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Daddy's Horny Little Girl @daddyshlg

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Four years ago Daddy found me and changed my life forever. We started this blog to document our journey. I am his HLG, Cupcake, Bunny, Freckles, Sweetheart, Fuck Toy, Cock Slut, and Little Girl. Daddy likes to tell stories to his little girl and play different roles like Sam, my big brother or Jack, Daddy's friend. Daddy knows how to keep his insatiable horny little girl cumming and cumming and cumming. 18+ years old to view this blog. NSFW. Contains nudity, dirty sex acts and stories of a controversial sexual nature. We are two consenting adults. No actual incest or molestation of a minor takes place. All images, unless otherwise noted, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. - Daddy's Horny Little Girl (@daddyshlg)
I want somebody to buy me a pony @daddyshlg

I want somebody to buy me a pony….

My daddy is the best at this 3 @daddyshlg

My Daddy is the BEST at this. <3

Want kinkycasey sometimes right now means @daddyshlg



Sometimes “right now”

means to just do what you’re told.

One more sleep until im where i belong @daddyshlg

One more sleep until I’m where I belong. 

Pressing lots of ddlg buttons @daddyshlg

Pressing lots of Dd/lg buttons.

Daddyshlg daddy was on top of me and said lets @daddyshlg


Daddy was on top of me and said, “Let’s play a little game.  You guess what I want to do to right now and I won’t do it.”

I said, “Fuck me in the ass?”

Wrong!  Now I have a nasty bruise on my neck from where Daddy viciously bit me. 

Daddyshlg happy bunny day @daddyshlg


Happy Bunny Day!!!

Love being daddys little fuck hole @daddyshlg

Love being Daddy’s little fuck hole.

Daddyshlg i wish daddy was here to take care of @daddyshlg


I wish Daddy was here to take care of my still hungry little pussy.  I can’t get enough of him.  He stood at the end of the bed this morning with that look in his eye.  That look like he wanted to devour me before going to work.  Not fair!

Daddyshlg addicted to daddy i loved falling @daddyshlg


Addicted to Daddy.  I loved falling asleep and waking up in his arms this morning.

Addicted to Little Girl. I need you close.

Daddyshlg my big brother and i having our after @daddyshlg


My big brother and I having our after school snack.

Three years ago today daddyshlg daddy tied me @daddyshlg

Three years ago today!


Daddy tied me up to the corner of the bed and left me for a little bit.  When he came back in I gave him a wet and dirty blow job while kneeling on the floor still tied up.  It was an amazing feeling for me, especially when he used my mouth and face fucked me.

Your bunny for ever and ever 3 @daddyshlg

Your bunny for ever and ever. <3

The sweetest @daddyshlg

The sweetest.

I like when daddy is rough and uses me as his @daddyshlg

I like when Daddy is rough and uses me as his little fuck hole.

Happy reblog im daddys bunny forever and ever @daddyshlg

Happy reblog!  I’m Daddy’s Bunny forever and ever.  I was made for him.



So true!  Little girls want it bad and sometimes it is hard for them to believe it even when their Daddy says it.  But once little girls know it to be true, they never question it again.

OMG Yes!!!!

Daddy kisses are the best kisses @daddyshlg

Daddy kisses are the best kisses.

Its that easy just ask daddy @daddyshlg

It’s that easy!  Just ask Daddy.

Who knew even after 4 years you learn something @daddyshlg

Who knew?  Even after 4 years you learn something new about someone.  :)