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If you consider yourself a philogynist, welcome home. If not, your time on this site will be wasted... I'm a Dominant INFJ Aquarian who enjoys female-friendly erotica (especially when it's homemade). I'm also fond of librarians, the rust-turquoise-sand-white colors of Mexican paintings, Matanawa, summer, Larado Taft, erotic art, Bruce Springsteen, Edgar Allan Poe, Jim Morrison, and Patti Smith. Women engaging in anasyrma or riding bicycles naked? Pretty much instant reblogs in these parts... If you can somehow manage to evoke a woman's scent in an erotic image, I will publicly declare you a genius... I consider Alfred Cheney Johnston the greatest photographer of women in the history of the medium.... Occasionally, I alter pictures to improve their quality. Sorry if you don't like that; you should have done it yourself... The images you will find here are decidedly NSFW... Finally and most importantly: If you were born after this date in 1997, don't even THINK about viewing these posts. You have FAR better things to be doing with your adolescence than looking at sites like Dazzledent. Go start a revolution. - Dazzledent (@dazzledent)
A pleasing view is not to be underestimated when @dazzledent

A pleasing view is not to be underestimated when having one’s cock sucked.

Monsieurleprince norman lindsay 1879 1969 @dazzledent


Norman Lindsay (1879-1969) - Isabelle and the Duke of Orléans

Isabella of France (1389–1409) was the second spouse of King Richard II whom she married at the age of six. She was widowed three years later. In 1406, Queen Isabella married her cousin Charles, Duke of Orléans. She died in childbirth at the age of 19.

Elegant nude portrait the model is ludovica @dazzledent

Elegant nude portrait; the model is Ludovica. [AnarFilms]

Anastasia arteyeva photographed by retroatelier @dazzledent

Anastasia Arteyeva photographed by Retroatelier, clearly in the style of (and as homage to) Alfred Cheney Johnston. Ms. Arteyeva is a Ukrainian model now based in San Francisco. You can see more of this elegant series at

Boy his hands gotta smart @dazzledent

Boy, his hand’s gotta smart!

Summer 2015 day 45 and you thought we were being @dazzledent

Summer 2015, day 45. And you thought we were being chivalrous by riding behind you…

Summer 2015 day 44 naked in the deep dark @dazzledent

Summer 2015, day 44. Naked in the deep, dark woods.

If youre like me youve seen a lot of sites @dazzledent

If you’re like me, you’ve seen a lot of sites whose theme is black-and-white erotic imagery. Often, their interpretation of “originality” is finding color images and Photoshopping the color out of them. This is especially heartbreaking when we know the original and remember its creative use of color. 99% of the time, this results in an image of substantially lower quality than what the photographer created.

Occasionally, though, just the opposite happens. I had planned to post the image on the right and had run a Google search to find the photographer’s name when I found that it was originally a color picture. While studying them side-by-side, I realized that I had no interest in the color image but still found the black-and-white one compelling. 

Look at them for a moment. The tonality of the monotone image is much different. The highlights are similar but the tones drop off rapidly after that. This emphasizes the wetness of his cock and the sheen of her breasts far more dramatically than in the color image. The shadows are darker and more mysterious in the black-and-white picture. Converting to monochrome also negated the sickly yellow midtones and shadows of the original. It’s a personal thing, but I found that the woman’s nail polish cheapened the color image; that issue was nicely sidestepped in the black-and-white picture. Taken together, those differences work entirely in favor the the B/W picture.

Don’t get me wrong: this is not a call to open season on all the less-than-perfect color erotic imagery on the the web. Rather, it is a plea to those of you creating the color pictures we so enjoy to make your colors matter. 

Incidentally, I still haven’t found the photographer’s name. At this point, it appears that they’re probably professional porn models so I don’t really expect to. On the other hand,  I found value in the image and would happily give credit for that. If someone cares to claim credit for that B/W conversion, I’ll happily post that as well.

sources: (color), (black-and-white).

This is really a lovely photograph a complex and @dazzledent

This is really a lovely photograph, a complex and graceful composition. There are a few things that have often baffled me, though. One, the models’ expressions in photographs from this era frequently are incongruously non-sexual. In this example, I can only imagine the photographer instructing the man “look at her longlingly.” What he got instead was “try to bore a hole through her head with your eyes.” It looks laughably phony to us. I definitely have no qualms with her exquisite pose or her hand tenderly guiding his or the moderate fetishism of her remaining attire but even a hundred years ago, wouldn’t this image have been more erotic if he were naked instead of wearing those distracting striped socks? And, most obviously, wouldn’t it be an infinitely more successful image if he were erect? I find it difficult to believe that the photographer decided that this was good enough. I can only hope it’s part of a series.

Its a long shot but is there any chance this is @dazzledent

It’s a long shot but is there any chance this is Bettie Page and Jackie Miller?

Update: I was half right:according to Eric Kroll’s blog (, that is Jackie Miller in the sheer panties but the other model in Pauline somebody, photographed sometime in the early 1960s.

Alright followers weigh in on this the image on @dazzledent

Alright, followers: weigh in on this: The image on the left was published in 2012 on the cover of Spain’s Magazine de Fuerea de Serie. The title of the accompanying article was “Michelle: Granddaughter of a Slave, Lady of America.” It stated that she “seduced the people of America [and] the heart of Barack Obama.” The artist, Karine Percheron-Daniels, based her image on the 1800 portrait of an anonymous former-slave (”Portrait d’une Negresse”) painted by French artist Marie-Guillemine Benoist (1768-1826). France had abolished slavery six years before she painted this portrait and she made the painting, which now hangs in the Louvre, to commemorate the end of slavery there.

Is Percheron-Daniels’ homage a blatant exploitation of our first lady or is it, as the magazine claimed, a laudatory comment on the progress of our racial attitudes?

Better living through hydraulic engineering one @dazzledent

Better living through hydraulic engineering. One has to wonder, though, how she engineered the water to flow sideways like that.

Im curious about this painting ive seen it @dazzledent

I’m curious about this painting; I’ve seen it attributed to both Henri Cartier-Bresson and Webster Murray. Neither of those names, though, bear any resemblance to the artist’s signature in the upper right corner. Can anyone enlighten me?

Summer 2015 day 43 @dazzledent

Summer 2015, day 43.


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