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Snow-Covered Dreams @demona-silverwing

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- Snow-Covered Dreams (@demona-silverwing)
Arcanabreak inside outs joy and disgust 8d @demona-silverwing


Inside Out’s Joy and Disgust 8D 

Full pic here

Imaginashon serina memed a stanford yesterday @demona-silverwing


Serina memed a Stanford yesterday, and I thought she had done it only with her brush pen. So I tried to do the same, screwing up on his proportions, and THEN she tells me she used a pencil before tracing over it. SO HERE ARE HER STANFORDS because I just kept going XDD

Thewittyarsonist i h a t e t h i s theres @demona-silverwing


I h a t e t h i s

There’s water coming out of my eyes. make it stop!

Ttoba i cant wait for this cute baby to crush @demona-silverwing


I can’t wait for this cute baby to crush and burn our souls. (◡‿◡✿)

Background from here. 

Themysteryofgravityfalls stanley @demona-silverwing


Stanley confirmed…..but he’s actually the Grunkle Stan we already knew and loved!

I can stare at these babies forever

Barasenpai stanley w a pony tail more like @demona-silverwing


stanley w/ a pony tail more like sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀


Kathon meanwhile in the hiatus so true @demona-silverwing


Meanwhile in the hiatus

so true

Themysteryofgravityfalls did you want an @demona-silverwing


Did you want an emotionally devastating backstory in your Disney cartoon? No? Well, too bad! You’ve got one! 

oh maaaan, I still can’t get over this

Smallherosix thats anger he cares very @demona-silverwing


“That’s anger. He… cares very deeply about things being fair.”

Disleanne bing bong bing bong @demona-silverwing


Bing Bong! Bing Bong!

Ttoba drawing stan gives me joy @demona-silverwing


Drawing Stan gives me joy

Empress alexandra emperor nicholas ii and @demona-silverwing


Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorovna dressed as Tsar Alexei I and his wife Maria Miloslavskaya, 1903.

Hntrgurl13 caper swiper i had the same idea @demona-silverwing


Caper Swiper

I had the same idea just yesterday XD

Gravityfallsinfinite a better screenshot of the @demona-silverwing


A better screenshot of the OFFICIAL scene. NOT a leak.

So.. hype much?

Nightrizer a sketch dump of gravity falls @demona-silverwing


A sketch dump of Gravity Falls things I’ve been hording. :B Some are older than others, so you can actually see where I’ve improved on.

The first one is something I drew before I watched Not What He Seems. It was inspired by the theory of the totem pole representing the original mystery trio, so I attempted to draw them as the creature they stood for: Grunkle Stan as Kolus, McGucket the beaver, and Author Stan as the Thunderbird. It turned out a lot sillier than I first envisioned. xD Also a couple of journal page images were used to make the overlay effect.

Ttoba i had no idea about the stan is not what @demona-silverwing


I had no idea about the “Stan is not what he seems” episode and just got to watch it. hoLY SMOkes it was awesome. 

Also, my pen sensitivity didn’t work but it couldn’t stop me from drawing these heckin’ cute twins /w\ 


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