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If you don't love women, your time on this site will be wasted... I'm an INFJ Aquarian who I enjoys female-friendly pornography, especially when it's homemade. I also like librarians, erotic art, the rust-turquoise-sand-white colors of Mexican paintings, Kinbaku (specifically, Matanawa), summer, Larado Taft, Edgar Allan Poe, and Patti Smith. A naked woman on a bicycle? Pretty much an instant reblog... I consider Alfred Cheney Johnston the greatest photographer of women in the history of the medium... Occasionally, I alter pictures to improve their quality. Sorry if you don't like that; you should have done it yourself... Finally and most importantly: The images here are decidedly NSFW so if you were born after this date in 1997, don't even THINK about viewing them. You have FAR better things to be doing with your adolescence than looking at sites like Dazzledent. Go start a revolution. - Dazzledent (@dazzledent)
Summer 2015 day 13 source needed @dazzledent

Summer 2015, day 13. [source needed]

Summer 2015 day 12 yulianna at the lake @dazzledent

Summer 2015, day 12; Yulianna at the lake.

Remembering diana princess of wales its hard to @dazzledent

Remembering Diana, Princess of Wales. It’s hard to believe that today would have been her 54th birthday.

Happy 70th birthday debbie harry @dazzledent

Happy 70th birthday, Debbie Harry.

Summer 2015 day 11 zhang li @dazzledent

Summer 2015, day 11. [Zhang Li]

Mother nature smiles benevolently at such @dazzledent

Mother Nature smiles benevolently at such applications of her flowers.

Summer 2015 day 10 summer by alphonse maria @dazzledent

Summer 2015, day 10. “Summer” by Alphonse Maria Mucha.

Not 18 @dazzledent

Not 18?

When wearing daddys shirt wasnt enough she @dazzledent

When wearing Daddy’s shirt wasn’t enough, she upped her game…

As if we needed further proof of the importance to @dazzledent

As if we needed further proof of the importance to our culture of Molly Ringwald.

Summer 2015 day 9 arundel holmes nicholls @dazzledent

Summer 2015, day 9. Arundel Holmes Nicholls (hand-tinted).

Lovely rosa dolmai aka rosa dolmaille eve @dazzledent

Lovely Rosa Dolmai –aka Rosa Dolmaille/Eve Eden/Connie Fielding– in probably the dowdiest lingerie of her entire career. 

(Dolmai was Rosa’s birth name.)

The ineluctable charm of travel by rail source @dazzledent

The ineluctable charm of travel by rail. [source needed]

June cochran 36 20 34 5 ft 2 in 102 lbs @dazzledent

June Cochran (36-20-34, 5 ft. 2 in., 102 lbs.), Miss Indiana 1960, Playboy magazine’s Miss December 1962, and 1963′s Playmate of the Year. June died in 2004 at age 62.

Bunnicidal my baby cousin asked me to teach her @dazzledent


My baby cousin asked me to teach her how to draw, so this is Ate Coco’s Guide to Human Faces (for aspiring 6 year old artists)

Surely the sweetest thing Dazzledent will post all year. What a perfectly wonderful gift to give a six-year-old!


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