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If you don't love women, your time on this site will be wasted... I'm a right-handed, male baby-boomer INFJ Aquarian in the Chicago area. In my daytime persona, I am a writer/illustrator... I continue exploring the mysterious and mysteriously counterintuitve world of Dominance/submission (as a D/) --surely one of the most magical experiences of my life... I sometimes dabble in Kinbaku (specifically, Matanawa)... As you will see, I enjoy female-friendly pornography, especially when it's homemade. On rare occasion, I post reader submissions.... Hourglass figures make my heart race (honest to God: I think my pulse rate increases!)... I also like librarians, erotic art, the rust-turquoise-sand-white colors of Mexican paintings, ballerinas, summer, spanking, Jim Morrison, Billie Holiday, steampunk, fountain pens, Brian Wilson, Larado Taft, Edgar Allan Poe, Patti Smith, tennis, Bettie Page, Sophia Loren, and, of course, Marilyn. A naked woman on a bicycle? Pretty much an instant reblog and if you can successfully invoke the sense of smell in an erotic image, I will publicly declare you a genius... I consider Alfred Cheney Johnston the greatest photographer of women in the history of the medium... Occasionally, I alter pictures to improve their quality. Sorry if you don't like that; you should have done it yourself... Bogart & Bacall got it right --in their movies AND in their lives... I get up every morning and thank Bruce Springsteen for fulfilling the promise of his October 27, 1975 Time and Newsweek covers --beyond anyone's wildest hopes... I'm not overly enamored of Lucille Ball, Bette Davis, Ella Fitzgerald, Madonna, Pink Floyd, tattoos, or piercings... I lament that my country has lost its way. When I was a young man, we had SO much promise. That we are unable to pass that on to our children is the overriding tragedy of my generation. In history books, the monstrous atrocities of VietNam and Watergate that my father's generation visited upon us will pale in comparison to the wasteland we are leaving our children... Finally and most importantly: The images here are decidedly NSFW so if you were born after this date in 1996, don't even THINK about viewing them. I'm serious about this: I don't make the rules but I do follow them. Besides, you have FAR better things to be doing with your adolescence than looking at sites like Dazzledent. Go start a revolution.

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