just the first of many innings of pitching and catching.

I love baseball!

This is a continuation of this story once in a @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

Once in a while, we get a surprise that we didn’t expect.

We were in West Virginia one time for another rodeo. Dad and I, as always, were cruising the grounds before and after the show, trying to pick up any potential hook-ups. We both met Wayne Jordan, the organizer of the rodeo, and a bunch of other rodeos around the area.

At first, we were just having a pleasant conversation with him. We weren’t trying to pick him up, because till then, our aim had always been for the hired hands, the cowboys, and the likes, because they usually are more open to fool around. Wayne was someone out of our league, a wealthy, well-to-do individual that we had always stayed away from.

But it didn’t mean that he still wasn’t a hunk of a man. Shit, what I wouldn’t give to get into that tight jeans of his. That ring on his finger just made him even more desirable. And up close, this married man was even more handsome than I expected.

Wayne was very much interested in hearing about us, being very much a rodeo groupie all summer long. Dad told him as much as he should know, leaving out the part that we were both father and son, and how we had banged many people along the way. But Wayne kept probing more and more, and he was commenting on how we had the built to work at a rodeo (yes, we still like to walk around without our shirts on). I could see his eyes scanning our wide, hairy chest as he kept up with the conversation.

Finally, dad dropped hints that maybe we had fooled around with a few of the people that we met at these rodeos. I could see his eyebrows raised as he thought he finally realized what he had been told. The smile on his face indicated that he might be interested. I looked down at his crotch, and the bulge that was getting bigger confirmed that he definitely was.

I decided to go for it. “Instead of just talking about it, we both could show you personally why we like going to all these rodeos.” I said, giving him a wink.

Wayne laughed at the proposition. “I’m sure you can.” he replied. He still didn’t say yes or no. I could tell that the wheels inside his head was turning.

He was still thinking about it when dad urged him on. “So how about it, stud? I promise you, it will be the best time you’ll ever have here at the rodeo.”

Wayne laughed again. “Shit, I’ve never done anything like this. But what the hell. Meet me an hour after the rodeo in my RV over there, guys, and we’ll see what happens.” he replied.

We shook hands, as if we had just sealed a business deal, and spent the entire rodeo with rock-hard dicks just thinking that we had scored a major, unexpected catch at roping in The Wayne Jordan.

Turned out he was right. He had never done anything like that before, and I was the lucky stiff to deflower Wayne Jordan’s virgin ass. Dad had to smother Wayne’s mouth with a full-on kiss as I was penetrating him, because he was yelling pretty loud at his deflowering. If anyone had paid any attention, they would have seen his RV shaking from the intense fucking all night long.

Shit, dad and I are going to really miss the end of the rodeo season for this year.

This is a continuation of this story sally and @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

Sally and Brad were getting more and more adventurous into bringing a third person into their sexual adventures. They were in bed, enjoying the afterglow after their latest conquest had left after depositing his cum inside Brad’s ass and Sally’s eager pussy.

Finally, they were talking about one of their ultimate prize, the person who was coming in a few days to stay with them for a week.

Sally: “It’s now or never, hon. We won’t get to see as much of him this often.”

Brad: “I know. But I’m still not sure if this will work, or if he’ll bolt out of the house and never want to see us again.”

Sally: “There’s a chance of that, but I don’t think that will happen. After all, I told you before that I’ve seen him catching glances at me, and at my cleavage whenever he didn’t think anyone was watching. So he is definitely thinking about it.”

Brad: “OK, let’s go for it.”

Sally: “Great. Just so we know what to do, you’ll walk out of the house, and I’ll see if I can seduce him. I’ll bring him to our bedroom. Then you’ll sneak in and catch us.”

Brad: “Yeah, then I’ll tell him if he does not want this to come out, he’ll have to do everything we tell him to.”

Sally: “What will you ask him to do first?”

Brad: “Oh, probably order him to suck my cock and we’ll go from there.”

Sally: “Get him to suck your cock while he’s pounding my pussy.”

Brad: “Good idea. And hey, since you’re gonna bring him back into the room, shall we set up the cameras in here? We don’t have to tell him that we videotape everything.”

Sally: “Yes, we should. I love watching everything again later on, especially when you’re eating the cum leaking out of my pussy.”

Brad: “Or maybe while you suck the cum out of my ass.”

Sally: “We’ll take turns, dear. I’m sure after that first one, your dad will want to fuck around with us the entire time he’s here.”

Brad: “I sure hope so. I just hope I’m not freaking out my dad that he’s fucking around with his son and daughter-in-law.”

Marcus was getting close to his climax as his @daddysbottom

Marcus was getting close to his climax as his fucking because even harder and more vicious. The tight, hairy hole was gripping his thick, long shaft even more, trying to trigger his impending orgasm.

“C’mon, buddy! Show me how good you are! Pound my hungry butt! Pound it hard!” Ed was urging him on as he looked up to his young, handsome fucker who he could sense was getting close. Ed had already cum hands free several minutes ago, his cum still splattered all over his hairy torso, but his cock had regained its life while his ass was still being deeply penetrated by Marcus’s huge tool.

Marcus put his head down and went for his nut. He normally would try not to cum when he went out on his hustling calls, especially if he had multiple clients on the same day. But this one was different. He needed to cum, and he needed to impregnate Ed’s sweet ass with his semen. And the old man was begging for it too.

It was all too much. As he cried out loud, Marcus went over the edge and started to flood his cum into Ed’s hungry hole.

“Yeah, buddy. Breed me! Breed my hole, stud! Show me what you got!” Ed egged him on as he watched the young stud thrashed around as he dumped his load into Ed butt. It was easily Marcus’s largest load that he could remember, and his orgasm seemed to have gone on and on.

When the last drop  of cum was deposited deep inside Ed’s hole, Marcus collapsed on top of the older man’s body, trying to catch his breath. Ed wrapped his arms around the younger man, and finally, their lips met in a long, passionate kiss. Marcus’s semi-hard dick was still embedded in Ed’s well-fuck tunnel when their kiss finally ended. Ed was the first to speak.

“Fuck! No wonder they paid you all that money. You would have been worth every penny!” Ed said as he looked into his fucker’s face.

Marcus smiled. “Don’t worry, dad. I won’t charge you a cent any time you want my service.”

Their lips crushed against each other once more.

They didnt call him rear admiral for nothing @daddysbottom

They didn’t call him Rear Admiral for nothing.

His wife had barely walked out of the door when he @daddysbottom

His wife had barely walked out of the door when he crashed his body against mine. Our lips sought each other as our tongues explored each other’s mouth. There was hunger and desire boiling over, each wanting the pleasures that hadn’t been satiated for such a long time.

Our  hands were busy removing each other’s clothes, wanting to feel naked flesh against naked flesh. His hands roamed all over my hairy torso, while I can’t get enough of his tight body. He pulled down my underwear, and pushed me onto my back on the rug. I only had my socks on at that point, while he still had his white underwear on as he sat on the sofa. His eyes zoomed into my hard 8-inch daddy cock that was already leaking like a faucet.

He grabbed my right foot and started to remove my socks. He looked at me and smile. “I don’t want a single stitch on your body when I make love to you.” he said.

My dick jerked uncontrollably upon hearing that. He proceeded to remove my other socks, and as he wished, I was completely naked, lying on the floor in front of him. He stood up, and remove the last piece of clothing on him, his underwear. He laid his firm, naked body on top of mine, his face just above mine, his love for me was very apparent.

“I’ve missed you very much, dad.” he said, almost choking his words.

I held him tighter in my arms. “I’ve missed you to, son.” I replied.

Our lips crushed against each other once more as our bodies ground against one another.

Drakestories @daddysbottom



I’d love to know the source video for this. Can anyone help me out?

Video is titled “Real Men Have Hair” from SX video. This scene stars Dominik Rider, Marc West & Patrick Ives. It is hot as hell.

The god neptune finally emerged from the ocean and @daddysbottom

The God Neptune finally emerged from the ocean and demanded all land inhabitants to bow and worship him.

Who would argue when he looks like that?

A class lesson will always sink in much more with @daddysbottom

A class lesson will always sink in much more with the students if there is an appropriate class demonstration. 

Drakestories it was dads 50th birthday and i @daddysbottom


It was Dad’s 50th birthday and I wanted to do something special for him. The idea had started when we ventured into threesomes, never letting on with our partners that we were actual father and son rather than “dad” and “son.” Then, we had one foursome, with two guys my age, a couple who were exploring their mutual attraction to older guys. We each fucked Dad good and hard that night, twice each, and the next morning, when it was just us, I checked in to make sure he was OK with how it all had played out.

“Like you wouldn’t believe, Dan.” He looked into my eyes, to gauge my reaction. “I hope you don’t mind that your father’s a big hungry bottom.”

“You kidding, Dad? I fucking love it.” That made him smile and relax a little. I sensed something more was on his mind. “You ever think about, you know, taking on more guys? More than 2 or 3?”

Dad nodded, and I could feel that his cock was starting to firm up again as we snuggled together in bed. “Just a fantasy, son. Nothing more.”

“Like how many?” My prick was rising up to meet his steelhard erection.

He blushed. “I dunno. A lot I guess. A real gangbang.”

So that’s how we got here, a field next to a farmhouse we’d rented on Airbnb for the weekend. I’d set down blankets and a camping mattress, and a big canister of lubricant. I’d spent months on the guest list, all guys my age or younger, big guys, thin guys, jocks and ordinary dudes. All tops or at least wanting their chance to have a piece of the hottest DILF in the area.

“Ready dad?” I asked, squatting down to get closer to ground level. He didn’t look nervous or hesitant, just excited. So I didn’t wait for his answer.

“All right, the first guy,” I ordered and a beefy football player lubed up and crawled on top of my father for the first fuck of the afternoon.

Marriedbisexualson my dad loved the wilderness @daddysbottom


My Dad loved the wilderness so it was only fitting that I be a Boy Scout. He would always come with us on our camping trips every summer since I was a kid. Now that I was an Explorer and no longer a Boy Scout, Dad said this would be his last trip. I understood why and I was cool with that.
One day before lunch, I was going to creep up to the Main Cabins and scare my Dad and the others. I quietly crept through the forest and made my way.

I got half way there when I noticed someone in the forest. I slowly got closer to see who it was.

I then saw my Father standing up and my Cousin bent down. My cousin was giving him a blow job in the forest! I sat there shocked. I couldn’t look away. I was strangely starting to feel turned on. My dick began to stiffen and My heart began to beat uncontrollably. As my cousin kept going back and fourth on his dick, I heard my Dad say “Come on Mikey, make your Uncle Cum.” I was so turned on that I went to rub on my dick and watch. All of a sudden I lost my balance and leaned hard against a bush. My Cousin stopped and my Dad zipped up his pants quickly. “What the Fuck!?!” He shouted.

I didn’t know what to do. I stood up and said “I’m sorry Dad. I didn’t know you were going to be here.”

He then froze realizing it was me and what I must have saw.

“What… What did you see?”

I stayed quiet for a moment or two. Saw the paleness set in his frightened face… “Dad. I saw what I would like to do as well.”

Traffic to get there was a bitch but i finally @daddysbottom

Traffic to get there was a bitch, but I finally got to the gay resort late afternoon. I checked in quickly, got to my room, got undressed, and walked to the pool with just a towel around my waist. Turned out that the party was already in full swing.

Naked men were everywhere and in various activities. Some were just frolicking in the water. Some were simply sitting and chatting while watching the actions. Others were already engaging in either heavy petting, cocksucking, getting sucked, and even a few fucking actions going on at various corners. I could see couples going off into various secluded areas and into rooms for more privacy with that they were about go engage in.

I found an empty lounge chair, removed my towel, and sat down to watch. In just a few just a few minutes, I got several interested looks from a number of men, who I was sure was very much fascinated in seeing how much bigger my dick will grow. It was already 7 inches semi hard as I absorbed all the sights of naked men all around me. But I also maintain a regular workout and knew that while I wasn’t a muscle head, I have nothing to be ashamed of with my body.

But despite all these opportunities, I was looking for someone in particular. I scanned the crowd, trying to see if I can find what I was looking for. It took a few minutes of looking carefully all over the pool area when I finally spotted him. He was standing against the wall completely naked. His well-toned hairy, body looked amazing for someone who has just turned 60. His handsome face looked older with his grey beard and receding hairline. But there was no denying the masculinity of this man, especially as he was displaying a fully erect cock. He was just my type, and what I was looking for.

He had his arms around his back, putting his naked body on display. In the few minutes since my eyes spotted him, I saw several men approached him and trying to put the moves on him. One man, almost my age and young enough to be his son, was really trying to seduce him as the guy had his hand all over the older stud. I thought he was going to succumb to this young guy’s attention, especially when they were engaging in such heavy kissing. But I saw him say something to the guy, they kissed one more time, and the younger man moved away.

But it didn’t take long before another man, this time a big, muscular bear, got next to him and started to grab and stroke my stud’s cock (yes, by then I was already claiming him as mine). Obviously, this bear was a take-charge kinda man, and he knew what he wanted. Again, I thought my man was going to succumb to this dominant bear’s  action, but again, he spoke something to him, the bear gave his cock one last stroke, and walked away.

After seeing a few other men tried and failed to lure him, I thought it was time that I made my move on this older stud. I got up from my lounge chair and walked directly to him, my dick at its full 9-inch erection. I was sure a few men that I passed gave it a look, but my attention was focused on getting this mature stud and not letting him get away.

I was a few feet from him when he finally saw me. Or I should say, he first saw the huge dick that was aimed at him and approaching him rapidly, before he looked up at my face. I think he might have tried to keep his face expressionless, but I could sense a bit of excitement in his eyes.

I got right in front of him, and without saying a word, ran my hands all over his hairy chest. He threw his head back just a bit and I could hear a soft moan as my fingers ran across his nipples. I looked down and saw that his dick was completely hard and leaking its clear juices. He must have been turned on and stimulated by all the men who put a make on him the past several minutes.

“I saw you turned down several of your suitors. You must have been waiting just for me.” I finally said something to him. My hands continue to molest his torso. He continued to stand there, arms behind his back, letting me do whatever I wanted to.

He looked at me. “I’m waiting for the right man, a real man, with all the right moves. What makes you think you’re him?” he asked me bluntly.

I smiled upon hearing that. I pinched his nipples and he groaned in pain and pleasure. “Because I can make you cum hands free when I fucked you hard and deep, just the way you begged me to.” I replied confidently.

His hard, expressionless face finally broke down into a snicker. “You fucker!” he said as he laughed.

“Yeah, dad! I’m about to fuck you, so I am your fucker!” I replied as we both laughed.

Finally, he said “Let’s go back to my room. I’ve been horny for the past hour waiting for you to get here. I almost took up on that offer by that hot muscular bear if you didn’t show up when you did.”

I leaned in and planted a kiss on him. When we broke apart, with my body still leaning against him, I whispered into his ear “Maybe you might still get that hot bear, after I’m done with you, old man. It will be hot to watch you getting shafted by him. Your ass will be nice and juicy by the time I go at it again.”

I look into his eyes, and I could tell that he was picturing what I just said, of him getting fucked by some muscular, hairy stranger, while his own son watching all of it. The lust and horniness in his eyes told everything.

“Jesus Christ, let’s get the fuck out of here!” he exclaimed.

We couldn’t get to his room fast enough.

As his personal assistant it is part of sams job @daddysbottom

As his personal assistant, it is part of Sam’s job to serve his boss however it is needed. And it is customary for Sam to provide relief to his boss from all the pressures that his boss is under during the delicate negotiations for the merger of the two companies. This negotiations will run late into the night, and Sam will be with his boss for as long as he is needed.

This is a continuation of this story the men @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this story}

The men suckling on other men movement is also spreading to siblings. Sibling rivalries among brothers have been shown to be severely diminished when the brothers are encouraged to suckle on each other’s nipples. As with fathers and sons, the physical act of suckling creates a bond between the two males that cannot be established by other means. The brothers tend to grow closer to one another.

There have been unconfirmed reports of incestuous relationships between brothers after they have been introduced to this act. So far, these have not been verified, and concerned parents have been monitoring their children. However, adults childrens, especially those who have left home for college, are more difficult to monitor. Most involved reported only participation in suckling of their brothers and nothing else.

The authority to promote male suckling continues to monitor and evaluate the situation.

When they both turned 18 mr henderson told his @daddysbottom

When they both turned 18, Mr. Henderson told his son Josh and Josh’s best friend Gary that he will teach them how to be a man.

To their pleasant surprise, it wasn’t anything as embarrassing as they expected. On the contrary, Josh and Gary wanted more lessons from Mr. Henderson on how to be a man, how to suck cock, how to fuck ass, and how to get fucked in the ass. Gary couldn’t believe that watching Mr. Henderson fucked his own son was a bigger turn-on than watching chick porno on the internet. And Josh never realized how hot it was to have this best friend watch him getting fucked by his own dad.

It was the best lesson about being an adult that they ever had.

Is this too big for you no really gee how many @daddysbottom

Is this too big for you?

No? Really?

Gee, how many men have you been with?

Oh god, that many? And I didn’t know anything about this till now?

Shit, I only wish that I had been the one to bust your cherry ass.

That’s alright, son. I understand. Now let’s make up for loss time. Come over here and sit on your dad’s hard cock, and show me what you’ve learned about getting fucked from all those men.

For the past 5 years i had the enviable task of @daddysbottom

For the past 5 years, I had the enviable task of being the photographer for the annual Firefighters Calendar. When I took over, I decided to jazz it up a bit and increase the sexiness of these men. It worked, and the calendar that year became a hit. Each year, they sold more and more calendar, and so this year, they brought me back for another round.

We got even more daring this year. A few of the firefighters agreed to be photographed nude, with just a few strategically-placed items to hide their genitals. The photograph session went smoothly and I could smell another huge seller this year with what I had.

We were wrapping things up at the end of the day. Everyone was gone except for Eric and Brad. Eric was still in the firetruck after I had finished snapping his photos, and his buddy Brad was watching us finishing the photo shoot. I saw these two men and jokingly, told these two muscle hunks that they should flex their biceps together so that I could snap their picture. They actually went for it. I grabbed my camera and started to snap photos of them displaying their amazing biceps.

At some point, they were actually displaying their amazing muscles to each other. Still completely nude, Brad walked closer to Eric, who was still in the firetruck. Both of them were eyeing the other as if they were absorbed in the beauty of the other’s body. By then, I almost felt as if they forgot that I was still there, and still snapping their pictures.

The muscular posing went on for several minutes. Then I saw Brad putting his hand on Eric’s thighs. I saw them staring at each other, as if communicating and asking silent thoughts. It felt like minutes, but only seconds later, they got even closer. I almost gasped in surprise as these two muscular firefighters lip-lock with one another in a very hot kiss.

I suddenly felt like I shouldn’t be there, and that I need to run away, but I couldn’t. Instead, I continued to snap away this very intimate moment between these two men. The kiss went on for several minutes, and it got progressively more passionate.

They the kiss ended, Eric climbed off the truck, and the two men had their hands all over each other’s body, running their fingers on those massive chest and arms. Their body glistened from sweat and the baby oil that was used during the photo shoot, and their manhood were totally erect by then. I couldn’t believe what I was witnessing, and continued to capture the magical moment. This was the hottest scene I had ever witness.

But I was wrong. It got hotter just a few minutes later when Eric knelt down and started to suck on Brad’s huge penis. My camera was going non-stop snapping every second of this sexual act between two brave men. I knew that my dick was rock hard and demanding attention at that moment, but I just couldn’t put down my camera and miss all this.

This was the best firefighters calendar photo shoot ever!

{This story continues here}

It requires a perfect aim to hit bullseye every @daddysbottom

It requires a perfect aim to hit bullseye every single time.

After college i moved back to my hometown but @daddysbottom

After college, I moved back to my hometown, but got an apartment in the city about 45 minutes from where my parents lived. I was busy with my new career and didn’t have much time for a social life, much less, finding someone to hook up with.

Still, I took an afternoon off in the middle of the week and decided to check out this part of the forest preserve that I knew was rather cruisey. Back then before I left for college, I hooked up with a few men out there looking for a quick one. So I wanted to see if it was like it used to be.

I parked a distance away and decided to walk to the area. It had many small, meandering paths, and I knew of a couple parking areas that were also prime areas for pick ups. It was mid afternoon, and the place was rather deserted.

Still, as I approached one of the parking lot, I saw a vehicle parked there with a shirtless, older man sitting at the wheel. He saw me from a distance, and kept his eyes on me. The path that I was on went directly in front of his vehicle, so as I kept getting closer, I could feel his glare on me.

I was close enough to see him, and to my surprise, I knew who he was! Damn, there goes my luck! He was probably staring at me because he knew me.

Thinking that I’d better act as if I was simply taking an afternoon stroll, I thought I should say hi to him. So I waved and walked next to his vehicle.

“Hey there, stud. Looking for some action?” the man said to me before I could say anything.

I almost jumped back with surprise at what he just said to me. Dumbfounded, the only words that came out of my mouth was “Er… yeah, sure! You?”

I couldn’t believe I said that. But my mind almost went blank. He was sitting there only in his shorts. His exposed torso revealing the wide, broad chest covered with a thick layer of hair. Fuck, if he was someone else, I could easily go for this daddy.

“Great. You are one handsome, young stud. Think you’ll go for someone like me?” he asked. He began rubbing his hand on the bulge in his shorts.

“Shit!” I said to myself. “He doesn’t remember me!” I regain my composure and my mind was racing as my libido and my conscience fought each other. My eyes was transfixed at his crotch as he continued to fondle with his tool through his shorts.

My silence and my stare as his package might have given him the signal that I was interested. Before I could say anything, he lifted his butt off the car seat and in one swift move, slipped his shorts down to his knees. His thick, uncut cock stood at attention.

I may had been surprised by the unexpected turn of events, but it didn’t stop my mouth from watering as I watched that daddy cock. And yeah, I knew it was a daddy cock belonging to a married man who had sired 3 kids.

“If you like what you see, why don’t you get in on the other side?” he asked as he looked at my face. Yup, he still had no clue who I was.

With my own dick fully hard and straining against my tight jeans, my libido won over. I went around to the passenger side and got in next to him. Without waiting, I bent down and swallowed the daddy cock all the way down my throat, eliciting a loud moan from this man. It was about 4 years ago when I last saw him, at his son’s graduation party before we all left for college. As I eagerly sucked his fat cock, I tried to push out the picture of me sucking on my best friend’s dad’s dick.

Hi im ed you called about a plumbing problem @daddysbottom

“Hi, I’m Ed. You called about a plumbing problem?”

I was taken aback at the stud that I saw standing at the door. In the split second after I opened it, I was yelling to myself in my head “Yes! I hit the jackpot!” Looking at just his face framed by the baseball hat, the trimmed mustache and goatee, this man was hitting all my buttons.

“Er… yes. I did call. Please come in and I’ll show you the problem.” I quickly reply as I recovered from my admiration of this man.

I led him to the guests bathroom. “The shower and the sink in here are not draining very well. I’ve tried all those liquids to get rid of any blockage, but it hasn’t seem to work.” I explained to him.

As he started to examine the problem, I had a chance to get a closer look at this dream of a man. Shit, he was well-built by the way his torso filled his shirt. From behind, his filled his pants quite well. But this was nothing when compared to what happened next. After he stood up and faced me to explain what he thought was the problem, my eyes finally wandered down to his crotch. I almost gasped at what I saw. There, snaking down the right side of his pants, was a prominent outline of his large, soft cock!

My eyes quickly darted back to his face when I realized that he had stopped talking. I saw a slight smile on his face.

“Looks like you have more than one plumbing needs.” he said with a wink. “I think I can handle both of them.”

He was right. By the end of the afternoon, both my bathroom pipes and my own internal pipes were free of any blockage. He had just the right tool to the the job to my satisfaction.

This is what dad looks like after i was done with @daddysbottom

This is what dad looks like after I was done with him - exhausted, drained, and sedated, with his butt full of my cum.

Shit, if he doesn’t move soon, I’m gonna get hard again just by looking at him and rape his ass for a second time.

The moment the lips and tongue made contact with @daddysbottom

The moment the lips and tongue made contact with his butt hole, Andy cried out loud. He was taken aback at the intensity of the sensation and pleasure as his butt was being eaten for the very first time. He had no clue how good that mouth was because he had known no other, but it was good enough that his dick was harder than he had ever remembered it.

The tongue pushed harder past his anal ring and invaded his butt. This sent Andy almost climbing up the wall, his legs almost collapsed from under him. This made his  ass sat down further on that mouth, allowing the man to penetrate Andy’s butt even deeper with his tongue.

That mouth continued to eat Andy butt  for the next few minutes. “If you don’t stop, I’m gonna cum!” Andy cried out as the first tell-tale signs of an impending orgasm hit him. But the man didn’t stop. If anything, he increased the rate of his tongue darting in and out of Andy’s hole. Andy knew he couldn’t  hold back any more.

“Dad!!” he cried out as his cum shot out of his dick hands free. As he thrashed in the throes of his nut, his dad continued to attack Andy’s slick, puckered hole. His dad knew that this was just the beginning.

When i walked out of the bathroom he had the bed @daddysbottom

When I walked out of the bathroom, he had the bed almost already made up. He was bent over trying to rearrange the pillows the way housekeeping would have done it.

I looked at him as I was putting on my clothes. His back still had a sheen of sweat from the vigorous sex we had just a few minutes ago. My eyes zoomed in on his butt that has sucked the cum out of my balls. I was surprised that it wasn’t leaking any of my juices. I was glad that I didn’t leave any marks on his body that might give him away, or maybe I should have.

He was still busy with the pillows when I was fully dressed. I knew I should be out of there before his wife came back from her shopping trip.

“Well, I guess I should be going. Thanks. I had fun.” I said, awkwardly.

He turned his head and nodded. “I had fun to. Thanks.” he replied and turned back his head to finish what he was doing, which was to remove any trace of what had happened on that bed.

I knew I wasn’t welcomed anymore, and proceeded to walk out of the hotel room. As I heard the door slammed shut behind me, I realized that I didn’t even know his name.

D d dad marcus stuttered when he saw his @daddysbottom

“D… d.. dad?!”

Marcus stuttered when he saw his dad after walking into the kitchen.

“Yeah?” his dad turned and looked at him. “Is there a problem?” he asked.

Marcus was tongue tied. 26-year old Marcus, an aspiring young attorney, suddenly at a loss of words to say as he looked at his naked dad standing in the middle of the kitchen in the home that Marcus grew up.

“Are you uncomfortable with me being naked?” his dad asked.

“N… no..” Marcus tried to reply. “It’s just that, I didn’t expect to see you like this.”

They both knew what Marcus was talking about. His dad was the picture of a distinguished, proper, administrator. He was almost always, impeccably dressed, so Marcus can’t remember the last time he saw his dad in a stage of undressed.

“I decided that whenever your mother and sister are not in the house, I’m gonna go bare assed. First time I did it, I liked it. So now I do it all the time whenever I have the house to myself. I didn’t think you’d mind, son.” his dad explained.

Marcus couldn’t keep his eyes off his dad’s body. “No, dad. I don’t mind. I just was caught unexpected.  You can certainly walk around bare assed as much as you want in your own house.” Marcus replied. Quietly, Marcus couldn’t believe how good his dad looked for a man approaching 60. His body was still tight, and with muscular definition.

His dad smiled. “Good!” he said.

This was followed by a moment of awkward silence. Marcus never took his eyes off his dad, and his dad looked at Marcus as if trying to read his mind.

“I don’t mind if you do it too.” his dad suddenly said, breaking the silence.

“What?” Marcus asked.

“I don’t mind if you want to walk around the house naked. It’s just us guys in here right now. So if you want to go bare assed just like me, go right ahead.” his dad said, still eyeing Marcus intently.

Marcus froze. Normally, he’d love to strip down. After all, he did that often in his own apartment downtown. But he was hesitant to know  what to do then. How could he explain to his dad when his dad saw the full erection Marcus was sporting right at that moment?

The corporate married daddy in drakestories @daddysbottom

The corporate, married daddy in Drakestories “Jeff’s Bachelor Vacation” and “Jeff’s Bachelor Vacation Pt. 2″.

With this much prime beef it might be cheaper to @daddysbottom

With this much prime beef, it might be cheaper to buy it by the pound (or kilogram if you are outside the US).

Carl had been pounding that smooth tight ass for @daddysbottom

Carl had been pounding that smooth, tight ass for the past 15 minutes. They had been in many different positions, and Carl had come close to shooting off a couple of times. But this time, with him pounding Luke’s butt from behind, Carl couldn’t hold back any longer. He picked up his fucking pace, and the force of his hips crashing against Luke’s butt increased, causing Luke to cry out in pain and pleasure at the brutal assault.

They both knew that it was coming. Through the rough fucking on his hole, Luke tightened his butt. Through the loud slapping sound made by the crashing of flesh against flesh, Carl cried out and gave one last, tremendous slam against the hungry ass. His body jerked as globs and globs of his hot, sticky cum flooded the boy’s hungry hole. Luke could feel the warm fluid filling his ass, and repeatedly squeezed his ass muscles trying to coax as much spunk out of the huge dick buried deep inside of him.

Carl’s hand gripped Luke’s hips tight as his orgasm subsided. It has been almost a minute since the first cum bullet shot out of his dick, and it was still dribbling the few last drops into that welcoming hole. He sighed and gasped for breath.

Luke raised his body and stood on his knees as his bowels felt full with hot, precious cum. Even without shooting off yet, Luke felt contented and fulfilled. Things couldn’t be any better….. well, maybe he wished that he was on his back and able to see his father’s face when he had his orgasm. Nothing turned Luke on more than seeing his father in the throes of a climax as he unloaded into Luke ass.

Luke was glad that they had the house to themselves for the next couple of hours. He was determined to make his dad cum again.

This is a continuation of this series sgt bill @daddysbottom

{This is a continuation of this series}

Sgt. Bill Andrews sat in the waiting room in an extremely nervous state.  He was fidgeting constantly, and looking at his watch every few seconds. I and the rest of the evaluation team looked at the situation via TV monitors.

Joe, counselor for the past 3 months, sat next to him and had been trying to calm him down.

“Things are going to be alright, Bill” Joe said. “They are your family. They are anxious to see you.”

Andrews nodded. He had been back in the country for almost 3 months now. but his arrival was kept secret from the rest of his family. He was sent to us by the Army after an incident on the battle field. He suffered a minor injury during a bombing attack. But what was more severe was his mental well-being after seeing men in his troops, and especially his best buddy, died in battle.

He was a tough one to crack, until I discovered a photo of Andrews best friend who died in battle. Cpl. Wilson bore a striking resemblance to one of our counselor, Joe, who was an Army corporal himself before he joined my team. I decided to take a chance and assigned Joe to Andrews’ case.

It took almost 3 long months to get Andrews to open up and finally able to deal with the loss that he experienced. And having Joe as his counselor worked exactly as I had expected. We knew that there was a deeper relationship  between the two men than what had been recorded, something that was revealed the first time Andrews made love to Joe. It was as if it was Andrews way of saying goodbye to his secret lover.It was soon after that that we knew he was ready to be reunited with his family.

But now, as I looked at the TV monitor and saw how nervous  Sgt. Andrews was at this reunion, I began to question if he was truly ready. He was about to be reunited with his wife and their 6-month old son that he has never seen. Instead of being happy, I could see almost a look of terror on his face.

Suddenly, I could hear Joe’s  voice.“That’s it.  Bill, stand up!” he commanded.I could see the hesitation in Andrews face, but after a few seconds, he obeyed. Joe immediately knelt in front of Andrews and proceeded to unzip the soldier’s pants. Without much delay, Joe swallowed the  cock that he fished out of the uniform. The cock grew in size in no time, and I could hear the moaning coming from Andrews.

I smiled, because I knew what Joe was up to. But it was risky because in a few minutes, the rest of Andrews’ family was scheduled to arrive for the reunion. I watched the TV monitor as I saw Joe vigorously sucking on Andrews huge cock.

I needn’t worry. In barely 5 minutes, I saw Andrews grabbed Joe’s head, and in one hard shove, buried his dick down Joe’s throat and unloaded his semen. It must have been a big one, because it went on for several seconds, and I could see some spilling out of Joe’s lips.

When Andrews came down from his orgasm, he withdrew his spent cock from Joe’s mouth. Immediately, he bent  down and gave Joe long, passionate kiss as they passed Andrews’ cum back and forth between them.

“Thanks, buddy! I needed that.” Andrews said to Joe, before giving him one more kiss and zipping himself up. Joe wiped himself clean to make him look presentable to the guests. And with great timing, I saw the door to the waiting room opened, and a large group  of people came in.

Andrews looked thoroughly relaxed by now, and with a big smile on his face, he rant into the arms of his family. I smiled as I saw the warm reunion. As I saw Andrews kissing his wife, I wondered if his wife could detect remnants of his own cum in his mouth.

I decided to make sure we stock breath mints in the waiting room.

Ben had been having wet dreams about coach morris @daddysbottom

Ben had been having wet dreams about Coach Morris ever since he joined the team. Shit, he had never seen a more beautiful, muscular, gorgeous man in his life! Coach Morris muscular, ebony skin was perfect, and Ben could only imagine how big Coach’s dick was through the size of the bulge that was always present in his athletic wear.

It finally happened late one afternoon, after everyone was gone, and it was only the two of them in the coach’s office. One thing led to another, and soon Ben  found himself kneeling in front of the man he had lusted all this while. Coach Morris was already shirtless, and as much as Ben would love to just strip him down, he took the time to grope the obscene bulge in the sweat pants.

But his desires took over him and Ben couldn’t wait to see his prize. As  he pull down coach’s pants, much to his delight, coach wasn’t wearing any underwear. As soon as he had pulled down the waistband down far enough, he saw the object of  his desire, and he wasn’t disappointed. It was the biggest, thickest, and most magnificent piece of man meat he had ever seen.

Ben mouth was salivating. He gave the hard dick a lick, and then plunged the entire thing into his mouth and down his throat. He was chocking due to its size, but Ben didn’t care if he died impaled on this ebony monster.

He heard coach’s moan in pleasure as Ben started to increase his pace sucking on coach’s dick. He knew that he wanted Coach Morris cum down his throat. And in the back of his mind, he hoped that coach had plenty left to go a second round on his ass.