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I am an unowned submissive bottom boy living in London UK. I love to pleasure my Males cock, eat cum, get fucked, use toys and show pictures of the erotic male form. I also have a fetish for shorts and underwear. If you would like me to serve your needs let me know, Thank you Sir! Some pictures are my own others are re blogged from the internet. If for any reason anyone would like a credit or to have a picture removed please let me know. Any reference to boy is within the Master/boy relationship. Boy in no way refers to underage males. As far as I am aware all pictures are of males 18 years and over. This is an adult Site. - Masters Boy (@daddysboytoy)
Magnificent @daddysboytoy


White joy @daddysboytoy

White joy.

Male using white for pleasure @daddysboytoy

Male using white for pleasure!

Truly glorious for both the white and the male @daddysboytoy

Truly Glorious for both the white and the Male!

Bliss @daddysboytoy


Whiteslavebcn natural placenatural songs @daddysboytoy


Natural place…Natural songs.

Barebackbottomboi19 this is why god gave @daddysboytoy


This is why God gave bottoms HAIR

Destroywhiteboys thats it bitch give it a @daddysboytoy


“That’s it, bitch. Give it a nice big kiss…just like your daddy does.”

Just a breeding pig @daddysboytoy

Just a breeding pig.

Developing inferior whites to a more useful life @daddysboytoy

Developing inferior whites to a more useful life.

Wonderful display of male power over their white @daddysboytoy

Wonderful display of Male power over their white pet.

Gettingplowed fucked by a bull @daddysboytoy


…fucked by a bull…

The power of men turn out another white pussy @daddysboytoy

The power of Men turn out another white pussy.

Wonderful to see a father and son sharing a white @daddysboytoy

Wonderful to see a Father and Son sharing a white pleasure pet.

Another white learns to worship our superior @daddysboytoy

Another white learns to worship our superior.

Males using their white pet @daddysboytoy

Males using their white pet.

There is great satisfaction for us whites to be @daddysboytoy

There is great satisfaction for us whites to be allowed to take care of the Male needs.

Notice how the male keeps his white in a jock it @daddysboytoy

Notice how the Male keeps his white in a jock. It helps the white focus on the Mans powerful hard cock.

Popejohnsmith guy business @daddysboytoy


Guy Business

Beautiful to see a male mounting his white pussy @daddysboytoy

Beautiful to see a Male mounting his white pussy.

Timarxus solis by tws source @daddysboytoy


Solis by TWS


Magnificent the way the male rides his white @daddysboytoy

Magnificent the way the Male rides his white!

Gaycuckhusband cucklife @daddysboytoy



Marcussnow69 blessedblackboys @daddysboytoy



Them lips and that dik omg. Reblogged by @marcussnow69

Hunternprey black cocks matter fuck that ass @daddysboytoy


HM & Hunter, cum see our archives 37,000 followers :)

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Servingmyblkdaddy i love how so many of these @daddysboytoy


i love how so many of these white boys seem totally in love with the Big Beautiful Black Dicks they are worshipping. They have obviously submitted fully to the Superior Black Male they are worshipping. This is exactly how it is for me when i worship Daddy with His mouth pussy

As it should be !

Blessedblackboys blessedblackboystumblrcom @daddysboytoy


Bow2superior bbc faggywhore on its white @daddysboytoy



On its white knees before the Black King


Mastershango untitled 1 mastershangosays @daddysboytoy


UNTITLED #1  #MasterSHANGOSays #CuckoldLife 

Blackrulephotoblog alex carefully cleans his @daddysboytoy


Alex carefully cleans his owner’s dick after a particularly brutal fuck.  It is difficult to keep the tears of pain out of his eyes.

The men have trained this white well @daddysboytoy

The Men have trained this white well.

Talented cock sucker @daddysboytoy

Talented cock sucker.

Luckycreamcollector we were the only two biding @daddysboytoy


We were the only two biding on the remodeling job for Mr. Willson..He suggested we work it out.  We both got the job…….

Destroywhiteboys i guess you cant call @daddysboytoy


I guess you can’t call yourself a man anymore, huh? You’re just this alpha nigger’s breeding pig now.

Developing white obedience @daddysboytoy

Developing white obedience

Original81485952 copyautocorrect @daddysboytoy


                                    Pornhubgay   Album By kubak90m


See how natural it is for us whites to spread our @daddysboytoy

See how natural it is for us whites to spread our legs for Black Men.

Gettingplowed giveem that dick @daddysboytoy


…give'em that dick…

Mancandykings john boyega photographed by mark @daddysboytoy


John Boyega photographed by Mark Mann for CNet

Ohthentic parkerkithill the most beautiful @daddysboytoy



the most beautiful skin


Gaycuckold he pulled out and shot all over my @daddysboytoy


“he pulled out and shot all over my hole….. then he used his dick and pushed it all in me”

White with skills @daddysboytoy

White with skills.

Fuckedupholes loose fisted hole because he @daddysboytoy


Loose fisted hole

Because he can.

Masterful man developing the whites mind and body @daddysboytoy

Masterful Man developing the whites mind and body.

Magnificent @daddysboytoy


Wonderful to see males who know what a white is @daddysboytoy

Wonderful to see Males who know what a white is good for!

Beautiful @daddysboytoy