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Daddy's fucktoy @daddysfucktoy

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Daddy's little kinky slut. D/s relationship with Daddy Dom of almost a year and all the dirty things that keep his babygirl wet and horny WARNING: SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MATERIAL NOT FOR MINORS - Daddy's fucktoy (@daddysfucktoy)
Plussize toyprincess its here oh my god @daddysfucktoy


Expect some pictures later ;)

Omg i love when daddy holds me just like this in @daddysfucktoy

OMG i love when daddy holds me JUST like this in his big chair. I could melt, die, and hyperventilate all at the same time. <3333

Daddysdolly want @daddysfucktoy



Deadm0th need it @daddysfucktoy


need it

Fortheloveofasub i am not bound by links of @daddysfucktoy


I am not bound by links of steel
The ties that bind me are not real
You cannot see them, but I feel
Bound to you, in kind.

The chains you put upon my heart
Ensured, from you I’d never part
I knew, that day, it was the start
Of our life, intertwined.

 A promise made is a promise true
As long as grass is green, skies are blue
You know I will belong to You
Body, Soul and Mind 


Bound love = Best kind of love

Girlonaleash blue suede shoes @daddysfucktoy


Blue suede shoes

Theres no place like here this place makes my @daddysfucktoy

there’s no place like here.
this place makes my heart full


Babygirlsfantasies this made me wet are you @daddysfucktoy


This made me wet.

“Are you going to listen to me next time? Or are you going to be a bad little girl?”

“I’ll be good, Daddy.”

No you won’t. You’re a dirty little whore.”

Kinkycasey at the time it seemed funny to sass @daddysfucktoy


At the time it seemed funny to sass them….


Littlemissspankypants little miss spankypants @daddysfucktoy


little miss spankypants in her cute little schoolgirl outfit.

sans bra, obviously. sigh.

Our lazy dogs after the storm love love @daddysfucktoy

our lazy dogs after the storm.

love. love. love. them

Sexysoph i might do this for the boy @daddysfucktoy


i might do this for the boy!

I dont know how many times hes told me to choke @daddysfucktoy

I don’t know how many times he’s told me to choke myself for his pleasure. Watching me as I make myself gasp for air until he says stop. Or the night he made me choke myself while sex. He tightly bounded my hands to my neck in duct tape to keep them in place as he held his hand over my eyes. Fucking with my senses. Fucking me senseless.

Deltafuryunleashed id been a demanding brat @daddysfucktoy


I’d been a demanding brat that day so I understood the restraints.

I understood the gag to muffle my protests as you forced my tiny, virgin ass to welcome and engulf my latest ‘present’.

I understood my body’s first reaction to the searing pain of the silicone spear. Toes flexed instinctively against sheets, as if readying my body to sprint away.

I understood your kind voice firmly instructing me to “breathe” and “relax” was correct, and if I cast my stubbornness to obey aside, this pain would lapse into a sensation I had only dreamed of.

I understood the cascading waves of pleasure as I let go and allowed the violation.

I understood that where there was pain; pleasure could take over.

I understood where there was fear; safety could comfort.

I understood were I to submit; I would find a greater power.

And in these precious moments, I discovered something I’d yet to understand.


Your love…

Safe, secure, and never-ending.

Collarme via danaewhispering absolutely @daddysfucktoy


(via danaewhispering)

absolutely beautiful.

Doxacuriosity open your mouth for me @daddysfucktoy


“Open your mouth for me, Babydoll. How much do you want me to slide myself against your tongue. Hmm? If you’ve been a good girl i’ll give you want you want, but if you haven’t been i’ll take it by force and it will not be enjoyable for you. For me, however, i’ll enjoy it either way.”



belonging by =DavidSamson on deviantART

Daddyslittlepiglet we use a long red ribbon as @daddysfucktoy


We use a long red ribbon as a blindfold. It’s my favorite.

love a good hentai

Peekaboo @daddysfucktoy


Love want need @daddysfucktoy

LOVE. want. NEED.

Daddyslittlepiglet daddy would melt @daddysfucktoy


Daddy would melt.

Daddyslittlepiglet come on piglet prove it @daddysfucktoy


“Come on, Piglet. Prove it to my fingers first.”

I love when daddy shoves his fingers down my throat till I gag.

Littlegirlyone was i a bad girl or does he @daddysfucktoy


Was I a bad girl, or does he just enjoy looking at my ass bathed in sunlight?


corner time

Littlegirlyone adore this caption adore @daddysfucktoy


Adore this caption. Adore.


she looked like a little girl

but given the chance

she’d eat him alive

Yesdaddy everyday 14 @daddysfucktoy


everyday (14)

Yesdaddy hello kitty ball gag dies oh @daddysfucktoy


hello. kitty. ball. gag.

*dies* oh oh oh me wants!!! *drools *

Yesdaddy punish me @daddysfucktoy


“punish me”

Yesdaddy whore daddy would like me @daddysfucktoy


“whore”  :)

daddy would like me drinking out of this *snickers*

Littlegirlyone i tied my ankles because i @daddysfucktoy


I tied my ankles because I wanted to look like a present. And because I wanted him to see that I didn’t need anything to hold myself however he wanted me.

elizajaneblack:willingsubmission:caseynaidoo:(via nothinghurts)(via sexnthebigeasy)

Littlegirlyone i want to peel off everything @daddysfucktoy


I want to peel off everything I’m wearing and wait for you. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m hungry, Daddy. Please? I need you.