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Bunny howls at the moon @dailybunny

Bunny Howls at the Moon

Thanks, Yingzi and bunny Glenn! Yingzi writes, “This picture reminds me of the iconic Lion King image.”

What do you think bunny tube or ball @dailybunny

What Do You Think, Bunny – Tube or Ball?

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Magda and bunny Boo! Magda writes, “I adopted Boo from a family that was moving and was unable to take her with them. She is very loving and kind. I’m learning many new things about her, for example, she loves carrots, but refuses to try carrot yogurt drops. I suppose she’s very picky.”

Bunny nuzzles up to cat @dailybunny

Bunny Nuzzles Up to the Cat

Happy Bunday! Thanks, William and bunny Bunbun!

Bunnies lounge in sunbeam @dailybunny

Bunnies Lounge in a Sunbeam

Thanks, Michael and bunnies Casper and Jade!

Bunnies pose for a seriously formal portrait @dailybunny

Bunnies Pose for a Seriously Formal Portrait

Thanks, Maguelone, Arnaud, and bunnies Nora and Neubauten!

Bunny is curious about the camera @dailybunny

Bunny Is Curious About the Camera

Thanks, Will, Alexandra and bunny Pepper! Will writes, “We adopted Pepper from a rescue shelter a few months ago. We love her pattern (and super soft fur!) as much as she loves exploring. She is an energetic ‘binkier’ with a sweet personality.”

Bunny is guest of honor at her party @dailybunny

Bunny Is the Guest of Honor at Her Party

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Kristina and bunny Sally Anne! Kristina writes, “This is my girl Sally Anne – a picture of her on her 2nd Gotcha Day and another showing off her pretty face, taken just soon after she came home for the first time.”

Bunny sinks into poofy duvet @dailybunny

Bunny Sinks into a Poofy Duvet

Thanks, Carrie and bunny Gunther! Bonus photo of Gunther at today’s Daily Bunny post!

Bunny stands at entrance to her box fort @dailybunny

Bunny Stands at the Entrance to Her Box Fort

Thanks, Rachel and bunny Leelah! Rachel writes:

This is Leelah, named after the futuristic cyclops in the cartoon tv show Futurama. Something terrible happened to her with a previous owner, and she has limited vision in one eye. She’s showing you her “normal” side here.

When we got her from a local shelter, the vet told us to expect that she would eventually lose vision in her right eye. She was initially very aggressive (growling, slapping, biting, and otherwise indicating that we were not needed in her life), and we assumed that this was from the previous neglect and abuse and that this might be how she felt about humans for the rest of her life. After 6 months, she now accepts and gives kisses, and is incredibly friendly and sweet.

I wouldn’t have wished her pain on her, but I am thankful every day that she chose me and my boyfriend, and I know that we have earned her love and trust.

I dont know if youve noticed human but these are not rea @dailybunny

I Don’t Know If You’ve Noticed, Human, But These Are Not Real Butterflies

Thanks, JP and bunny Hummeltje! JP writes, “This is Hummeltje (small one in Dutch) a wild bunny we saved from a cat.”

Read me a story @dailybunny

Read Me a Story?

Thanks, Bryan and bunny Remy!

Brave bunny lost leg but is happy as can be @dailybunny

Brave Bunny Lost a Leg But Is Happy As Can Be

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Leona and bunny Arrow! Leona writes:

Arrow is a rescue bunny who was released into the wild and shot in the leg with an arrow, hence his name.  Having only 3 legs has not deterred him from running and lots of binkies.  Arrow loves pets, and “melts” when getting head and back rubs!

Bunnies groom each other @dailybunny

Bunnies Groom Each Other

Thanks, Gerard and bunnies Romeo and Giulia!

Bunny practices his sphinx pose @dailybunny

Bunny Practices His Sphinx Pose

Thanks, Elizabeth and bunny Piplop! Elizabeth writes, “Piplop is a young Holland lop and he has many poses such as loaf, baguette, and his newly mastered sphinx pose. What a majestic gentle-bun!”

Baby bunnys secret service agents are never too far away @dailybunny

Baby Bunny’s Secret Service Guards Are Never Too Far Away

Thanks, Tim! Tim writes, “A picture taken in my front yard.  Tiny baby bunny guarded by two bigger bunnies.  I suspect he is the Rabbit Prince!”

Bunny has comfy chair all to herself @dailybunny

Bunny Has the Comfy Chair All to Herself

Thanks, Ken, Kaci, and bunny Bubbles! Bubbles’s humans write that “she enjoys the quiet life with her hus bun, Spirit.”

Bunnies touch noses @dailybunny

Bunnies Touch Noses

Thanks, Maria, Monty, and bunnies Balzac and Smizmar!