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Bunny stands up in his carrier @dailybunny

Bunny Stands Up in His Carrier

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Courtney, Joe, and bunny Donald Thump! Courtney writes, “This is Donald Thump! He is a 4 month old holland lop, that we just rescued from a couple off Craigslist to bond with our Netherland dwarf, Mr.Bunny. He is a cuddler :)”

Bunny stands up very modestly @dailybunny

Bunny Stands Up Very Modestly

Thanks, Sunny and bunny Patchouli! Sunny writes, “This is Patchouli the Lop.  I rescued him from the pound about a month and a half ago.  He is such a sweet boy, very friendly, and very well behaved!!!”

Bunnies fluff up relax together @dailybunny

Bunnies Fluff Up and Relax Together

Thanks, Keith and bunnies Beezus (left) and Ramona (right)!

Fluffy bunnies are two peas in pod @dailybunny

Fluffy Bunnies Are Two Peas in a Pod

Thanks, Kat and bunnies Doodle (front) and Dandy (back)!

I am cozy in here human dont disturb me @dailybunny

I Am Cozy in Here, Human, Don’t Disturb Me

Thanks, Christa and bunny Rifi! Christa writes, “My boyfriend and I just got our little Rifi a couple weeks ago and over those couple weeks he has been cuter and rascally than ever. He likes to climb underneath our wood stove, eat the rugs, and nom some lettuce. He will soon be 11 weeks!”

Bunny lounges languidly @dailybunny

Bunny Lounges Languidly

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Nancy and Bunbun! Nancy writes that “she was tired after eating loads of fresh hay.”

Bunny hunkers down in his tent @dailybunny

Bunny Hunkers Down in His Tent

Thanks, Amy and bunny Cookie Monster! Amy writes that Cookie Monster is “aptly named because he looks like chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream!”

Bunny has discovered possibilities of sofa @dailybunny

Bunny Has Discovered the Possibilities of the Sofa

Thanks, Pam and bunny Atticus! Pam writes, “Atticus is a very curious bun! He has just figured out that he can jump into the couch for extra exploring options – such fun!”

Bunnies enjoy delicious green snack together @dailybunny

Bunnies Enjoy a Delicious Green Snack Together

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Andy, Laura, and bunnies Biscuit and Badger!

Bunny lends an ear to his friend @dailybunny

Bunny Lends an Ear to His Friend

Thanks, Amanda, Jeremy, and bunnies Biscuit (left) and Gravy (right)!

Bunny makes sure the chair meets her requirements @dailybunny

Bunny Makes Sure the Chair Meets Her Requirements

Thanks, Danielle, Matt, and bunny Baylee! Danielle writes, “This is a picture of our 9 year old rabbit, Baylee, claiming a chair as her own. This was shortly after we had gotten the chair last year and she was brave enough to jump up and explore.”

Bunny sits just outside sunbeam @dailybunny

Bunny Sits Just Outside a Sunbeam

Thanks, Pam and bunny Atticus! Pam writes, “Super easy going, very friendly little rescue…eating us out of house and home, so maybe not so little for very long! This was taken a week after we adopted him as he explored the living room.”

Bunny yawns fiercely @dailybunny

Bunny Yawns Fiercely

Thanks, Emily and bunny Travis!

Bunny looks skeptically at camera @dailybunny

Bunny Looks Skeptically at the Camera

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Hanna and bunny Zissou! Hanna writes, “Bunny Zissou (also called Toddler and Citrus). There’s a saying in Swedish: Kärt barn har många namn. It means ‘a loved one has many different names.‘”

Bunnies share some delicious banana @dailybunny

Bunnies Share Some Delicious Banana

Thanks, Sonja and bunnies Chillie (left) and Shinji (right)!

Bunnys whiskers are illuminated @dailybunny

Bunny’s Whiskers Are Illuminated

Thanks, Hidenori and bunny Sebastian! Hidenori writes, “Posing in between product photography shoot I was doing, since he was pretty curious what is going on the table during photo shoot, he is dutifully inspecting glass table that had been used for photoshoot.”

Bunny enjoys some homegrown veg @dailybunny

Bunny Enjoys Some Homegrown Veg

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Mu and bunny Tutu! Mu writes, “We grow some organic vegetables in the backyard, carrots, broccoli and lettuce, while broccoli is her favorite! As you can seen in the photos, she enjoyed the broccoli a lot!”

Bunny shares cushion with his pup friend @dailybunny

Bunny Shares a Cushion with His Pup Friend

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Devan, dog Dally, and bunny Winnie!

Is there room for me sit up there with you @dailybunny

Is There Room for Me to Sit Up There With You?

Thanks, Kathy and bunny Potter! Kathy writes, “Potter the Flemish Giant [is] checking out space of the sofa (for a nap).”

Bunny tells his friend a secret @dailybunny

Bunny Tells His Friend a Secret

Thanks, Hilary and bunnies Simba and Maddox!

Its real life tortoise hare @dailybunny

It’s a Real Life Tortoise and the Hare

Thanks, Karla, tortoises Myrtle and Macca, and bunny Jeremy!

Tiny bunny enjoys snack some nice greens @dailybunny

Tiny Bunny Enjoys a Snack of Some Nice Greens

Thanks, Stefanie and bunny Hoppel! Stefanie writes, “That’s Hoppel, he already is in bunny heaven since two years and we miss him every day. He had a chronical lung disease, but he was so powerful, enjoyed his life and was one of the most curious of all buns we ever had.”

When bunny has share log house with new guy @dailybunny

When Bunny Has to Share His Log House with the New Guy

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Elizabeth and bunny Rupert and George! Elizabeth writes, “The blue tort is the new one. Rupert is the white Lionhead and he’s one.” 

Bunnies stretch out side by side @dailybunny

Bunnies Stretch Out Side by Side

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Amanda, Jeremy, and bunnies Biscuit (lop) and Gravy!

Bunny and her dog friend sniff each other @dailybunny

Bunny and Her Dog Friend Sniff Each Other

Thanks, Jessica, pup Chip, and bunny Inca! Jessica writes that Chip is Inca’s “best doggy friend”!

Bunny sits on matching pouf @dailybunny

Bunny Sits on a Matching Pouf

Thanks, Jenny and bunny Theodore! Jenny writes, “He’s only 6 weeks old, loves peaches and has already taken over our house, binkying all over the place. He’s so lovely.”

Bunny lets breeze float through fur @dailybunny

Bunny Lets the Breeze Float Through His Fur

Thanks, Lícia and bunny Snowflake! Lícia writes, “Here is my bunny boy Snowflake. He looks like in a shampoo advertising but it´s just him being casual lovely. :D”

Bunnys found the food stash @dailybunny

Bunny’s Found the Food Stash!

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Alaina and bunny Luna!

Lionhead bunnys mane is long enough to braid @dailybunny

Lionhead Bunny’s Mane Is Long Enough to Braid

Thanks, Horatiu and bunny Hammy! Horatiu writes, “After getting his claws trimmed! Bunny spa day if you will.”

Bunny heads to herb garden when hes in mood for fresh ni @dailybunny

Bunny Heads to the Herb Garden When He’s in the Mood for a Fresh Nibble

Thanks, Sue and bunny Jasper! Sue writes, “Jasper likes to sneak in behind my herb planter and help himself to a snack.”

Bunnies enjoy lazy day with dog friend @dailybunny

Bunnies Enjoy a Lazy Day with Their Dog Friend

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Becca, pup Empress Pieface, and bunnies Tasty Soup and Casserole! Becca writes:

Tasty Soup (grey and white) and Casserole (lop) spending some time with their adoptive Mum Empress Pieface. My favourite is where both Pie and Tasty Soup heard the postman arrive, looking towards the door at the same time.

When Pie joined us a little over a year ago, she seemed to adopt both of the rabbits as though puppies. Under our close supervision (obviously) she loves spending time with them and always keeps a close eye to ensure they’re OK. They’ve sort of just accepted the situation and bounce on and sniff her a lot, happily putting up with all the eye, ear, and bum checks dogs tend to do with their pups!

Bunnys dog friend makes for very comfy cushion @dailybunny

Bunny’s Dog Friend Makes a Very Comfy Cushion

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Karolina and bunny Fruzia! Karolina writes, “She still likes to take very stretched out naps but this time it was on my dog Milka.”

Bunny dreams of giant strawberries @dailybunny

Bunny Dreams of Giant Strawberries

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Devan, Stefanie, and bunny Winnie! Devan writes, “This is my bunny Winnie(Short for Winston), This was a picture taken during the day he was neutered, and he was sleeping A LOT that day, this was one of the moments next to his strawberry hut. Nowadays, Winnie is as playful and jumpy as a young bunny can be!”

Bunny enjoys some outdoor grooming chasing his human @dailybunny

Bunny Enjoys Some Outdoor Grooming and Chasing of His Human

Thanks, Hanna and bunny Zissou! Hanna writes that Zissou was caught “mid-lick” in the second photo, and that “only ten weeks old, this is one of his first outings.”

[On harnesses]

Superbunny flies to the rescue @dailybunny

Superbunny Flies to the Rescue!

Thanks, Pie, Julie, and bunny Yoda! Pie writes, “Here’s one of our dwarf lop, Yoda, caught mid binky in the back garden. When we let him out he’s often binkying everywhere for the first 10 minutes – means plenty of opportunities to get a photo or video of him going crazy… He lives indoors with his bunny companion, Lady BunBun.”

This green rabbit is pretty weird human @dailybunny

This Green Rabbit Is Pretty Weird, Human

Thanks, Christopher and bunny Bean! Christopher writes, “This is Bean the Netherland Dwarf sitting with her friend Professor Carrot.”

Bunnies sit in the long grass @dailybunny

Bunnies Sit in Long Grass

Thanks, Maria and bunnies Captain Balzac and Blizzard the Smizmar!

Bunny strikes very distinguished pose @dailybunny

Bunny Strikes a Very Distinguished Pose

Thanks, Hoppipolla and bunny Gnocchi! Hoppipolla writes, “My baby Gnocchi is 50% lionheaded lop. No one would be able to tell, haha.”

Bunny looks so shy @dailybunny

Bunny Looks So Shy

Thanks, Abbi and bunny Dalia!

Bunny pair looks half inquisitive half cranky @dailybunny

Bunny Pair Looks Half Inquisitive, Half Cranky

Thanks, Brian and bunnies Cappuccino and Peanut! Brian writes, “They are adorable.  They are four years old and we have loved every minute.  They are so much a part of the family!”

If you want make it up me human treats would be better @dailybunny

If You Want to Make It Up to Me, Human, Treats Would Be Better

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Marie and bunny Pierre! Marie writes, “So I had to trim some unruly hair of Pierre’s today. Now he’s holding a grudge and I’m trying to make it up to him…”

Bunny knows how maximize her time in sun @dailybunny

Bunny Knows How to Maximize Her Time in the Sun

Thanks, Victoria, Jeremy, and bunny Melinda! Victoria writes, “Melinda loves hanging out on her ‘Bunny Tree’ in the afternoon when the sun hits it just right!”

Silly human bunnys new litter box is for napping in @dailybunny

Silly Human, Bunny’s New Litter Box Is for Napping In

Thanks, Veronica, Stefanie, and bunny Elfriede! Stefanie writes, “Our Bunny Friedi (Elfriede) has a new bowl. We thought to use it for ‘peepee education’, but Friedi still prefer to pee on her blankets and use the bowl for sitting and sleeping! Always fun with her!”

[Ed.’s note: I don’t know what litter is shown in the above photo, but here’s just a quick reminder that bunny owners should avoid using softwood shavings for litter, as they can create medical problems in rabbits. Read more here.]

Four bunnies relax side by side @dailybunny

Four Bunnies Relax Side-by-Side

Thanks, Lucy and bunnies (left to right) Amber, Theo, Lilly, and Arthur! Lucy writes, “They’re all besotted with each other! Definitely the more the merrier with these lot!”

Bunny is little furry island in sea clover @dailybunny

Bunny Is a Little Furry Island in a Sea of Clover

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Jessica and bunny Cooper! Jessica writes, “He loves going on bunny adventures and binkying around in the ‘wild.‘”

Bunnies enjoy some time outdoors @dailybunny

Bunnies Enjoy Some Time Outdoors

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Chiya and bunnies Ichigo and Master Roshi! Chiya writes, “My two boy buns, Ichigo (ginger) and Master Roshi. Ichigo is 80% blind, deaf and 9yrs old. He gets very frustrated at Roshi (1yr old) and so they have to be separated when they have out door time but they love to play and compete for pats!”

Bunnies show varying degrees interest in their minion to @dailybunny

Bunnies Show Varying Degrees of Interest in Their Minion Toy

More at today’s Daily Bunny post! Thanks, Shaun and bunnies Cottonball and Kushy! Shaun writes, “These are my two buns, Cottonball and Kushy, here they are playing with a minion of their own, Cottonball loves toys, Kushy not so much, she prefers head rubs.”

I can see you human @dailybunny

I Can See You, Human!

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Kimberley and bunny Poppy!

Bunny peeks out from behind the cushions @dailybunny

Bunny Peeks Out from Behind the Cushions

Thanks, Ken, Kaci, and bunny Killarney! Ken writes, “This is our bunny Killarney, named after a favorite town of ours in Ireland.”

Whats so interesting about that thing you always have hu @dailybunny

What’s So Interesting About That Thing You Always Have, Human? I Want to See!

Thanks, Claudine, Mitch, and bunny Nibbles! Claudine writes:

On a cold winter morning in Melbourne the warmest part of the house was lying in the doorway in the sunshine.  My 17 year old son, who cannot be separated from his phone, had company with his bunny, Nibbles, who insisted on reading today’s ‘Daily Bunny’ posting!

Bunny is distracted by new outdoor sounds movements @dailybunny

Bunny Is Distracted by All the New Outdoor Sounds and Movements

Thanks, Tammy and bunny Marshmallow! Tammy writes, “Marshmallow is 3 years old. He’s enjoying watching the birds (from the safety of a pop-up-tent).”

Bunny howls at the moon @dailybunny

Bunny Howls at the Moon

Thanks, Yingzi and bunny Glenn! Yingzi writes, “This picture reminds me of the iconic Lion King image.”

What do you think bunny tube or ball @dailybunny

What Do You Think, Bunny – Tube or Ball?

Happy Bunday! Thanks, Magda and bunny Boo! Magda writes, “I adopted Boo from a family that was moving and was unable to take her with them. She is very loving and kind. I’m learning many new things about her, for example, she loves carrots, but refuses to try carrot yogurt drops. I suppose she’s very picky.”